Waking Up? Hispanics in NV and CO

The Hispanic Leadership Fund has just released a number of videos that are having a profound affect on the Hispanic communities in Nevada and Colorado! Given the tight race in these two states, the Hispanic vote is critical. By every measure; social and family values, economics, immigration and foreign policy, the Hispanic community should be aligned with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. The positions, values and principles espoused by Mitt Romney serve the needs of the Hispanic community, as they do the needs of all Americans. Those who have immigrated to the US from Latin countries are some of the hardest working people I know, and they are as aligned with Mitt Romney and the majority of Americans on family and social values.

Take a look at these videos and share where you can in key swing states. This needs to go viral in our Hispanic communities.

English Version

Spanish Version

Substance and Depth: The Candidates

As a follow on to my previous post, Character, It Matters, we wanted to address issues of substance and depth about Governor Romney and Barack Obama. Given the need for brevity, we hope this becomes a series wherein we hope to undertake only a couple issues of substance and depth at a time, in a comparative of the candidates.

Pride vs Humility - When any individual seeks to elevate their station or position in life by trying to denigrate, diminish or destroy another, they undermine trust and confidence, and clearly illustrate incapacity and insecurity. Their motivations are for self preservation or promotion at the expense of all else. George Washington remains as one of our greatest Presidents. At the time of his service he was encouraged to assume the mantle of ‘King’; to elevate himself above his country served. In meekness and humility, he saw his role as temporary, to lead, to love and to serve; subordinating himself to the cause of freedom and the cause of America.

In comparative of substantive issues, Barack Obama has and continues to elevate himself by trying to denigrate Mitt Romney. His campaign has no substantive record to defend or promote, in fact he has failed in every critical element of his Presidential responsibilities and duties - primarily to LEAD. His campaign is driven principally by fear of losing the office of POTUS. His campaign is nearly singularly focused on self promotion at the expense of others. We have seen it in his wont to take credit for the efforts and sacrifices of others. The tragedy lies in the risk to life for his personal gain and self aggrandizement. The security leaks that have placed people’s lives in jeopardy, placed them in jail, or in the case of inappropriate disclosures of SEAL Team 6, may well have cost many lives as they became a deliberate target, is wholly unacceptable - and to what end, burnish and politize Barack Obama’s national security bona fides? We have recently learned that in his composite writings he has fabricated and deliberately sought to write a revisionist history to his own advantage. Trust, a precious and valued commodity and necessary character trait in the POTUS, has been eroded by great measure.

Another interesting principle of pride that I have witnessed in life’s lessons - the prideful, as described above, tend to act in this manner as compensation for personal insecurities, personal incapacities and/or personal/organizational failings. There seems to be a corollary of opposites; the more prideful one acts, the more incapable and insecure they are.

Comparatively, I have witnessed Mitt Romney in both public and private moments. Mitt Romney, like unto George Washington recognizes duty, responsibility and obligation of service. He willingly accepts and values a subordinate role to that which truly matters - placing country over self. He doesn’t denigrate Barack Obama; he doesn’t seek to destroy Barack Obama; Yes, he highlights Obama’s failed leadership, as it places our nation at greater risk, but he does not deride or denigrate him. Mitt Romney, in meekness and humility, sees his role as temporary, to lead, to love and to serve; subordinating himself to the cause of freedom and the cause of America. In all instances that I have observed, read and experienced, and in all of his leadership roles, Mitt Romney expresses gratitude for others and elevates them in their service and duty above self. He doesn’t take personal credit, but defers to the capacities and service of those with whom he has associated. He is always praising others and lessening his position. In this manner, Mitt Romney instills trust, confidence and capacity to lead our nation.

Flattery - Certain individuals in society, who seek with guile to persuade others inappropriately for self gain, tend to use flattery as a critical means to their end. Flattery is a deceptive practice left to those seeking a personal agenda. Synonyms for flattery are toadying, fawning, pandering. To fawn, toady or pander is to placate and promise for the singular purpose of one’s own agenda. We have witnessed this in Barack Obama, as further illustrated in the video below. How many times are promises and priorities repeated and never met?

Barack Obama has become the ‘Flatterer in Chief’ or ‘Panderer in Chief’, not the Commander in Chief. At every turn he has sought to purchase society by pandering to the needs of others without any capacity to meet the need.

Student loans have been taken away from the private sector and under the government’s rule exploded to nearly $1 trillion. The challenge rests in the incapacity of the borrowers to repay the loans. They will either default and expand our financial crisis or be forgiven in an October surprise, again burdening our society. Effectively, Barack Obama has sought to purchase the loyalty of our young adults by creating greater entitlements and dependencies.

Recently Barack Obama, after 3 1/2 years as POTUS (with control of both Houses of Congress for the first 2 years) imperiously issued his edict on amnesty for some illegal immigrants. His pandering was timed to correspond with a speech before the Latino leadership. Even the MSM was indicating that it was political pandering at best.

Barack Obama also came out as an advocate for same-sex marriage, and further opposing traditional marriage doctrines in DOMA. This effort of flattery to the gay and lesbian community was simply a political maneuver for votes and money.

Barack made a failed attempt in the contraception pander and doctrine, thinking he would flatter women with his sensitivity. Blinded by his own ambition, he failed to realize the impact of attacking religious freedoms and thus offended a greater society, the Catholic Church.

When one invokes flattery as a means of governing, we all lose. We find ourselves becoming hostage to oppression as the flatterer seeks more and more personal power and position. Our Constitution was designed to protect our freedoms not diminish them. That said, we are subject to the will of the people within the constitutional framework. Absent core values, the flatterer can shift with the situational standards of society and thus pander at will - what else matters? We have further observed, when Obama has failed to obtain the support and will of the people through flattery and pandering, he resorts to imperious edicts or appoints czars to effectuate his grab for power and position.

Comparatively, Mitt Romney seeks for no personal gain, power or self aggrandizement. He is pursuing the Presidency out of a sincere sense of duty, in a hope of restoring what has been taken from our nation. He hopes to restore freedoms lost; he hopes to lead a resurgent economic recovery by unleashing pent up private capital and repealing oppressive regulation and legislation; he seeks to restore that which has been stolen from our society through Obama’s intergenerational theft and attempted purchasing of an entitled and dependent generation; he hopes to shrink the size of government in an effort to return to the principles of the Constitution where the ‘people’ are sovereign. Without want for personal position or power, he is sincerely driven out of his love of country and the American people. This is about America and freedom! It is greater than any one man. As a man of principle, trust becomes self evident. Mitt Romney is a man of principle that we can trust, thankfully.

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Immigration - The Right Solution vs Broken Barack’s Imperious Edict & Political Ploy!

Recently noted in a great article by Clark Judge, Managing Director, White House Writers Group, Inc.; Chairman, Pacific Research Institute, at HughHewitt.com -
”Let us never forget,” wrote Joseph Story, one of our history’s most revered Supreme Court justices, “that our constitutions of government are solemn instruments… not to be frittered away to please the demagogues of the day…. They are of no man’s private interpretation. They are ordained by the will of the people; and can be changed only by the sovereign command of the people.”

It is a dangerous trait we see here: a taste for arbitrary power in a president of the United States.

The matter of immigration in the United States is the domain of Congress, our Legislative Branch of the US Government. Constitutionally, we have empowered Congress with certain rights, duties and responsibilities; immigration laws, as with other lawmaking, policy making and related actions fall thereunder. Similarly, we have entrusted and empowered the US Supreme Court to assure that our legislative acts, laws and treaties, as well as the actions of the Executive Branch are compliant with the US Constitution. To quote Clark Judge again, “It is a dangerous trait we see here: a taste for arbitrary power in a president of the United States.”

What does Barack Obama think?

“Its a remarkable document…but I think it is an imperfect document…and reflects some deep flaws…” “It has a blindspot”

By his imperious actions, not just this past week with immigration, but in previous periods and on innumerable counts, Barack Obama has sought to obviate the Constitutional process and system instituted by our Founding Fathers. It is disconcerting beyond measure when the President of the United States acts without regard to the founding principles of our Nation; and this a Constitutional Law professor from Chicago??? What duplicity!

Charles Krauthamer offers further commentary here:

Fortunately, Mitt Romney has the reasoned capacity to understand and further respects the Constitutionally grounded foundations of our Nation. He also has the presence of mind not to fall prey to Broken Barack’s political ploys and taunts, wherein he sought to lure Governor Romney away from what matters (the economy) and into a discussion on immigration. Obama intentionally co-opted positions that were similar to pending actions of Congress - it isn’t the position he took but the manner and basis for his taking. And yet, the MSM blasted Mitt for a tepid response. Mitt Romney knows who bears responsibility for immigration and is committed to work within the system; he is committed to LEAD, something Barack Obama has failed to do. In fact, Broken Barack’s edicts are simply a ‘fool’s errand’ and derivative of failed leadership.

Notice Mitt Romney’s response below to Bob Schieffer:

ROMNEY: This is something Congress has been working on, and I thought we were about to see some proposals brought forward by Senator Marco Rubio* and by Democrat senators, but the president jumped in and said I’m going to take this action . . . He was president for the last three and a half years and did nothing on immigration. Two years he had a Democrat House and Senate, did nothing of a permanent or long-term basis. What I would do, is I’d make sure that by coming into office, I would work with Congress to put in place a long-term solution for the children of those that have come here illegally. . . .

SCHIEFFER: But would you repeal this? . . .

ROMNEY: My anticipation is I’d come into office and say we need to get this done, on a long-term basis, not this kind of stop-gap measure. What the president did, he should have worked on this years ago, if he felt seriously about this he should have taken action when he had a Democrat House and Senate, but he didn’t. He saves these sort of things until four and a half months before the general election.

*See Senator Marco Rubio’s commentary on the matter in National Review Online, here.

Obama is treading on very dangerous turf, and to what end? His political fortunes weigh in the balance and he is above all things, POLITICAL. Even Pat Caddell, a Democratic strategist of renown status stated on Hannity the other night that, “Obama would do anything to get re-elected.” Frightening and dangerous.

The irony of it all is in the response of Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico. This, a country that imprisons illegal aliens coming across their borders.

Fortunately for America we have a man of character and integrity seeking to displace Obama. Mitt Romney understands the checks and balances of the Constitution. In spite of the contrary press, he stands resolute in what is right. I know that Mitt Romney has a defined agenda for the immigration challenges we face as a Nation. They are not myopically centered in ‘illegal’ immigration - but on IMMIGRATION. It demands a comprehensive long term solution, and he is meant to work within the Nation’s Constitutional framework to lead on this issue. Under President Romney we will see the needed changes in this regard. We will see an enforcement of our laws, we will see a secure border, and we will fix what is broken in our legal immigration processes, and consequentially see a waning of illegal immigrants. I look forward to the day when we retain the mindshare of our legal immigrants that are educated in our higher learning institutions; I look forward to the day when we see those with talent, resource and creative will coming more easily into our country to stimulate growth and economy; I look forward to the day when we attract the brightest and best in the world and they find a home in our Nation, and contribute to the fabric of our societies; I look forward to the empowerment of our economy and our people, and restore the rule of law that seems to have been abandoned by President Obama; I look forward to the day that we call my friend, PRESIDENT ROMNEY!

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Mitt Romney - Favorably Faces the Nation on Father’s Day while Obama Plays Golf

While many of us have been enjoying a quiet Father’s Day with our families, Mitt Romney remains on the road, sacrificing his all for each of us. He has given up what many of us take for granted, time with family and privacy. In spite of confrontational journalism, Mitt Romney stands resolute in what matters - focused on the needs of the nation. It is after all about the economy! Interestingly enough, Broken Barack, President of the United States, is more focused on the needs of Obama and preserving his position as POTUS. Comparatively, Romney is reassuring in his knowledge, capacity and sense of duty to all American’s. An interview worthy of viewing.


Obama played his 100th round of golf today to celebrate Father’s Day, nearly four months of time spent in 3 1/2 years golfing, really? Mitt Romney is working for our Nation while Obama plays.

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In the style of “The Onion:” Obama’s Controversial Immigration Policy - Obama Builds a “Virtual Fence” - A New Campaign Slogan

Seeking to capitalize on the high unemployment rates that have plagued Obama throughout his presidency, and in an attempt to spin the low job opportunities into something positive, President Obama is now touting the low jobs numbers as a successful and innovative way of solving America’s immigration problems.

Obama’s supporters are citing a recent study which shows that due to reduced job opportunities in the US for such an long period of time, immigration from Mexico has slowed to near zero. For the first time since the Great Depression, immigrants from Mexico have found it more appealing to go back to Mexico to find a job than to stay in the US.

In a press conference this morning, President Obama said:

“Look, are we going to be a country that sees the glass half empty, or the glass half full? Yes, I know a lot of people are out of a job, but lets look at the other side of the coin. America’s illegal immigration problem has been solved!”


Political analysts are unsure how well this strategy will play out in the upcoming election but it is clear that Democratic strategists believe they are playing with a winning hand.

“Republicans are always talking about how to solve America’s immigration problems,” said David Axelrod, “but only President Obama can say he has done something about it. We are not going to run from the our record on job creation, in fact, we are proud that it has helped solve our immigration problems.”

President Obama has resisted building a physical fence between the U.S. and Mexico saying that there are other ways to solve our immigration problems. It appears that in just three short years of his presidency, Obama has found his method and built the most effective “virtual” fence yet seen to solve America’s immigration problems. 

The Obama campaign has been having a difficult time coming up with a slogan for his 2012 presidential run. 

Here are a few possible slogans that the Obama campaign is considering

“No Jobs=No Immigration Problem!” Obama 2012

“Solving American’s Illegal Immigration Problem One Job Loss At a Time” Obama 2012

“President Obama - The only president you can trust to put a fence between the US and Mexico”

****In case you’re not sure, most of the above story is a joke. While it is in fact very true that immigrants are suffering from unemployment in the US and are returning to their home countries in massive numbers to find jobs, Obama has not decided to use the bad economy as a campaign slogan for solving America’s immigration problems. 

However, we believe that Obama should be held accountable for the results of his policies.  It must be said that Obama’s policies in the last three years have led to the worst opportunities for immigrants in modern American history. Americans should be alarmed that immigrants are leaving America because there are better job opportunities for them elsewhere. This is not the America we know and take pride in.

● In fact, most Americans come from relatives who were immigrants themselves. We are a nation of immigrants. Many can remember the stories their parents told them about how their family came to America seeking a better life. These stories have been a point of pride and accomplishment told by immigrants since America’s founding. It is a sad day for America when Obama’s economy has damaged the ability for the new generation of immigrants to create their own story of coming to America and living the American Dream. 

Unbiased economists agree that if you look at history, three years is normally plenty of time to recover from a recession. Obama has been president for the last three years and still the US economy has not even come close to a full recovery. America should be creating jobs at more than twice the rate it is creating them now. Obama has had his chance. It’s time for a change.

Here is Florida’s Senator Marco Rubio, himself a Hispanic, talking about Hispanics and the economy:

Big #CNNDebate TONIGHT in AZ: Gov Jan Brewer “Arizonans Concerned About Jobs/Economy/Border Security/States’ Rights”

Update: Watch the entire debate here.

CNN GOP presidential debate at North Charleston Coliseum in Charleston, SC, Jan 19, 2012. Tonight's CNN debate will be held in Mesa, AZ. (Photo AP/David Goldman)

It has been 27 days since the last GOP presidential debate was held. Tonight’s critical face-off will serve as an important springboard into next week’s elections in Arizona and Michigan.

Here are a few details on tonight’s debate at the wonderful Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona:

On Wednesday, Feb. 22, Republican presidential hopefuls will face-off for the final debate before a dozen states take to the polls on Super Tuesday. CNN anchor and chief national correspondent John King will moderate the two-hour debate, which will air live from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET from the Mesa Performing Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona.
All four of the leading Republican presidential contenders will participate in Wednesday’s debate: former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. In addition to questions posed to the candidates by King and Arizona Republicans in the audience, the network will solicit questions and comments submitted in real-time from CNN.com, the CNN Politics fan page on Facebook and by using the #CNNDebate hashtag on Twitter.

CNN will air the debate on television; a live feed may be found here. For CNN mobile apps click here.

Don’t forget to use hashtags #CNNdebate and #UnravelTheSweater when tweeting.

AZ Governor Jan Brewer weighs in:

The timing for tonight’s debate couldn’t be any better for Arizona and the Republican governor, Jan Brewer, says that the showdown is very important to her state.

“I think that Arizona will be a pivotal state. There are a lot of undecided voters in Arizona so I think that people will be tuned in and watching, and because of this debate will be making their decision, not only in Arizona but across the country,” Brewer said.

And what do Arizona voters want to hear from the candidates?

I think that just like everywhere in America, people are concerned about jobs and the economy. Here in Arizona people are also concerned with their border security, they are concerned about new federalism and states’ rights, and are very interested in natural resource issues,” Brewer said.

(emphasis added)

Details on stage arrangements (see photo below):

“This is the first CNN debate where we’ve used a table,” Feist said. “We decided to make this debate more intimate.”

And the table that candidates will be seated around has some history.

“An interesting piece of trivia is that the last time this particular table was used in a GOP debate was at the Reagan Library debate on January 30, 2008,” Feist said. “Mitt Romney and Ron Paul were both at that debate sitting at this very same table.”

Stage prep continues today for tonight's GOP debate at the Mesa Arts Center in beautiful Mesa, Arizona. Check out the lineup... Romney will be wearing double armour! GO MITT! (Click on image to enlarge.)
Photo - AP/East Valley Tribune/Tim Hacker
Feb 22, 2022

We’re gung-ho for another outstanding debate for Governor Romney!


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Fact-Checkers Blast Bret Baier and Democrats - The Charge of Romney’s “Flip-Flopping” is Greatly Exaggerated

Last week Governor Romney was interviewed by Bret Baier of Fox News. In the interview, Baier said, “You have been on both sides of some issues. . . .There is video of you changing your position on a whole host of issues from climate change to immigration to abortion to gay rights to health care.” Romney replied “Well Bret, your list is just not accurate. So, one, we are going to have to be better informed about my views on issues and, two, it’s good to see the ads from the Democrats are being seen here at Fox.”

This testy exchange drew a lot of news coverage last week and so the “fact-checkers” at FactCheck.org, Politifact, and the Washington Post decided to do some research to find out who was right and who was wrong. For those who may not know, fact-checkers are organizations that are not affiliated with any political party or candidate. The goal of these fact-checkers is to provide the public with unbiased, independent research on claims being thrown around in the media. 

Well, the fact-checkers did their analysis of this interview and, even though I generally like Bret Baier, there is no other way to describe it but as a huge embarrassment for Mr. Baier. The fact-checkers found that Romney has been very consistent on the topics Baier listed. Lets look at the topics mentioned by Baier one by one and see what the fact-checkers concluded.

1) Climate Change - After the Democrats ran an ad last month showing a supposed change in Romney’s position on the cause of global warming, the fact-checkers at the Washington Post concluded there was “No Flip Flop” saying:
Click here to continue reading

Newt Gingrich Takes a Trip Down Selective Memory Lane

Newt Gingrich has taken a bit of heat for his comments on immigration the other night. More than a few have equated his comments with amnesty.

I would normally leave this topic alone, except that Newt Gingrich has decided to hit back against Romney by tweeting the following:

@Newt Gingrich: .@MittRomney Here’s a trip down memory lane: http://t.co/lFaAQrFz So what’s your position on citizenship for illegals again? (I oppose it.)

The video takes you to a 14 second youtube clip that makes it appear like Romney supports amnesty for illegal citizens. The problem is the video is clipped mid-sentence and is taken entirely out of context.

Here is a transcript of the Romney answer on immigration - the bolded part is what the clip left out:

My own view is consistent with what you saw in the Lowell Sun, that those people who had come here illegally and are in this country-the 12 million or so that are here illegally-should be able to stay sign up for permanent residency or citizenship, but they should not be given a special pathway, a special guarantee that all of them get to say here for the rest of their lives merely by virtue of having come here illegally. And that, I think, is the great flaw in the final bill that came forward from the Senate.

AND here’s video that shows both the deceptively trimmed portion plus the rest of the answer (more than what was quoted above) for the entire context:

So to answer Newt’s question on what is Romney’s stance on citizenship for illegals… he is against it, and you knew that Mr. Gingrich. Your trip down selective memory lane is nothing but a false attempt to tag Romney as something he is not in order to promote your own candidacy.

Unfortunately the shortened clip of that make it appear that Romney supports amnesty has racked up 10,000 views in the last 24 hours since it has replayed on a number of news sites. It will be the duty of Romney fans to share the correct information with those who continue to try to cast Romney as pro-amnesty.

~Nate G.

VIDEO: Romney Slams Perry for Same Illegal Immigration Stance as Obama

When it comes to supporting in-state tuition breaks for illegal immigrants, Obama and Perry are one and the same.

Watch the new Mitt Romney web ad:


-Luke G.

Fairbanks, Alaska: Josh Romney, Son of Mitt & Ann Romney, Speaks at GOP Luncheon

Josh Romney, son of Mitt and Ann Romney, pictured campaigning for his dad in Alaska during Governor Romney's first presidential run (Sept 15, 2021) was in 'The Last Frontier' state last Friday (Sept 16, 2021). He brought his father's message to attendees at a GOP luncheon in Fairbanks.

A couple of days ago, (Sept 16th) Josh Romney delivered a message from his father, Mitt Romney, to a Republican luncheon in Fairbanks, Alaska:

FAIRBANKS — He has been traveling across the United States, campaigning for his father, and Friday, Josh Romney arrived in Fairbanks to do more of the same.

Josh is the son of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and it is his fourth trip to Alaska to spread his dad’s message to potential voters. Friday, he met with Fairbanks Republicans at Denny’s restaurant to speak and answer questions about his dad’s politics.

Being a family member, Josh said that he was allowed to share some details that Mitt doesn’t typically share with the crowds.

“He calls himself frugal,” Josh said. “My four brothers and I, we know he’s cheap.”

He told a story of how Mitt decided he and his boys would fix a 100-foot walkway rather than hire someone to do the job. It took five or six weeks to finish it, laying bricks on Saturdays. The job was completed at a lower cost than hiring a contractor.

“He may be frugal, which is good — it’s what we need in this country but he’s hard working,” Josh said.

As a former governor of Massachusetts, Josh said his dad was able to balance the state’s budget from a $3 billion deficit. When Romney left office, there was a budget surplus, Josh said.

He knows how to turn things around,” he said. “That’s exactly what we need in Washington.”

(emphasis added)

Josh answered questions on health care, illegal immigration, and energy independence:

He also said that his dad believes that the U.S. needs to “finish the fence” on the Mexican border, and get rid of some of the “magnets” that are attracting illegal immigrants to the U.S. like some health care plans and education opportunities. Josh said Romney is a huge proponent of legal immigration.

Romney said his father believes “We’re not getting off oil anytime soon” and would be looking to increase oil production in Alaska while also looking at alternative energy sources for the future.

“Alaska plays a huge role, no matter how you slice it, in energy independence,” he said.

More on Josh’s response to energy:

“Alaska plays a huge role, in that Alaska will be a big part in helping us attain more oil, more natural resources, obviously in the gulf and other places.

We’ve got to explore other alternative sources as, including nucelar power and clean coal technology.

Alternative sources, these things all in concert will allow us to become energy independent if we have a plan and we really stick to it, as we start moving forward on it.”

Hopefully we’ll continue to see more of Mitt and Ann’s family as their campaign trail leads to the White House. Son Tagg and his eldest daughter were at the presidential debate in Ames, Iowa and accompanied Governor Romney to the Iowa State Fair. (Seems like a good place to say that I sure miss the Mitt Mobile. During the last campaign, Josh was the one who drove that thing to all 99 counties in Iowa!)

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