Who Won the GOP Fox News Iowa Debate? The Final Grades Are In.

Let me preface by saying with only a few momentary exceptions, this was probably one of the best performances from each of the candidates. I felt that each candidate took seriously the need to bring their “A” game to this debate. Some performed better than others, but overall I think we got a pretty good look at our candidates. If you were tuning into these debates for the first time, I think you could walk away fairly confident that you understood the essence of the next President of the United States.

It is appropriate that this debate took place during finals week for so many college students, and in keeping with that spirit I have graded each candidate’s final performance as we head into the holiday break and the Iowa Caucus.

I will be the first to admit that these grades come with a bias, but I made a serious effort to be fair by weighing what question the moderator asked and how well the candidates answered those questions. I also considered how effectively a candidate set themselves apart from the others as well as how clearly they detailed those positions.

The Grades:

Mitt Romney—————- A
Michele Bachmann——— B
Ron Paul——————- B
Rick Perry—————— C
Newt Gingrich————- C
Rick Santorum————- C
Jon Huntsman————- D+