FIRED UP: Romney’s Facebook Fans More Engaged Than Obama’s As Online Donations Pour In

Romney vs. Obama on Facebook

We’ve all been closely following the fundraising furor that ensued after yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare (Romney camp raised 4.6 million online in 24 hours), but there’s another metric out there that shows just how energized folks across America really are: Facebook engagements.


New fans in the last 24 hours:
Romney — 28,000
Obama — 9,000

Engagements (likes, comments, shares):
Romney — 493,400
Obama — 464,000

Percentage of fans that engaged:
Romney — 23 %
Obama — 1.7 %

To add a little context, the Obama people have been building their Facebook page for 6 years (being the President of the United States is obviously a huge advantage), spending millions in advertising funds in order to stack their numbers. And it’s worked — they have over 27 million fans, compared to Romney’s 2.1 million.

While 27 million is certainly an impressive number, it isn’t exactly an accurate portrayal of social media success. After all, the goal of any online campaign is to interact with potential customers, or in this case, voters. You want people to share your content, to “like” it so their friends can see it, and to give their input.

That’s why engagements are key. They function like a thermostat, giving you a more accurate reading on just how “fired up” and “ready to go” your supporters actually are.

So props to the Romney digital team for putting out content that people are interested in — hopefully it’s enough to tip the scales in our direction come November.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey at Hot Air gives exclusive insight into how the Romney digital team ramped-up their operation for news days as big as yesterday. Worth a read.

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