Romney Endorsements: LA’s Rep Rodney Alexander, NH’s Ed DuPont, Ambassador Jerry Carmen

We’re catching up today on lots of good endorsements for Romney (more to come).

Here is welcome news from Louisiana and New Hampshire:

Mitt Romney Announces Support of Louisiana Congressman Rodney Alexander

I am pleased to have the support of Rodney Alexander,” said Mitt Romney. “He is a lifelong public servant and advocate for Louisiana. With his help, I look forward to defeating President Obama and bringing jobs back to this country.”

Announcing his support, Congressman Alexander said, “Our nation needs Mitt Romney now more than ever. Louisiana voters are looking for someone who will get Americans back to work. Mitt has a very strong business record and a pro-growth message that will be essential to improving our economy. I am proud to stand with him in his bid for president.”

Background On Congressman Alexander:

Congressman Rodney Alexander Was First Elected To Represent Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District In The House Of Representatives In 2002. He serves on the House Committee on Appropriations. Previously, he served in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and as a Louisiana State Representative.

Former NH State Senate President Ed DuPont Endorses Mitt Romney

Besides being a former New Hampshire State Senate president, DuPont is the current Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the University System of New Hampshire.

“For years, Ed Dupont has served New Hampshire as a State Senator and a leader in New Hampshire’s higher education community,” said Mitt Romney. “I look forward to working with Ed to spread my pro-growth message across the Granite State and to reverse the failed Obama policies that have devastated our economy.”

As a successful businessman, Mitt Romney turned around struggling enterprises and helped create thousands of private sector jobs. As a fiscally conservative governor, he balanced budgets, cut taxes 19 times and restructured state government,” said Dupont. “I am proud to endorse Mitt’s candidacy because he is the strongest and most qualified candidate to take on President Obama and fix our economy.”

Background On Ed Dupont:

Ed Dupont Is President And Founder Of The Dupont Group. Ed Dupont founded and owned Strafford Fuels for over 20 years before selling the business in 1994. Dupont served five terms in the New Hampshire State Senate, beginning in 1983. While in the Senate, Ed served as Senate Majority Leader and Vice-Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. In 1990, Ed was elected President of the Senate. During his tenure as Senate President, he established and chaired the first standing legislative committee on economic development in New Hampshire history. Under his leadership, the legislature established the state’s economic development fund; provided research and development assistance for emerging companies; adopted initiatives to stimulate capital formation; and reformed the state’s Business Profits Tax (BPT) to include tax credits for job creation and capital investment.

Since leaving the Senate, Ed has continued his involvement in both the public and private sectors, serving on the boards of a number of organizations. He currently serves as a director on the boards of Merchantbanc, a venture capital firm based in Manchester NH; and Martin’s Point, a health care firm based in Maine and NH. In June of this year, he was re-elected Chair of the University System of New Hampshire’s Board of Trustees. He is president and founder of The Dupont Group, based in Concord.
Ed has had a life-long interest in aviation and is an instrument rated private pilot. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Durham, NH.

Romney Endorsed by Ambassador Jerry Carmen

Carmen is also a former New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman and Reagan Administration official.

Jerry Carmen is one of the most respected leaders in the New Hampshire Republican Party. For over 25 years he has fought for the traditional conservative principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility in the Granite State,” said Mitt Romney. “I am proud to have earned Ambassador Carmen’s support, and I look forward to working with him as I bring my pro-growth message to New Hampshire and voters across the country.”

“The coming election is the most important moment for our future as a Nation. We need a true leader now, one who will continue down the path marked by Ronald Reagan’s footsteps, a conservative who can win next November and then successfully govern,” said Ambassador Carmen. “In my estimation, Mitt Romney is the only candidate in the race with the credentials to carry the Reagan mantle, recapture the White House, and then turn around the American economy. Romney is not a career politician – he’s a lifelong businessman. That is exactly what we need in Washington right now; someone who understands how jobs are created.”

Background On Ambassador Jerry Carmen:

Jerry Carmen Has Been Active In New Hampshire Politics For Over 25 Years. He served as Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee from 1975 -1979. He resigned the chairmanship to run northeast political operations for Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign. He later served in President Reagan’s White House and as Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration from 1981-1984. From 1984-1986 he served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva and was vice chairman of the Trade and Development Board, which reviewed activities of the United Nations Conference on Trade Development. From 1988-1989, he was a member of the George H.W. Bush Presidential transition team. A successful businessman, he was also the first chairman of the New Hampshire Housing Authority.

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