VP Debate: Biden’s Bad-Mannered Buffoonery Blows It, Ryan Resolute

Vice President Joe Buffoonery Biden proved once again at last night’s vice presidential debate in Danville, KY, what an embarrassment he is for the United States of America. (photographer unknown)

With his derisive laughter, zombie eye-rolling, feigned incredulity, exaggerated theatrical gestures, continual interruptions, and over-all condescension, Vice Presidential smirk monkey Joe Biden negated any gains he hoped to make at last night’s V.P. debate. Biden’s performance sealed the deal for him… as the simpleton from Scranton and America’s permanent political huckster. Debate moderator, ABC’s Martha Raddatz, failed to control all-show Joe and left many yearning for Jim Lehrer.

Although GOP Vice Presidential candidate 42-year-old Rep Paul Ryan is 27 years younger than 69-year-old Biden, he was resolute, reassuring, and ready to take on the smart-aleck. Ryan was clearly the adult seated at the debate desk in Danville.

Polls from CNBC and CNN revealed Ryan won.

Here’s just a sampling of Twitterverse take-aways (comments from FOX News contributors at end of article):

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Sununu Sets Record Straight on Obama’s Lies About Romney: Auto Bailout Attacks & More…

While Americans are cheering for U.S. athletes as they go for the gusto at the Olympic games in London (USA!) former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu continues to garner political gold on Mitt Romney’s behalf.

Sununu appeared yesterday on CNBC’s ‘Closing Bell’ with Maria Bartiromo to set the facts straight on Obama’s auto bailout attacks on Romney. Entitlement reform, taxes, the economy, and more were mentioned. As usual, solid Sununu came armed with facts and controlled the narrative.

No wonder Bartiromo couldn’t get anyone from the Obama campaign to appear with Sununu

Two days ago (July 31st) Sununu took on Juan Yawn Williams on Hannity (FOX News). Sununu ran truth circles around Williams…

“Is government the solution or the problem?” (begins @:15):

(Did you notice how Williams employed another new desperate Obama tactic? When Sununu laid out the disaster of Obamanomics, Williams attacked with a silly and ineffective “you’re-so-pessimistic-about-America-Chicken-Little” meme. Sounds like Team Obama held a few midnight beer summits to come up with that one!)
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Videos of Mitt on the Kudlow Report and Full Univision Interview

Before you do anything else, VOTE HERE for Mitt as the most trustworthy candidate

Part 1 of Mitt on the Kudlow Report

Part 2 of Mitt on the Kudlow Report

Ann Coulter did a good job on Glenn Beck yesterday.

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Information for People Interested in Attending the November 9th Republican Debate in Michigan

A lot of people in Michigan want to know if/how they can get tickets to next week’s 8:00 EST CNBC Republican Debate hosted by the Michigan Republican Party on Oakland University’s campus. I did some research, and here’s what I found:

Oakland University is directing people who do not attend and aren’t affiliated with the university to this information page. It appears the Michigan Republican Party is in charge of tickets, and they are asking anyone looking for tickets to call 517-487-5413.

As you can imagine, the whole campus is abuzz with the opportunity to host such an important and prestigious event. Michigan is Romney country, so Mitt should end up with a friendly audience which always helps shape the perception of the television viewers. Also, the debate will reportedly focus exclusively on the nation’s economic challenges including the national debt, jobs and taxes. If you have the ability to attend this debate, you shouldn’t miss it. It should be a blast. I’ve posted some of the videos promoting the debate below:

UPDATE: The Romney for President Team is offering one very lucky supporter the chance of a lifetime. Ever wondered what it’s like at campaign headquarters on debate night? Now’s your chance to find out. On November 9th, one lucky Mitt supporter will fly to campaign headquarters in Boston and watch the debate with Team Romney and friends. Donate $3 today for a chance at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go behind-the-scenes and experience debate night at Romney HQ.

Obama’s Problem: A Bad Economy and Mitt Romney

Charles Krauthammer points out in his latest article, ‘Stewardship? Or ideology?‘ in the Washington Post, that the landscape has changed since 2010 when it was a referendum on ‘Ideology’ that drove Republicans to victory. He feels that won’t work in 2012, especially when trying to win in a general election and the issue will be the economy. He goes on to say:

Suddenly, the election theme has changed. The Republican line in 2010 was: He’s a leftist. Now it is: He’s a failure. The issue is shifting from ideology to stewardship.

As in 1992, it’s the economy, with everything else a distant second. The economic numbers explain why Obama’s job approval has fallen, why the bin Laden bump disappeared so quickly, and why Mitt Romney is running even with the president. Romney is the candidate least able to carry the ideological attack against Obama — Exhibit A of Obama’s hyper-liberalism is Obamacare, and Romney cannot rid himself of the similar plan he gave Massachusetts. But when it comes to being solid on economics, competent in business and highly experienced in governance, Romney is the prohibitive front-runner.

The full article is HERE.

Chris Matthews, Howard Fineman, and Susan Page discuss President Obama, Mitt Romney, the economy, and the Charles Krauthammer piece in this segment of HARDBALL:

CNBC is noticing how poorly President Obama compares to Mitt Romney in terms of the economy now as well!

Mitt Romney Plays Hardball on ‘The Kudlow Report’

Larry Kudlow, host of CNBC’s The Kudlow Report, hosted a quick-paced interview with Gov Mitt Romney this evening. Prior to the program, Romney gave us the ‘heads up’ with a couple of tweets:

@Larry_Kudlow Looking forward to being on @thekudlowreport today to discuss jobs and the economy #Mitt2012

Great talking to @Larry_Kudlow today. Watch @CNBC @thekudlowreport tonight at 7pm. http://twitpic.com/4k4xr8 #Mitt2012

Kudlow, whose program regularly features top officials from the White House and Capitol Hill, business leaders, and top journalists, played hardball with questions on the economy, whose head should roll at the White House, trade and competitiveness with China, health care, Donald Trump, and more:

Many thanks to Mitt Romney. He was tough and intense.” ~Larry Kudlow

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