VP Debate: Biden’s Bad-Mannered Buffoonery Blows It, Ryan Resolute

Vice President Joe Buffoonery Biden proved once again at last night’s vice presidential debate in Danville, KY, what an embarrassment he is for the United States of America. (photographer unknown)

With his derisive laughter, zombie eye-rolling, feigned incredulity, exaggerated theatrical gestures, continual interruptions, and over-all condescension, Vice Presidential smirk monkey Joe Biden negated any gains he hoped to make at last night’s V.P. debate. Biden’s performance sealed the deal for him… as the simpleton from Scranton and America’s permanent political huckster. Debate moderator, ABC’s Martha Raddatz, failed to control all-show Joe and left many yearning for Jim Lehrer.

Although GOP Vice Presidential candidate 42-year-old Rep Paul Ryan is 27 years younger than 69-year-old Biden, he was resolute, reassuring, and ready to take on the smart-aleck. Ryan was clearly the adult seated at the debate desk in Danville.

Polls from CNBC and CNN revealed Ryan won.

Here’s just a sampling of Twitterverse take-aways (comments from FOX News contributors at end of article):

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Sununu: Santorum, Gingrich “Grasping at Straws & Toys” - Sen. DeMint “Excited About Romney”

One of our favorite Romney guys, Former NH Governor John Sununu, spoke this morning to FOX News’ Martha MacCallum (America’s Newsroom). With the Santorum/Gingrich led media hoopla surrounding a Romney aide’s comment about Etch-a-Sketch, Sununu pulled no punches:

“Mitt Romney is talking about creating jobs and Santorum is waving kiddie toys in the air. It’s from the sublime to the ridiculous. ~ Fmr NH Gov John Sununu

We’ve now reached the silly stage of primary politics… With the gravity of the domestic and foreign threats America is facing, images of foolhardy Santorum and Gingrich pinching and twisting plastic toy knobs on the campaign trail, hoping to etch and sketch enough favor to hang on for another day, is pitiable.

Matt Benyon (Team Santorum) felt no shame putting this photo out for the world to see. March 22, 2022

Romney’s reaction to Etch-a-Sketch flap:

Regardless of frivolous and foolish antics from Romney’s opposition, conservative Senator and Tea Party leader Jim DeMint released a buzz-worthy memo today. Penning lines that are very easy to read between, Demint says it’s time for the GOP to make a decision… to go with Romney:

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Sen. Jim DeMint, the South Carolina Republican and tea party favorite, said Thursday he was ‘excited’ about the possibility of Mitt Romney becoming the GOP presidential nominee.
“I can tell conservatives from my perspective is that, I’m not only comfortable with Romney, I’m excited about the possibility of him possibly being our nominee,” DeMint said. “Again, this is not a formal endorsement and I do not intend to do that right now but I just think we just need to look at where we are.”

DeMint’s comments came the same day Romney met with influential Republicans on Capitol Hill, including House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan. Like DeMint, Ryan has not publicly backed a candidate in the GOP race, but is considered a prized endorsement for the White House.

DeMint was impressed with Romney:

“His leadership skills, the fact that he hasn’t lived his life in Washington. There’s a lot to like there,” DeMint said.
“I don’t have any immediate plans to do an endorsement but I think we all need to look at this presidential primary and encourage the candidates to do a little self-reflection here — what’s good for our country,” he said. “The sooner we can make a decision, I think the sooner we can focus on the real problem which is Obama.”

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DeMint’s voice joins a growing chorus; Jeb Bush endorsed Romney yesterday, Frank Luntz, Dick Morris, Henry Barbour, Bob Dole, and Donald Trump say Romney is the one. Freedom Works says it will no longer oppose The Gov. Even Ed Rollins, former Bachmann/Huckabee campaign manager, says he’s grown bored with this drawn-out nomination process and it’s time to get in the huddle with with Mitt.

I wholeheartedly agree.

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Santorum & Gingrich Want Obama as President for Five More Years — Truth Revealed by History & Logic — Powerful Video Indeed!

Santorum and Gingrich seem determined to repeat history and hand the election over to Obama for a second term. And nobody knows history better than Mr. Gingrich (Santorum does not seem to care about history and would that we all believe what he says and just vote for him).

Over the years, I have not been a big fan of Dick Morris as he always seemed to me to have similar DNA to that of Gingrich, Blagojevich, and Trump — that of possessing stratospheric levels of self-esteem, leading to frequent bouts of condescending rhetoric. But I must admit, his analysis these last several months has been quite reasonable, measured, intelligent, and spot-on (what has gotten into him?!!).

There have been four conventions with since 1960 with “floor fights” — two Democrat and two Republican (’64, ’68, ’72, and ’76). In all four cases, the resulting nominee lost the general election!

Both Santorum and Gingrich now know they cannot win the nomination by garnering enough delegates outright with the remaining schedule of states in the primary cycle. Their only hope?

To force a floor fight at the end of August, which leaves virtually no time to take the fight to Obama before the November election. History is totally on Obama’s side if Republicans opt for a floor fight at the convention — Obama knows it; Santorum knows it; and Gingrich knows it. And since this is true, both Gingrich and Santorum (and any person that votes for either of them) effectively acknowledge they want Obama to be President in a second term.

Listen carefully to the simple logic laid out here by Morris about voting in Alabama and Mississippi:

Four years ago, I was an ardent supporter of Governor Romney, fully expecting him to win against Huckabee and McCain. Even when the trend was for McCain to win, I wanted nothing more than for Governor Romney to take it all the way to the convention and force the showdown. Absolutely!

Instead, he did the right thing. He stood down and went all out in support of McCain — becoming his strongest surrogate — even raising $20 million for him! Why? Governor Romney decided to do everything within his influence to unify all Republicans early behind the obvious winner in order to build the strongest campaign possible against the Democrat nominee. Like millions of Romney supporters, I was very disappointed. I wanted to go all the way and fight it out, knowing that my candidate was the right candidate. What would Mitt do in this very situation? We know what Mitt did!

Quoting Dick Morris from this video clip:

“This fight is over!” “It’s over.”

“Anybody who votes for Gingrich or Santorum in Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, or Illinois is basically voting for a deadlocked convention.”

“Vote for Romney now…Why? Because I want to beat Obama, and you can’t do that if you go to into the convention without a candidate. Not if your convention is the last week of August.”

“It’s over. We’ve made our choice. Romney has 54% of the delegates at this point.

What drives Santorum and Gingrich at this point, when they know that their only chance is a knock-down, dragged-out fight at the convention? For they know that the result of that process is sure victory for Obama and the probable loss of more Senate and House seats. Obviously, Gingrich and Santorum are highly motivated to stay in the race through the convention, for they have said as much. What then is their motivation?

Ego? Revenge? Bigger book sales down the road? I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Four years ago at this time in the cycle, Governor Romney was in full campaign mode in support of our party’s candidate. Governor Romney fully subordinated his ego and personal ambition at that time and went to work! And you know what? He worked harder than any other surrogate on the campaign trail for John McCain! Look it up.

The title of this article states that Senator Santorum and Speaker Gingrich want Obama to be President for five more years. I do not believe they do. However, their desire to do whatever they can to take the Republican race to a floor fight at the convention in late Summer will certainly seal the deal for Obama and they know it. Those who vote for them at this point, know it as well.

If it is true that they do not want Obama to have a second term as President, then they are motivated by something other than solid Republican principles — indeed, they are driven by ulterior motives not associated with the best interests of this great nation.

Dick Morris’ Chance Meeting With Romney: “He’d Make One Heck Of A President”

Last Friday (11/11/11), while eating breakfast in a Detroit airport restaurant, well-known political commentator Dick Morris and Mitt Romney had a chance meeting. Morris describes what happened…

I spent 40 minutes having breakfast with Mitt Romney last week. Ran into him by coincidence. Here’s what he’s really like:

My breakfast with Mitt

I had a really nice chat with Mitt. …

He was very loose. … You’d just love to spend a weekend with him. …

I really enjoyed it. …

I just had the sense of a guy who was really in control, really in command, who would, frankly, make one heck of a president.

So, I’ve gotta tell ya, that I was really impressed with him.


~ Dick Morris

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Romney Interviews: PBS Charlie Rose, FOX News Brian Kilmeade, Dick Morris “Will Perry Make It?”

We’ve got a couple of Romney interviews to share with you today, plus a Dick Morris LUNCH ALERT! video on Rick Perry…

On September 15, Mitt Romney was interviewed by Charlie Rose, host of the nightly PBS television program Charlie Rose:

The Republican Presidential hopeful stacks his job creation plan up against Obama’s—and talks about trade, taxes, and China.

What’s the essential difference between your approach and President Obama’s jobs plan?
The President’s plan is another short-term stimulus effort, akin to throwing a cup of gasoline on embers. What America needs is a more fundamental reform of the foundation of our economy to stimulate growth, investment, and hiring. The plan I’ve proposed is far more fundamental and far-reaching than a mere stimulus.
Do tax cuts create jobs?
When we tax people—the word tax means to burden—we take away part of their earnings. And if we spend that money on things that are not essential, we make it more difficult for the economy to grow and for people to have good jobs and rising disposable income. So tax cuts, which encourage investment and growth, ultimately lead to more jobs and higher revenues for the government. That’s why I propose a zero income tax for middle-income earners on their savings, meaning there would be no tax on interest, dividends, or capital gains for people earning $200,000 a year or less.

How would you attack the housing market’s problems?
The best way to encourage an increase in housing values is to have more Americans earning better wages and salaries so they can afford to buy houses. An economy with over 9 percent of her people unemployed and with stagnated wages is almost by definition going to have a troubled housing sector. And the best focus is not on bailing people out of housing problems but growing our economy and creating the conditions that lead businesses and entrepreneurs to invest.

Like Obama, you’re calling for more free-trade agreements. Unlike him, you’re calling for sanctions against China. Does that risk a trade war?
Trade is good for America if the trade agreements are created in a way that is mutually beneficial. … [But] if people, as in China, steal our intellectual property, hack into our computer systems, and manipulate their currency to artificially depress the prices of their goods, then we can’t simply sit by and pretend that’s not happening. We must take action against cheaters, or the agreements themselves will work to harm America’s industry and workers.

Full transcript may be found here.

Click here for AUDIO of the Rose/Romney interview.

Yesterday, The Gov was interviewed by Brian Kilmeade on his FOX News radio show Kilmeade and Friends. Kilmeade also co-hosts the weekday morning program Fox & Friends:

Dick Morris’ LUNCH ALERT! video series:

In this video commentary, I discuss Rick Perry’s chances of winning the GOP presidential nomination. He was way out ahead. Then he took some tough shots. Will Rick Perry make it?

Morris discusses five major Perry liabilities; video here.

H/T Crystal, Morris video

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O’Reilly Discusses Bill Clinton’s ‘Poison Kisses’ for Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann

Because Mitt Romney gets so little positive coverage on FOX News, I decided to post videos of a rare discussion of The Gov that aired on The O’Reilly Factor on July 6, 2011. (How could fair and balanced FOX miss Romney’s foray into London Town to meet with British government officials, including Prime Minister David Cameron?)

A couple of weeks ago, Bill Clinton decided to issue measured praise for a couple of GOP presidential candidates (a suspect move) - Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann. Along with other topics - including mention of Obama’s failing Jewish support - Bill O’ Reilly and FOX News contributor Dick Morris discussed Clinton’s ‘poison kisses’ for Romney and Bachmann:

Morris: “There is, though, a grand Democratic strategy to try to stop Romney from getting the Republican nomination… because I think he’s the candidate they fear the most.”

“…Because he’s [Romney] the candidate most likely to beat Obama.”

Morris’s opinion that Clinton’s approbation for Bachmann was real (and Morris inserted as much praise for her as time allowed) was received by a skeptical O’Reilly. Next, O’Reilly brought FOX News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume to the desk (ignore the Media Matters logo that pops up):

O’Reilly @1:04: “That’s why I think Mitt Romney has a, you know, a good chance. I agree with Morris, because he’s a guy - it’s gonna be harder to demonize Romney, particularly for Independent voters, than the other candidates.

Hume @1:42: “…For a crafty political operator like Bill Clinton, it’s a little hard for me to imagine that he really thinks that Michele Bachmann is a truly impressive person, I mean, in many ways she is a truly impressive person, but I suspect that what he thinks is what I know a lot of Democrats think - is that she would be - in the end - she would prove much as Sarah Palin did in the end - toxic to Independents who would think she was, just too much.”

O’Reilly: “Too far right, you mean too far right?”

Hume: “Too far right and too prone to saying peculiar things that are, you know, off base and so on - that she would be a much easier target for attack ads and the kind of ridicule that Sarah Palin got.”

O’Reilly: “You think that in the Machiavellian world of politics, presidential politics, that Bill Clinton put this out there because the Democrats WANT Michele Bachmann to be the nominee because she’s much easier to beat than, say, Romney would be.”

Hume: “Well, I think that’s a more likely - to the extent the he was being political about it at all - I think that’s a more plausible explanation than Dick Morris offered…”

These interviews were conducted before we learned this and this about Bachmann.

Note: Relating to the Morris interview - another reminder - Mitt Romney is pro-life and has written his own extensive pro-life pledge.

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Dick Morris Says Romney is ‘Reaganesque’, Romney Adds Michigan Staff, Fundraiser in Atlanta

While one presidential campaign has lost its staff, Mitt Romney continues to add staff.

Prior to his stirring visit to Michigan these past couple of days, Romney already had illustrious campaign staff in place in The Wolverine State:

WASHINGTON – With Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney headed to Michigan for events this week, he announced his in-state campaign staff on Tuesday.

Lori Wortz, a consultant who previously served as chief of staff to former state Senate Majority Leader Dick Posthumus, joins the campaign as senior advisor, and Rob Macomber, who served as director of candidate and party assistance for former state Republican Party chairman Saul Anuzis, takes over as state director.

Lauren Rakolta joins the campaign as finance director in the state. The daughter of John Rakolta — the head of Detroit-based construction firm Walbridge Aldinger who served as a national chairman for the Romney campaign in 2008 — Lauren Rakolta worked as a fundraiser for Romney’s 2008 run and his 2002 campaign for Massachusetts governor. Bryce Sandler, who was finance director for former U.S. Rep. Joe Knollenberg, comes on as deputy finance director in Michigan.

(emphasis added)

After the CNN GOP presidential debate next Monday (6/13/11) in New Hampshire, Romney will head to Atlanta, Georgia for a private fundraiser:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be in Atlanta next week for a high-end fund-raiser in the backyard of two of his rivals, Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain.

[…] It’s loaded with business types. Tickets are $5,000 per couple (photo included) or $1,000 per head for general admission.

The event is at a private residence. […]

Hosts include Attorney General Sam Olens; former state House leader Mark Burkhalter; and John Brock, CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises and current chair of Metro Atlanta Chamber. Long-time Romney supporters Eric Tanenblatt, Mark DeMoss and Ric Mayfield are part of the shindig – but the freshest name may be that of Heath Garrett, former chief of staff to U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson.

(emphasis added)

(Click on image to enlarge.)

I was surprised yesterday! There’s been a shift in attitude toward The Gov from a used-to-be Romney naysayer. I can’t predict the permanency of the shift, but the contrast is so stark it is worth mentioning. FOX News commentator and political strategist, Dick Morris (former campaign advisor to Bill Clinton and Mike Huckabee; Huckabee says Morris is a personal friend), formerly dismissive of Romney, now calls him ‘Reaganesque’. This change is significant in its potential to initiate more balanced coverage for Romney on FOX News.

Yesterday, on FOX and Friends, Morris sang Romney’s praises. He explained that he [Morris] spoke at last week’s Faith & Freedom Coalition; while there he talked with all the GOP presidential candidates except Herman Cain (Gingrich was a on a cruise). He said he was very, very impressed with Gov Romney; he called Romney’s remarks at the podium a ‘fantastic speech‘ that reminded him of Reagan. While Romney was speaking he thought to himself this guy could take Obama. He further said he was not impressed with Tim Pawlenty; Herman Cain could be a phenomenon. Morris concluded by saying he came away very impressed with Romney.

Later in the day, Morris was on the The O’Reilly Factor (FOX News) and repeated his praise for Romney, “Reaganesque. Absolutely incredible.” He also added that he thought Michele Bachmann was charismatic at the Faith & Freedom gathering. (Bachmann recently hired Ed Rollins, Huckabee’s 2008 campaign manager, to lead her yet-unannounced presidential campaign.)

In the following video, Dick Morris recounts his visit to the Faith & Freedom Coalition in Washington D.C. (June 3-4, 2011) where he saw Romney, Bachmann, Trump, Paul, and Pawlenty speak. F&F analysis begins @2:24. Although Morris’ flippped-flopped-flipped statement on Romney’s pro-life belief is wrong, take a listen:

Morris is closely affiliated with Tea Party Patriots.

Speaking of FOX News, Romney tops their most recent poll.

I like the way John Ellis from Business Insider (noting the Washington/ABC poll showing Romney ahead of Obama) sums up the 2012 presidential race thus far:

Romney on a Roll

Nothing causes politicians to look anew at a presidential candidate like a poll that shows him or her winning. Romney is beginning to look like a winner.

The Republican field for 2012 is basically set. The candidates who will compete in the primaries next year are the ones who are in the race now. It’s possible that Texas Governor Rick Perry will join the race this summer. And a minor candidate or two might also get in, for whatever reasons.

But the field is the field. And Romney — in terms of executive experience, intellect, quality of character, work ethic, discipline — is clearly the class of the field. Now that he’s “beating” President Obama in a major national poll, a lot of Republicans are starting to look at him with renewed appreciation.

(emphasis added)

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