Opinion: No, Mr. President, YOU Can’t Change Washington

As we’ve all heard by now President Obama has finally admitted that while hope died out quite a while ago, change has now died along with it.

The clip of Obama’s actual statement is the first video clip at this link below.

Now I try to give people a little slack when they make comments that I feel are being misconstrued. For example, do I think Mitt really believes 47% of the country are freeloaders? No, I really don’t. My Mitt translator tells me Mitt was describing the size of the 47% Democratic base, the fact that lowering taxes is less likely to appeal to many of the 47% of the people who are non-taxpayers, and that some voters are honestly not convincible because they’re unlikely to vote against their pocketbooks. Are those people all Democrats? No. Does that group make up 47% of the populace? I don’t think Mitt really thinks that. In the setting of a fundraiser, where the comments are less precise (remember Obama’s “god and guns”?) Mitt just ran those concepts together. I can cut him some slack on that, knowing I could easily do the same, and I know President Obama and Joe Biden have said much worse. And Mitt made clear he thinks there’s a legitimate debate to be had about creating dependency rather than jobs, and that true success will be in growing the entire economy so that all succeed rather than focusing on redistribution of wealth (which has never worked). But do I think he believes half of the country are freeloaders? Absolutely not. Is there a large percent of Dems who won’t vote for a Republican no matter what? Yes. Those are the people he was saying he can’t worry about trying to please in an election. Of course once you’re president, it’s different: Mitt’s said as much before. If elected he’d be the president of everyone, not a subgroup.

So now, since I’m in a generous mood, I think it’s appropriate to analyze President Obama’s latest misstatement.

Now admittedly as a Mitt fan I’m happy to zing President Obama a bit on the face value of his words, just as Obama fans like to do to Mitt. And lest anyone misunderstand, let no one say Mitt’s any more prone to misstatement than President “you didn’t build that” Obama or Joe “put y’all back in chains” Biden.

Part of Obama’s statement is honestly shocking: the candidate who entered office on a wave of “hope and change” and “change you can believe in” has now come to the conclusion, even calling it the “most important lesson” he learned in the last four years (seriously?), that he can’t change Washington from the inside. Ouch. Click here to continue reading

2012 POSTER: Obama's Promise of HOPE Will Lose to Romney's Message of JOBS

National Unemployment Rate is 9.1%. Enough Said.

Jobs are in Mitt's wheelhouse. Click the image to see why.

Artist Credit: Andrew Redford Young

Update from Ross

President Obama blames ATMs for high unemployment. I wonder who voters will trust to create jobs more between Mitt and Obama?

Hope Still Exists

Mitt Romney for President 2012
I was just browsing at mass.gov to see what mention the Commonwealth of Massachusetts gave of their best Governor ever. Sure enough, I found this short-but-legit bio of Gov. Williard Mitt Romney. It was refreshing to review all of his accomplishments leading up to his term as Governor, but an even greater respect was gained for Romney as I read over the important emphasis he put on education, promoting fiscal responsibility, cutting taxes, retaining businesses, creating jobs, and improving veteran benefits while serving as Governor:

Willard Mitt Romney (born 1947)
(Governor of MA 2003-2007)

Known for his keen business sense and his ability to turn flailing enterprises into highly successful ventures, (Willard) Mitt Romney was faced with the challenge of turning the Commonwealth of Massachusetts into a fiscally responsible state.

Awarded his B.A with highest honors as valedictorian from Brigham Young University in 1971, Mr. Romney earned an M.B.A. and the title of Baker Scholar from Harvard Business School while simultaneously receiving his J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1975. He went on to serve as Vice President of Bain & Company, Inc, a Boston-based management consulting firm and founded Bain Capital which became one of the country’s most successful venture capital investment companies.

In 1994, Mr. Romney lost to Senator Ted Kennedy for U.S. State Senator of Massachusetts, but established himself as a national political figure. He expanded this political recognition into national attention several years later by serving as Chief Executive Officer of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Later in 2002, Mr. Romney replaced then Governor Jane Swift as the Republican candidate for governor and was elected governor of Massachusetts in November, 2002. Governor Romney closed a 3 million budget deficit his first year in office without raising taxes. His top priorities in office were: education reform, establishing the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship Program which rewards top achieving high school students with four year scholarships to Massachusetts state colleges and universities; Melanie’s Bill, which enforces strict penalties on repeat drunk drivers; lowering the unemployment rate by attracting and retaining businesses in Massachusetts; developing the Welcome Home Bill and Massachusetts Military Enhanced Relief Individual Tax Plan which provides National Guard members and veterans with enhanced benefits; and signing legislation to mandate that all citizens in the Commonwealth have access to quality healthcare.

Mr. Romney’s term ended in January, 2007. He chose not to seek re-election. On February 13, 2007, Mitt Romney formally announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president in 2008.

My viewpoint is in sync with that of Josephine G., a MRC fan who shared her thoughts today on the MRC Facebook page:

In the last presidential race, candidates were debating and espousing the issues that I heard Mitt give before anyone else had entered the race. I had heard him early on and was impressed that he had ideas and plans and direction. I knew that he was the one who had those ideas and others were playing politics. He is a leader, has integrity and he loves family, his God and this country. If America has the second opportunity to elect Mitt as president ..how foolish it would be to not listen this time! How detrimental [it was] to this nation not to elect him in the last election! The nation must get over political parties, politics, and petty reasons and elect a good man based on principles and the Constitution.

Thank you all for your patriotism and continued input, support, and promoting efforts here at MRC. Hope does exist. Let’s do all in our power to ensure that Mitt Romney is elected next time around. This means getting the word out to your friends, family, and co-workers, making sure that all within the sound of your voice know that there is a movement underway, a reLOVEution as the Paulites would say, a coalition of conservatives uniting here at MRC with one common cause: to restore America. Who’s with me?