Kansas’ Deadline to Register Republican is This Friday, February 17

If you and/or anyone you know wants to be able to vote for Gov. Romney in March 10th’s caucus in Kansas, make sure you/they are registered as a republican. You can change your registration back after the primary season is over if you want.

Check your voter status here.

Register to vote or re-register Republican online here.

Find more information about Kansas’ March 10 caucus here.

The Important Q2 Fundraising Deadline is June 30th 11:59 PM EST: The MittRomney.com Store Opens Just in Time

On Thursday, June 30th, we reach this year’s first major fundraising deadline. The Obama campaign along with his Democratic allies plan to run a billion dollar operation to reelect the President.

Recently, President Obama said, “I’m extraordinarily proud of the economic record that we were able to produce over the first two and half years.” Yet, last month, over 20 million Americans were out of work, underemployed, or had just quit looking for work — not to mention the fact that our nation faces record deficits and a national debt that will soon surpass our GDP. Extraordinarily proud?

We need a president who understands how markets work; we need a president who knows how jobs are created; and we need a president who will focus on fixing the economy from day one. Clearly, Obama isn’t working. The campaign needs our help to put America’s focus back on the American people.

By making a contribution before Thursday, your support will help show that this campaign is ready to challenge Obama and the Democrats who wish to continue down the same path we’ve traveled the last two and half years.

Donate to the campaign today and help Mitt change America’s course and spread Mitt’s message and vision for a working America.

Gov. Romney cannot run a successful campaign without our help and others like us. Join the team today, stand with Mitt, and donate. Click here to contribute today to receive a Stand with Mitt t-shirt for a friend or family member.

Also, not to be confused with the MRC Store which helps offset the costs of hosting this site, the Official Mitt Romney for President Campaign Store has been launched! Some really cool stuff there and since your purchase counts as a donation to the campaign, today and tomorrow are great days to make your purchase to pad Mitt’s Q2 fundraising totals.

Finally, check out the latest from MittRomney.com: