Youth Featured in New Romney Ad: Obama’s “No, I Can’t?” We Must and Will!

The Romney Campaign has put out a great ad today that seems to sum up the attitudes of today’s Millennial generation.

We have only 42 days left before America votes - Now is the time for advocacy; now is the time to elevate our message of freedom. As a reader of this blog, we encourage and invite you to dig a little deeper and reach out to others - share the message of freedom. Develop an email list, use social media, engage in daily conversations - share the message of freedom and liberty.

Knowledge is power. The more we know and the better informed we are, the more effective we can be. The media is filled with bias and, at times, it is difficult to discern truth. We have witnessed a mainstream media that knows no bounds - they suppress or distort truth and they filter what they report so as to promote and protect the President. The cable news shows, MSNBC, CNN, and others are so far in the tank for the President, it is difficult at best to tolerate their reporting. Further, the current polls are so skewed, they offer little relief in knowing where things really stand. Amidst it all, FoxNews tries its best at fair and balanced. The internet can also provide a plethora of information, some of which is true and some not. So, where can we go for critical and accurate information?

The Drudge Report is a tremendous aggregator of information. Matt Drudge is the bane of the mainstream media and accused by them of bias, which is a testament of Drudge’s integrity!
Real Clear Politics is another aggregator without a perceived bias.
Mitt Romney Central - biased as we may be, we strive for accuracy and integrity in our information.
Hugh Hewitt - Hugh does a tremendous job at providing information with integrity and substance. He has his bias, but clearly delineates what is opinion.
On The Brink FB page - I try to link to substantive information regularly in support of the tenets of On The Brink, America’s Choice 2012
Mitt Romney Central FB - Again, we strive for accuracy and integrity in our posts.
Dennis Prager - an intelligent and cogent source for information.
National Review - Rich Lowry has done an admiral job in trying to distill truth amid the cacophony of news.

There are several others, some of which can be inflammatory in their reporting in an attempt to elevate the debate, such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity. Even so, they provide fodder for provocative thought and further study. There are others, but I have found those above to be informative.

The need to be informed has never been greater as we fight for our freedoms and liberties.

As to polls, below is a report card of accuracy and consistency from the 2008 election cycle.

Rick Santorum’s Curious Announcement

Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (Photo by Charles Krupa / AP)

Rick Santorum

former U.S. Senator,
GOP primary candidate,
posted today
on his
facebook page:

Big announcement coming on Friday - be sure and check back!

Readers are invited to ruminate, hazard a guess, and generally chew it over in our comments section…

UPDATE – June 5, 2012: Not content to sit in Santorum’s bag until Friday, the cat is out:

On Tuesday, sources close to Santorum tell ABC News that the former presidential candidate will be announcing the formation of a 501 c(4) organization that he will use to pursue a set of issues he has fought for during much of his political career.

This first wave of issues is likely to focus on an agenda that includes anti-abortion and faith and family causes.

It’s not clear yet where the new 501 c(4) will be operating out of, but last month the pro-Santorum super PAC, the Red, White, and Blue Fund, became a hybrid political action committee that will also work as a traditional leadership PAC to push Santorum’s message, support his political travel, cover administrative costs and donate money to candidates he supports with similar views. This new issues-oriented push from Santorum could easily operate out of this leadership PAC

There you have it.

Hat tip to MRC moderator KarenK for hearing the ‘meow’.

- Jayde

Private Equity Deceptions?

Bewildered or Deceptive?

The failure of President Obama and his advocates, including the mainstream media, to understand economics 101 is distressing to say the least. Whether it is intentional duplicity, guile, or dishonesty on his part, or just plain ignorance because he doesn’t understand – it is disconcerting and frightening that our President would be so irresponsible as to lead American’s astray from truth!

Recent attacks against free enterprise and private equity by Barack Obama and his apologists are the tip of the iceberg and reflect an underlying agenda that is alarming. Even so, let’s address the attacks with substance and truth. The attacks are seeking to vilify the free enterprise system, private equity investors, and specifically Mitt Romney because of his business success. Barack Obama wants to disparage those who have been successful in business and fails to realize that rising tides float all boats. It is the foundation for his class warfare argument! Truth is, if we do not have a successful free enterprise system, no one, and I mean no one benefits. If we disrupt the balance and supplant the free enterprise system with government, we all lose and the middle class will disappear - in fact, we will elevate the impoverished. It is in our free enterprise system, and it’s success, that we overcome poverty. Why else have we seen nations around the world, even socialistic and communistic nations, adopt free enterprise? Within this context, free enterprise and private equity are synonymous.

Private equity in its simplest form is the foundation of free enterprise and economic markets. Anyone who invests capital directly into a business with a hoped for economic return is engaged in some form or degree of private equity. Whether you are Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, the owner of a small business selling jewelry out of your home, or a large private equity fund, you invest time and capital into building a business and making it successful – this is basis for the private equity markets. Interestingly, you may not even be aware that you are a private equity investor. If you have pension or retirement funds (IRA or 401k) and are invested in the debt or equity markets, you are participating in private equity investments in one form or another; if you have donated to a charity or not-for-profit you may be, tangentially, a private equity investor; it is only a matter of degree. Private equity investors are individuals, pension funds, charitable funds, educational foundations, governments, corporations, etc., each of whom provide capital to build and sustain free enterprise markets and businesses. That said, no one invests their money with an expectation to fail, only to succeed; and success comes with sustainability and a return of capital and then some. The role of government is not to constrain these markets, but to encourage and expand them. For in such we see the ‘private equity multiplier effect.’ The ‘private equity multiplier effect’ is most easily seen in job creation, wealth creation and innovation.

Mitt Romney creates billions of dollars for others

Mitt Romney’s self-made business successes have come under attack from President Obama. We read that his success has created personal wealth estimated at $350+ million. What isn’t discussed are the billions of dollars of wealth created for so many others. What Mitt Romney garnered in wealth from his business success is nominal compared to what he has created for so many others, including pension fund and retirement accounts for many Americans, charities, employers, employees, individual investors and shareholders, and businesses. If one understands the multiplier effect of wealth creation, this means that in his career, Mitt Romney has had a profound and extended impact in the lives of innumerable Americans – far beyond the 100,000 jobs created in and as a result of his work.

The President of the United States has available to him the full resource of the United States. He has access to the brightest and most capable economic minds on the planet, and yet he doesn’t understand basic economics? He doesn’t understand the private equity multiplier effect? Or, he does and deliberately seeks to misinform the public? Either way, it is irresponsible and/or dishonest! The President of the United States is held to a higher standard. As a people we entrust him with the burden of care and stewardship to lead with integrity. We trust him to put country above self, and not subordinate American’s to ignorance, deception and deceit for personal power or position. He has a sacred trust and stewardship to lead with integrity and truth. This is a standard that all who have been elected to public office must abide. Even so, many don’t, and neither is this President.

It has been said that the fear of losing the office of POTUS is greater than the want to secure it; and it is becoming more and more apparent that Barack Obama, and those who advocate for him, are willing to abandon truth and integrity in an effort to preserve power and position. Their want for power and position, and willingness to do whatever it takes to preserve it, is frightening given the agenda they hold to neuter and undermine America’s divine exceptionalism and freedoms.

Fundamental to America’s economic strength, and consequentially our freedom, is our adoption of free enterprise and “free markets”. Free enterprise embodies the principles espoused in our Nation’s founding documents, wherein we are empowered with the agency to choose and act, within the bounds of nature’s law. In free enterprise, we act on principles embodied in such and granted by “nature’s God”, the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Barack Obama should be ashamed!

A new book by David Parker

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” Declaration of Independence
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Romney Secures Strong, Bold Endorsement from The Oklahoman

The Oklahoman
This Op-Ed endorsement from The Oklahoman editorial board I find to be extraordinary for three reasons: 1) It is from the South (though Oklahomans probably consider themselves middle America), 2) The opinion is rich with significant facts establishing Romney’s superior leadership skills and experience, and 3) The content is quite effusive in support of Romney as the board excoriates Obama by contrast.

I vividly remember history of four years ago when the South was cool on Romney. As a Romney supporter, I was astonished at the time that McCain was getting traction there. In hindsight, I realize that one of the reasons was that people didn’t look deeply into Governor Romney’s amazing leadership experience and unusual successes. This time is different. The Oklahoman is not only providing this strong voice of reason, they are taking this step very early in the process, securing a bold leadership position in the South.

Powerful advice to the nation at the beginning of this piece:

“Let’s unite behind a man who can beat Obama and let’s do it sooner rather than later….That man is Mitt Romney.”

Chief Executive, Governor Romney

Consider these parting comments of the editorial board:

“The time to unite behind Romney is now, not after Iowa or New Hampshire or the Oklahoma primary in early March. Now!”

I can just imagine a vigorous discussion among board members as they considered the credentials of a man they probably know well from Georgia. There were probably a few on the board that would prefer a Southerner over any other candidate as was the case of Huckabee. I would have loved to be a gnat on the wall to hear that discussion! To hear that exchange would have been fascinating. The entire article is excellent and leaving excerpts here doesn’t do it justice, but for those of you with very limited time, here are some of the standout quotes (each excerpt is taken out of context but in sequence):

“Voices of common sense, not anger and entitlement, spring from the Heartland. We must raise our voice again because America is in trouble. We stand and watch as our country plummets deeper into polarization. We are divided by a divisive president — Republicans and Democrats, wealthy and poor, employed and unemployed.”

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Who Won the CNN Tea Party Debate? FULL DEBATE VIDEO ADDED

Boy, that sure was a very favorable crowd for Rick Perry at the beginning of the debate. However, it was very interesting and telling to see the crowd grow less and less favorable towards Rick Perry the more they heard about him. Whether the topic was healthcare, the HPV vaccine, immigration/border security, or even national defense, the weakening response from the crowd was very noticeable.

UPDATE: Our friends at Evangelicals for Mitt have collected a couple important observations from the debate.

It’s pretty interesting that the All-Star Panel on Fox’s Special Report overwhelming gave the debate to Mitt. Both the republican and democrat on the O’Reilly Factor picked Mitt as the winner as well.

Debate transcript may be found here. (There are four sections; see right-hand column.)


The rest of the debate can be see below the fold Click here to continue reading

Money & Social Media: Romney Campaign Leads

OhMyGov! is a website that monitors the interconnection between media mentions and social media activity. Their analysis reveals that the Romney campaign is the most financially supported and in the best social media position at this point in the 2012 GOP presidential race:

Romney Leads GOP Race for Money and Social Media

First, as always, we concentrate on the money. According to his Federal Election Committee quarterly report for the period March - June 2011, the former Massachusetts Governor has over $18.3 million in donations to his credit. That puts him second only to President Obama in terms of money raised, and far ahead of the rest of the GOP field. Just for some perspective, Romney raised nearly half (46%) of all the money donated to major Republican candidates in the last quarter. No other candidate raised more than $4.5 million, putting Romney in an enviable financial position.

[…] According to OhMyGov, Romney accounts for nearly 45% of the Facebook audience for Republican candidates, and ranks highly on Twitter as well.

With more than a million Facebook fans, Romney is in a class by himself in the GOP field. The second most popular Facebook candidate is Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who has almost 620,000 fewer fans than Romney. […]

It is not only the size of Romney’s share of the Facebook pie that is impressive, but the rate at which he’s picked up followers. During the 2nd quarter of 2011, Romney gained Facebook fans at an intimidating rate (188,000+), far ahead of rivals Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty and Jon Hunstman. […]

Surprised at who has the most Twitter followers?

So what can we glean from these numbers? Are Tea Party favorites like Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann hot on the heels of establishment pick Mitt Romney? No, they probably aren’t. What one can begin to assume from these numbers however is that while some may go to Twitter for quick blurbs and sound-bites from entertaining characters (do you really think all of Sarah Palin’s followers actually like Sarah Palin?), they go to Facebook for news and updates on people they are legitimately interested in or support. Mitt Romney’s relative Facebook popularity is matched only by his undeniable financial support, a combination most candidates would take over 10,000 new Twitter followers any day.

(emphasis, italics added)

For further details, click here.

► Jayde Wyatt

Romney Campaign Beginning to Build in Broward Co, Florida

More groundwork is being laid for Governor Romney in Florida, a state that plays a critical role in the GOP’s presidential election cycle. Today’s news comes from Broward Co:

Mitt Romney campaign starts to take shape in Broward

Several Republican committeemen are forming the nucleus of the Mitt Romney for president campaign in Broward.

Chairman of the effort is David Di Pietro, an attorney with the Conrad & Scherer law firm. (One of those names, Bill Scherer, is a big time national Republican fundraiser.)

Joining Di Pietro as co-chairman is Bob Wolfe, founder and past president of the Lauderdale Beach Republican Club.

Rocky Rodriguez, Broward’s former appointed property appraiser, and Troy R. Samuels, a Miramar city commissioner, are on the executive committee. Rodriguez and Samuels were the co-chairmen of Romney’s 2008 campaign in Broward.

They haven’t yet had an official rollout from the Romney campaign, but they’ve already been meeting, had a table set up Monday night outside the Broward Republican Party’s monthly meeting, and Di Pietro announced the group to party committeemen and committeewomen.
I think it says a lot about Mitt’s campaign that we’re already organized,” Di Pietro told the Republican Party. “I believe Mitt Romney is the only candidate in our primary who can beat President Obama.”

(my emphasis)

Show your support for ‘Broward for Mitt’ on Facebook and Twitter.

(One tweet: “Exciting meeting with Broward’s Team Romney tonight! Let the partying (and work) begin!”)

Romney named Brian Ballard as his Florida Finance Co-Chair on July 13th. Recent polls show Romney is winning among his GOP competitors in The Sunshine State. He also leads Obama there by 46% to 42%.

► Jayde Wyatt

LIVE CHAT & FEED - Mitt Romney Announces He’s Running for President! 12:30 EST

Full text as prepared for delivery can be found here.

mitt romney drudge

I’ve been looking forward to today’s announcement since February 7th, 2008 and it looks like Matt Drudge is excited about it as well.

Going to be a great day RT @Mitt_NH #Mitt2012 officially begins today in NH at 12:30 pm than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Also, Mitt has a new way to show your support for his candidacy on facebook:

This effort is not about more rhetoric. It’s not about a person, or politicians giving speeches - it is about the cause of restoring American greatness. Take a picture of yourself, family, or friends with a sign to show you Stand with Mitt

The new is here. Check it out! Tagg Romney wrote about Mitt’s announcement:

My Dad made a serious speech today about the serious jobs crisis that we are facing as a nation. The weak economy and lack of jobs are what has compelled him to get in this race. That’s why ultimately I think he should and will win both the nomination and the presidency—with skills that he has learned in the private sector, he has shown over and over that he can take over troubled situations and make them better. He did it at hundreds of companies as the CEO at Bain Capital, at the scandal-ridden and deficit-plagued Olympic games, and as Governor of Massachusetts.

When he assumed leadership of the Olympics, they had a $400M budget deficit. When he was finished, he put on one of the most successful games ever on U.S. soil and turned over a $100M profit to the city of Salt Lake. When he was elected Governor of Massachusetts, the state was in a recession and losing jobs, and the state budget was looking at a $3B deficit. When he left 4 years later, the unemployment rate was lower, the state was creating thousands of jobs every month and he left behind a $2B rainy day fund.

It was a great privilege to attend the announcement at the Scamman farm in NH today. Seeing 1,000 people turn out to hear him is encouraging and leads me to believe that the country is ready for a someone who can lead on jobs and the economy. So many people today told me stories about hardship they are having to go through as a result of the recession.

His announcement today that he has decided to run for President is the first step to help our nation out of its economic troubles. The USA is now facing a string of record-setting budget deficits at the same time that the economy is sputtering and leaving millions of good people unable to find good jobs. President Obama has tried to borrow his way out of a crisis, making matters worse. I believe America wants a leader who not only will talk about cutting spending and creating jobs, but who has shown time and again that he can actually do it.

-Tagg Romney

PS - My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims of the storms last night in Western MA. It was such a tragedy and such a poignant reminder of what is truly most important.

In Case You Missed It: Video of Mitt Romney's Facebook Town Hall + Romney Headlines Drudge

Mitt knocked it out of the park today!

This footage was streamed live to Mitt Romney’s Facebook page during his National Call Day event in Nevada earlier today. The 8-hour fundraiser garnered a whopping $10.25 Million for Romney’s Presidential Exploratory Committee.

~Update from Ross
Even though some of the media isn’t giving Mitt’s fund-raising achievement the attention it deserves, Drudge is doing his part.

UPDATE by Jayde – Headline on Drudge: Did Mitt Romney Mention That He Can Raise $10.25 Million in Eight Hours?

[…]…we continue to maintain that Massachusetts’s health-care reform will not be the be-all-end-all for Republican primary voters that political commentators make it seem. The economy will be the most important issue in 2012, and Romney is seen as a successful businessman. As a reminder, he’s also the only person actually running (unlike Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump) to lead a poll this entire year, and upcoming polls without Huckabee and Trump will probably show him with a big lead over the rest of the field. In addition, not incidentally, he can raise a ton of money.

Exhibit A: Yesterday, Romney and over 700 of his closest friends (and Cindy Crawford, for unexplained reasons) filled the Las Vegas Convention Center in a dialing-for-dollars event that brought in $10.25 million in eight hours. It would probably take Tim Pawlenty about a month to raise that much, especially with all the time his phone-bank volunteers would spend explaining to potential donors who Tim Pawlenty is. It was a display of fund-raising muscle-flexing that should remind both his opponents and his media doubters that, far from a longshot, Romney is still the front-runner.

Who Says Tea Partiers Don't Support Mitt Romney?!

Darn straight! I’m a Mitt Romney-supporting, Tea-Partyin’ Utahn …and I’m proud of it!

That’s why I’m confused with headlines flying around the web like the ‘Utah Tea Party Says “no” to Romney‘, and ‘Mitt Romney Feels the Tea Party Heat in Utah‘.

Luke Gunderson at a tea party rally at the Federal Building in SLC. (April 15, 2022)

Luke Gunderson at a tea party rally at the Federal Building in SLC.

I look at the evolution of the tea party and wonder if it has grown beyond me. When I jumped aboard (summer of 2009), it was an ever-growing movement of patriotic citizens that were upset with ridiculous government spending and taxation. The movement back then was a flow of different ideas — centered on fiscal conservatism — that came together in harmonious discontent. Toting homemade banners, colonial hats, and ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ paraphernalia I marched proudly to these events with the understanding that my voice could be heard; and it was.

Fast forward to the current state of the tea party, where (in my case) an individual voice goes unheard. I’m certainly not alone when I say current tea party has left some of us feeling estranged and often disillusioned. What was once a sweeping movement that welcomed the input of any patriot, has become more of a political club with local hierarchies. If you were an early tea party organizer, you are now somehow a spokesperson for the entire group — one that can go as far as deciding which candidates the group will endorse, and which ones you’ll collectively throw under the bus on the grounds of a perceived flaw or two. Granted, there are many factions within the tea party that have branched off and officially formed into advocacy groups that can rightfully assign a spokesperson to represent them… that’s fine by me. The thing that rubs me the wrong way is when somebody assumes a position of superiority in this, a common-man’s movement, and inherently becomes the New York Time’s go-to person when they want to write a story on who the tea party is allegedly going to back in the next race. Enter Utah’s first tea party organizer, David Kirkham.

In 2008, Mitt Romney campaigned on the Washington is Broken slogan, a theme the tea party movement would eventually be formed around.

Kirkham is on record several times saying, among other things, “we oppose” Mitt Romney. Quite a presumption, isn’t it? He may not know it, but by using the word ‘we’, Kirkham brings myself and many others under his umbrella of opposition, and we go unwillingly. We never signed-up to have somebody tell us who we do and don’t support. Plenty of people in my circle (many from Utah) see in Romney a fresh mind, a Washington outsider that has turned financial monstrosities into smooth-operating, profitable entities. We see him as a freedom loving, bold leader that brings innovation to complex situations; a sound fiscal conservative with a lifetime of experience in spending cuts and turnarounds; a charitable figure who puts sweat into each project out of good will, often refusing compensation for the time he’s put in. Indeed, we see Mitt Romney as the physical representation of everything the tea party purports to believe in. Call me a tea party traditionalist, but I wish we could go back to promoting sound policies and fiscal restraint, instead acting like political king-makers.

Now, I’ll be frank in admitting that Romney is not a mega rock star in national tea party circles (as some have made an effort to become), and he isn’t exactly volunteering to be the movement’s frontman. That said, there is sufficient polling evidence that says he’s definitely present in the minds of many fiscally-conscious tea party activists. Just recently, a poll came out of New Hampshire that indicated strong tea party support for Mitt Romney:

In a new WMUR poll, [Romney’s] favorability among supporters of the Tea Party is strikingly high – 77 percent and far exceeds any other [potential] candidate.

Romney advisers have argued that even while Romney may struggle with some of the movement’s activists – in large part because of his health care law in Massachusetts – his fiscal message of reducing taxes and cutting spending would resonate with the Tea Party philosophy.

That appears to be born out, at least in New Hampshire. Among Tea Party supporters, Romney’s favorability numbers were far higher than even candidates who are viewed as closely aligned with the movement, such as Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich.

In September of last year, a McClatchy poll showed favorable numbers for Romney among tea party supporters on a national level:

Voters who call themselves conservative preferred Romney to Palin. So did self-described supporters of the tea party movement; 25 percent preferred Romney and 19 percent Palin.”

Further evidence comes from a Marist poll (released in November of last year) that shows Romney edging out potential rivals with 19% of tea party support, compared to Huckabee’s 17% and Palin’s 16%, respectively.

So David Kirkham doesn’t share the same viewpoint with the participants of these polls… again, that’s fine by me. According to Kirkham, his primary reasons for hanging Mitt out to dry have to do with Romney’s initial support of TARP (a stance that tea party favorites Paul Ryan and Herman Cain share, as well) and for a health care bill that Romney instituted in Massachusetts (constitutionally, at the state level, without raising taxes); a plan that many have dubbed ‘RomneyCare’. I could certainly go into contextual detail about why tea party conservatives shouldn’t overlook Romney because of these issues, but we’ve dissected both issues far too much on this site, and to be perfectly honest we’d really rather have a personal sit down with David Kirkham to discuss them. Why not? …He lives right here in Utah Valley!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Calling all Mitt Romney Supporting, Utah Tea Party Members!

I guess it’s time for this to happen — if only to show that, as a matter of fact, we DO exist: I am hereby forming a group that we’ll call ‘Tea Partiers for Mitt Romney‘. If you feel like you fall into the category, please go to the newly created facebook page and join my efforts (by clicking ‘like’ at the top of the page). I suspect we’ll be recognized and maybe respected if we can produce a decent turnout there.

Let it be known that Mitt Romney was a tea-partier before tea party was cool. He balanced the budget four years in a row — successfully closing the largest deficit in history without raising taxes in Massachusetts, the bluest of states. His poor veto pen assisted in issuing over 1,000 vetos during his term as Governor, hundreds of those vetoes were on spending appropriations. Romney withheld giving the legislators permanent authority to create new committees or to grant committee chairs pay increases. After repeated attempts by the Massachusetts legislature to increase taxes in order to collect more revenue, Romney boldly declared, “The problem here is not revenues; the problem is overspending”.

In early 2007, Romney said these words in the same speech he announced his presidential ambitions:

“I do not believe Washington can be transformed from within by a lifelong politician. There have been too many deals, too many favors, too many entanglements — and too little real world experience managing, guiding, leading.”

“We have lost faith in government, not in just one party, not in just one house, but in government. It is time for innovation and transformation in Washington. It is what our country needs. It is what our people deserve.”

-Luke Gunderson