The Mitt Romney We Know — Private Observation

Some of you may have seen this story making its way around the internet. I received it from a friend and, after contacting the author, decided, with his permission, to give it a broader distribution here, with very little editing. The author’s email is also provided below.

A version of this story, as well as an interview of its author, was reported on Florida television a few days ago. Watch the video, read the post and decide for yourself what version of Mitt Romney is accurate: what’s portrayed in the popular press or the experience of this unbiased observer.

Regardless of who any of us are supporting in the presidential election, we all are better served by knowing the truth as this does influence who we support. It was not approved by Mitt Romney or his campaign.

As you may know we own Mitt Romney’s former home. Corinne and I have written a non-political-issue story that you very likely have not heard. We did this because many Democratic, Republican and Independent voters strongly recommended and found it valuable. Private details, how he acted out of public view and when not running for office. We are messengers, delivering facts. Not initially his supporters nor anti-Obama. Mitt Romney is very different from the man that many Americans have been led to believe.

Ours is a factual story that provides a rare glimpse and insight into the real Mitt Romney. Does he really relate to the average American? As President, would he impose his beliefs on others? Is he really Christian?

When you buy a home and its contents from someone you really learn a lot about their true character, values and beliefs. And rarely does anyone have the opportunity to learn how a politician acts out of the public’s view and when they are not running for office. Well, this actually happened. (more…)