Gov Christie Inspires Voters: “Romney/Ryan Are The Way to Fix This Broken Country”

Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) is pictured showing his support for Mitt Romney while campaigning with the former MA Governor and his wife, Ann Romney, in Iowa, December 29, 2011. (Photo - Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty)

What a powerhouse!

New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie flew yesterday into crucial swing-state Virginia to rock the vote for Romney/Ryan. The crowd gathered at Ball Office Products in Richmond were given a walloping treat. After Romney’s VA campaign manager, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling warmed up the crowd, Christie owned the lectern.

A few highlights (and there were many!):

Christie said the message he got coming out of the Democrat’s National Convention was - their words - “Government is the only thing we all belong to.” He replied that even in blue state New Jersey, “We were taught we don’t belong to government; the government belongs to us.”

The New Jersey Gov also reminded listeners of another recent belief Obama revealed: “You can’t change Washington D.C. from the inside.” Christie asked, “If he really believes that, then what the he*# is he doing asking for another four years?” He says Obama is asking for another four years to figure it out. His response to Obama’s plea? “You know what, Mr. President? I’m tired of waiting for you to figure it out!


He’d [Obama] never run anything in his life. And so the President doesn’t know how to lead. I mean watch what he’s been like for the past four years. He’s like a man wandering around a dark room, hands up against the wall, clutching for the light switch of leadership, and he just can’t find it. And, he won’t find it in the next 18 days! Blindly, blindly, walking around the White House… looking for a clue – looking for a clue.”

And you, know, the unfortunate thing for the President is this - is that there are clues everywhere - if he’d just open his eyes.

America, are you listening? Kick back and SOAK THIS UP:


I heard the President the other night in the debate say “Governor Romney says that I want a bigger government and that’s just not true. (laughter) Well, Governor Romney is not the guy who has run up SIX TRILLION dollars in new debt in four years as president. Governor Romney is not the one that has created new boards, commissions, czars, all over government that he’s paying millions and millions and millions of dollars to of our money to try and manipulate more and more things in the private economy, to try to get his desired result. And let me tell ya, Mitt Romney is not the guy who is looking to take money away from hard-working Americans and redistributing it across the country based on the government’s plan. He thinks the American PEOPLE should be able to decide how to spend their own money – not the government.

@ 12:42:

A few Sundays ago, before the first debate, Governor Romney asked me to go on all those Sunday morning shows for him. And you might remember back then, a couple of days before the first debate, the campaign wasn’t flying high. People were feeling a little nervous about how the campaign was going and what the last month of the campaign would look like. So they asked me to go on all those shows and deal with all those feisty hosts. (laughter) I don’t know why they picked me. (laughter and applause) And, so they asked me - Bob Schieffer, George Stephanopoulos, David Gregory - they all asked me “Well, what’s gonna happen, Governor Christie, on Wednesday at the debate, what’s gonna happen at Governor Romney’s campaign? How can it possibly turn around? Isn’t the race really over?” And I said to them, “You wait. You wait until Wednesday night ‘cuz Mitt Romney is gonna win that debate and turn this race UPSIDE DOWN. “

Mitt Romney is better prepared, smarter, and more ready for the presidency , and I knew he’d show ‘em that in those debates and he sure did!

NJ Gov Chris Christie ditched his suit jacket and launched into facts about Obama’s lack of leadership and praise for Mitt Romney in front of the crowd at Ball Office Products in Henrico county, Richmond, VA. Oct 19,2021 (Photo – Jim Nolan:Time)

@21:48 Christie quotes John Adams:

John Adams was near his death and this is what he wrote in his diary - and he wrote it for us, he wrote it for us. And, this is what he said: “You shall never know the sacrifices that we have made to secure for you your liberty. Make a good use of it. For if you do not, I shall repent in heaven for ever having made the sacrifices at all.”

Very inspiring!

Christie challenged voters in Virginia to to give an hour a day for the remaining days leading up to and including November 6th to preserve our constitutional freedoms and help Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan win. Contact Romney Campaign Headquarters in Virginia. Christie’s call to take our country back applies to all of us. Will YOU give an hour a day to preserve liberty? Can you do more? Get yourself in gear here!

THANK YOU, Governor Christie!

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Substance and Depth: The Candidates

As a follow on to my previous post, Character, It Matters, we wanted to address issues of substance and depth about Governor Romney and Barack Obama. Given the need for brevity, we hope this becomes a series wherein we hope to undertake only a couple issues of substance and depth at a time, in a comparative of the candidates.

Pride vs Humility - When any individual seeks to elevate their station or position in life by trying to denigrate, diminish or destroy another, they undermine trust and confidence, and clearly illustrate incapacity and insecurity. Their motivations are for self preservation or promotion at the expense of all else. George Washington remains as one of our greatest Presidents. At the time of his service he was encouraged to assume the mantle of ‘King’; to elevate himself above his country served. In meekness and humility, he saw his role as temporary, to lead, to love and to serve; subordinating himself to the cause of freedom and the cause of America.

In comparative of substantive issues, Barack Obama has and continues to elevate himself by trying to denigrate Mitt Romney. His campaign has no substantive record to defend or promote, in fact he has failed in every critical element of his Presidential responsibilities and duties - primarily to LEAD. His campaign is driven principally by fear of losing the office of POTUS. His campaign is nearly singularly focused on self promotion at the expense of others. We have seen it in his wont to take credit for the efforts and sacrifices of others. The tragedy lies in the risk to life for his personal gain and self aggrandizement. The security leaks that have placed people’s lives in jeopardy, placed them in jail, or in the case of inappropriate disclosures of SEAL Team 6, may well have cost many lives as they became a deliberate target, is wholly unacceptable - and to what end, burnish and politize Barack Obama’s national security bona fides? We have recently learned that in his composite writings he has fabricated and deliberately sought to write a revisionist history to his own advantage. Trust, a precious and valued commodity and necessary character trait in the POTUS, has been eroded by great measure.

Another interesting principle of pride that I have witnessed in life’s lessons - the prideful, as described above, tend to act in this manner as compensation for personal insecurities, personal incapacities and/or personal/organizational failings. There seems to be a corollary of opposites; the more prideful one acts, the more incapable and insecure they are.

Comparatively, I have witnessed Mitt Romney in both public and private moments. Mitt Romney, like unto George Washington recognizes duty, responsibility and obligation of service. He willingly accepts and values a subordinate role to that which truly matters - placing country over self. He doesn’t denigrate Barack Obama; he doesn’t seek to destroy Barack Obama; Yes, he highlights Obama’s failed leadership, as it places our nation at greater risk, but he does not deride or denigrate him. Mitt Romney, in meekness and humility, sees his role as temporary, to lead, to love and to serve; subordinating himself to the cause of freedom and the cause of America. In all instances that I have observed, read and experienced, and in all of his leadership roles, Mitt Romney expresses gratitude for others and elevates them in their service and duty above self. He doesn’t take personal credit, but defers to the capacities and service of those with whom he has associated. He is always praising others and lessening his position. In this manner, Mitt Romney instills trust, confidence and capacity to lead our nation.

Flattery - Certain individuals in society, who seek with guile to persuade others inappropriately for self gain, tend to use flattery as a critical means to their end. Flattery is a deceptive practice left to those seeking a personal agenda. Synonyms for flattery are toadying, fawning, pandering. To fawn, toady or pander is to placate and promise for the singular purpose of one’s own agenda. We have witnessed this in Barack Obama, as further illustrated in the video below. How many times are promises and priorities repeated and never met?

Barack Obama has become the ‘Flatterer in Chief’ or ‘Panderer in Chief’, not the Commander in Chief. At every turn he has sought to purchase society by pandering to the needs of others without any capacity to meet the need.

Student loans have been taken away from the private sector and under the government’s rule exploded to nearly $1 trillion. The challenge rests in the incapacity of the borrowers to repay the loans. They will either default and expand our financial crisis or be forgiven in an October surprise, again burdening our society. Effectively, Barack Obama has sought to purchase the loyalty of our young adults by creating greater entitlements and dependencies.

Recently Barack Obama, after 3 1/2 years as POTUS (with control of both Houses of Congress for the first 2 years) imperiously issued his edict on amnesty for some illegal immigrants. His pandering was timed to correspond with a speech before the Latino leadership. Even the MSM was indicating that it was political pandering at best.

Barack Obama also came out as an advocate for same-sex marriage, and further opposing traditional marriage doctrines in DOMA. This effort of flattery to the gay and lesbian community was simply a political maneuver for votes and money.

Barack made a failed attempt in the contraception pander and doctrine, thinking he would flatter women with his sensitivity. Blinded by his own ambition, he failed to realize the impact of attacking religious freedoms and thus offended a greater society, the Catholic Church.

When one invokes flattery as a means of governing, we all lose. We find ourselves becoming hostage to oppression as the flatterer seeks more and more personal power and position. Our Constitution was designed to protect our freedoms not diminish them. That said, we are subject to the will of the people within the constitutional framework. Absent core values, the flatterer can shift with the situational standards of society and thus pander at will - what else matters? We have further observed, when Obama has failed to obtain the support and will of the people through flattery and pandering, he resorts to imperious edicts or appoints czars to effectuate his grab for power and position.

Comparatively, Mitt Romney seeks for no personal gain, power or self aggrandizement. He is pursuing the Presidency out of a sincere sense of duty, in a hope of restoring what has been taken from our nation. He hopes to restore freedoms lost; he hopes to lead a resurgent economic recovery by unleashing pent up private capital and repealing oppressive regulation and legislation; he seeks to restore that which has been stolen from our society through Obama’s intergenerational theft and attempted purchasing of an entitled and dependent generation; he hopes to shrink the size of government in an effort to return to the principles of the Constitution where the ‘people’ are sovereign. Without want for personal position or power, he is sincerely driven out of his love of country and the American people. This is about America and freedom! It is greater than any one man. As a man of principle, trust becomes self evident. Mitt Romney is a man of principle that we can trust, thankfully.

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Iowans to Newt: “Pride Goeth Before the Fall”

The Christmas morning (Sunday) edition of the Los Angeles Times ran a front page article by Robin Abcarian titled, “Gingrich’s Ego Might Be Too Big For Iowa.” At the risk of appearing to beat a dead horse (pun intended), I insert a couple of the better lines from the article. The entire article is not that long and is worth reading. I will never forget this “They are not going to be the nominee” statement by Mr. Gingrich. The woman from Iowa who challenged Gingrich on his lack of humility, later said this of him, “I don’t know,” she said by phone. “Pride goeth before a fall.”

In 1985, Gingrich told the Washington Post: “I have enormous personal ambition. I want to shift the planet. And I’m doing it.” In 1994, he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “People like me are what stand between us and Auschwitz.” Just the other day, at the Iowa statehouse, he gave himself credit for helping defeat the Soviet Empire.

Ms. Abcarian writes that Mr. Gingrich’s opinion of himself “ranges from lofty to stratospheric.” That is what we need in a President right now. Someone in which the election will be all about him — right!

But his occasionally apocalyptic self-regard is running counter to another Iowa interest: modesty. . .

This quote suggests that Gingrich is still very much in the race in Iowa. This refers to a Mr. and Mrs. Thorpe from previous comments:

Both Thorpes have enjoyed watching Gingrich’s debate performances. “I will say that all of his answers begin the same way — ‘Well, your premise is wrong, you’re a moron and here’s why,’ ” he said. “After awhile it begins to get old, but I like his ideas so much, I’m willing to look over it.”

Maybe this is how Iowans are able to hold their nose to vote for such a narcissistic man:

“We’re picking the president of the United States,” he said. “We’re not picking someone to invite over for dinner!”

I find it stunning that any person would vote for someone who puts self before country. By the way, Intrade (12/26/11, at 9:10 a.m. PST) to the question, Will the candidate be the Republican candidate in Nominee in 2012?, Romney is at 70.1% and Gingrich is at 8.8%.

And what about the following little comment about not qualifying for the Virginia primary — Is this not the epitome of bombastic and hyperbole? This failure in Virginia is the height of arrogance. Check this article; Gingrich compares this to, “an ‘unexpected setback’ similar to the attack on Pearl Harbor.” And he still has supporters!

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.” -C.S. Lewis

Californians Rally for the Constitution

They came. 400 faces etched with patriotism. Protest signs held high. Flags waved. Music played. Speakers inspired. Pledges were made.

Like 9-12 rallies across our great land, we who gathered in San Juan Capistrano, CA on September 12, 2021 came to celebrate American freedom and to pledge to restore America. We were reminded of all that is at stake. It was an urgent call to be vigilant in extending every effort to preserve, protect, and defend our American Constitution. It was a magnificent gathering of ‘we, the people.’

A Man for Our Times: Mitt Romney

They’rrrrre… back!

With summer break over, Town-Hall-touchy Congress once again grazing on Capitol Hill, Hampton-haberdashed Obama antsy to teleprompt another Health Care spiel tonight, and the mainstream media pretending they don’t know who Van Jones is, it’s a pleasure to be part of the Mitt Romney Central kick-off! Congrats to Nate and all involved in making this site possible.

With promised twists, policy turns, and private-industry take-overs by our current administration (and all that ominously portends to come) just knowing that Mitt Romney is – somewhere – toiling for the conservative cause – gives me confidence in the future.

If ever there were a man who loves America, our Constitution, and our freedoms, it’s Mitt. If ever there were a man who understands our free-market system, how opportunity is created, how prosperity is sustained, it’s Mitt. If ever there were a man who embodies innovation, dedication, persistence, and results, it’s Mitt. If ever there were a man who values family, generosity, service, and hard work, it’s Mitt.

If ever there were a man for these times, it’s Mitt Romney.

To that end, I am dedicated to promoting Mitt Romney for President 2012.

(To view Mitt’s schedule for September, click here.)