MSNBC likens Romney to the KKK & More Media Appearances for Mitt Romney

First, MSNBC goes off the rails again by likening Mitt to the KKK. Watch the video clips here.

Watch Mitt’s New York Times interview here, and then check out some of Mitt’s CBS interview below.

Listen to Mitt on the Hannity radio program here.

Ann Coulter calls Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann the most conservative candidates in the race.

Finally, watch the latest ad from the Super PAC, Restore Our Future, below the fold. Click here to continue reading

Obama’s Problem: A Bad Economy and Mitt Romney

Charles Krauthammer points out in his latest article, ‘Stewardship? Or ideology?‘ in the Washington Post, that the landscape has changed since 2010 when it was a referendum on ‘Ideology’ that drove Republicans to victory. He feels that won’t work in 2012, especially when trying to win in a general election and the issue will be the economy. He goes on to say:

Suddenly, the election theme has changed. The Republican line in 2010 was: He’s a leftist. Now it is: He’s a failure. The issue is shifting from ideology to stewardship.

As in 1992, it’s the economy, with everything else a distant second. The economic numbers explain why Obama’s job approval has fallen, why the bin Laden bump disappeared so quickly, and why Mitt Romney is running even with the president. Romney is the candidate least able to carry the ideological attack against Obama — Exhibit A of Obama’s hyper-liberalism is Obamacare, and Romney cannot rid himself of the similar plan he gave Massachusetts. But when it comes to being solid on economics, competent in business and highly experienced in governance, Romney is the prohibitive front-runner.

The full article is HERE.

Chris Matthews, Howard Fineman, and Susan Page discuss President Obama, Mitt Romney, the economy, and the Charles Krauthammer piece in this segment of HARDBALL:

CNBC is noticing how poorly President Obama compares to Mitt Romney in terms of the economy now as well!

Chris Matthews Show, 12 For ’12 series: Mitt Romney

Today on the Chris Matthews Show, Matthews and a panel of John Heilemann-New York Magazine; Alex Wagner-Politics Daily; Kelly O’Donnell-NBC News; Chuch Todd-NBC News, discuss Mitt Romney in the first of Matthews series, 12 For ’12:

RIGHT CLICK the photo below. Click on “Open link in new Window”. The video should load and then start for you.

What is MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Thinking?

First, let’s start with the good. Chris Matthews says that Mitt Romney is not a politician and that is why he will lose. This is good only because we can use that clip when people argue foolishly that Mitt is this Washington insider/career politician when we know the truth is that Mitt has never held a political office in Washington and has, in fact, only held one political office for a grand total of four years. However, after that, this clip has nothing much to offer because of the outlandish assumptions Chris Matthews makes. Whether or not this is simply Chris Matthews making mistakes or part of a larger concerted effort, time will tell.

note: The original video was taken down off youtube, but the new video below has much of the same footage:

#1. Why does MSNBC continue to refuse to even acknowledge the help Mitt Romney gave Nikki Haley’s campaign for governor of South Carolina. It’s certainly true that Sarah Palin’s endorsement was a big boost to the Haley campaign, but Mitt endorsed Nikki first, gave way more money to her campaign through his PAC, and did more behind the scenes to help. I’m very happy Sarah Palin endorsed Nikki Haley, and it’s nice to see Sarah and Mitt endorsing a lot of the same candidates, but I’m getting sick of the media pushing the same narrative on us every time a conservative candidate wins something.

#2. Chris Matthews assumes Sarah Palin will win Iowa simply because she apparently has the evangelical vote all to herself and she will be one woman against 5 men. Maybe Chris should ask Hillary Clinton how much it helps to be the only woman in a field of men.

#3. Then, Chris Matthews predicts that Sarah would get 2nd or third in New Hampshire followed by a first place finish in South Carolina. I would guess Chris’ assumption is that Sarah would get the endorsements of Nikki Haley, Jim DeMint, and other top conservatives in South Carolina, but I think that is taking quite a leap considering both Nikki Haley and Jim DeMint endorsed Mitt in 2008 and Mitt has held major fundraisers/donated large amounts through his PAC to both of them. (Note: Nikki Haley and Jim DeMint have both increased the value of their endorsement considerable from 2008.)

#4. Then, in perhaps the most ridiculous of all of Chris Matthew’s predictions, he says that Sarah Palin will win in Michigan against Mitt Romney. First of all, the 2012 primary calendar hasn’t even been set, so we have no idea if Michigan will be next after the first three. There are strong indications that Nevada will go before any other states after the first three of IA, NH, and SC, and Mitt won a huge landslide in Nevada in 2008. However, as someone who has lived in Michigan my entire life, I hope Michigan goes early in the primary season. We have been facing the economic problems that the whole country now faces for much longer than everyone else. Furthermore, I hope Michigan goes early because Mitt will win Michigan. Mitt is more popular here than ANY of our own politicians. His family history is well known and respected around here, and the crowds for Mitt here in Michigan in 2008 were huge and electric.

On top of all of that, we don’t even know that Sarah Palin is running for President.

The Perfect Candidate: Mitt Romney

Apparently that’s what Chris Matthews thinks:

During an interview with Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, host Chris Matthews said: “Let me ask you about [Republican presidential candidate] Mitt Romney. You know, I watched him on the [NBC] Today show this morning. He looks like a million bucks. Everything is perfect. Everything about him is perfect.” As examples, Matthews cited Romney’s “look,” his “manner,” and his “shirt,” with “never rolled-up sleeves” and “the tie always tied,” and asked: “That perfection — is that the Republican Party of the 21st century? Is that what we’re looking for, the perfect efficiency expert?”

(hat tip: Media Matters)