Romney: Attracting the Undecided & Inspiring the Base

Three days ago, The New York Times posted Romney’s Potential Running Mates. The list provides a quick reference to those the media considers on the “short list.”

From time to time, publishes the opinions of guests — these views are theirs alone. Following is an opinion of guest Troy Tate of Orange County, California.


Troy Tate

This is the most important election in my lifetime. We have a community activist/agitator (Obama) in the Oval Office, whose overall objectives are to amass power and to spread the wealth so he can create a permanent underclass dependent on government. Four more years will likely tip the balance and forge an era of progressive/liberal rule. Obama has led America down the road to mediocrity and despair at home and to weakness and ambivalence abroad. But Obama’s got the media, Hollywood and an increasingly dependent group of Americans pulling for him. On the other hand, we have a challenger who can and will turn it around and keep us from falling off a cliff—Romney.

What does Romney do to win? Romney needs to fire up his base, including tea party conservatives, to give their all to his campaign at the grassroots level. Romney also needs to win over the hearts of the undecided voters who either voted for Obama in 2008 or didn’t vote at all. This undecided group of voters either might reluctantly vote for Obama or not vote at all in November. Yes, these voters may be dissatisfied with what’s happening with the government deficits, the economy, immigration and America’s loss of power and influence in the world but they don’t want to take a chance on another candidate who may make things worse. They’re not sure they can trust the challenger any more than they trust the incumbent.

How does Romney persuade these “swing voters” to go his direction? How does he earn their trust? Telling them what policies he will implement when he becomes President will not move the needle. Romney moves the needle when he connects with their hearts and helps them to see what’s at stake with our country, our freedoms, our children’s futures and our security as a sovereign nation. Romney wins them over when he shares from his core what he believes and why he believes it and passionately articulates his overall vision for America. He must focus on his “why”—why he is running and why his winning will matter a lot in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Conservative principles articulately and passionately shared (especially on fiscal and economic issues) will win over the hearts of those teetering on the fence.

When Romney connects passionately with these voters and they feel his commitment, his beliefs and his vision, they will listen to him share what he will do and how he will do it. If Romney focuses on the policies he will implement without first connecting with their hearts, it will be much more difficult to sway these “on the fence” voters.

So this is what I would tell Governor Romney if we could talk over the phone or face to face about how to win this election:

Governor Romney, people are moved to trust you as a leader when you share those core beliefs, values and principles that are diametrically opposed to those of Obama. People are moved when the importance of what you are saying is not just in the words you select but in your voice, in your eyes and face, and in your gestures. People are moved when you speak from the heart and articulate conservative positions that survive any attacks because they are tied to timeless truths and core principles articulated in the Declaration of Independence. When these undecided voters truly start to sense what is at stake as they hear you describe it and start to feel that you are an advocate of values they hold dear, they will be motivated to support you. That’s what Reagan did so well to beat an incumbent. You can too.

Here’s my second and final suggestion to you, Governor Romney. Pick a running mate who not only is brilliant but also can clearly, effectively and passionately articulate your core beliefs, values and principles about American exceptionalism, limited government, religious freedom and free enterprise. I’ve considered those people who purportedly are on your short list and one stands strongly above the rest. Frankly, this potential running mate is inspiring regardless of the issue he addresses and regardless of whether he speaks contemporaneously at a rally, gives prepared remarks on the Senate floor, or responds to tough questions from the media. That individual is Marco Rubio.

If you haven’t done so already, listen on YouTube to Rubio recently being interviewed by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. Consider how clearly, boldly and persuasively Rubio articulates conservative principles and positions without making personal attacks or relying on meaningless platitudes. Jon Stewart was left almost speechless because he couldn’t catch Rubio in any of the snares he set up, including the statistics to support his claim that Rubio and his Senate Republican colleagues were the worst obstructionists ever. When Rubio explained why they did what they did, all the air came out of Stewart’s obstructionist charge. Jon couldn’t knock down any of Rubio’s arguments with logic, facts or even emotion. You will probably conclude as I have how Rubio as a running mate can be a critical asset to your winning the Presidency.

Choose Rubio, Governor Romney. Portman and Pawlenty certainly can fill important positions in your administration. Christie and McDonnell can continue to lead out at the state level as Governors of New Jersey and Virginia. Ryan can help us tremendously in the House of Representatives, but Rubio is the one who will fire up your base and who will motivate all those independent swing voters, including Hispanics and other minorities, to vote for your ticket. With America’s future and our prosperity and freedoms literally hanging in the balance, don’t choose a “competent” running mate that doesn’t know how to connect with and inspire the base and the undecided voters. Rubio will do that for you and with you. Besides, he’d make a great Vice President.

Troy L Tate, President of Torque Solutions LLC, is the author of The DNA of Successful Leaders: Tapping Your Natural Power to Win Friends and Influence Others and the creator of the audio program: The Missing Step: Complete Directions When Your Career Has Reached a Critical Crossroad. Troy is the father of four daughters and resides in Laguna Niguel, California with his wife and youngest daughter.

Romney’s ‘Special K’ Support: Gov Kasich & Sen Kyle (+ Lt. Gov Taylor), Mitt to Address GOP State Chairmen

Mitt Romney has just been given a BIG helping of Special K

Kasich & Kyle for Romney!

Ohio Governor John Kasich and Arizona Senator Jon Kyl are keen to support Governor Romney ‘s campaign for the presidency. Ohio Lt. Gov Mary Taylor is also standing with Romney.

Serving as an important link to the northeast and midwest, here’s the latest from the beautiful Buckeye State:

Announcing his support, Governor Kasich said, “The biggest issue in this presidential election will be who can make the economy stronger so that America’s families can be stronger. I’m for Mitt Romney because he’s got the proven experience as a manager and as a job creator that America needs right now. The progress we’ve made in Ohio is hampered by a White House that can’t make up its mind and which can’t set the right course for our economy. Mitt Romney’s got what it takes to get us back on track and I look forward to working with him to make his campaign in Ohio and across the country a success.”

Lt. Gov. Taylor said, “With job creation being Ohio’s top priority, the presidential race is going to be about whose policies can help us continue to get back on our feet. The tax-and-spend policies we see now from the White House are only barriers to our efforts to get Ohioans working again. By contrast, Mitt Romney has a deep understanding of the needs of job creators and will put that experience and know-how to work for Ohioans and the nation, and I’m happy to support his campaign for the presidency.

Romney responds:

“I am proud to have earned the support of Ohio Governor Kasich and Ohio Lt. Gov. Taylor,” said Mitt Romney. “This might be the most important election in a generation. Our country can continue on its current path, or we can choose another path – one with lower spending, more jobs, and less debt. Ohio will be a critical – and possibly deciding – state in November. Having the support of Governor Kasich and Lt. Gov. Taylor will be vital in our efforts to defeat President Obama and change the direction of the country.”

Background on Governor Kasich:
Governor John Kasich was elected in 2010. Previously he served for 18 years in the U.S. House of Representatives where he was chairman of the Budget Committee and the architect of the first balanced budget in decades. In his first year as governor, he closed an historic $8 billion budget shortfall without a tax increase and instead cut taxes by $800 million. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on Gov. Kasich’s watch Ohio has created more than 82,000 jobs –the most in the Midwest and the fourth largest increase in the nation – and both Standard & Poors and Moody’s have raised Ohio’s credit outlook from negative to stable.

Background on Lt. Gov. Taylor:

Lt. Gov. Taylor was elected with Gov. Kasich in 2010. Previously she served in the Ohio House of Representatives and as Auditor of State. As Lt. Gov. she oversees the Department of Insurance and leads the Administration’s effort to streamline and update Ohio’s regulatory policies.

From the magnificent Grand Canyon State, which attracts five million visitors per year, comes the call from Senator Jon Kyl to unite behind Governor Romney:

Announcing his support, Senator Kyl said, “After a long primary, it is time for the Republican Party to come together and support the candidate who will defeat President Obama. That is why I am proud to support Mitt Romney. President Obama’s record is full of broken promises and failed policies. Mitt Romney will restore American greatness at home and abroad. He has a bold economic plan that will create jobs and help middle class families prosper. He will also make the 21st century an American century and regain America’s respected status in the world. These next months will be hard fought and change will not come easy, but I am proud to stand with Mitt and to do anything I can to make sure he is our next president.”


Senator Kyl has been a leader in the Senate in the fight to cut spending, make government accountable, and to protect our country,” said Mitt Romney. “I am proud to have the support of someone who shares my vision for getting our country on the right track by allowing the private sector to flourish and getting government out of the way. Senator Kyl has been a tremendous public servant for Arizona and I look forward to working with him to reach out to Arizona voters over the next few months.”

Background on Senator Kyl:

Senator Kyl Was First Elected To The U.S. Senate In 1994. For over four years, Kyl has been the Senate Minority Whip. He also served eight years in the U.S. House and was a lawyer before entering government. He and his wife Caryll have two children.

As the GOP’s presumptive nominee and 2012 standard bearer, Romney is in Arizona today to speak at the 2012 RNC State Chairmen’s Meeting. It’s the last formal meeting before the nomination convention in August in Tampa; those running Republican organizations at the state level will be in attendance.

C-Span will air it LIVE at 3:45pm (ET). CNN will provide a livefeed here.

From PBS NewsHour:
GOP Establishment Gets Behind Romney
By Christina Bellantoni, Terence Burlij
April 20, 2012:

It’s a big day for Mitt Romney, who will be embraced by GOP establishment figures during the Republican National Committee’s meeting of state chairmen and officials in Scottsdale, Ariz.

All week he’s been collecting endorsements from governors and other top lawmakers — including House Speaker John Boehner …
The unity weekend is intended to help the entire party shift focus onto the general election.

Santorum supporters are joining Romney:

A top RNC official contended Thursday that enthusiasm for Mr. Romney, who has struggled at times to connect with the party’s conservative base, is on the rise.

Romney is getting conservatives on this committee to rally behind him,” said Illinois RNC member Demetra DeMonte, the elected secretary of the RNC and a founding member of the RNC’s Conservative Caucus. Ms. DeMonte had originally favored Mr. Santorum, who often outpaced Mr. Romney in primaries and caucuses among evangelical voters and tea party activists.

The unity weekend is intended to help the entire party shift focus onto the general election.

UPDATE - Watch Romney’s speech here.

By the way, the Romney campaign is giving away FREE bumper stickers. Get yours now; click here!

(emphasis added to endorsements/article)

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Floodgates Open: Support for Romney from Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Alaska

Floodgates of support are really opening now for Mitt Romney…

Today, social and fiscal conservative Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn penned a strong op-ed supporting Romney. GOP Representatives (32 of them!) in Massachusetts and Alaska Lt. Gov Mead Treadwell also issued well-muscled letters of support. Eric Cantor also stepped up to the plate for Romney.

It’s clear.

They all believe Romney’s years of private sector work and leadership skills seal the deal. Unquestionably, they feel Romney is ready to be wrapped in the presidential mantle.

UPDATE - Add former First Lady Barbara Bush’s name to the list. She recorded a robo call message for Mitt that is playing throughout Vermont:

Senator Coburn:

I’m proud to support Romney because he is a leader. What Romney has done in his 25 years in the private sector is precisely what we need a president to do in Washington. Romney has done hard things. He has turned businesses around, told people hard truths about what needed to be done, inspired confidence and overcome excuses.”

Mitt Romney Best Equipped To Solve Problems Facing Our Nation
By Sen. Tom Coburn
The Oklahoman
March 4, 2022

Sen Tom Coburn

America faces the greatest challenges of any in my lifetime. Our debt is now the size of our entire economy. If we don’t change course in the near future, we will face an economic catastrophe far worse than our recent recession.

At the same time, we’re facing a crisis of leadership in Washington. The problems and solutions are widely understood — and far from impossible to implement — yet our so-called leaders have shown little interest in solving problems. President Obama campaigned as a transformational leader, yet he has rejected transformational solutions such as the Simpson-Bowles plan that gave Washington a framework for averting a debt crisis.

Elections are about choices. This November, the most important choice facing the American people will be whether we will demand a solution and avert a debt crisis or whether we will continue to accept the status quo and hope for the best. I’m confident the vast majority of Americans on both sides of the aisle want a solution. The next choice, then, is deciding who is best qualified to enact a solution.

In life, and especially politics, our choices are seldom perfect and often difficult. But it is critically important to make a choice and support the person who is best equipped to solve the urgent problems before us. In my view, that person is Mitt Romney.

From my experience, Washington tends to be divided between two groups — leaders and career politicians. Leaders tend to have a wealth of real-world experience outside of politics and are in office to give rather than take something from their position. Career politicians, on the other hand, mean well but are ill-equipped to solve problems. Their greatest skill is getting re-elected.

Continue reading here.

From Romney’s Press Office - MA Republican Reps (32 signatures!):

If Mitt gets to the White House and has a chance to do for the country what he did for Massachusetts, we will see a turnaround in this country unlike any we have seen before.

Massachusetts Republican Representatives Stand with Mitt

Click on map to enlarge.

Over the course of this election season, we members of the Massachusetts Republican Legislative Caucus, have watched and listened as our former Governor’s record has been scrutinized by his rivals and by the national media. Now it is our turn to speak.

Republicans in Massachusetts never had a stronger leader, a greater defender, or a better friend in the State House than Mitt Romney.

Let’s start with the economy. When Mitt was elected Governor, Massachusetts was on the verge of financial disaster. Workers across the state were being laid off at the rate of thousands a month.

Our state budget was bleeding red ink, and Democratic politicians were proclaiming that only tax increases could fill the gap. Raising taxes, of course, was not Governor Romney’s way. Quite the opposite. With the same energy and intelligence he brings to every challenge he faces, he brought efficiency to our state government. He streamlined our budget and cut unneeded programs.

Without raising taxes—indeed, he cut taxes nineteen times—he balanced the budget every year of his term. By the end of four years, he had turned a $3 billion deficit into a $2 billion rainy-day fund. With the state government’s finances in order, the economy picked up steam. Unemployment at the end of Mitt’s term was 4.7 percent, a rate the state envies now.

But the economy was not the only realm where Mitt was a leader. He cracked down on illegal immigration by vetoing an in-state tuition bill and by authorizing state troopers to detain people who had entered the country illegally. When Democrats caved to the teachers unions and sought to impose a one-year moratorium on publicly-funded charter schools, Mitt successfully turned back their efforts.

Click here to continue reading

WHOA Whoa whoa… Ann Coulter is Talking Way Too Much Sense…

Ann Coulter goes to bat for Mitt Romney

Telling It Like It Is

…so obviously she must be some RINO schill.

Seriously, Ann’s typical candor and fearlessness are on full display as she goes to bat for Mitt in a big way in her article she posted yesterday entitled What’s Their Problem with Mitt? Her closing remarks of Romney being “the biggest outsider and most conservative candidate we’ve run for president since Reagan,” makes me recall when Jack Welsh said on CNN that “as a presidential candidate, Mitt Romney is the best I have ever seen in the last 50 years!”

Excerpt from Ann Coulter’s article: (Be sure to read the whole thing)

As governor of one of the most liberal states in the union, Mitt Romney did something even Ronald Reagan didn’t do as governor of California: He balanced the budget without raising taxes.

Romney became deeply pro-life as governor of the aforementioned liberal state and vetoed an embryonic stem cell bill. (Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich lobbied President George W. Bush to allow embryonic stem cell research.)

Romney’s approach to illegal immigration in Massachusetts resembled what Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona is doing today, making her a right-wing heroine.

Romney pushed the conservative alternative to national health care that, had it been adopted in the 49 other states, would have killed Obamacare in the crib by solving the health insurance problem at the state level.

Unlike actual Establishment candidates, Romney has never worked in Washington, much less spent his entire life as a professional politician. He’s had a Midas touch with every enterprise he has ever run, including Bain Capital, the Olympics and Massachusetts.

The chestnut about Mitt Romney being pushed on unsuspecting conservatives by “the Establishment” is the exact opposite of the truth. The Establishment, by any sensible definition, is virulently opposed to Romney — and for completely contradictory reasons.

The entire NFM (non-Fox media) hate Romney because he is the only candidate who stands a chance of beating Obama.
(Keep reading)

Romney & The Angry Right - Challenges Ahead - Michael Medved

Michael Medved nails Mitt Romney’s challenges in 2012, as well as the GOP’s.

From The Daily Beast:

Michael Medved

On no significant issue has Romney moved to the left or to the center over the last four years; his platform of 2012 offers a program of conservative reform far bolder and more substantive than any ideas he put forward in 2008.

Mitt’s precise problem came into focus for me with an e-mail from an angry listener to my radio show who upbraided me for my open support of Romney as the most electable candidate against Obama. “We remember what you did to us last time, and we won’t let you get away with it again!” she wrote. “This time you’re trying to ram the RINO, Romney, down our throats and last time it was McCain. It was because of people like you that we got stuck with McCain, when we could have had a real conservative who would have beaten Obama!”

And who would have been that “real conservative” back in the distant days of 2008?

None other than … Mitt Romney, the “conservative’s conservative ” eagerly endorsed by Senator Jim DeMint and nearly all of my talk radio colleagues, including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage and many more.

That Romney no longer counts as a “real conservative” doesn’t reflect any ideological shifts on his part, but it does suggest a significant movement of the entire GOP toward the enraged and indignant right. The far lower turnouts in Florida, Nevada, Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri all indicate that this tectonic movement hardly counts as a positive development for the Republican Party.

“The enraged and indignant right.” - Sound familiar?

We have seen many such sentiments expressed here, on other sites and in a daily diatribe on most truth twisting Talk Radio shows. This “I’d rather be RIGHT than win” mantra will prove to be a major stumbling block on the road to successfully ousting President Obama.

Just as Talk Radio and misguided fringer conservatives mucked up the 2010 mid-term elections, where the goal was to TAKE CONTROL of the Senate as well as the House (while disposing of Harry Reid in the process) they seem hell-bent on using the same tactics in the 2012 cycle. The GOP could have deposed Reid in Nevada with a popular mainstream conservative, but were overrun by the “blood in their eyes” right-wing activists who offered us an ill-prepared and unsuitable candidate.

In Delaware, rather than keep a safe, solid seat in the GOP aisle and make the incumbent tow the line AFTER control was won, we had to suffer through the debacle of a psuedo-witch leading us to defeat, while Talk Radio extolled her conservative purity.


“Because we’re as mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

In our personal lives, very seldom is it wise or successful to make serious decisions while in a highly emotional and angry state of mind. Unfortunately, this logic doesn’t seem to be followed in certain political circles.

It’s sad to see the same storm clouds gathering again on the political horizon. Hopefully we can wake up, seek shelter from the storm and ride the sensible, pragmatic and MAINSTREAM CONSERVATIVE course to victory.

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A Scandal per Day - Newt’s Greatest Hits

Here is a list the scandals that have involved Newt Gingrich in the last week. As you read this list, ask yourself if this man would be fitting representative for our country as president of the United States.

1) Gingrich’s second wife, Marianne Gingrich, reveals on ABC News that Newt asked her for an “open marriage” so he could continue to have an affair while remaining married. 

2) After the “open marriage” allegation, Gingrich stated in his defense that he “offered several witnesses” to ABC news who could counter the allegations but that ABC news “wasn’t interested.” A few days later, Gingrich then admits that he lied and that he never offered counter witnesses to ABC.

3) Forbes magazine reports that Gingrich very possibly is a tax cheat and that he didn’t pay all the necessary taxes for 2010. Gingrich owes up to $69,000 in taxes to the IRS.

4) Politico runs a story that proves conclusively that Gingrich supported and praised the model used by Freddie/Fannie to make home loans. This model allowed for “subprime” mortgages to be used widely in the U.S. and eventually lead to the housing crisis. Politico’s story contradicts Gingrich’s many claims that he was simply a “historian” for Freddie/Fannie and that he warned against the model. 

5) Countering Gingrich’s recent claims that he was Ronald Reagan’s greatest supporter/follower, many insiders to the Reagan White House wrote that Gingrich “repeatedly insulted Reagan”and said that Reagan was responsible for America’s moral “decay.” Newt goes on to say thatReagan’s policies were “flawed” and “insufficient” to counter the spread of Communism and the Soviet Union. 

6) A new video of Newt Gingrich is uncovered that shows Newt in 1985 bashing Ronald Reagan saying “the Reagan administration has failed” and that “Harry Truman has accomplished vastly more in foreign policy in five years than Reagan in the same amount of time.” 

7) At a recent rally in Florida, Gingrich said “I never criticized Clinton for having sex with Lewinski.” That is truly an astonishing thing for Gingrich to say. 

8. In an interview with CBN, Gingrich says that his many mistakes, like being a serial adulterer, makes him look more “normal and relatable” to people.

9) Joe Scarborough served in the House as a Republican during Newt’s time as speaker. Scarborough writes about how Newt passed the Contract with American and then fought with the GOP to break key provisions of that same contract. Scarborough also brings up how Gingrich “compared Reagan with Neville Chamberlain, dismissed Reaganomics as flawed and called Reagan’s approach to the Soviet Union an utter failure a few years before the U.S.S.R. was relegated to the dustbin of history.”

10) In 2007, Gingrich said that Spanish is the “language of the Ghetto.” Fact-checkers have verified that Gingrich has given several explanations for this comment but he has never really apologized for it.

11) Aside from the scandals, there are also just plain “Zany” comments made by Gingrich. In a speech in Florida recently, Gingrich vowed to create a “permanent colony on the moon by the end of his second term in office.” And that colony will “become the 51st state in America.

12) Former GOP presidential nominee, Bob Dole, issues a stinging anti-endorsement of Gingrich pointing out that hardly anyone who served under Gingrich has endorsed him.

Did I forget anything else that happened in the last week or so? Those are just the scandals I could think of off the top of my head. Just imagine what the Democrats could do with a list like this. And remember, that is only last week.

Perry’s Vetting Results in Romney’s Phone Ringing Off the Hook

Texas Governor Rick Perry's signature gesture...

Now that Rick Perry’s debate vetting is divorcing him from some disgruntled conservatives, voters are taking a new look at Mitt Romney:

Thanks to Perry, Romney Phones “Ringing off the Hook

By Emily Friedman
Sept 27, 2021

Several sources close to the [Romney] campaign told ABC News that there has been a noticeable peak in interest since last week’s debate in Orlando, during which GOP frontrunner Rick Perry garnered an onslaught of criticism for his floundering performance.

One top fundraiser said his phone has been “ringing off the hook” in the past few days.

But in addition to rallying the enthusiasm of their base, Romney sources say that donors are opening their pocketbooks in the wake of Perry’s debate performance.

I think that one of the things that’s pretty remarkable is the change that really took place after [the debate],” said Ambassador John Rood, Romney’s Florida finance co-chair. “I’ve never seen such a change in fortune like I saw after the debate.”

“There were obviously many people watching closely to determine where they were going to go this election,” Rood added. ”The debate had a big influence on who these people were going to support.”

Revival comes as Mitt Romney shows ol’ pluck

By Joe Battenfeld
Monday, September 26, 2021

Remember what the pundits were saying about Mitt Romney a few weeks ago? Too wishy-washy. Too boring. Tea Party hates him. Take a shovel and bury him.

Well, guess what? Mitt’s not dead. In fact, he’s back on track to win the GOP nomination. And the guy who was supposed to be beating him, Rick Perry, is about to get the nap time he so obviously needs. The only organization that’s choked worse than the Perry campaign this September is the Red Sox [team stats].

Romney’s revival should not come as a surprise to Massachusetts voters who knew him before he decided to run for president. In the 2002 gubernatorial campaign, Romney was engaged, forceful and a very tough debater who held his own under grilling by the late Tim Russert. And who can forget then-Gov. Romney publicly dressing down Turnpike chief Matt Amorello after the Big Dig tunnel collapse? Romney was so mad his hair actually fell out of place.

Now Republican voters are finally seeing the old Mitt again, thanks to Perry. The Texas governor has turned Romney from cautious front-runner to scrappy underdog. After Perry’s self-destruction in the last debate, Romney should demand nightly debates — preferably after 9 p.m., when the Texas governor gets sleepy.

Romney has also turned around his campaign with some good strategic moves, such as ignoring — or at least pretending to ignore — those silly straw polls. Anyone who thinks that Herman Cain’s “stunning” victory in Florida proves anything must have grapefruit on the brain. Many of those Cain supporters were obviously expecting free pizza.

Romney’s re-emergence — and Perry’s rapid decline — is also bad news for President Obama, who now faces the prospect of running against a Republican who can win over moderate and independent voters.[…]

(emphasis added to articles)

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Moving the Needle; Why Some Conservatives Disingenuously Reject Romney

Recently, columnist David Frum stated:

2012 is shaping up as an all-out battle between big donors and local activists, with the big donors coalesced around Romney and the local activists increasingly desperately shopping for somebody – anybody – else.

Others have phrased it differently . . . that Romney’s become “The Establishment” candidate, while many strong conservatives are looking for an “Anti-Establishment” candidate to rally around.  Having seen this narrative develop over the last couple years has been both interesting and confusing to me, especially in light of what transpired in the 2008 GOP primary.

John McCain was the Establishment candidate last cycle, with Mitt running as a Washington outsider.  Mitt even was viewed by most as “the Conservative Alternative” to McCain.  Mitt garnered the endorsements of most conservative pundits, power-brokers, and politicians.  Just a preliminary list included Sen Jim DeMint (SC), Sen. Judd Gregg (NH), Ann Coulter, James Bopp Jr., Sen. Orrin Hatch (UT), Judge Robert Bork, Sean Hannity, David Keene (Chariman of the American Conservatives Union), Paul Weyrich (founder of The Heritage Foundation), Bay  Buchanan, Bob Jones III, Sen. Thad Cochran (MS), Laura Ingraham, Sen. Wayne Allard (CO), Rush Limbaugh, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN), Rick Santorum, Mark Levin, Rep Connie Mack IV (FL), Hugh Hewitt, Jay Sekulow, William Bennett, Lars Larson, Sherriff Joe Arpaio (R-AZ), Dennis Prager, Ross Perot, and Glenn Beck  . . . an impressive list that serves as a “Who’s Who” of the conservative community.

By most accounts, McCain was not a good nominee for the GOP and did not run a particularly effective campaign.  Others argue that no GOP nominee could have beat Obama under the circumstances of “Bush Fatigue” and a crashing economy.  Whatever the reason, “The Establishment” woke up after the terrible losses of 2008 and realized that running a moderate DC insider with “get along” politics is no way to win the presidency (a la Bob Dole, John Kerry, and Al Gore to name just a few).  There was quite a bit of “wish we would have nominated Romney” feeling going around at the time.

What happened is that “The Establishment” wisened up and moved it’s support for this cycle to the right of McCain by gravitating towards DC-Outsider Mitt Romney.   But in a knee-jerk and rather childish reaction to mounting establishment support for Romney, many anti-establishment types (I’m looking at you Talk Radio and conservative blogsites like HotAir and RedState!!) have thereby rejected Romney due to said establishment support.  It’s as if they’re saying:

“We cannot support any candidate that has the support of ‘The Establishment.’  We don’t care that he’s never worked in DC, that he’s too rich to be bought by lobbyists, that he’s the strongest candidate to match up with Obama (as poll after poll shows), nor that we supported him in 2008 and that he hasn’t done anything since that time to become ‘less conservative.”  By darn, if ‘The Establishment’ likes him, we cannot accept him and we KNOW that SOMETHING must be wrong with him!  (we’ll get back to you when we finally figure out what that ‘something’ is.)”

Now, some will be quick to say that the big difference this time is “RomneyCare” . . . that Mitt proved that he’s no true conservative because that legislation included an “individual mandate” on purchasing health insurance.  Oh, you mean that law that was crafted in 2004-5 and passed in 2006 with the support of The Heritage Foundation and loads of conservatives and was the topic of discussion in the debates leading up to the 2008 election?  The RomneyCare that didn’t seem to hamper your support and endorsement of him last time?   Excuse me while I scratch my head  for a while . . .

Observers have seen this anti-establishment community jump around in their preferred candidate between Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, and have even seen some flirtations with Donald Trump, Michelle Bachmann, and Mitch Daniels (the latter is ironically much more of a DC insider and “establishment” guy than Mitt ever was).  Tim Pawlenty hasn’t seemed to catch on with hardly anyone, but many have him at the back of their minds just in case none of these other “anti-establishment” candidates pan out.  It’s almost as if they know that broad-based support will eventually coalesce around Romney, but that they just can’t bring themselves to get on board yet because of pride.  That they’re instead pimping and pumping up ANYBODY else they can think of in order to put off the inevitable time when they’ll have to swallow their pride and get back on the Romney train.

Yes, there’s no doubt that the needle has been moved to the right over the past four years.  But there is no logical reason that Romney should not have the strong support from the conservative community that he enjoyed last time.  Those orchestrating these machinations are being both prideful and disingenuous.

While Obama Pursues the Trivial, Mitt Romney’s Favorable Numbers Reflect his Work Ethic

Mitt Romney’s actions speak loudly.

Rather than spend the bulk of his time talk, talk, talking, he focuses on results. He is a worker and his record proves it. And, his hard work hasn’t gone without notice.

Those once skeptical about his conservative bonafides are far less skeptical:

Mitt Romney, conservative darling?

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has spent the better part of the last five years working to convince conservatives that he is one of them. And, if the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll is right, he’s done it.

Sixty percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents view the potential GOP presidential candidate favorably, while just 21 percent see him in an unfavorable light.

That’s an improvement from where he stood in early January 2008 – in the heart of the GOP primary fight – when 55 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents viewed him favorably and 36 percent felt unfavorably toward him. And back in November 2007, Romney’s favorable score stood at 42 percent while 28 percent felt unfavorably toward him in Post/ABC data.

Perhaps more important for Romney as he gears up for a second presidential bid in 2012 are his numbers among the most conservative segments in the GOP. Sixty-eight percent of self-identified conservatives view Romney favorably; his numbers are even higher among the portion of that group who identify themselves as “very” conservative – with 71 percent seeing the former governor in a favorable light.

During the 2008 campaign, Romney struggled to convince Republicans and, in particular, conservatives that he was a genuine conservative despite some moderate-to-liberal stances he had taken on some social issues during the 1990s.

These numbers suggest that Romney may not have that problem in 2012, perhaps having (finally) won those skeptical conservatives over.[…]

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While Romney is being noticed for his work ethic, Obama is being noticed for his trivial pursuits while world crises continue and the U.S. government limps along with a cat-and-mouse budget - like golf, choosing NCAA picks, attending a Chicago Bulls basketball game, and partying at the chi-chi D.C. Gridiron Dinner:

The Middle East is afire with rebellion, Japan is imploding from an earthquake, and the battle of the budget is on in the United States, but none of this seems to be deterring President Obama from a heavy schedule of childish distractions.
This morning, as Japan’s nuclear crisis enters a potentially catastrophic phase, we are told that Obama is videotaping his NCAA tournament picks and that we’ll be able to tune into ESPN Wednesday to find out who he likes.

Saturday, he made his 61st outing to the golf course as president, and got back to the White House with just enough time for a quick shower before heading out to party with Washington’s elite journalists at the annual Gridiron Dinner.

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Update – All White House events today are ‘closed‘ press. Uh… wait – except for one – an event where he’ll accept an award for being open to the press.

Obama’s plans for this weekend? He and the family are headed to RIO!

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Conservatives: Don’t be Too Quick to Discredit RomneyCare (3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t)

An Innovative Leader

I expect we’ll be seeing more and more conservative writers come out of the woodwork in support of Romney’s health care efforts as Governor of Massachusetts — such as this mighty fine piece, released today from the editorial opinion section at (which, might I add, perfectly accompanies the little RomneyCare write-up I did just the other day).

In the op-ed, Nick Tzitzon (a government accountability consultant and former Romney aide) put together three reasons “why conservatives should embrace Mitt Romney’s health-care legacy”:

1) Conservatives like the concept of states, not the federal government, experimenting with public policies to determine their relative merits. Have you ever seen the phrase, “states as laboratories of democracy?” Do you agree with the concept? If so, credit Mitt Romney with the leadership and skill to negotiate a thoughtful compromise with the Massachusetts state legislature to get uninsured citizens health care coverage.

2) Conservatives like the concept of tailoring solutions to the unique circumstances in states and localities. Has Romney ever endorsed every element of the Massachusetts legislation as a viable, nationwide solution? Of course he hasn’t. To the contrary, credit Romney with having the guts to step up and admit that certain elements of the plan didn’t work the way his team had anticipated, particularly in light of last minute changes by the state legislature.

3) Conservatives like the concept of utilizing input from private enterprise in building public solutions. During Mitt Romney’s planning and legislative negotiations in Massachusetts, he brought the Heritage Foundation into the process and gave their free-market geniuses a seat at the table. Let me repeat that: Romney gave the deep red Heritage Foundation a seat at the table in blue state Massachusetts to help craft the state’s health care reform.

RomneyCare Respects State's Rights

A few weeks ago, I heard RomneyCare being discussed on the radio. Several callers, over the period of one hour or so, rang in to give their two cents on why or why not this issue would sink Romney’s candidacy. I was surprised when an overwhelming majority of callers voiced their support, not necessarily for Romney’s plan, but for the idea of his plan — a bill that was created on a state level, catered directly to the needs of that state, with very high popularity among the residents of that state at the time of its inception (a la Arizona Immigration Bill). THAT is what I want for my state, and for every state in this great country: the opportunity to opt-out of ObamaCare’s federal takeover and allow local leaders to decide what works best for their constituents.

I really do not see a problem with RomneyCare; in fact, I believe it positions Mitt Romney as the most capable person to effectively dismantle ObamaCare.

And now, the closing argument from Nick Tzitzon:

Far from being an albatross around Romney’s neck, the former Governor’s health-care legacy proves that he is by far the strongest, most innovative, credible, and conservative GOP hopeful who could take on President Obama.

-Aaron Gundy-