We Need Mitt’s Foreign Policy Leadership Now More Than Ever

By Doug Stevens

Much has been written and reported about the lack of leadership by President Obama in matters relating to the economy and his disdain for entrepreneurship. I cannot recall any legislation during his entire term that was passed with some collaboration or cross party support. We have had and continue to have the Win/Lose political leadership of the Chicago style of management. Though a number of initiatives have been proposed, none have been worked collaboratively. This is very troubling, but now more than ever, we see the danger of the leadership void in foreign policy.

Even as I am writing this, the situation has worsened in Syria. We have an international humanitarian and Islamic Fundamentalist takeover in the country of Mali. We see the Muslim Brotherhood extending its influence and control in a number of ‘Arab Spring’ countries, most notably in Egypt. Deployment of chemical and biological weapons is now being actively discussed by Syria. The radical Islamist movement continues to progress. Al Qaeda and its surrogates are certainly not on the run as Secretary Panetta was recently quoted as saying.

Where is the western plan to contain and resist the radical Islamist agenda? Where is our President on dealing with these crises? Yes, I do believe that our pocketbooks may be the most influential single factor in making a Presidential voting decision this fall, but I am becoming increasingly concerned about the decline in the safety of American interests internationally and in the continuously increasing risk to our security by the lack of defined and upheld American foreign policy.

We are in the middle of Governor Romney’s first foreign trip as the presumptive Republican candidate. It gives me great hope that the American public will come to see his resolute determination to a principled and determined approach to American foreign policy. It wasn’t until this week that I understood that Governor Romney has a personal association with Prime Minister Benjamin Netahyahu of Israel. This is a great comfort to me to know that the one country that will always be in the center of the tornado of change in the Middle East will have a personal connection to what I hope will be our future President, Mitt Romney.

I hope in the public discourse of the strengths and weaknesses of the presidential candidates that the differences in approach to foreign policy will take a more prominent position. We need a man of action leading our foreign policy, not a cautious, play both sides against the middle community organizer; notwithstanding the one or two strong positions he has taken, Obama has not led with strength at all or consistently.

There have been some very memorable moments in our country’s history of strong, decisive leaders. One example for me includes the decision of Harry Truman to use a nuclear bomb in Japan. That decision took incredible foresight and courage. John F. Kennedy’s standoff with Nikita Kurshchev over missiles in Cuba took great courage, especially for a new, young, inexperienced President. There is also Ronald Reagan’s powerful and prophetic statement in June of 1987, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

We must have a leader that exudes this kind of confidence and leadership in order to rally the nation in unity. I believe that Governor Romney is just that kind of leader. We have seen that President Obama prefers a conciliatory leadership style. With radical Islamism on the rise, that weakness just won’t work. We must have a clear foreign policy and the leader of our country must continuously demonstrate the will to carry out that policy. Words in these kind of situations are just not enough. Yes, President Obama can give great speeches, but we are desperately in need of great actions.

I look forward to better foreign policy days with the election of Governor Romney as President of the United States. Please join me in working to see this happen.

Mr. Stevens lives in Laguna Niguel, CA with his wife Susan. He has over 30 years of sales, sales management, marketing and business development experience. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from University of Utah and earned a Masters of Arts in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Obama’s Leadership Style: Trial and Error — Miss after Miss

This is the best 22 second video I have seen all year!

Whenever I read the words “leader” or “leadership” in connection with Barack Obama, I cringe. I used to believe Mr. Obama was actually learning “on the job” to be a leader. I no longer believe he is learning anything at all about what it means to be a leader. Having a title means nothing.

The silver lining in this election cycle is that Mr. Obama keeps talking. This brief statement by him is most revealing as to how he governs as POTUS. What more need we learn of the man’s leadership style?

I believe this to be Barack Obama’s biggest understatement of the year 2012!

Lest we forget about Mr. Obama’s latest, gigantic tax increase:

Artwork by Bill Fortune

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As Young American Voters, We Will be Heard! — Game On!

We Pick Mitt

16.4% unemployment rate, double the national average. Record amounts of college tuition debt and loans by students. A national debt nearing $16 trillion, with zero plans to curtail. Healthcare, that is now a requirement and being forced upon us. These are just a few examples my generation, Generation Y, has to look forward to in years to come.

Shane Bias

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Shane Bias, and I am a young conservative in need of a new president. I come from a small retirement town on the East coast of Florida. Growing up in a predominately Republican county, I was often surrounded by Democrats. That’s because most of my immediate family were registered Democrat. Nonetheless, I was able to see through the propaganda and false promises at a very young age.

Fast forward to today; I am currently 21 years of age and attending school at Marshall University, majoring in Public Relations with a minoring in Political Science. I am the product of a blue collar family and would say I am pretty average at best. My dad is a nurse and my mother is disabled. Let’s just say we know what it is like living pay check to pay check and most importantly, we know the value of hard work. Our country has traveled down a path of destruction due in large part to the conductor or President if you will. Obama’s failed policies have ultimately failed America, failed the working class and most notably, have failed the youth and young adults.

The young adult is often an untapped resource and voting block in many elections. Normally the young adult voter gets the least amount of attention and the least amount of money directed to it. Not this year. This year is the year that the young adult will decide which path our country travels down. This is the year my colleagues and I take back our country. The GOP hasn’t won the young adult vote since Ronald Reagan and this is the year that we return as a voting block to the GOP.

So far in this campaign cycle, I have made a few major contributions to the Republican Party. In my efforts to further educate and organize students in campaigns, I assembled and managed the second most successful students’ campaign in the primaries: Students for Rick Santorum. The success of this campaign was immense, but ultimately Senator Santorum ended up dropping out.

Republican Presidential Debate, February 22, 2022 (AP Photo / Jae C. Hong)

A lot of people might have given up after their candidate dropped out; not us. We knew the true importance of the mission at hand. We grouped together and continued the march forward behind the candidate we felt was prepared to defeat Barack Obama. We formed, and ultimately partnered with, Young Americans for Mitt Romney.

There are a countless number of reasons why Mitt Romney should be President of the United States. Mitt Romney, to me, stands for real hope. Romney gives my generation hope that the future will be brighter. The future will have more jobs available, less college debt, balanced budgets and a healthcare plan that is constitutional and not forced upon us. This time the youth won’t be fooled by the Obama administration’s smoke and mirrors.

Mitt Romney has an impeccable record of creating jobs and managing budget; you can’t say the same for President Obama who has failed to pass a budget his whole time in office. Mitt Romney has more to offer us than just jobs. Mitt Romney has a message that resonates with all Americans of all stripes. Romney is truly a principled leader and understands the importance of family in society.

We, the young adults, look forward to getting our first jobs and contributing to society. Young adults want to be a part of their communities in positive ways. And only Mitt Romney can allow young adults to gain independence and start working once again. We simply cannot afford to travel down the path of Obama for the rest of this year, let alone four more years!

As young adults, we will fight hard in this election and we will be heard. We have one of the largest coalitions the GOP has seen and we will stop at nothing to make sure our man, Mitt Romney, gets elected in November! We will work night and day alongside the campaign and other grassroots organizations to ensure our victory. We have a team of the most intelligent, hardworking, self-motivated Young Americans in the nation and we have a message to send the people of America.

Young adults will no longer put up with the failed policies of the Obama administration. We are ready to make good on your promise to lower the unemployment rate below 7 percent Mr. Obama. The promise you made to the American people in order to be reelected to a second term. We are here to collect. We are here to guarantee America never again gets a Liar in Chief, but instead, we get a Commander In Chief. Mr. Obama, I leave you with some famous last words, “Game On!”

God bless you all, God bless Mitt Romney, and God bless The United States of America!

Twitter Follow: @shane_worldwide

Shane Bias is a junior at Marshall University. He entered politics at a very early age, holding his first executive position at age 16, on a congressional campaign. He also played a pivotal role in the primaries and election cycle this year. Shane built and managed the second largest student movement in the primary behind the label, Students for Rick Santorum. Days after Santorum dropped out of the race, Shane was contacted by Young Americans for Mitt Romney and was elected president of that organization, his current position. Also, a couple months after accepting the position as president of YAMR, Shane was voted in as President of Students for Romney.

More Romney Tax Returns: Should He, or Shouldn’t He?

***The opinions herein are those of the author and not of Mitt Romney Central, a grassroots organization unaffiliated with the Romney for President Campaign***

Mitt Romney has been vetted far more than Obama

Parenthetically, I refuse to acknowledge Mr. Obama henceforth with the title of President of the United States. Although elected, he has acted in a manner unworthy of the title and has not earned the respect of the position of the office.

With Mr. Obama’s recent dishonest and diversionary ‘Chicago-style” gutter tactics, calls for Mitt Romney by the mainstream media, and some in the conservative press, to release more tax returns poses the question, should he or shouldn’t he?

Governor Romney’s response has been that he will release his 2011 tax returns when filed, having released his estimated returns for 2011. He has further added that he has filed complete financial disclosures that are more exhaustive, in scope, than any tax return filings. Consequentially, Governor Romney has most recent stated that he doesn’t intend to release any further historical tax filings. Notwithstanding, the question has persisted, should he or shouldn’t he?

As a successful leader, with his lengthy experience in business, government and philanthropy, Governor Romney has gained keen insights and wisdom that set him apart from the inadequate and incompetent Obama. Further, as a consequence of this experience, Mitt Romney has interacted and dealt with innumerable individuals that cross all spectrums, from the brilliant minds to the incompetent and inadequate. Governor Romney’s experience has prepared him, better than most, as he faces the incompetent Obama and those who surround him. That said, it is difficult at times to try and understand and deal with the irrationality of those driven by fear and duplicity, and who abide the situational standards of society without foundational principles. Although not static or absolute, the dynamic process of Governor Romney’s experience and wisdom applied, if anything, has taught him to seek counsel from others and gather as much information as required to determine a course forward. It is in this steeling and tutoring process that Governor Romney responds to situations like this, and in his hoped for role as POTUS, with measure, conviction and principle.

As events have unfolded recently, I find great comfort in observing the capacities of Mitt Romney. When we step back from the fray, it is this steeling process that has prepared him, like none other in our modern history, to lead this nation in its defining moment.

Appreciating the willful and deceitful intent of Mr. Obama and his minions, Governor Romney is right in his position not to release additional tax records, which would provide further fodder for Obama’s wanted distractions from his failed policies and economic failures. Clearly, the more Mitt Romney is pressed to respond to Barack Obama and his PR machine in the mainstream media, with respect to Obama’s diversions, the more Barack Obama is open to take advantage. It is time for the conservative pundits to recognize the foil they become for Obama and his minions as they react to the untoward and deceitful attacks by Obama. Mitt Romney gets it, his focus remains the economy and failed record of Obama.

Further, Governor Romney has taken an offensive posture, and recently addressed Obama’s cronyism with billions going to bundlers and donors at the expense of the middle class. Rest assured, there are many things in Obama’s failings that are ripe for the picking, and I am confident in Mitt Romney’s ability to articulate to the American people those failings. Barack Obama is a train wreck, and a man driven by irrational fear and incompetence. As much as there is a want to bury him today, it is a matter of timing and strategy. To this end, Mark DeMoss has expressed my feelings as well when introducing Governor Romney to Liberty University when he stated, “I trust him; I trust him to do the right thing, to do the moral thing, to do what is best for our country; I trust his character, his integrity, his moral compass, his judgment and his perfect decency. And finally, I trust his values for I am convinced they mirror my own.”

The Ghost of Ronald Reagan Haunts President Obama (O’Reilly)

President Reagan

When it comes to videos posted, my general rule is to put up videos that are two minutes in length, or less. Once in awhile a longer video clip comes along that deserves to be seen far and wide. Bill O’Reilly’s opening monologue from yesterday’s “The Factor” is one. This is outstanding.

For weeks I have been wanting to do the research to illustrate what Bill O’Reilly so concisely explained in these six minutes. History is such a wonderful teacher — so why does Mr. Obama ignore the lessons of history? What do we learn here from O’Reilly’s tutorial?

Mr. Obama has enacted and is attempting to enact policies that are the opposite of what is needed to create jobs and stimulate strong, sustained economic growth. O’Reilly includes several video vignettes of both Reagan and Obama that are powerful. Each point made here seems so amazingly obvious, that one one wonders why so many millions of Americans just don’t see it. Every decision Barack Obama makes seems intended to damage the economy — to damage America.

O’Reilly states that Ronald Reagan effectively proved that Jimmy Carter was incompetent. Mitt Romney will be effective in exposing Barack Obama as not only incompetent but also as naive and simple minded.

Check out the chart O’Reilly includes contrasting Obama’s tax rates with Romney’s. In my opinion, this piece by O’Reilly is brilliant:

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Mitt Romney’s Strategy Will Result in November Victory

David Parker below references conservative voices of late that have been critical of Governor Romney, his campaign team, strategy, tactics, etc. If you have not read his piece, please take the time to do so — it is excellent.

David uses a military example to illustrate Mitt Romney’s strategy to focus on the Obama economy. I love this example as Israel was at a huge disadvantage against Egypt in the 6-Day War:

“When Israel was victorious over Egypt in the 6-day war. Notwithstanding the breadth of its border with Egypt, Israel’s strategy was to identify Egypt’s weakest point, line up its tanks and penetrate the border and then disperse. It was an elegant strategy for victory.

[emphasis added]

We could cite many other examples of tiny Israel conquering superior forces, including those of Syria, in large part due to brilliant strategy.

One of Mitt Romney’s greatest skills is that of a strategist — he is a master of strategy design. His business career for the last 35+ years, including the incredible rescue of the Winter Olympics, involved the development of dozens of detailed, “elegant” strategic plans and the execution of those plans. We have all heard the term “turn-around artist.” Mitt Romney is one of the best this nation has ever known.

Why are some people worked up about Governor Romney not disclosing more details of his strategic plan? That would be like the Israeli press and its people asking the prime minister for details as to how they plan to defend against Egypt before the 6-Day War! It is foolish at this point in the election cycle to disclose strategic details when doing so would serve only to provide information to Mr. Obama’s team. It is well known that the TV voter and voters in general stop paying attention to politics in the summer months. In the year of a presidential election, they begin to really pay attention after Labor Day. Why blow through major cash during the summer doldrums attempting to disseminate major new information? From my perspective, that makes no sense at all.

I have no inside knowledge of the Romney campaign strategy, but I love the fact that Romney is staying focused on the Obama economy and that he is not providing ammunition to Obama that can be used against him right now. As with Egypt, Mr. Obama has no idea how Mitt Romney will outflank him for crippling attacks to be victorious in November. But we know Obama is worried about it and he is appearing ever desperate. In due time, Mitt Romney will strategically disclose details of his plans for our nation to augment his truth-letting of Obama’s dismal record as steward of America’s economy.

Never forget the old adage: “Timing is everything” (as in November 6th)

Rarely do I agree with statements made by The New York Times or its reporters. And who cares what the press/media demands of Governor Romney anyway? (I don’t think Mitt Romney really cares — he will execute to his strategy) There is no requirement to satiate pundits’ appetites for additional details. David Brooks of The Times makes this very excellent point in this one minute video clip:

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Obama’s Desperate Plea for Cash: “…it could cost us the election.”

The campaigns announce each month how much they bring in from fundraising. Last month both campaigns announced their May numbers the same day as I recall. Two days ago Governor Romney announced their June fundraising number — Obama has yet to announce his. What is he waiting for? Instead, yesterday Mr. Obama’s campaign manager sends out an email to supporters using the subject line “Urgent” with a pleading, even desperate tone to it.

Jim Messina — Obama Campaign Manager

Let’s think about this for a second: Effective unemployment nationally is around 15%, give or take; household incomes have tanked the last few years; the Obama economic “recovery” is headed for its second stall; food stamp dependency is through the roof; more Americans are “disabled” than at any time in history; small businesses are not hiring due to ObamaCare bureaucracy and cost; college grads are struggling to find above minimum wage jobs; Obama has held more fundraisers than all of the last incumbent presidents combined; Obama has used more gimmicks to raise money than any presidential candidate…on and on. And Mr. Obama wants these same Americans to sacrifice more!

Mr. Obama has no problem making these desperate requests almost daily now. Here is the Messina email yesterday — RedState:

Romney and the Republicans announced yesterday that they brought in more than $100 million in June.

For context, that’s about what we raised in April and May combined.

We’re still tallying our own numbers, but his means their gap is getting wider, and if it continues at this pace, it could cost us the election.

If everyone who’s been waiting to give pitches in $3 or more today, we can start reversing this trend in just a few hours.

Please do your part — make a donation of $3 or more right now.

One hundred million is alarming enough, but it doesn’t even include the millions pouring into pro-Romney super PACs — or the fact that, unlike four years ago, it’s perfectly legal for the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Karl Rove, and anonymous billionaires to funnel unlimited money into attacking President Obama in critical battleground states.

I’m proud of the way we build this organization. Through the primaries, more than three-quarters of our donations were from people giving less than $1,000. Meanwhile, in that same period, Mitt Romney’s campaign raised three-quarters of its money from people giving $1,000 or more.

If we don’t take this seriously now, we risk finding ourselves at a point where there is too much ground to make up.

We need to do something about it. Today.

Please donate $3 or more:


More to come.


Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

Did you catch the new “blame” phrase above? Obama is now blaming his supporters by effectively telling them if they do not step up now and donate more of their money, “it could cost us the election.” (Why is everything always about him?) What about Mr. Obama’s wonderful message for the nation? What about his “vision?” Just another opportunity passed up for Mr. Obama to take responsibility. No, it is better to blame his failure on those with the money.

Check a couple of comments the Obama campaign received at their official blog site in response to this lovely email message — Classic:

AnthonyinNC • 4 hours ago −
Jim Messina,

We need ideas as to how do we get more people to donate. We don’t need doom & gloom but a plan to raise more money. Also, Billionaires & Millionaires who supports President Obama will need to donate to Super Pacs so we can get a Congress controlled by Democrats to put in laws to limit this type of spending.

Nettie Christine • 11 hours ago −
To Jim Messina

I am giving this campaign every spare dollar and dime I have. I will
continue to give until it hurts. However, I am tiring of your messages
obsessing on the amount of money Romoney’s millionaires and
billionaires have donated to his campaign. Corporations may think they
are people to thanks to the supreme court but they don’t come close to
the number of individual donors responsible for funding the majority of
this campaign. It is those millions voices that will win this election
again for this president unless you continue to obsess only about money
11 1 •Reply•Share ›

GOSAL~Official of Eng Art Mop • 5 hours ago • parent
Nettie ….. I feel the same way. I’m tired of Jim’s negativity, he can at least say thank you before giving the lecture! I really miss Chris Hass, Mitch Stewart and Jeremy Bird. They treated us with much more respect!

Remember, dollars raised by any presidential candidate is an important form of voting. Each dollar received is a type of vote received for that candidate.

Mr. Obama already knows how much money he received from June fundraising. Why is he waiting to announce the number? What is he waiting for?

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Romney Best to Rescue from Obama Economy (CNN Poll)

The Business section of The Chicago Tribube carried a Reuters article describing a continued flat, lackluster economy. Reading this caused me to look throughout the Internet to find whom Mr. Obama is blaming for this bad news:

While the so-called U.S. fiscal cliff - a combination of expiring tax cuts and automatic government spending cuts - will be hit only in early 2013, if Congress does not act, an increasing economic toll could be exacted in the second half of this year.

“I don’t think we are going to get a resolution before the fourth quarter,” said Julia Coronado, chief North America economist at BNP Paribas in New York.

“Companies and households won’t know what their tax liabilities are going to look like in 2013, what the regulatory or spending backdrop is. It’s going to be an uncertainty which weighs on people’s ability to make plans.”

The latest Reuters survey estimates third-quarter growth at around a 2.3 percent pace, with fourth-quarter GDP at about 2.4 percent. But some economists say these forecasts already appear a bit optimistic.

“Right now we have a forecast that is around 2 percent in the second half … (and) while I expect growth to stay on track, it’s hard to point to a factor that’s going to lead to an acceleration,” said Coronado. “The risk is that the second half of the year will also lead to growth that is below 2 percent.”

Remember that quote from the film TOP GUN after Maverick buzzed the tower of the aircraft carrier, causing the XO to spill coffee all over his uniform and when he later yelled at them in reprimand? Maverick’s commanding officer said something like, “Well, I would say that just about covers the fly by!” Following is one of those reprimand quotes for Mr. Obama I would say:

“Our sense was that of a gradual improvement. Now the sense is of muddling along at a low level of activity,” said Adolfo Laurenti, deputy chief economist at Mesirow Financial in Chicago. “We went from seeing progress, though gradual and very uneven, to not seeing progress at all.”

Fortunately, most American’s believe the better person to lead us out of the ObamaMess is Mitt Romney - from Newsmax:

Romney tops Obama 52 percent to 41 percent among independent voters who were asked in a CNN poll which candidate would do a better job handling the economy.

41 percent? I can understand 4%, but 41%? I would sure like to speak to one of those “Independent” voters that thinks Obama is the best person to handle the economy — how can they think that? I keep hearing that Mr. Obama will be starting to talk about his new plans for a better economy. He better start talking fast. The Newsmax article closes with this:

Romney has a 10-point advantage over Obama when Americans were asked which candidate would do a better job dealing with the federal budget deficit.

Obama led by 8 points on foreign policy and by 7 on healthcare. Romney holds a 3-point margin on illegal immigration, the CNN poll said.

“Not surprisingly, the poll indicates that the economy’s the public’s top issue, the only topic that more than half say will be extremely important to their presidential vote in November,” Holland said.

[emphasis added]

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Women of America to Mr. Obama: “We Can’t Count on You!”

President Obama believes he has the women vote all boxed in. Well, women across America are banding together for grassroots work in their urgency to elect Mitt Romney as President. Just below is one women’s group and their statement from the “About” button of Women for Romney 2012. Below the statement is a great video they just released. The video is great! I love their choice of music too…

Women for Romney 2012 is a national grassroots women’s coalition supporting Mitt Romney for President in 2012. We were initially formed as a group on Facebook and we invite you to “like” our page and join our group for robust discussion with opinionated ladies. We also post event dates, volunteer opportunities, campaign information, and inspiration for our growing national women’s coalition dedicated to putting Ann & Mitt Romney in the White House and putting America back on the path to prosperity and pride. Please join our group at: Facebook Group. The women’s vote matters in this election. We want to know what you think, feel and believe!

Women for Romney 2012 was started by Gina Covell Maddox (@GinaCMaddox) and a small but dedicated group of well-informed politically savvy women. Over 800+members strong, we are a national grass-roots organization. We are NOT connected to the Mitt Romney for President Campaign or any PAC.


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Character, It Matters (Part II)

Character - Integrity - Trust. Words matter, and these words in particular as we prepare to choose the next President of the United States. Character, integrity and trust are measures and standards that we must consider when entrusting the leadership of our nation to the next POTUS. Our nation is in turmoil! We are over-burdened with debt and spending; we suffer from failed leadership; the basic fabric of our society under attack - family, life and liberty. We suffer fissures and fractures in our society as never before in our respective lifetimes. Judicial appointments to the Supreme Court over the next four years will define, not just the nature of the Supreme Court, but all US District Courts as well. With Europe in severe financial distress, the Middle East in turmoil and contrary nations asserting their totalitarian regimes for world domination - the world is in commotion and tumult. As a nation, we sit atop a precipice where strong and principled leadership will make all the difference. If ever there was a time choose a leader with character, integrity and trust - it is NOW! If ever there was a time to choose a principled leader with capacity and experience - it is NOW! If ever there was a time to choose a man of principle; a man who understands and abides the founding principles of our nation; a man who is aligned with the interests of our American values - it is NOW! This is not a time for passivity and sitting on the sidelines - this is a time for active ADVOCACY; a time to stand for what we believe in and speak out - becoming voices of reason in a dark and boisterous world!

Character, It Matters (Part I) was a comparative of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. It is clear to me, in spite of my bias, that on the character measure, Mitt Romney stands well above Obama in this regard; in the company he keeps, in his core values and principles, in the manner in which he has lived and continues to live his life, and in his commitment to America. Character, It Matters Part II is less of a comparative and is intended to dissect in greater detail the true character of Barack Obama. Absent knowing Obama personally, we can only look to his actions, associations, and seek to measure his intent. It has been said, you can measure the true character of a man when his back is against the wall and when things are down; his actions will reflect who and what he is. As a nation, we have been tolerant and treated this man with kid gloves - NO MORE! Simply put, Barack Obama has been corrupted by power and greed, in fact, Barack Obama has proven his weakness of character by his actions of late, with truth revealed - no more hiding in the shadows of subtlety.

Let’s consider the revealing facts of Obama’s character:

Firstly, it was revealed much to the chagrin of Obama’s campaign that it’s primary strategy is to destroy, or ‘kill’ Mitt Romney. Ann Romney addresses it below.

Secondly, at Obama’s direction, he and his campaign have fabricated and spread lies about Mitt Romney, not distortions, but flat out lies in an effort to elevate their standing in this election. Further, they have covered up their own indiscretions. Pride is a terrible thing and is most often manifest when one undertakes to diminish another for personal gain and elevation. However, when intentionally deceptive and driven by lies to cover one’s own sins, or achieve an agenda, it is no longer pride but an evil construct of power and greed for self, above principle and others.

Breitbart provides a good summary HERE and below. Who do you think directs David Axelrod’s agenda?

Obama and Mainstream Media Lies (they are inseparable):
1) Bain Capital and Mitt Romney’s outsourcing agenda (independently proven to be false)
2) Bain Capital and Mitt Romney’s role therein, regarding greed and ‘vulture capitalism’ that cost American jobs (independently proven to be false)
3) Mitt Romney’s failure to create jobs and his competence and capacity in the economy (independently proven to be false). Parenthetically, Mitt Romney, through this efforts, has created billions of dollars of wealth for many American’s, including the jobs represented, and more.
4) Mitt Romney’s hidden wealth, ie, ill-gotten and hidden gains (independently proven to be false)
5) Mitt Romney’s bullying (independently proven to be false)
And yet, the Obama campaign continues their distortions, lies and attempted destruction in spite of truth to the contrary…

Obama’s Realities Untold in the Media:
…Obama purchased his million-dollar home with the help of a man who’s now a convicted felon. Talk about “murky” finances.
…Obama lied about his relationship with a domestic terrorist.
…Obama told three dozen falsehoods in his autobiography.
…Obama lied about his socialist New Party membership.
…Obama is lying about Romney’s record as an outsourcer.
…Obama refused to disclose who all of his donors were in 2008.
…hundreds of innocent Mexicans were gunned down by Fast and Furious guns.
…manufacturing is contracting.
…the GDP plunged to 1.9%.
…wages just fell for only the fifth time in 33 years.
…that the Administration hides its White House guest list in plain sight.

And, there’s more -
- Imperious edicts on immigration, contrary to Constitutional checks and balances, and Constitutional law.
- Czar appointments to obviate Congressional authority and responsibility.
- Security leaks of serious and threatening magnitude to burnish one’s foreign policy bona fides.
- Taking personal credit for the willing sacrifice and service of others for our nation, and then outing them to the enemy (SEAL Team 6)
- Associations with individuals whose lives have been revealed to be contrary to the interests of our nation.
- Distorting truth about his being overspent by Romney’s campaign to prospective donors and pleading campaign disadvantage and poverty. Check out Jim Geraghty here.

As each of these points are considered, I repeat: Character - Integrity - Trust. Words matter, and these words in particular as we prepare to choose the next President of the United States. Character, integrity and trust are measures and standards that we must consider when entrusting the leadership of our nation to the next POTUS.

By any measure, Barack Obama does not meet the standard.

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