The Fat Lady Has Sung… It’s Romney!

She has sung!

Last night, after being awarded nearly 70% of the vote in the Texas primary, Governor Mitt Romney secured the final delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination:

Shortly after the polls closed in Texas at 9 p.m. Tuesday night, Romney was projected to finally obtain the needed 1,144 delegates, according to The Associated Press.

With Texas allocating its 155 delegates proportionally, Romney had to win just 38 percent of the vote to finally nab the GOP nod, a mark he cleared easily with over 70 percent of the vote, although only a small percentage of the precincts were reporting.
. . .
“This was a big day by the way - 1,144. We finally got there,” Romney said at a Las Vegas fundraiser on Tuesday night. “It’s an honor and a privilege, an honor and a privilege, and a great responsibility. And I know the road to 1,144 was long and hard, but I also know that the road to 11/06, November 6, is also going to be long, it’s going to be hard and it’s going to be worth it because we’re going to take back the White House and get America right again.”

Governor Romney released the following statement last night::

“I am honored that Americans across the country have given their support to my candidacy and I am humbled to have won enough delegates to become the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential nominee. Our party has come together with the goal of putting the failures of the last three and a half years behind us. I have no illusions about the difficulties of the task before us. But whatever challenges lie ahead, we will settle for nothing less than getting America back on the path to full employment and prosperity. On November 6, I am confident that we will unite as a country and begin the hard work of fulfilling the American promise and restoring our country to greatness.”

Portions of statements of endorsement from the courageous GOP candidates of 2011 - 2012:

● Governor Tim Pawlenty - Sept 12, 2021

“I know all the candidates in the race for 2012; I know them. I respect them, but the next president is going to have to lead on the economy and jobs in a historic way. There’s one candidate in this race who is unmatched in his skills, and experience, and talent when it comes to turning around this economy and growing jobs - and that’s Mitt Romney. I’m proud and excited to endorse him for President of the United States. I believe he’s going to be our party’s nominee and I think he’s going to be a transformational and great president for this country.”

Rep Thaddeus McCotter - Sept 22, 2021

“We cannot unite America if we divide the movement of Principled Conservatism. The time has come for the Tea Party and the Republican Party to come together to serve and save this great nation. Thus, upon having withdrawn my candidacy, I have endorsed Governor Mitt Romney to become our Republican Party’s nominee. We must unite behind the candidate best capable of defeating Barack Obama on November 6, 2012—Mitt Romney is that candidate. “

● Governor Jon Huntsman - January 16, 2022

“I believe it is now time for our party to unite around the candidate best equipped to defeat Barack Obama. Despite our differences and the space between us on some of the issues, I believe that candidate is Governor Mitt Romney…

This is the most important election of our lifetime.”

Governor Rick Perry - April 25, 2022

“Mitt Romney has earned the Republican Presidential nomination through hard-work, a strong organization, and disciplined message of restoring America after nearly four years of failed job-killing policies from President Obama and his administration. So today I join the many conservative Republicans across the nation in endorsing Mitt Romney for President and pledge to him, my constituents and the Republican Party than I will continue to work hard to help defeat President Obama. American jobs, economic stability and national security depend on electing a new president. Mitt ‘s vision and record of private sector success will put America back on the path of job creation, economic opportunity and limited government.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich - May 2, 2022 (Note: While not a formal endorsement, the following remarks were taken from Gingrich’s exit statement. Gingrich has since campaigned for Romney at Georgia’s state GOP convention and spoke on The Gov’s behalf at last night’s fundraiser in Las Vegas, Nevada.)

“I am asked sometimes, ‘is Mitt Romney conservative enough? My answer is simple — compared to Barack Obama? This is not a choice between Mitt Romney and Ronald Reagan. This is a choice between Mitt Romney and the most radical, leftist president in American history.”

“If you simply take judges and ask yourself, who are the kind of people Gov. Romney would be inclined to appoint and who are the kind of people we know Barack Obama appoints? The gap is as wide as in any point in American history,” said Gingrich. “I would argue it’s wider than between Reagan and Carter.”

“If you look at Romney’s pledge to cut spending, something which we’re going to cheerfully help him with, to balance the budget, something I’ve had some involvement with. To work with [House Budget Committee Chairman] Paul Ryan [R-Wis.] and others on the entitlement crisis, to focus on economic growth by creating private sector jobs, something I would suggest Gov. Romney knows about 60,000 times more than does President Obama.”

“A reelection of Barack Obama would be a genuine disaster. And, all of us have an obligation, I think, to do everything we can to defeat Barack Obama. This is still the most important election in our lifetime.”

Rep Michele Bachmann - May 3, 2022

“This November, Americans will be at the polls with a serious choice- they can vote for more of Barack Obama’s transformation of America, with more joblessness, higher energy prices, fewer opportunities for our children, more government controls, bailouts, and failed economic policies, or they can vote for a new vision of prosperity and liberty. I’m honored to announce that today, I am endorsing Governor Mitt Romney for President of the United States, a man who will preserve the American dream of prosperity and liberty.
. . .
“This is the last chance we have to keep America from going “forward”, over the cliff, as Governor Romney said, and restore the values of prosperity and freedom. This is the opportunity for conservatives, independents, and disaffected Democrats to join me and Governor Romney in denying Obama a second term. On November 6th, the only option is Mitt Romney for President.”

Senator Rick Santorum - May 7, 2022

“The primary campaign certainly made it clear that Gov. Romney and I have some differences. But there are many significant areas in which we agree,” Santorum wrote, citing common ground in economic, social and foreign policy.

“Above all else, we both agree that President Obama must be defeated. The task will not be easy. It will require all hands on deck if our nominee is to be victorious. Gov. Romney will be that nominee and he has my endorsement and support to win this the most critical election of our lifetime.”
. . .
“And while I had concerns about Gov. Romney making a case as a candidate about fighting against Obamacare, I have no doubt if elected he will work with a Republican Congress to repeal it and replace it with a bottom up, patient, not government, driven system,” Santorum said in an email…

● Herman Cain - May 16, 2022

“My endorsement evolved. Early in the process is one thing, but as we converged toward the convention, what we did earlier isn’t as relevant. … Now that the process is winding down, I felt it fitting to offer a formal endorsement…

“Gov. Romney gets the big things right – especially recognizing that federal policies are the biggest impediment to American prosperity. President Obama gets it wrong on all of the big issues. That’s why we have got to have a different occupant of the White House.”

“This is why I officially endorse Gov. Romney. I now call on the millions of Americans who want to end disastrous government policies that compromise our freedom and prosperity to do the same and help Gov. Romney win in November.”

Congressman Ron Paul released a statement on his campaign on May 14, 2012. I appreciate the statements made by his son, Rep Rand Paul, during an interview on FOX Business Channel on May 23, 2012:

“… I do want someone who has been good at managing businesses that have been in failure and trying to turn them around. Right now I’d consider our government to be a failed business, and so I think Governor Romney would be precisely the person I would want to turn around a failing business like our government…”

● On February 22, 2022 former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer ended his bid for the GOP nomination with the intent to run third party.

UPDATE – On May 31, 2022 Roemer ended his run for the presidency.

● On December 28, 2021 former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson dropped out of the presidential race and announced he would seek the Libertarian Party’s nomination. In Nevada, on May 5, 2012, Johnson won the Libertarian Party nomination.

For a listing of endorsements candidates received from federal and statewide elected officials click here. Updates are included at the bottom of the page. (The list for Romney is very impressive!)

Thank you Texas, to the GOP candidates for a spirited primary season, and to all along the way who labored to make this happy and significant day possible! Now, the real work begins. Donate $3 for a chance to grab a bite to eat with Mitt and Ann. Let’s continue to unify and work together to restore America.

CONGRATULATIONS to Governor Romney!

On to the White House!

Baptist Pastor Says Mormonism is a Cult, Perry Campaign Spinning Like a Top

I’ve been hearing ‘spin’ on Rick Perry’s response to Baptist Pastor Robert Jefress’ introduction of him at the Values Voter Summit and his “Mormonism is a cult” comments.

What was initially reported on Friday (Oct 7th) differs from the quote I’ve heard the media air for the last two days:

Perry campaign spokesman, Mark Miner, emailed Perry’s response to FOX News: “The governor doesn’t agree with every single issue with everyone he knows or supports his candidacy. He is running for president to get our economy back on track and create jobs. Those are the real issues that matter to people.”

I appreciated reading Jennifer Rubin’s article yesterday in the Washington Post. She sets the record straight:

Religious bigotry on display

But the big news was not the vote itself [at the Values Voter Summit]. On Friday, the appearance of Pastor Robert Jeffress set of a chain of events that may be remembered long after the vote results are forgotten. Jeffress in his introduction of Perry voiced his previously known anti-Mormon views. Afterward, he doubled down in remarks to reporters. First the speech:

Do we want a candidate who is skilled in rhetoric or one who is skilled in leadership? Do we want a candidate who is a conservative out of convenience or one who is a conservative out of deep conviction? Do we want a candidate who is a good, moral person — or one who is a born-again follower of the lord Jesus Christ?”

Then he told Politico:

Texas evangelical leader Robert Jeffress, the megachurch pastor who introduced Rick Perry at the Values Voter Summit, said . . .he does not believe Mitt Romney is a Christian.

Jeffress described Romney’s Mormon faith as a “cult” and said evangelicals had only one real option in the 2012 primaries.

“That is a mainstream view, that Mormonism is a cult,” Jeffress told reporters here. “Every true, born-again follower of Christ ought to embrace a Christian over a non-Christian.”

Asked by Politico if he believed Romney is a Christian, Jeffress answered: “No.”

The Christian leader warned that in a general-election race between Romney and Obama, he believes many evangelicals will stay home and leave the GOP nominee without their votes.

Remember, Rick Perry did not distance himself from the pastor’s introduction. Instead, he thanked the Baptist Pastor for a “very powerful introduction” and added “he knocked it out of the ballpark.”

Rubin continues…

The initial response by the Perry team was pathetically insufficient. Perry spokesman Mark Miner threw out this bit of moral vacuity: “The governor doesn’t judge what is in the heart and soul of others.” But what about the words? Is he mute on expressions of overt prejudice? Does he reject the comments as bigoted? Miner e-mailed me on Friday afternoon: “As I said, the governor does not believe Mormonism is a cult. [*Said? That isn’t what he originally said.] The governor doesn’t get into the business of judging other people’s hearts or souls. He leaves that to God. The governor’s campaign is about uniting Americans of all backgrounds behind a pro-growth, jobs agenda for this country.” In other words, when presented with such overt prejudice (and the potential loss of evangelical support), Perry went mute. While Perry did not select Jeffress to introduce him, he did approve the choice.

Matt Brooks, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, on Friday afternoon, tweeted: “A number of my close personal friends are Mormon. I find Pastor Robert Jeffries’s intro of Gov. Perry totally offensive and repugnant.” That was the voice of moral clarity sadly missing from Perry’s response.

(*My emphasis and insert)

An interesting note… Shortly before Perry entered the presidential race, he organized a controversial day of prayer in Texas in which about 20,000 people attended. Guess who helped him? Jefress.

A spokesman for the Perry campaign was quick to point out that conference organizers chose Jefress to introduce Perry at the VVS. As Nate pointed out in his article, Dallas-based Jefress’ reputation was well known. And, as Rubin stated, Perry approved Jeffress’ introduction. Too cozy by half…

Perry laid the religion egg. For appearance sake, looks like he is now sauntering away from it. Behind the scenes, some think he is tending the incubator:

Scott McLean, a political scientist at Quinnipiac University and presidential election analyst, told that he believes the Perry campaign orchestrated Jeffress’ attack on Romney’s faith “to test the waters.” He said he expects Perry surrogates to launch more under-the-radar attacks on Romney’s faith to make Romney look less attractive.

We’ll hear more about this issue Tuesday night at the presidential debate. Whrrrrrrr…

Have other GOP candidates risen to Governor Romney’s defense?

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Mitt Romney Speaks This Morning at CPAC in Orlando, FL - FULL SPEECH ADDED

It’s CPAC time in The Sunshine State today.

The day long event is being held in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL (the same location as the presidential debate last night). Kudos to those who scheduled these two events back-to-back in the same place. After his impressive performance at the presidential debate last night, hopefully Mitt Romney slept very well and then upon waking, he can simply walk to the CPAC venue. He’s scheduled to speak this morning at 9:30 AM ET.

All of the GOP presidential candidates are scheduled to speak. (Note that Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, who dropped out of the presidential race yesterday and endorsed Mitt, is scheduled to speak at 10:00 AM ET.)

For a livefeed of the events, click here. (A simple registration is required or log in if you’ve previously registered.)

Here’s a look at today’s morning schedule (click to enlarge - schedule subject to change):

Other confirmed speakers include:
Dick Armey (Freedom Works Chairman), Jeff Atwater, Pam Bondi, David Bossie, Dean Cannon, Al Cardenas, Ann Coulter, S.E. Cupp, Luis Fortuño, Mike Haridopolos, Bill Kristol, George H. Nash, Grover Norquist, Adam Putnam, Ralph Reed, Marco Rubio

To view the full schedule, click here.

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FULL SPEECH/VIDEO ADDED and Official release from the campaign after the fold… Click here to continue reading

‘Off the Record’ - Conservative Leaders Prefer Mitt Romney

Governor Mitt Romney takes final leave of MA State House. January 4, 2022

A Newsmax author reveals that, off the record, regarding the run for the White House, leaders in the conservative party prefer Governor Romney…

Conservative Leaders Privately Favor Romney

In the stock market, it’s known as the whisper number. It’s the stock market analysts’ consensus on what earnings a company will report. Because they give their forecasts anonymously, the analysts tend to be more honest. Over time, the whisper number has proven to be more accurate than the figure analysts cite on the record.

In politics, it works the same way. When speaking publicly, conservative leaders usually hedge their bets. They don’t want to be seen as favoring one candidate over another.

In private, it’s a different matter. In those off-the-record conversations, a range of conservative leaders I have chatted with favor Mitt Romney for president.

In public, conservative leaders invariably speak well of Sarah Palin. They cite her loyal following and her ability to whip up crowds and articulate a conservative message. In private, they diss her for her high unfavorability ratings, the fact that she quit as governor of Alaska, and the disorganization of her staff and her chaotic personal scheduling.

To be sure, each potential candidate has flaws. But conservative leaders I have talked to see Romney as the best bet to win the presidency. He looks and acts presidential. He has the experience and chops to handle the economy. He takes a tough approach to dealing with foreign adversaries. And traditionally, Republicans who win the presidency have run previously for the office.

(emphasis added) Don’t miss reading the entire article here.

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June is Bustin’ Out All Over with Good News for Romney: Leads Iowa Poll, Executive Experience Matters

June is bustin’ out all over
with good news for Mitt Romney: a good poll, a good read, and an exciting presidential announcement tomorrow!

New Iowa Poll - ROMNEY LEADS:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney leads in Iowa according to a new survey by Public Policy Polling. The poll was conducted between 5/22/11-5/30/11 and included 491 Iowa Republicans. The full results of the poll will be released Wednesday morning, but MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show received an exclusive partial first look (from which I got my screen grab, see left) of the top three contenders.

Among Iowa Republicans, presumably likely to vote in the crucial Iowa Caucus, the first electoral contest of the primary season, Mitt Romney placed first with 21%, followed by a two-way tie for second with Sarah Palin and Herman Cain, the Georgian founder of Godfather’s Pizza, at 15%.
The PPP survey adds further credence to Romney’s reputation as the nominal nominee. Romney now leads in Iowa and New Hampshire, whose primary follows Iowa’s, as a CNN/WMUR survey published in late May had him as the preferred candidate of 32% of Republicans in the New England state.

More here.

David Frum (CNN) has written a fine article asking why the media obsesses with other GOP candidates (including those who are a ‘maybe’) while ignoring Governor Romney. Is it celebrity versus governing ability?

“Romney’s long-standing advantage is dismissed as pure name-recognition.”

Meanwhile, Romney continues to raise money, collect important backers and ride along in first place in the polls.


Well maybe it is all name ID.

Or maybe — does this give voters too much credit? — they are thinking about the close match between skills Romney has and the skills needed in a president.

What do presidents do?

Among other things:

Presidents set goals and priorities. That’s easily said, but hard to do. The natural temptation is to accumulate goals and priorities atop each other. (See Clinton, Bill, State of the Union addresses of.) But if everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. (See Clinton, Bill, presidency of.) To govern is to choose. To choose requires extreme mental discipline: This I do first, this I do second if I can, this must wait for third, these next 997 things probably don’t get done at all.

Presidents align means with ends. Congress is the place where the American people register their wishes: Generous Medicare and Social Security benefits and low taxes; global military predominance but no casualties; perfect airline security with no personal inconvenience. It’s the president’s job to bring the system into balance, to set budgets, to force tradeoffs.

Presidents are deal-makers. There’s a story told about Harry Truman in the last days of his presidency, awaiting the transition to Dwight Eisenhower after the election of 1952. Truman supposedly said to an aide, “Poor Ike. He’ll sit at this desk. He’ll say ‘do this’ and ‘do that.’ And nothing will happen! It won’t be like the Army at all.” The president cannot tell Congress what to do. He can’t tell a governor what to do. He can’t even safely tell the CIA what to do. (If they don’t like it, they’ll leak against him.) And that’s even before we get to foreign governments. A president doesn’t get what he wants. A president gets what he negotiates.

Those requirements happen to look a lot like the skills Mitt Romney brings to the job. And they may be the skills for which Republicans — and Americans — most yearn at the moment:

— The war in Libya, now dragging on for months with no visible strategic goal, reveals an ominous failure of priority-setting.

— The terrifying national debt represents the country’s accumulated inability to reconcile what it wants and what it is prepared to pay for.

— The failure to lift the debt ceiling — and the intensifying risk of a default on the nation’s debts — shows a staggering failure of the Obama administration’s deal-making.
Is Obama vaporous and utopian? Maybe what Americans are hearkening for is the analytic ability and negotiating prowess of the former CEO of America’s most successful management consulting firm. And just possibly, Republican primary voters have the self-control not to let the controversy over Romney’s health care record cloud their respect for their front-runner’s genuine executive abilities.

(emphasis added)
Read entire article here.

Don’t miss signing up for Governor Romney’s LIVESTREAM presidential announcement here. MRC will be hosting a chat party here tomorrow to mark this happy and long-awaited occasion. We invite all Romney supporters to join us! Check back for more details. Also, it’s been reported that Mitt will be on the Sean Hannity show tomorrow evening - so it’s going to be a very full and fantastic day!

After The Gov launches his campaign tomorrow, we look forward to a summer filled with plenty of Romney sizzle!

UPDATE: June is jumpin’ for Romney; he’s never been one to let any grass grow under his feet! On Friday morning, June 3rd, the day after he announces his run for the White House, he’s holding his first Town Hall meeting. It will be held at 8:30 AM EDT at the University of New Hampshire Manchester. And, that evening he’ll be speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington D.C. Way to go, Mitt!


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Mitt Romney: Recent Endorsements, Campaigns for Georgia’s Olens, Deal, Isakson & Florida’s Scott, Rubio

Governor Mitt Romney’s non-stop September boost-a-thon for conservatives ended with a wallop while opening October with a wowser…

September 30th:

Endorsements ● Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC revealed a robust roll-out of southern endorsements in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Georgia ● Romney had a full day of rallying for Georgia’s statewide GOP candidates in Atlanta. After breakfasting at the OK Café with Attorney General candidate Sam Olens and a few Republican strategists, he mingled with patrons. Later in the day, he endorsed Republican gubernatorial hopeful Nathan Deal and when the sun began to set, Romney raised cash and roused the crowd for U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson.

From Sam Olens: Thank You Mitt Romney for Your Visit Today

Sam was honored today with a breakfast with Gov. Mitt Romney. In a press conference following, Romney told the crowd that he was in Georgia today to support Sam and he knows Sam will be a “pro-business Attorney General who will create a climate that will attract business to Georgia.” Thank you Gov. Romney for your support!

Nathan Deal spokesman Brian Robinson said Deal’s campaign was grateful for Romney’s support.

“He is a respected Republican leader and an expert on business issues. Those who know the most about getting Georgia’s economy going again are expressing their faith and support in Nathan Deal,” Robinson said.

September 30, 2021 - Mitt Romney talks with would-be voters at OK Cafe in Marietta, GA on a day of campaign stops for state-wide candidates in Georgia.

October 1st:

Endorsements ● A blaze of 38 enthusiastic endorsements for Iowa GOP candidates running in state and federal elections were released from Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC. Candidates’ campaigns also received a total of $41,500.

(CNN) - Mitt Romney’s making a major investment in Iowa

Romney’s endorsements include five-term Sen. Chuck Grassley and all of the Republicans running in the state’s five congressional districts. Romney endorsed former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, the GOP gubernatorial nominee, prior to the June primary, and has contributed $10,000 to Branstad’s campaign.

Florida, Rick Scott

October 1, 2021 - Mitt Romney addresses big crowd on behalf of GOP Governor candidate Rick Scott at The Villages in Florida.

Romney was heartily welcomed at Republican gubernatorial hopeful Rick Scott’s ‘Leadership for Florida’ rally at The Villages (a well-worn presidential campaign stop and huge retirement community) in Florida:

Orlando Sentinel:

Scott, who will face Democrat Alex Sink in the Nov. 2 election, told the crowd of several hundred people that he plans to create jobs in Florida and keep them here.

“This state will get back to work,” Scott said, echoing his campaign slogan.

The visit by Scott and Romney was a treat for friends Susan Prince and Margo Haught.

“I like his agenda and what he stands for,” Prince, 70, said of Scott.

Haught, 72, said she admires Romney’s experience in government — and “he’s a good businessman,” she said.

(emphasis mine)

Marco Rubio ● Romney attended a fundraiser for U.S. Senate GOP candidate Marco at the Palma Ceia Country Club in Tampa. Then, Romney rocked a ‘Reclaim America’ rally with Marco Rubio at Benedetto’s Italian restaurant in Land O’Lakes, Florida.

Oct 1, 2021 - Gov Romney speaks at 'Reclaim America' rally with Marco Rubio in Benedettos's Restaurant in Land O' Lakes, Fl.

See another video report on Romney and Rubio here.

UPDATE: Tampa Bay Online:

Officially, the event - a Reclaim America Rally tour stop - was about boosting Republican nominee Marco Rubio’s U.S. senatorial chances. And he brought along Weatherford, GOP congressional hopeful Rich Nugent and U.S. Rep. Adam Putnam, who, seeking the job of Florida’s top farmer, got off the line of the afternoon: “Many of you don’t realize it, but there are other races besides the commissioner of agriculture this year.”

Nonetheless, the guy in the Sinatra/Clooney role was, plainly, Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, savior of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, coast-to-coast booster of Republican candidates and early favorite for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.

Re-evaluating Mitt

And here at last, the Benedetto’s renowned intimacy worked to someone’s favor.[…] This is also one long Mitt Romney Second-Glance Tour.

In Benedetto’s cozy confines, Romney was warm, engaging, spontaneous and witty…[…]

[…] Jeb Bush says the key to Florida is Pasco County. If, come the next chilly inauguration day, a guy named Romney is taking the oath, we’ll know which intimate Italian eatery trips the pivotal Pasco lock.

(links added, my emphasis)

Keep your cursor here at MRC; there’s more to come from Romney!

(Hat tip /Bosman for Rubio videos.)

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UPDATE! Mitt Romney in Florida: Even more Videos, Photos, and related Stories