U.S. Constitution Day: Romney Will Defend Constitutional Principles Which Secure Liberty

Did you remember?

Mitt Romney did.

It’s the day we remember one of the greatest statements ever written on human liberty…

It’s Constitution Day!

Governor Romney:

Today we celebrate the 225th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution and the ideals and principles on which this country was founded.

As president, I will adhere to and defend those principles, which have secured the blessings of liberty and served as the foundation for the greatest nation the Earth has ever known.

The United States Constitution is the bastion upon which the United States of America stands. Back in 1787, John Adams described the Constitution as being ”the greatest single effort of national deliberation the world has ever seen.”

From Matthew Spalding, Ph.D., Vice President, American Studies and Director, B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics:

To this day, … the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution serve not only as powerful beacons to all those who strive for liberty and seek to vindicate the principles of self-government, but also as a warning to tyrants and despots everywhere. They are the highest achievements of our political tradition…

When was the last time you read the Constitution?

Learn more here.

If you stand with our Founding Fathers, care about getting America back on track, care about preserving freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and an America where civil society flourishes, you must support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

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Just Plain Mitt!

Photo by Charles Dharapak/Associated Press

In spite of the mainstream media trying to paint Mitt Romney as out of touch, or distant, he is anything but…Yes, he is wealthy beyond measure, and yes, he is ‘wicked smart’ and very accomplished - even so, he is more like you and me than the media would want expose. Mitt Romney gets it because he lives it; because he has spent many years serving others; because he values pragmatism; because of a life lived with empathy toward others. I have known the man for many years and appreciate him for what he stands for, but even more so for who he is - a man of faith; a man of integrity; a man of character; a patriot with a sense of duty and purpose; and a man who is as real as real gets. There is NO pretense or guile in Mitt Romney. Today, America needs REAL; America needs ROMNEY!

As noted in the introductory comments of my recent book, On The Brink, America’s Choice 2012, “What I do know is what Mitt and Ann Romney have done and are wont to do. They are the very antithesis of the media’s aloof creation. Aside from their great generosity in almsgiving, they have given of themselves, always. They care! And, they relate to you and me. They are as real as real gets, and those who have been touched by a personal experience can attest to who they truly are. Many, many individuals and families have experienced their empathy and caring love through anonymous acts of kindness. Further, their private lives are more like yours and mine than you might imagine. They do for themselves and their family what you and I do for ours – they do not live the life that many might expect.”

The book is revealing as to the depth of Mitt Romney and I smile when seeing pictures such as that above - because it is just plain Mitt! We have a great opportunity to elect one whose life experience has prepared him to lead in this, our nation’s defining moment. Unlike the current occupant in the White House who feigns alignment with American values and principles - Mitt lives them.

As an aside, I recently watched the documentary 2016, Obama’s America, and it was revealing in so many ways. Barack Obama is so far afield in his ideology and personal associations with colleagues and mentors that it is frightening to think of what might be if he is re-elected. Now is the time for America to take of the blinders of Obama’s deception and recognize that Mitt Romney is the hope for a brighter American future. Obama has proven to be the advocate of despair, deception and decline; while Mitt Romney has hoisted the Title of Liberty and stands as a champion for freedom. Hopefully, America can clearly see the distinction between these two men, and not be blinded by the flattery of Obama or the siren songs of the mainstream media and Hollywood - it appears as though America is waking up!

This is our moment, and momentum seems to be moving toward the cause of freedom that Mitt espouses, as noted in the posts below.

Romney Heads to England, Israel, Poland: Meeting Cameron, Kenny, Netanyahu, Walesa & More

Governor Mitt Romney is going overseas…

On Tuesday, after delivering a speech in Reno, Nevada to the Veterans of Foreign Wars at their annual conference, Romney will embark on a six-day, full schedule, listening tour to England, Israel, and Poland:

The presumptive Republican nominee and former Massachusetts governor will meet with the leaders of all three countries, other government officials, opposition leaders, and at least one U.S. ambassador. He plans to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympics, visit sites of historical significance, and hold public events in at least two of the countries.

Aides say Romney does not view the trip as an opportunity to roll out any new policy proposals. “This trip is an opportunity for the governor to listen and learn, to visit countries that share common values, common interests, and I should say in many cases shared heritage with people here in the United States,” Romney’s policy director, Lanhee Chen, told reporters in a conference call previewing the trip.

… While Romney is likely to highlight differences in his approach to international relations relative to Obama, he is expected to refrain from attacking Obama while traveling abroad.

A preview of The Gov’s itinerary…


The Olympic rings are lit up on Tower Bridge in preparation for the start of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, England. The Opening Ceremony takes place Friday, July 27, 2012.

Thursday, July 26, 2021:

Governor Romney will meet with British leaders including, Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband, Foreign Secretary William Hague, and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

Friday, July 27, 2021:

Romney will meet with Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

Later, he’ll meet with U.S. Olympic athletes and attend the 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies. USA! USA! USA! (We know the strong passion The Gov has for the Olympics - the spirit of competition - and for the capacity of the games to inspire unity, mutual understanding, and respect across the world. Romney is known for his turnaround of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.) Also, if schedules can be coordinated, he may try to meet with other world leaders who are in London for the Olympics.


The gleam from the Dome of the Rock reflects the afternoon sun in Jerusalem, Israel. Among the Israeli leaders meeting with Mitt Romney will be Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sunday, July 29, 2012:

Romney has been to Israel three times in the past, on a family visit in the late 1990s and, in 2007 and 2011, on fact-finding trips focused on security and economic issues.

On this trip, he’ll meet first with Daniel Shapiro, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, who will give him a briefing. Romney will also meet with Israeli officials including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres, and will also sit down with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. He has met them all on previous trips.

While aides say Romney will not specifically criticize the president’s Middle East policy while he is in Israel, he will continue to make the case for standing with Israel - as he often does on the campaign trail. “America needs to stand by its allies, particularly allies that are under siege like Israel, particularly democratic allies who have such a shared history and shared values with America” Dan Senor, a special adviser on foreign policy, told reporters in previewing Romney’s message.

In an op-ed written yesterday, former U.S. Senator Norm Coleman (GOP) shares the following:

By sheer coincidence, Romney is an old and personal friend of Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Romney’s first job after finishing up at Harvard was at the Boston Consulting Group, and Netanyahu was working there at the time and sat in an office down the hall. The two struck up a friendship and have remained close. If Romney were to become president, it would be an extraordinary chapter in U.S.-Israeli relations.

“There is little precedent,” The New York Times wrote recently, “for two politicians of their stature to have such a history together that predates their entry into government.”

Certainly Israel could use a close friend in the White House these days.

Over the last three years, however, the U.S.-Israeli relationship has been troubled.

President Obama does not seem to have personal affection for the Jewish state. He has publicly castigated Israel, including at the United Nations. He was caught on a hot microphone denigrating Israel’s prime minister, and when Netanyahu came to Washington he received him with marked coolness, neglecting to hold the customary joint news conference before asking the Israeli leader to exit through a rear door.

Romney will also deliver remarks while in Israel.


The skyline over Gdansk, Poland turns a rosy hue at dusk. Governor Romney will meet with Poland’s former President Lech Walesa in the port city.

Monday, July 30, 2021:

Romney’s final destination is Poland, where he will meet with the current leadership, including President Bronislaw Komorowski, Prime Minister Donald Tusk, and Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski. Romney will also meet with Lech Walesa, the former Polish president and winner of the 1983 Nobel Peace Prize. Walesa, who was president from 1990 to 1995 and oversaw Poland’s transition out of communism, was the one who invited Romney to visit his country.

Ian Brzezinski, another Romney adviser, said the visit to Poland will highlight an important alliance that is “rich in history” — from Polish support for the American revolution all the way through Iraq and Afghanistan, where the country has sent troops to assist in the U.S.-led war efforts. Romney will also point to country’s economic success, which he will say stems from free market principles and capitalism - the themes he pushes on the campaign trail at home.

“This is a country that stands in sharp contrast economically to the rest of Europe where economies are dropping by about 5% or more,” Brzezinski told reporters.

Romney will also deliver remarks and visit historical sights in Poland. The ‘Lech Walesa Institute’ said in a statement that Governor Romney is visiting Poland by special invitation, issued to him at the beginning of the month, by President Walesa:

Poland and Poles are paying close attention to the election campaign in the United States, focused on choosing a leader for the American nation for the next four years,” Walesa wrote in the invitation dated July 4.

Their choice will influence the fate of America and the world.

Walesa refused to meet with Obama last year, saying “It doesn’t suit me.”

Romney’s invitation from freedom-fighter Walesa is, indeed, a high honor.

This will be a memorable week for Mitt and Ann as they find themselves in the international spotlight. It’s another opportunity for world leaders and the good people in England, Israel, and Poland to see that the USA has an opportunity, through Mitt Romney, to elect a strong, seasoned statesman who will once again respect our allies, strengthen our partnerships, and instill renewed confidence in the mighty cause of freedom.

To Mitt and Ann, Godspeed!

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Mitt Romney’s Economic Reality - The ‘Presidential Corollary’ (Part II)

Notwithstanding the media’s protestations to the contrary, Governor Romney has stated his plan for Jobs and Economic Growth (here), and it isn’t by government largesse but by empowerment of society! He released his plan in late 2011, early 2012, and it is very specific. The complaint from the media and many others is that it is too detailed, and too specific. Really? They have said it adds too much complexity to the equation and isn’t understood by the majority - maybe so. Part of our problem in society is that we want pablum rather than meat and potatoes; we want celebrity over competency; we want sound bites rather than detail, depth and specifics. To solve our challenges we need substance, not sound bites; we need a President who will lead with principle and competency, not celebrity and situational standards; we need detail, depth and specifics! The POTUS can and does affect the economy and jobs with LEADERSHIP and sound policies!

So here are the basics of Governor Romney’s plan in summary -

When Mitt Romney says that fostering job creation through economic growth will be his top priority from his first day in office, he means it. While some elements of his plan will take time to set in motion, much can be done from a running start. On Inauguration Day, he will submit a jobs package to Congress consisting of at least five major proposals and will demand that Congress act on the package within 30 days, using every power at his disposal to ensure its passage. He will also take immediate and specific steps within his sole authority as president by issuing a series of executive orders that gets the U.S. government out of the economy’s way. The goal: restore America to the path of robust economic growth necessary to create jobs.

American Competitiveness Act
• Reduces the corporate income tax rate to 25 percent

The Open Markets Act
• Implements the Colombia, Panama, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements

The Domestic Energy Act
• Directs the Department of the Interior to undertake a comprehensive survey of American energy reserves in partnership with exploration companies and initiates leasing in all areas currently approved for exploration

The Retraining Reform Act
• Consolidates the sprawl of federal retraining programs and returns funding and responsibility for these programs to the states

The Down Payment on Fiscal Sanity Act
• Immediately cuts non-security discretionary spending by 5 percent, reducing the annual federal budget by $20 billion

An Order to Pave the Way to End Obamacare
• Directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services and all relevant federal officials to return the maximum possible authority to the states to innovate and design health care solutions that work best for them

An Order to Cut Red Tape
• Directs all agencies to immediately initiate the elimination of Obama-era regulations that unduly burden the economy or job creation, and then caps annual increases in regulatory costs at zero dollars

An Order to Boost Domestic Energy Production
• Directs the Department of the Interior to implement a process for rapid issuance of drilling permits to developers with established safety records seeking to use pre-approved techniques in pre-approved areas

An Order to Sanction China for Unfair Trade Practices
• Directs the Department of the Treasury to list China as a currency manipulator in its biannual report and directs the Department of Commerce to assess countervailing duties on Chinese imports if China does not quickly move to float its currency

An Order to Empower American Businesses and Workers
• Reverses the executive orders issued by President Obama that tilt the playing field in favor of organized labor, including the one encouraging the use of union labor on major government construction projects

After day one, job one, President Romney will address, with focus and capacity, the following key areas each of which will favorably impact our economy: Tax Policy, Regulatory Policy, Trade Policy, Energy Policy, Labor Policy, Human Capital Policy, Fiscal Policy, each of which are further addressed in his plan linked above. He will further address our Military and Foreign Policy by defining policies that are currently absent in the present administration. Bottom line - HE WILL LEAD!

The results of his leadership will be manifest in:
1) Restoring CONFIDENCE and STABILITY where it has been absent;
2) CAPITAL being released and flowing back into our economy from abundant corporate reserves held on and offshore, and bank’s whose abundant capital has been held hostage by oppressive regulation;
3) JOB creation escalating because of 1 and 2 above;
4) Reduction in energy costs as markets see, with confidence, a dynamic and growing future energy market in the US;
5) Renewed respect globally as rogue nations see a Strong America with Strong Leadership; and
6) A Renewal of American Prosperity and Patriotism!

As with Ronald Reagan in 1980, we will see a resurgent and prosperous America under President Romney. America’s best days are ahead if we choose wisely in November. Mitt Romney’s plan for America is a proven plan! Mitt Romney’s, Believe in America, a Plan for Jobs and Economic Growth, and his vision for our future is sound and based upon correct principles. Mitt Romney has the proven experience and capacity to LEAD this exceptional nation, a nation where men are free and liberty is fundamental. We will be again, the hope of the world.

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David Parker’s latest book.

The Brief Against Obama - Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt, a great friend and true advocate for conservative values and principles has released his new book,

    THE BRIEF AGAINST OBAMA: The Rise, Fall & Epic Fail of the Hope & Change Presidency.

Hugh’s writing style makes for a great read. As many have stated, this is the most critical election of our lifetimes, and the choice for America is stark. Our freedoms are at stake in November - we either restore America to its founding principles or capitulate to the intergenerational theft of the Obama Administration, where the President seeks to undermine all that is good about this exceptional Nation. Consequentially, we need to be active advocates for our freedoms and not defer to mediocrity and passivity. To be advocates we need to be informed and enabled in articulating what we hold so dear. Hugh provides substance to the conservative movement by revealing the realities of President Obama’s failed leadership. Copies of the book can be obtained HERE.

Voters can do nothing until they have the facts—the hard, cold, true facts, and that is what Hugh provides in THE BRIEF AGAINST OBAMA: The Rise, Fall & Epic Fail of the Hope & Change Presidency. Hugh makes the case that Obama’s has been a disastrous presidency, a fiasco in fact, and reveals the president to be a wholly unprepared and incapable-of-learning ideologue whose nearly every move has been wrong, and whose almost every decision has been ill-conceived and poorly executed. But for the SEALs’ dispatch of bin Laden and the military’s removal of al-Awalki and other terrorists—whom the president still seeks to remove from Gitmo to domestic courts in the United States—Obama would be wholly without anything to claim as an achievement of his time in the Oval Office.

In addition to the monumental failures of Obamacare, the soaring unemployment rate, the 2009 “stimulus” and the massive debt, Hugh Hewitt examines the scores and scores of broken promises and fraudulent forecasts, dozens of dodges and hundreds of disastrous innovations that President Obama has inflicted on America. It has been a reign of incompetency not before seen in the country—ever. According to Hewitt, President Obama is not just a failed president, but the most spectacularly failed president of modern times, and Hewitt’s precise and lawyerly indictment is made to help the American people see what has happened, and what desperately needs to be done in the upcoming election.

The path for the American people is clear and urgent: Barack Obama mustn’t be allowed to run the country into the ground as the Commander-in-Chief for four more years.

Stay tuned - more to come; On The Brink, America’s Choice 2012

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David Parker’s latest book.

Romney: “Happy Flag Day” What Does the Flag Mean to You? (VIDEO)

It’s Flag Day!

Three cheers for the red, white, and blue!

In honor of Flag Day, Mitt Romney Digital released the following excellent video:

Americans raise the flag in a silent salute to our country and the values it represents. On this Flag Day, let us remember what the flag symbolizes and the many who have sacrificed so that we may fly it proudly.

Raising The Flag

When Freedom from her mountain height
unfurled her standard to the air,
She tore the azure robe of night,
and set the stars of glory there.

~ Joseph Rodman Drake, ‘The American Flag’

“That piece of red, white and blue bunting means five thousand years of struggle upwards. It is the full-grown flower of ages of fighting for liberty. It is the century plant of human hope in bloom.”
~ Alvin Owsley

What does the flag mean to you?

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America - Remember, Remember!

As we consider our choice in November, America needs to reflect upon our nation’s founding, remembering what has made America, America! This is not the time to be swayed by the progressive’s, whose diatribes of division and distortion lead us down paths of debt and destruction. This is not a time to fall prey to flattery and promises of entitlement. This is not a time to abide mediocrity, thinking that we should be coddled and cared for by a duplicitous, oppressive and burdensome sovereign. This is not a time for passivity. If we think about it, we are like a ship having sailed many, many miles only to find that we have been one degree off course. That one degree has caused us to miss the mark and we now find that we are many, many miles away from where we intended to be.

We are, after all, Americans. We stand where few have stood, which is why we kneel in grateful appreciation. We have a stewardship to stand for liberty and freedom - to defend the downtrodden and care for the needy. To do so, we need to be a free and self-reliant people, remembering who we are and the divine entreaty given to each of us, and to this land we call America. This is a time to stand together against those who would lead us into bondage and oppression, in the name of “fairness” and government dependency. This is a time for serious reflection, a time for remembering. This election is a time for men of faith to lead us as they have before. Ronald Reagan was such a man.

Mitt Romney is no less. His life has been a preparation for this pivotal moment in our America. His life is a reflection of all that is good in America. He has lived, with constancy, abiding by true and correct principles; principles that have made our nation the light of the world. We have a choice in November; the arrogance of flattery and accommodation, or the divine declaration of freedom and liberty! Barack Obama represents the arrogance of flattery, while Mitt Romney is the epitome, in meekness, of the divine declaration given to each American and to America.

When comparing the hearts and minds of men who seek to lead America, and observing their experience and choices in life, it is clear - Barack Obama cares deeply about Barack Obama and his ideology of dependency, while Mitt Romney cares deeply about America and Americans, and the needed interdependency of freedom.

America, remember!

Religion & Romney, Passover & Good Friday, Bigot Hall of Shame & O’Donnell, Rev. Mills

Update - Mitt Romney today made the following statement on Passover:

This Friday night, Jews around the world will join with their families and friends to observe the holiday of Passover. This ancient celebration of freedom reminds us that free people everywhere have a stake in ending oppression. Ann joins me in wishing everyone sitting down for a Passover Seder a joyous time with family and friends.”

April 6, 2012…

It’s an important religious day for Jews and Christians.

Christians in America and across the world are reflecting on the atonement and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Those of the Jewish faith in America and across the world are observing the first day of Passover.

Today also serves as a bold reminder of the gift of the United States Constitution - wherein religious issues are addressed.

The First Amendment guarantees Americans the freedom of religion. Article VI prohibits the imposition of religious tests as a condition for holding public office. These are our rights. This is the law. Untold treasure and lives have been sacrificed to make it so. Responsible, decent, patriotic American citizens cherish these laws.

Warty political tentacles – whether from the left or the right – are stretching and flexing to selectively choke and kill these guarantees for those with whom they disagree. Yes, as despicable as it is, fellow Americans are actively working to blunt these rights for other Americans.

It’s Un-American. Anti-constitutional. It’s the equivalent of spitting and trampling on the graves of all who have given their lives in the name of freedom.

America – the great religious melting pot of the earth – enables us to celebrate our own religious beliefs while recognizing others are free to do the same. Those living here, enjoying the benefits of our democracy, who seek to deprive the rights of others based on their religious affiliation – whether overtly or covertly – deserve to be shrouded in shame.

I intend to reflect and rejoice on this religious day and I celebrate the opportunity it provides to speak up. Without going in the weeds, I’ve held my thoughts on religious bigotry thus far in this presidential primary, but feel those days have ended. Speakers of religious hate and particularly bigots against Governor Romney’s faith will be outed in Hall of Shame posts. For today, I refer readers to the latest on Article VI blog. They’ve got it covered – but their topics deserve more coverage. Evangelicals for Mitt is another great source. They both have a friend in me.

A final thought before sharing a remembrance for the the day… Those seeking to become United States citizens are REQUIRED to take an Oath of Allegiance:

“I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic . . . “

Are natural born citizens exempt from the same standard?

Maybe religious bigots don’t consider themselves domestic enemies of the Constitution… but, they are. Yes, in the future, I’ll be naming names. It’s that simple – name names and induct them into the Wyatt Hall of Shame. Here are the first two: Lawrence O’Donnell and Santorum endorser Reverend Huey Mills.

Speaking of good – Governor Romney tweeted this today:

Praying for a quick recovery for Bella. Ann and I are keeping Rick, Karen and the entire Santorum family in our thoughts.

My prayers are for little Bella and the Santorums at this time, as well.

Click below the fold for a remembrance…


Romney’s Statement on Death of Vaclav Havel, Fmr Pres Czech Republic

Mourners gather to remember Vaclav Havel in Wenceslas Square, Prague. Dec 18, 2021

We’ve learned that Vaclav Havel, the first President of the Czech Republic (1993 - 2003) and North Korean leader Kim Jong Il have died.

The deaths of these two world figures couldn’t be more striking. One, a non-violent freedom fighter, lived to champion human rights, end repression, and led the bloodless revolution in 1989 to abolish communism in Czechoslovakia. The other, a brutal, repressive, nuclear-menacing communist dictator, ruled his starving, impoverished nation with an iron fist (human rights doesn’t exist, few N. Koreans have modern amenities - refrigerators, stoves, telephones and even access to plain, ordinary writing paper for citizens is severely restricted).

While the media is focused on the Dear Leader’s passing and the uncertainty surrounding the transfer of power in N. Korea, I want to share a few tributes from around the world for Vaclav Havel.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney:


“In the darkest days of tyranny, Vaclav Havel shined a light on the injustices and contradictions of communism. The power of his words and the depth of his courage inspired freedom’s allies in his homeland and around the world. The Velvet Revolution he led changed the course of history, and helped bring to an end an empire of oppression. He will be remembered as one of history’s great men: the scourge of tyrants and a champion for liberty.”

Former U.S. President George W. Bush:

“The most subversive act of the playwright from Prague was telling the truth about tyranny. And when that truth finally triumphed, the people elected this dignified, charming, humble, determined man to lead their country. Unintimidated by threats, unchanged by political power, Vaclav Havel suffered much in the cause of freedom and became one of its greatest heroes.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

“Havel was a brave and powerful voice against totalitarianism and an inspiration for dissidents everywhere struggling for freedom.”

Solidarity founder and Poland’s former president Lech Walesa:

“A great fighter for the freedom of nations and for democracy has died . . . His outstanding voice of wisdom will be missed in Europe, which is going through a serious crisis. I am praying for the peace of his soul.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron:

“No one of my generation will ever forget those powerful scenes from Wenceslas Square two decades ago. Havel led the Czech people out of tyranny. And he helped bring freedom and democracy to our entire continent. Europe owes Vaclav Havel a profound debt. Today his voice has fallen silent. But his example and the cause to which he devoted his life will live on.”

President Barack Obama:

“His peaceful resistance shook the foundations of an empire, exposed the emptiness of a repressive ideology, and proved that moral leadership is more powerful than any weapon. … He also embodied the aspirations of half a continent that had been cut off by the Iron Curtain, and helped unleash tides of history that led to a united and democratic Europe.”

Former U.S. President George H. W. Bush:

“Barbara and I join in mourning the death of Vaclav Havel, a gentle soul whose fierce devotion to the rights of man helped his countrymen cast aside the chains of tyranny and claim their rightful place among the free nations of world. His personal courage throughout that twilight struggle inspired millions around the world, including those of us who worked with him during a historic period of transformation for Europe.”

Read additional tributes here.

Freedom’s light burns brighter because of Vaclav Havel.

Rest in peace.

Vaclav Havel
October 6, 2021 - December 18, 2021

► Jayde Wyatt

Memorial Day Reflections… from Mitt Romney Central

Governor Romney’s Statement on Memorial Day:

As we observe Memorial Day, we owe thanks to the many Americans who have fought and died to defend our country. Their courage, their willingness to lay down their lives, reminds us that the United States is not a country like any other. Rather, we are an exceptional nation. Those patriots who are on the battlefields today or have gone to battlefields in the past, some never to return, have left us a stronger country, a great nation that, whatever its divisions, shines as a beacon of liberty before the peoples of the world. Memorial Day is a solemn day, but it is also a holiday of barbecues and family gatherings and vacations. Today, let us give remembrance and respect to those who have sacrificed everything to keep us safe.

Memorial Day reflections…

Guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington Cemetery

Soldier, rest! Thy warfare o’er,
Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking,
Dream of battled fields no more.
Days of danger, nights of waking.
~ Sir Walter Scott

This weekend we remember our fallen, those in the United States military who, throughout our history, bravely and freely sacrificed their tomorrows for our today…

Memorial Day 2011 ~ by Oliver North

Quantico National Cemetery – When I was a kid, we called May 30th “Decoration Day.” It was an occasion for Boy Scouts to be up before dawn and report, in uniform, to the American Legion hall. There, Cub

Boy Scouts laden with flags & flowers to decorate graves of veterans on Memorial Day. 1928

Scouts would be paired with older Boy Scouts, organized into detachments of a dozen or so and issued bags of small American flags. Each group then “deployed” in station wagons and pickup trucks to local cemeteries and churchyards, where we placed Old Glory on every veteran’s grave. Later in the morning, there was a parade down Main Street, led by a color guard, the high-school band and ranks of veterans from World War I, World War II and the war of the moment, Korea. The Veterans of Foreign Wars sold red poppies to raise funds for the disabled. Politicians made speeches, and citizens prayed in public. It was a solemn annual event that taught us reverence for those who served and sacrificed for our country. It’s no longer so.

Begun as a local observance in the aftermath of the Civil War, the first national commemoration took place on May 30, 1868, at the direction of General John A. Logan, commander of the Grand Army of the Republic. Though his General Order No. 11 specified “strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion” – meaning only Union soldiers – those who tended the burial sites at Arlington, VA, Gettysburg, PA and Vicksburg, MS, decided on their own to decorate the biers of both Union and Confederate war dead.

For five decades, the holiday remained essentially unchanged. But in 1919, as the bodies of young Americans were being returned to the U.S. from the battlefields of World War I, May 30th became a truly national event. It persisted as such until 1971, during Vietnam – the war America wanted to forget – when the Uniform Monday Holiday Act passed by Congress went into effect and turned Memorial Day into a “three-day weekend.” Since then, it’s become an occasion for appliance, mattress and auto sales, picnics, barbecues and auto races. Thankfully, there are some places besides Arlington National Cemetery where Memorial Day still is observed as a time to honor America’s war dead.[...]

Continue reading here.

This video, made by a Canadian, represents the gratitude we feel for all American allies, who share the battle and give their lives for freedom…

May Angels Lead You In

Words can’t convey how thankful we are for those in our military who pay the ultimate price for our freedom! They are liberty’s heroes. A tribute… (Misspelling in title and last year’s date doesn’t alter the tribute.)

Better than honor and glory, and history’s iron pen,
Was the thought of duty done and the love of his fellow-men.
~Richard Watson Gilder

May you have a meaningful Memorial Day!

from all of us at MRC

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