2012 Cycle: Snapshot / Analysis / Mormonism Fading / Prediction / Video

This is a great snapshot of the race and a good look to the future delegate line-up:

The Wall Street Journal had some good analysis yesterday. The above chart came from this article — here are some of the better quotes:

“The reality of this race from here on out is that any day that Santorum doesn’t cut into Romney’s delegate lead is a day that Romney wins,” said Josh Putnam, a professor who tracks delegate tallies at North Carolina’s Davidson College.
There are just four winner-take-all contests left: Washington, D.C., on April 3, Delaware on April 24, New Jersey on June 5, and Utah on June 26. Mr. Santorum failed to get on the D.C. ballot.

The Journal also carried an article about Romney’s faith in which it states that it is not as much a factor now as it was in the 2008 cycle.

John Green, a University of Akron political scientist who studies religion and politics, said the Romney religion question has attracted less attention this year in part because it is old news.

“Back in 2007, this was something people didn’t know. Now people know a lot about Mitt Romney,” he said.

Polling also suggests the issue is receding. In a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll in October, 57% of Republicans said they felt comfortable with Mr. Romney’s Mormon faith, up from 50% in December, 2007. The share who said they didn’t feel comfortable dropped to 14% from the 21% of late 2007.

The WSJ Op-Ed page carried this article about Santorum’s success Tuesday in the South. Reference is also made to Gingrich:

[... ] His goal increasingly seems to be to stay in the race to win enough delegates to deny Mr. Romney a majority and force a brokered convention.

Even in that event, however, Mr. Gingrich won’t be the man the GOP turns to. His negative ratings are too high, even among Republicans. His weekend comments that the U.S. mission in Afghanistan may no longer be “doable” may not hurt him with a war-weary public. But the remarks had the air of political opportunism as he grasps for any issue to re-ignite his campaign. The Georgian needs to look hard at whether his continued candidacy divides conservatives enough to deny Mr. Santorum a better chance at the nomination.

Finally, are your discussions of politics costing you friends? Maybe they are and you don’t know it. I found this both interesting and amusing for those who are political junkies (video clip) ——-> THE FIVE

Prediction: Ron Paul will drop out of the race soon after Newt Gingrich does.


Mitt Romney Wins Wyoming Caucuses & Goes on O’Reilly With Ann Coulter

The former Massachusetts governor was the favorite of 39 percent of the 2,108 caucus goers, while former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum finished second with 32 percent. Texas Rep. Ron Paul had 21 percent, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had 8 percent. The situation in Wyoming is really confusing, but these are the only results we’ll have for awhile, and it’s great to have another win for Mitt heading towards Super Tuesday.

Mitt Romney today made the following statement on the results of the Wyoming caucuses:

I want to thank the voters of Wyoming who took the time to participate in their state’s caucuses, and who gave me their support. It is a thrill to have taken first place in Wyoming. Our country is engaged in a great debate about its future direction. The voters here have spoken loudly and told the rest of the country that they want change, and they want a leader who understands that fixing the nation’s economy, and ending Obama’s runaway spending and borrowing, is priority number one.

Update: Mitt Romney interview with WNWO’s Hubert Wiggins (VIDEO 02-29-12)

Finally, check out the latest cartoon from Mitt Fitts below the fold. (more…)

February 7th Caucuses and Primary LIVE CHAT and Results

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UPDATE 1: The polls have closed in Missouri and the race hasn’t been called for Santorum yet which means either it’s unexpectedly close or there were no exit/entrance polls.

UPDATE 2: Rick Santorum wins Missouri, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens in Missouri during their caucus that actually matters on March 17th.

UPDATE 3: Looks like Mitt couldn’t win Minnesota with 0 effort… Campaign seems to have given it and Missouri to Santorum perhaps in hopes of getting Newt out of the race?

UPDATE 4: Secret Service saves Mitt from a glitter-bombing

UPDATE 5: Colorado goes for Santorum as well. Looks like the delegate count didn’t change much though.

Mitt Romney Names Lt. Gov Bill Bolling VA Campaign Chairman

VA Lt. Gov Bill Bolling

Mitt Romney has secured experienced help for his hopes in the great state of Virginia. He’s named Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling as chairman of his campaign in the Old Dominion State. Bolling was The Gov’s VA campaign chair when he ran for president last time.

A few things Bolling said about The Gov then:
August 8, 2021:

“I think he is the conservative candidate.”
“He is the best to carry the banner.”
“He’s a turnaround guy.”
“He has a great track record of taking things that are a mess and making them work. He did the same thing in Massachusetts.”
“He strikes me as a very decent man. I just like the guy.”

Bolling’s statement yesterday:

“I am honored that Mitt Romney has asked me to chair his presidential campaign in Virginia,” Bolling said in a written statement. “Over the past few years I have developed a strong personal relationship with Governor Romney. I am absolutely convinced that he is the right person to carry our party’s banner into the 2012 campaigns and the right person to lead our country toward a more prosperous future.”

Romney has also named Delegate Barbara J. Comstock ( R-Fairfax) and Delegate Christopher K. Peace ( R-Hanover) as co-chairs of his Virginia campaign.

Romney supported then-VA Atty Gen Bob McDonnell and VA Lt. Gov Bill Bollings at Bollings' annual 'Burgers with Bill' event in Glen Allen, VA. June 5, 2022

I am proud to have the support of these Virginians,” Romney said in a written statement. “They have been leaders in the fight for smaller government and lower taxes in Virginia. I look forward to working alongside them as I campaign across Virginia and the rest of the country to reverse President Obama’s failed policies and get our economy on the right track.

Read more here.

Romney campaigned for Bolling’s reelection as Lt. Gov in 2009. (He also campaigned for then-Atty Gen Bob McDonnell who is now Governor of Virginia.)

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