General Election Preview: Team Romney & Team Obama Engage in Fundraising Battle, Trade Jabs on Twitter

Help Mitt Beat Obama!

On the night of Mitt’s huge Florida victory, his team launched a moneybomb aimed at making Obama a one-term president, appropriately called the “One Term Fund.”

You can tell this perturbed the Obama folks [is this the general election already?] who within 24 hours set up [I refuse to link to it] and told their minions that Mitt Romney was out to replace their master. This evolved into a all out battle between thew two camps. Much of the back and forth took place on twitter and in emails to their respective donor lists (see tweets below).

The battle continues & Mitt needs your help!

The fact that Obama’s team is even engaging with Mitt this long before the general election shows you how afraid these chumps are of our man, Mitt. We need to step up and offer some backup. Everyone please reach into your wallet, and send some support to our guy!

And please let everyone know that the President of the United States has singled Mitt Romney out and started an all out war with the people that want him out of office!


Mitt Romney Focuses on President Obama: Election is for America’s Soul

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Mitt sat down with Iowa’s KCCI for an interview. Click on the links to watch:

Several photos taken by one of our readers (Rebecca Rose) who is in Iowa right now have been provided to us. (more…)

David French: Add Health Care to Long List of Romney Advantages

RomneyCare shouldn’t be a liability in 2012. It should be an asset.

Romney's Experience with Health Care Plays to his Advantage

Romney's Experience with Health Care Plays to his Advantage

Our friend David French uses — in stellar fashion — his weekly column at to offer his thoughts on the ongoing Health Care debate.

The piece is three pages long, but well worth the read. I’ll post some tasters for you here, but you’d be best-off heading to Patheos to give it a full review.

French starts like this:

Conservative pundits are in high dudgeon over Mitt Romney’s May 12th health care address. Their explosions of indignation, sadly, have shown contextual ignorance and ideological incoherence. Romney has grappled with health care in greater depth than any other Republican contender and has unique and powerful insights into ObamaCare’s procedural and substantive flaws. As a long-time supporter of Romney, I predict that he will not only survive this round of demagoguery, but he will prevail in the primaries and his health care experience will be a tremendous advantage in the general election.

And ends like this:

In Massachusetts, Mitt Romney balanced the budget then reached across the aisle to create a popular health reform program that was specifically designed for the unique needs of his state. Barack Obama, on the other hand, created a huge new entitlement program in an era of record deficits by ramming an unconstitutional, one-size-fits-all mandate through a reluctant congress and over the expressed objections of a majority of the American people.

When you’re done reading, come on back to MRC and give your take in the comment section below. I’ll also suggest you employ our nifty share buttons at the top of this article to spread the word out to Facebook and Twitter.

UPDATE by Jayde: Governor Romney likes French’s article, too. Here’s what The Gov posted on his Facebook page:

Thank you David French for your insightful article on my healthcare plan, I encourage others to read it:

-Luke Gunderson

POLL: In Arizona, Obama Beats All Republicans but One . . . Romney

Romney beats Obama in Arizona

Romney beats Obama in Arizona

From Public Polling Policy:

Obama trails only one Republican- Mitt Romney- in a hypothetical match up in the state. Romney has a 48-44 advantage against him. This makes Arizona the third state in the last month, along with Nevada and Pennsylvania, where we’ve found Romney as the only Republican who leads Obama. Romney and Mike Huckabee generally post similar numbers against Obama in our national polling but that’s because Huckabee posts much larger leads than Romney against Obama in southern states that the GOP will win regardless of who the party’s nominee is. Romney is clearly proving to be the stronger candidate in important swing states, meaning that for whatever it’s worth he has claim to the ‘electability’ mantle right now.


How do they stack up vs. Obama in AZ?

Mitt Romney 48% — Obama 44% (+4)
Obama 46% — Mike Huckabee 44% (-2)
Obama 47% — Newt Gingrich 40% (-7)
Obama 48% — Donald Trump 38% (-10)
Obama 49% — Sarah Palin 38% (-11)

The favorability ratings are equally awesome for Mitt, not so much for Trump:

Mitt Romney: Favorable — 45%, Unfavorable — 37%, Not Sure — 17% (+8)
Mike Huckabee: Favorable — 35%, Unfavorable — 48%, Not Sure — 17% (-13)
Sarah Palin: Favorable — 32%, Unfavorable — 62%, Not Sure — 5% (-30)
Newt Gingrich: Favorable — 26%, Unfavorable — 59%, Not Sure — 15% (-33)
Donald Trump: Favorable -24%, Unfavorable — 66%, Not Sure — 10% (-42)

As more of these polling results are released, I think we’ll see that Romney’s clear advantage over the rest of the potential field is his electability in a general election versus President Obama. Will it be that same appeal he has to independents that proves a hindrance in getting the party’s nomination? Only time will tell.

Romney Most “Presidential” and “Electable” Candidate GOP Has to Offer

Is Mitt Romney “Presidential?”  This quality is vitally important to possess when seeking the land’s highest office (think of our last president who didn’t look and/or act “Presidential” …I’m not coming up with one).  I have always viewed Mitt Romney as exquisitely Presidential, but now there is polling evidence that confirms that I’m not alone in this opinion.  Public Policy Polling recently conducted a poll and their conclusions are summed up in their own title “Only Romney Seen as Presidential Material“ 

Among all people polled (Republicans, Democrats, and Independents) Romney was viewed as presidential by more voters than any of the other GOP candidates, including Huckabee, Palin, and Gingrich.   When asked if each candidate “was most qualified to be President or Vice President” the results for all voters are below (2008 John McCain voters sub-group in parentheses): 

  • Romney: 30% Pres, 20% VP;  (50% Pres, 23% VP)
  • Huckabee: 22% Pres, 27% VP; (37% Pres, 32% VP)
  • Palin: 16% Pres, 32% VP; (30% Pres, 47% VP)
  • Gingrich: 16% Pres, 27% VP; (30% Pres, 33% VP)

Full PDF crosstabs of the poll here.
So Romney is the only one of the four candidates that people view as more qualified to be Pres than VP.  That is what we need in a nominee . . . someone people are confident in and comfortable imagining as POTUS!!

On a tangentially related (isn’t that an oxymoron?) note, Romney just had some AMAZING and IMPORTANT polling news come out of the Granite State.  Mitt blows away all the other GOP possible contenders in a recent UNH/WMUR poll.
(Full PDF crosstabs here):

Republican Primary

  • Mitt Romney 40% 
  • Rudy Giuliani 10%
  • Tim Pawlenty 7% 
  • Mike Huckabee 7%
  • Newt Gingrich 6%
  • Sarah Palin 6% 
  • Ron Paul 5% 
  • Donald Trump 3%
  • Rick Santorum 1% 
  • Haley Barbour 1% 
  • John Thune 0% 
  • Mitch Daniels 0%
  • Gary Johnson 0% 

For those that don’t want to add it all up the totals are Romney 40%, Everyone else 46%.  But what’s even more encouraging is How Romney matches up with Obama in New Hampshire:

General Election
  • Mitt Romney 49%
  • Barack Obama 41%
  • Barack Obama 44%
  • Tim Pawlenty 37%
  • Barack Obama 57%
  • Sarah Palin 34%

Romney beats Obama by +8%, but Pawlenty loses by -7% (15% difference), and Palin loses by -23% (31% difference).

The favorability data is good news for Romney as well:

Favorable / Unfavorable {Net}
  • Mitt Romney 73%  / 16%  {+57%}
  • Rudy Giuliani 59%  / 29%  {+30%}
  • Tim Pawlenty 34% / 9%  {+25%}
  • Mike Huckabee 50%  / 28%  {+22%}
  • Newt Gingrich 41%  / 40%  {+1%}
  • Sarah Palin 33%  / 50%  {-17%}
  • Donald Trump 21% / 64% {-43%}

Keep in mind that Obama beat McCain by 10% in New Hampshire on election night in 2008. 

KEY POINT ALERT!! . . . Romney brings the fight to Obama like no other GOP candidate can.  Putting in play states like New Hampshire, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Michigan is something that Romney will do, and put the White House on defense in a new set of “battle ground” states. 

This also brings up one last point.  I’ve noticed that Romney and Huckabee are the two top GOP dogs in national and state polling vs Obama for the last several months.  However, if you look at state data individually, Huckabee is beating Obama by HUGE margins in the southern states, but lags badly in many ”purple” states.  Although Romney beats Obama in the South as well, it is by smaller (though still comfortable) margins.  But in the electoral college system, winning Tennessee by 5% (or 0.0001% for that matter) gives you as many electoral votes as does winning by 25%.  What this means is that Huckabee’s general election national polling is not indicative of a demographic/electoral map that can pull off a win on election night.  He is largely a regional candidate and most westerners/northerners don’t seem to care for him too much.  Romney’s got a much wider and broader appeal and can bring the fight to Obama with a strong electoral strategy. 

Yes, Romney is by far our most PRESIDENTIAL AND ELECTABLE candidate.  Let’s get behind him and help make his nomination and subsequent election a reality!

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