Romney Responds to Supreme Court Ruling: “HELP US defeat Obamacare.” (VIDEO)

Standing in front of the Supreme Court building, protestors decry Obamacare.

A landmark day... It's a tax!

Moments ago, speaking from Constitution Ave in Washington D.C., Governor Mitt Romney spoke out against the Supreme Court’s ruling today on the Affordable Health Care Act better known as Obamacare:


As you might imagine I disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision, and I agree with the dissent, what the court did not do on its last day in session, I will do on my first day if elected President of t he United States, and that is I will act to repel Obama Care. Lets be clear about what the court did and did not do. The court said that Obama care does not violate the Constitution. What they did not do was say Obama-care was a good law or its good policy, Obama care is bad policy yesterday, its bad policy today.

Obama care was bad law yesterday, it’s bad law today. Let me tell why I said that, Obama care raises taxes on the American people by approximately 500 billion dollars, Obamacare cuts medicare, cuts medicare by approximately 500 billion dollars and even with those cuts and tax increases, Obama care raises billions to our national debt and pushes obligation the oncoming generations. Obamacare also means for up to 20 million Americans they will lose the insurance they currently have, the insurance that they like and want to keep.

Obamacare is a job killer, businesses across the country have been asked what they think of Obama care, 3 quarters of those survived by the chamber of commerce said Obamacare makes it less likely for them to hire people. And perhaps most troubling of all, Obamacare puts you between the Federal government and your doctor. For all those reasons its important for us to repeal and replace Obamacare. What are some of the things we will keep in place? And must be in place for a reform, a real reform of the healthcare system. One we have to make sure people who want to keep their current insurance will be able to do so. Having 20 million people, up to that number of people, lose the insurance they want is simply unacceptable.

Number two, we’ve got to make sure that those people who have preexisting conditions know that they will be able to be insured. And they will not lose their insurance. We also have to assure that we do our very best to help each state in their efforts to assure that every American has access to affordable health care. And something that Obamacare does not do that must be done in real reform is helping lower the cost of health care and health insurance. It’s becoming prohibitively expensive.

And so this is now a time for the American people to make a choice. You can choose whether you want to have a larger and larger government more and more intrusive in your life. Separating you and your doctor. Whether you’re comfortable with more deficits. Higher debt that will be passed onto the coming generations. Whether you’re willing to have the government put in place a plan that potentially causes you to lose the insurance that you like.

Or whether instead you want to return to a time when the American people will have their own choice in health care. Where consumers will be able to make their choices as to what kind of health insurance they want. This is a time of choice for the American people. Our mission is clear. If we want to get rid of Obamacare, we’re going to have to replace President Obama.

My mission is to make sure that we do exactly that. That we return to the American people the privilege they’ve always had that lived their lives that they feel most appropriate. Where we don’t pass onto coming generations massive deficits and debt. Where we don’t have a setting where jobs are lost.

If we want good jobs and bright economic future for ourselves and for our kids, we must replace Obamacare. That is my mission. That is our work. And I’m asking the people of America to join me. If you don’t want the course that President Obama has put us on, if you want instead a course that the founders envisioned, then join me in this effort. Help us. Help us defeat Obamacare. Help us defeat the liberal agenda that makes government too big, too intrusive and is killing jobs across this country. Thank you very much.”

From The Washington Times:

The real losers today are the current members of the younger generation whose votes the Democrats continue to court even as they pile massive quantities of debt on them, assuring a dismal future. Younger voters, whether they understand it or not, will be paying for a vast governmental expansion whether they want to or not. On top of being unemployed, unable to buy a house, and unable to pay back their massive student loans, the future doesn’t look to bright for these young, idealistic voters who massively supported The One in 2008. One wonders how many of them understand the truth and the consequences of that vote. I not, they’ll be finding out shortly.

The whole Obamacare wrangle was and is a mess of considerable proportion. It was monster legislation, rammed down the collective throats of the American people who have opposed it by a significant majority from the get-go, and still do. Obamacare is proof positive that, at least for now, the country is firmly in the hands of wealthy, dismissive elitists who fully intend to make the average American pay for their world view even as these elitists take care to exempt themselves from the consequences of their actions.

The markets may have smelled what was coming from Washington this morning as stocks tanked from the moment the starting bell was rung. This seems to offer at least anecdotal proof that inside traders knew what was coming before anyone else did and acted accordingly. Pros are well aware that this decision will lead to a continuing stagnation in hiring, which in the current economic climate is the worst thing of all. Smaller employers will cease to add jobs and grow, simply to be able to remain below the threshold where they’ll be forced to comply with the now officially constitutional Obamacare legislation.

The Supreme Court has awakened a sleeping giant. Support Governor Romney. Donate here.

Mitt Romney in the Online Advertising Lead

Mitt Romney is investing more money than any of his Republican presidential rivals in online ad and digital media spending to defeat Barack Obama:

With Barack Obama’s re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee hitting the $5 million mark in online ad related spending alone, Romney has spent more than twice as much as Michele Bachmann on online advertising and other digital efforts, and several hundred thousand dollars more than Herman Cain.

Through September, Romney spent more than $895,000 with digital consulting firm Targeted Victory, much of which most likely went towards online advertising such as display, search, and video ads.

Look below to see a break down of what various Republican 2012 candidates are spending for online advertising:

GOP Presidential Candidates
Online Ad/Marketing Spending
April-September 2011
Candidate Amount Spent on
Online Ad/Marketing Related Buys
Mitt Romney $895,229
Michele Bachmann $394,508
Jon Huntsman $100,971
Ron Paul $95,436
Rick Santorum $68,466
Buddy Roemer $41,114
Herman Cain $24,935
(not including
video production spending)

You can see that Romney has been quite aggressive in producing quick yet high quality advertisements in which he goes after President Obama Pretty hard.  Moreover, these ads are promoted across various social media sites which allows him to  reach a wider market that traditional television advertisements. As a result, Romney is using his campaign money creatively, efficiently and wisely when going on the offensive against Obama.  He has created many online commercials that has highlighted the failure of Obama's economic policies and the negative impact that those policies have had on people across the country.

The fact that Romney is ahead in using online advertisements is significant.  Barack Obama was very skillful and forward thinking in utilizing the Internet to promote his campaign in the 2008 election.  He is sending a strong message to the Obama Campaign that they're willing to go head to head with him in the arena of online advertising.

The fact that Mitt Romney is far ahead of other GOP rivals in online advertising shows that he's not interested in playing the short game in winning the Republican nomination but is playing the long game by focusing on defeating Obama by competing aggressively against Obama in online advertisements.  Moreover, it demonstrates that Romney is only one who has the money, resources and determination to take Obama on in 2012.

As a result of Mitt Romney being the leader in online advertising, he's shown himself to be the candidate who is completely dedicated to making Obama a one term president in 2012.

Public Policy Polling: Romney Preferred Over Perry in South Carolina

We've got results from another poll today - Public Policy Polling.

We like it!

Romney outperforms Perry in South Carolina

As long as the Republicans nominate one of their co-front runners, Mitt Romney or Rick Perry, they're likely to keep South Carolina in their column pretty easily next year. That's no surprise. What makes the Presidential numbers in the Palmetto State more interesting though is that despite Perry being the overwhelming favorite of Republican primary voters in the state, Romney actually does 7 points better than him against Barack Obama.

Romney leads Obama by 15 points, 53-38, while Perry's lead is only 8 points, at 49-41. They win Republicans by almost identical margins- 91-4 for Romney and 89-4 for Perry. And they lose Democrats by pretty identical margins too- an 88-9 deficit for Perry, an 86-10 one for Romney. But the real disparity is with independent voters. Romney leads Obama by 16 points with them, 44-28. Perry wins them only narrowly by 3 points at 37-34. This has been a theme in our recent polling. GOP voters like Perry better than Romney. But independents are a lot more willing to vote for Romney than Perry. In a state like South Carolina the 7 point difference between how Perry and Romney fare in the general doesn't matter that much. In the Floridas and Ohios and Virginias of the world it matters a lot. It's going to be interesting to see whether the gap continues and whether Romney has any luck making an electability argument with Republicans voters if it does.

Obama's actually pretty competitive with the other three Republicans we tested head to head with him in South Carolina. He ties Sarah Palin at 45% and ties Michele Bachmann at 44% as well, while trailing Newt Gingrich by only a single point at 45-44. He leads all 3 of them by double digits with independent voters.

(emphasis added)

Check out how Romney fares against Obama... SWEET!

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Natl Journal Poll: Dem & Repub Insiders Say ROMNEY Best to Defeat Obama

The National Journal has conducted a poll of political insiders from the Republican and Democrat parties. Democrats cast 88 votes; Republicans cast 97 votes:

Insiders: GOP Would Be Better Off With Romney for 2012

Texas Gov. Rick Perry may be surging in polls of Republican primary voters, but his party's Insiders aren't convinced he'd be the best general election candidate. More than two-thirds of Republican Insiders say Mitt Romney has a better chance than Perry of defeating President Obama in 2012, according to this week's National Journal Political Insiders Poll.Who has a better chance of beating President Obama in 2012, Mitt Romney or Rick Perry?

Mitt Romney - Dems 83% Repub 69%
Rick Perry - Dems 17% Repubs 31%

Many Republican Insiders acknowledged Perry's appeal to conservatives but questioned his ability to win over independent voters. "Perry can fire up the base, but this election will be won in the middle, not on the fringes," said one. Said another, "Having trouble ID-ing a single independent who'd vote for Perry."

Democratic Insiders echoed that assessment by an even larger majority. "This election is sitting on a platter for Republicans if they do it right," said one. "Romney is probably good enough. Perry will get drilled by independent voters and women." Another quipped, "Rick Perry is all base and no swing."

Insiders in both parties raised questions about Perry's durability under the intense scrutiny of a presidential campaign. "As a conservative Republican, I love Rick Perry," said one Republican Insider, who added "but as a campaign strategist, I know the degree to which a few self-reinforcing oppo-hits can devastate a candidate." A Democratic Insider said plainly, "Perry's mouth will do him in."

Republicans and Democrats alike also pointed to Perry's similarities to another Texas governor as a liability. "Obama's best argument may be, 'We won't go back,'" said one Republican Insider. "Why make it easy for them by nominating someone who can't help but remind voters of George W. Bush?"

Romney's strength in the poll wasn't solely based on concerns about Perry. Insiders identified Romney's business background, his veteran campaign team, and his appeal to moderate voters as key general election strengths. "Romney has more national experience and more seasoned players, will trip himself up less, and will more successfully make the president's performance the central issue," said a Republican Insider.

A Democratic Insider added, "There is no state Perry can win that Mitt Romney won't. There are some states Romney can put into play (MA, OH, PA, NH) that are harder for Perry to win."

(emphasis added) To read more and see names of poll participants, click here.

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