FULL DEBATE ADDED - Who Won the Back-to-Back New Hampshire Debates?

One down, one to go. Before you do anything else, take a moment to VOTE for Mitt in the polls we’ve posted here. We’ll probably add more polls to vote in once the Sunday morning debate is over.

Michael Barone writes: “At about 10:28pm tonight, as Mitt Romney pivoted from a question on tax loopholes and started in with, “the real issue is vision,” I had recorded this thought in my notes, “He just clinched the nomination.””

Check out the best tweets of last night here. Also, if you missed the debate last night, click here to check out Mitt’s answer on contraception last night.

Update: Here are the best tweets of this morning’s debate.

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Click here for full video of the ABC/WMUR Republican Presidential Debate (January 7).


NBC/Facebook Republican Presidential Debate (FULL VIDEO January 8):

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Check out Mitt’s Ad Big Promises, Big Failures:

Finally, watch Gov. Sununu take Chris Matthews to school below the fold. (more…)

Who Won the ABC YAHOO Iowa GOP Debate? (FULL VIDEO)

abc-iowa-gop-debateWhat: GOP Debate in Iowa hosted by ABC

When: 9PM Eastern

Watch: Live on air at ABC. Live streaming at ABCnews.com and at Yahoo.com (exact links will be provided when available)

Moderators: Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos

Participants: Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. (No Jon Huntsman)

Forecast: Gloves will come off, accusations will be made, but Romney will keep his 11-debate undefeated streak alive.

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Watch video of the full debate below.

If you missed it, read Mitt Romney’s Remarks to the Republican Jewish Coalition and/or watch the address below the fold. (more…)