Second Presidential POLL: Who Won the Debate?

The 2nd Presidential is now over. Time to sound off. Who won? What were your thoughts?

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Democrats and Republicans Agree on Something… Mitt Romney Won the Debate

National Journal took a poll of republicans and of democrats to see who won the debate.

A survey of GOP insiders indicates that Mitt Romney was the biggest winner of Monday night’s CNN/WMUR/New Hampshire Union Leader Republican presidential debate.

According to a National Journal Political Insiders poll, 51 percent of those questioned say that the former Massachusetts governor was the biggest winner of the debate, with 21 percent saying that Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota was the winner. In third place in the survey was former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty at nine percent, followed by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich at seven percent, former Godfather’s Pizza CEO and radio talk show host Herman Cain and former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania at four percent.

None of the 54 Republican political operatives, strategists, campaign consultants and lobbyists who are part of the National Journal’s regular panel of Washington insiders said that Rep. Ron Paul of Texas was the biggest winner of the debate.

So who was the biggest loser?

Twenty-six percent say Pawlenty, with 19 percent saying Cain was the biggest loser. Twelve percent pick Gingrich as the person who lost the most, followed by Romney at 11 percent, Santorum at seven percent and Bachmann and Paul each at four percent.

National Journal also surveyed a similar amount of Democratic Party insiders, with 35 percent saying Romney was the biggest winner, followed by 26 percent choosing Bachmann as the clear winner.

Here’s some more reaction to the debate:

The Fix had this to say on Gov. Romney (who was listed in the winners category): “Romney came into the debate as the frontrunner in New Hampshire and nationally and he did nothing in the 120 minutes on stage at Saint Anselm College to change that. Romney was serious and well informed — in a word: presidential. His debate experience from 2008 clearly paid off as he stayed focused on President Obama and the economy to the exclusion of almost everything else. Romney also benefited from the fact that none of his rivals seemed to have the stomach to attack him directly. And, health care was — at best — a tangential topic. All in all a very good night for Romney.”

BigGovernment gives the nod to Mitt.

RedState’s Erick Erickson says Mitt won the debate.

Politico gives the award for First Place to Mitt as well.

Also, a website called Mashable, which takes into account how the candidates are responded to on social networks, had this to say: “The stand-out frontrunner was Mitt Romney, who ended the night with the greatest number of new Facebook Likes and the greatest overall Likes on his Page.”

Here’s this little Gem from Yahoo:

The first major Republican presidential debate was held in New Hampshire last night, and by all accounts, especially on social media, Mitt Romney dominated. After the debate, Romney gained the most “likes” on his Facebook page, bringing his total to almost 1 million, the most of all the candidates.

Finally, our buddies at ComMITTed to Romney compiled some more reactions.