Red State and Free Republic Double Down on Their War on Romney and We’re Not Gunna Take it Anymore

My issues with today’s Red State article by Erick Erickson are many and not limited to the following:

1. “Mitt Romney will not go on Special Report with Brett Baier to answer the tough questions as the other candidates have done” - I assure you Mitt Romney isn’t afraid of “tough questions”. Mitt has chosen not to reward a program that has been one of the worst offenders of anti-Romney bias just like Mitt has chosen not to reward Jon Stewart with an appearance. This is not to say Mitt will never go on either program, but he has chosen not to go on either program for the time being and he has every right not to. Mitt would get free publicity from either program, so his refusal to go on either program says more about those programs than it does about Mitt.

2. “Romney will head in a direction conservatives do not like” - Based on what? McCain’s opposition research you’ve been reading? Maybe you don’t understand what opposition research is intended to do…

3. “Romney refuses to do anything. Until he does something.” - This waste of space statement speaks for itself.

4. “Mitt Romney is not the George W. Bush of 2012 — he is the Harriet Miers of 2012, only conservative because a few conservative grand pooh-bahs tell us Mitt Romney is conservative and for no other reason.” - The grand pooh-bahs are not sold on Mitt Romney. They are as scared of Mitt as the left is. If Mitt Romney is elected President, he will not owe anyone but the voters. That is what scares people. As for the Harriet Miers assertion, just ask the people of Massachusetts how conservative Mitt is. Mitt Romney was WAY more conservative than the voters of Massachusetts expected. Just ask anyone who pays attention and has been living in Massachusetts since 2003.

5. “Romney, like John McCain before him, will run up the middle to the nomination. But, just like McCain, Romney will not beat Barack Obama.” - How can you not remember who McCain “ran up the middle” against? Mitt Romney was the conservative choice in 2008, and the biggest mistake made in 2008 was not coalescing behind Mitt before Super Tuesday. Despite your best efforts to paint Mitt as a moderate, a lot of people know Mitt Romney is a true conservative. Unfortunately for you and your ilk, people can watch the speeches Gov. Romney has given, read his op-eds and books, and make up their own minds.

6. “The vote is coming down to a handful of states and Barack Obama still maintains the advantage of incumbency and not terribly terrible polling in those swing states.” = Who has the greatest appeal in those states like Michigan, Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Virginia, and New Hampshire? Oh right, Mitt Romney!

7. “There is no issue I can find on which Mitt Romney has not taken both sides.” - Besides Mitt’s well documented conversion to the pro-life cause, what do you have? This is a huge exaggeration that I even the Obama administration would want to tone down for fear of sounding ridiculous.

8. “press on him real hard and he’ll take on whatever image you press into him until the next group starts pressing.” - Not true! Ask the groups who oppose Mitt most vehemently and you’ll find the common thread that Mitt isn’t pandering to them.

9. “To beat Barack Obama, a candidate must paint a bold contrast with the Democrats on their policies.” - I’m guessing you haven’t read this article.

10. “Voters may not like Barack Obama, but by the time Obama is done with Romney they will not trust Mitt Romney.” - Voters like President Obama much more than they trust him. Also, Mitt Romney is an honorable man who deserves our trust and you shouldn’t be doing President Obama’s dirty work for him.

11. “Mitt Romney is winning the nomination without conservative help” - The only problem with that assertion is that it isn’t based in reality. Find me even one poll to back that claim up. I can find you more than ten that disprove it. Mitt Romney has stronger self-identified tea party and conservative support than most of the other candidates in poll after poll and that fact isn’t going to change no matter how many times you lie about it.

12. “I’m starting to think I need to walk it back on my rejection of Jon Huntsman. Because I’m starting to think even he would be more faithful in his conservative convictions than Mitt Romney.” - If this concluding statement doesn’t show everyone who reads it that you have an ulterior motive to see Mitt Romney defeated, I don’t know what will.

Erick Erickson has done a great disservice to the United States of America. His post from this morning, “Mitt Romney as the Nominee: Conservatism Dies and Barack Obama Wins“, is a dream come true for President Obama. What is he thinking? This post is so easy to pick apart that I encourage all of you to join me in commenting on this article. Red State and Erick Erickson have made more money during President Obama’s presidency than ever before, and that is the only motivation I can think of to why he would so brutally attack our greatest chance to replace President Obama with a conservative in 2012. When I wrote my first piece on what I was worried about at Red State and Free Republic, Free Republic’s Jim Robinson was at least man enough to admit what he was doing. Red State’s Erick Erickson instead did his best Bill Laimbeer impersonation and asked “What War on Romney?

I think the rest of the political universe now sees what we’ve been talking about. Erick Erickson and his staff has been waging a guerrilla war against Mitt Romney for quite some time now and misinformation has been their weapon of choice. That is why they have been banning members who support Mitt with facts and logic.

To those of us who don’t have an agenda to make money and actually spend our time and energy working for free to help our country, it’s obvious that Mitt Romney is not only the candidate that President Obama fears most, he’s the best candidate to tackle the most important issues facing our country.

*Note: After Erick Erickson denied that there was any truth to my allegations, I reached out to him through e-mail and Twitter to see if perhaps he had some rogue moderators/editors, but now I see he was just frustrated that their guerrilla war on Romney was exposed before they were ready to show their ugly faces to the world. If Mitt Romney is elected, it won’t be conservatism that dies, but Red State and Free Republic and when they do die, I will say good riddance. I am sick and tired of Erick Erickson and Jim Robinson getting rich from spewing garbage on their sites while either pretending they aren’t making loads of money in the case of Jim Robinson or pretending like the money has no effect on their rhetoric in the case of Erick Erickson.

UPDATE: Jennifer Rubin hits the nail on its head with this post.

A Romney presidency and a GOP Congress would be tonally different that the anti-Romney forces, but they might actually accomplish quite a lot. That means — oh, my — the loudest squawkers would be irrelevant? How can it be — they have hundreds of readers and friends who think just like they do?!

Those who would follow the talk radio show hosts to the barricades for Christine O’Donnell or accuse Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner (R- Ohio) of treachery to the conservative movement have shot their wad on pulling the party so far out of the Beltway that electoral success becomes irrelevant. The point, you see, is not to advance (incrementally or otherwise) the conservative ball but to remain forever aggrieved. Whatever deal is attainable and whichever candidate is acceptable to a broad cross-section of Americans are almost by definition unacceptable to those voices.

I encourage you all to read the rest of the article and leave Jennifer a note of thanks for her wonderful piece.

FINAL UPDATE: Our friends at Why Romney have picked up the gauntlet of Erick Erickson and refuted virtually every point he has made in his attempts to disparage Gov. Romney.

Red State and Free Republic Declare War on Mitt Romney Supporters for Some Reason

Any grassroots site has the right to moderate itself any way it chooses. The main purpose of this piece is to present a few examples of Free Republic and Red State’s apparent disdain for Gov. Romney and spur discussion that will hopefully lead to discovery of what motivates those feelings because it seems very illogical considering our shared goals of nominating a conservative (which both sites seemed to think Mitt was in 2008) and making President Obama a 1-term President.

The editors at Red State and Free Republic (among others) have had the wool pulled over their eyes. They seem to actually believe the lies originally propagated by supporters of President Obama and, in some cases, even by President Obama himself. Now, for some reason, these editors/moderators are so insecure in their prejudice against Gov. Romney that they ban people who openly support Gov. Romney. Free Republic (mostly because of it’s owner Jim Robinson) has purged all of the Romney supporters they could from the site in two waves of purges over the last few years. The anti-Romney and anti-Mormon bigotry evident at Free Republic now is absolutely sickening.

I haven’t been to Free Republic quite as much as I used to partly because I have been banned from posting. During the 2008 election, Mitt was accepted and lauded by many at Free Republic like he was by most conservatives. One of the best summaries of Gov. Romney’s accomplishments was actually from Free Republic. However, Jim Robinson seemingly fell in love with Sarah Palin and initiated purges of anyone who wouldn’t pledge allegiance to her. A few months back, I tried to make a new account and see if I could post about Gov. Romney’s jobs plan and I was promptly banned and called a few derogatory names implying that I was a Mormon. Besides the fact that I am not Mormon, I can’t for the life of me figure out how a site like that, filled with such hate, can find enough donors to keep it going. When I think of Free Republic, I’m reminded of the scene from Star Wars Episode IV where Luke is warned that he is entering “A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villany”.

Red State has been fairly hostile to Gov. Romney for awhile, but they have crossed into new lows now as well. The guys from have been working very hard and diligently to refute some of the many misconceptions about Gov. Romney, and I hope this unfortunate episode won’t dissuade them or anyone else from trying to correct the people endlessly smearing Gov. Romney. What so many of these people who don’t like Gov. Romney don’t seem to realize is that they have been fed reasons to not like Gov. Romney by highly-funded democratic think tanks. It’s abundantly clear now, no matter what Rush Limbaugh says, that President Obama is scared to death of facing Mitt Romney in the general election.

If you want to check out the three open letters posted to Red State, you can read the one on mandates and health care here, the one about abortion here, and the final one on miscellaneous issues here unless Red State removes the posts now that they have cowardly banned the authors of the letters. Also, I’ve saved a screen shot of the admin belittling the efforts of our friends from WhyRomney and giving his/her bogus reason for banning them which you can read here just in case the admin tries to cover his/her tracks in shame. If you want to see how rude Free Republic is without actually subjecting yourself to the hate, just click here for a screen shot of the reason they banned the author of a similar open letter.

I know there are bastions of bigotry against Mormons on other sites besides Free Republic and that Free Republic and Red State aren’t the only sites that have ever banned people they disagreed with, but I’ve concluded that they are the grandparents of this anti-Romney crusade that fortunately seems destined to fail. Some other sites seem predisposed against supporting Mitt, but not at the dangerous level of these two.

The motives of people like Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh to not want Gov. Mitt Romney to be the GOP nominee are easier to understand (hint: they make more money with President Obama in the White House). However, some have suggested they have just been fed a lot of misinformation like George Will has, but the fact that they all were much more supportive of Mitt in 2008 makes me skeptical of that explanation. I believe many other sites and conservatives are simply following the lead of Limbaugh, Levin, and Will which is reinforced by the disingenuous moderators at Red State, the sheltered leader of Free Republic, and the lack of journalistic integrity at Fox News when it comes to telling both sides of the stories involving Mitt. It’s hard to blame the average voter for believing a lot of the lies about Gov. Romney when they have to dig around all of these voices they used to respect and rely on.

Most other conservative sites that support candidates other than Mitt at least vow to support Mitt if he is the nominee, but I worry about what is festering at Free Republic and now, Red State. Once our nominee is selected, we will need all hands on deck to defeat President Obama. The members of these two sites should realize how detrimental the actions of their leaders may end up being to the ultimate cause of making President Obama a one-term President. I hope they will ask for their leaders to act in a more responsible fashion.

What can Romney supporters do about this other than expose and confront the lies and hope the people we are talking about become ashamed of what they’ve done? At the very least, some of their followers might stop listening to them and give Gov. Romney a fair shake. Telling the truth and persisting in spreading that knowledge like the folks at WhyRomney did and so many of us already do is great. A new tool has just launched to help us as well. has launched promising to provide us with numerous cartoons we can use to supplement our pro-Romney facts and arguments. You can learn more about the new site here, but before you do, check out their inaugural cartoon. This cartoon could very easily be used to point out the prejudice of someone like Free Republic’s Jim Robinson as well. I look forward to next week’s cartoon(s) now as well. Welcome to cause MittFitts!

UPDATE by Jayde Nov 10,2021

I was surprised to see this letter on Erickson’s site today. Maybe he is paying attention…

Click on letter to enlarge

UPDATE 2: Politico has discovered that George Will’s wife work for the Perry campaign, so that’s one less person we need to try to discover the motivations of their flip-flopping on Mitt.