FL Poll: Romney Passes Obama, Romney Preferred Among GOP Field

Polling news from the key battleground state of Florida by Sachs/Mason-Dixon shows President Obama continuing to fade behind Mitt Romney. And, Romney is at the had of the GOP field.

The poll was taken August 18-22:

Barack Obama continues to fade in Florida, with a new poll showing Mitt Romney holding a 51-43 lead over the president and Obama in a dead heat with Rick Perry.

“Unlike 2008, if the election were held today, President Obama would face a stiffer headwind to hold on to Florida and its 29 electoral votes against a top-tier Republican challenger — and that could cost him re-election,” said Sachs Communications president Ron Sachs, citing the Sachs/Mason-Dixon Poll taken Aug. 18-22.
Romney led all Republican hopefuls with 28 percent, with Perry garnering 21 percent, Bachmann 13 percent, Herman Cain 7 percent, Newt Gingrich 5 percent and Ron Paul 4 percent.

The survey of 625 registered Florida voters also found 56 percent of respondents disapproving of Obama’s job performance vs. 41 percent approving.

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At a glance:

Sachs/Mason-Dixon Florida GOP Primary

Romney – 28%
Perry – 21%
Bachmann – 13%
Cain – 7%
Gingrich – 5%
Paul – 4%
Santorum – 2%
Huntsman – 0%
Undecided – 17%

General Election

Romney – 51%
Obama – 43%
Perry – 46%
Obama – 45%
Obama – 46%
Bachmann – 44%

Further details may be found here.

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Reason-Rupe Natl Poll: Romney Tops Perry

Governor Mitt Romney has the edge over Rick Perry in new Reason-Rupe Poll. Aug 25, 2021

We’re posting data today from a new poll today called the Reason-Rupe Poll. The poll is part of a project from the Reason Foundation to measure attitudes toward government.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney holds a 20 percent to 18 percent edge over Texas Gov. Rick Perry among Republicans and Republican-leaning voters in the latest Reason-Rupe Public Opinion Survey.

Two potential candidates not currently in the race, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (12%) and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (8%), placed third and fourth among Republicans asked to name whom they would favor if the GOP primary were held today. They were followed by Rep. Michele Bachmann (8%), Rep. Ron Paul (7%), Herman Cain (4%), Newt Gingrich (3%), former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (2%, but no longer in the race), former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (1%), former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum (<1%), and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson (<1%). Approximately 16% of Republican voters are undecided.

Emily Ekins, Reason Foundation polling director, discusses findings of the poll:

Responses to “If you were voting today in the 2012 Republican presidential primary, which one of the following candidates would you favor?”

Mitt Romney 20%
Rick Perry 18%
Sarah Palin 12%
Rudy Giuliani 8%
Michelle Bachmann 8%
Ron Paul 7%
Herman Cain 4%
Newt Gingrich 3%
Tim Pawlenty 2%
Jon Huntsman 1%
Rick Santorum <1%
Gary Johnson <1%
Undecided 16%

(emphasis added) Additional info here.

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Check out Mitt handle a tough question in the video posted below the fold Click here to continue reading

Romney Hits Obama on China Trade Policy, Makes Huntsman Look Like Jonny-Come-Lately

Romney Gets Tough on China

I love the Romney camp’s recent focus on China and trade policy. It’s a super effective route to take at this point in the campaign for a few reasons: it correlates nicely with Mitt’s main jobs/economy theme — allowing him to hit one of Obama’s rarely mentioned weaknesses, all the while making Huntsman look like Jonny-come-lately (China being his supposed strong suit). Props to the strategy team at Romney for President for the timeliness of this rollout.

Below is an op-ed written by Romney’s Policy Director, Lanhee Chen:


When he ran for president, candidate Obama said he would take China “to the mat” over its unfair trade practices – but instead he is the one being treated like a doormat.

China still does not play by the rules or provide an open and level playing field on which we can compete. In fact, the most recent data shows that while China continues to grow its economy rapidly, our exports to China are actually falling!

If Mitt is elected President, he will not tolerate this situation. He will get tough with China.

Make no mistake – Mitt is a strong believer in free trade and open markets. Opening new markets overseas creates new demand for American products and services, which in turn creates new jobs for American workers. As the world’s second largest economy, and one of the fastest growing, China offers incredible opportunities for American companies. If these companies are able to compete in the Chinese market, they will create countless jobs here at home.

Unfortunately, China is trying to deprive America of that opportunity. For too long, we have allowed China to take advantage of our goodwill and commitment to openness. We have opened our own markets to them, but we have gotten little in return. They steal our technology, manipulate their currency, and put up barriers that prevent us from competing. As a result, for every four dollars of goods China sells into our market, we are only able to sell one dollar’s worth into theirs. The resulting trade imbalance is the largest in the history of the world.

The company Mitt is visiting today, Screen Machine, is an example of the problem American companies face. Screen Machine represents the heart and soul of our economy and the potentially vibrant future of manufacturing in this country. Steel comes in one door. Incredibly advanced machines are driven out the other door by remote control, to be sold to countries around the world.

Selling to China is the biggest opportunity for Screen Machine to grow its sales and hire new workers – but they can’t. They worry that if they send their machines to China, then copies of the machines will start showing up around the world at knock-off prices. They already have seen websites in China that show pictures of their machines with the company logo blurred out. They can’t compete in an environment like that.

If we can confront China and persuade them to play by the rules, then companies like Screen Machine will be at the forefront of turning around our economy and creating the jobs Americans need.

-Luke Gunderson

Memo to Huntsman: Romney Owns Utah and 2012 Race… Set Your Sights on 2020.

Huge Endorsements For Romney in Huntsman's Backyard

Romney Finds Big Support in Huntsman's Backyard

Now don’t get me wrong; Jon Hunstman Jr. is a swell guy that strives to live up to his father’s legacy. He’s got many traits to admire. I really do like how his presidential chances look… in the year, say, 2020. He was a decent, mostly conservative Governor of my state. Yet, I just don’t feel like now is his time — and judging by the tone of his message and his unwillingness to call Obama out on his failed policies — I honestly think he knows it. It seems to me like his strategy isn’t about winning, it’s about getting some name ID and boxing-out for a rebound in a future race. Heck, the way things work nowadays, he might even be vying for the next big FOX News gig or TV reality series.

If Gov. Huntsman needs any further convincing of that now just isn’t his time, he need not look any further than Utah, the state he governed for nearly two terms (before falling all over himself to serve in Obama’s administration in Beijing then hightailing it to the to the east coast to headquarter his campaign). Romney marked his territory in the Beehive State with the today’s release:


Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today earned the support of Utah elected officials.

“These endorsements represent the deep level of support that I have enjoyed over the years in Utah,” said Mitt Romney. “I formed a strong bond with many Utah residents and officials during my time running the Olympics and continue to appreciate the support of so many in the state.”

“Throughout his life, Mitt has demonstrated that he isn’t just qualified, but has the leadership needed to be President of the United States,” said Senator Orrin Hatch. “Whether in the private sector, during the Winter Olympics, or as governor, Mitt Romney has the proven record to lead our country and understands that middle-class families, small businesses, and the private sector are the key to a bright future – not government.”

“Utah residents and voters across the country are looking for a change in The White House,” said Congressman Jason Chaffetz. “President Obama has failed to steer our economy in the right direction and has made the environment for job creation even worse. Mitt Romney knows how jobs are created and is the right man at this critical time to lead us toward recovery.”

“Mitt Romney has a record of job creation that the President lacks,” said Congressman Rob Bishop. “We need someone in office who understands how the economy works. President Obama has failed in his mission to create jobs – Mitt Romney has the record to lead an economic recovery.”

“President Obama’s policies have failed to get our country out of this economic downturn,” said Attorney General Mark Shurtleff. “Mitt Romney has shown that he has the experience to grow the economy and create jobs. He led a successful Winter Olympics, created jobs as governor and has the private sector experience that President Obama lacks.”

Announcing his support, Lt. Governor Greg Bell said, “President Obama’s policies have been categorical failures for the country – he has failed to grow the economy and create jobs. Mitt Romney’s record in the private sector and as governor speaks for itself: he created jobs, balanced budgets, and kept taxes low. Utahns clearly want the federal government to balance its budget and stop its insane deficit spending. Mitt is the guy to do that.”

Utah Officials Endorsing Mitt Romney:

· Senator Orrin Hatch
· Congressman Jason Chaffetz
· Congressman Rob Bishop
· Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell
· Attorney General Mark Shurtleff
· State Senate President Michael G. Waddoups
· State Senate Majority Leader Scott K. Jenkins
· State Senate Majority Whip Wayne L. Niederhauser
· State Senate Assistant Majority Whip Peter C. Knudson

*See the remaining 54 endorsements here.

Ouch, that’s 63 elected officials from Huntsman’s backyard that stand with Mitt.

Sorry Jon, no amount of weird country music or motorbike cruises through the desert can calm the sting that comes from being overlooked by the people that know you best. Keep your chin up (but please don’t keep that eyebrow cocked — it’s creepy), and set your sights on the end goal: 2020 will come sooner than you know it!

-Luke G.

New Poll: Romney Trounces Huntsman in Utah

KSL-Deseret News PollI wouldn’t normally consider a huge Romney lead in Utah anything but expected; after all, the former SLC Olympics CEO carried the state with a whopping 89% to John McCain’s 5% in 2008’s primary. This poll, however, is different than most others because it includes former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. as a potential presidential contender. Huntsman is a household name in Utah, and to see such a poor showing come from the people that know him best is rather telling.

This isn’t the first time Romney has competed well against rival Governors in their own states. These might ring a bell:

  • Romney Beats Palin in Her Own Alaska, Wallops Pawlenty in His Native Minnesota
  • Poll: Romney Edges Christie in New Jersey

  • Exit question: In a GOP primary, would Romney ever be so vulnerable in his native Michigan? …What about in Massachusetts (where he governed)?