Governor Mitt Romney on Today’s “March for Life”

Governor Mitt Romney on Today’s “March for Life”
Monday, Jan 22, 2022

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Boston, MA - Today, on the 34th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, Governor Mitt Romney released the following statement commemorating the annual March For Life:

“Across this nation, thousands of Americans are gathering in their local communities and in our nation’s capital to reaffirm their dedication to protecting the sanctity of life. We must create a culture of life where the weakest and most innocent among us are protected.

“While there are well-meaning people on both sides of this debate, no one can deny that when hundreds of thousands of abortions are performed every year, it should be a major concern for a nation as great as ours. If we commit ourselves to promoting a culture of life, I believe that one day our nation’s laws may reflect what is in our hearts.”

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