Shamelessly, Obama Continues to Distort Romney’s Economic Plan

After Obama’s comatose debate performance last week, the very next day on the campaign trail, with teleprompter chugging along at full speed, wasn’t it amazing how Obama suddenly became animatedly bright-eyed and chatty? Without missing a beat or showing even a modicum of acknowledgment that he messed up royally, he continued and still continues to lie about Mitt Romney’s economic plan. Despite the fact that news outlets, and even Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager, Stephanie Cutter, had to admit his false claim, Obama, his campaign officials, and his surrogates continue to flat-out call Romney a liar.

Following his embarrassing, cringe-worthy performance, the President’s immediate day-after-debate mocking of Governor Romney was a “na-na-na-na-na-na” display of petulant, smirky, childish egoism. (Eastwood was right about the empty chair.)

Brazen, boastful Barack…

Obama’s display reveals what a small, character-stunted man he is.

It’s astonishing to behold.

There was no lying from Romney. And, important to note, there was no post-debate gloating from Governor Romney.

New ad:

Here’s a fact Obama doesn’t want you to know: Under his economic plan, taxes will increase on the middle class by $4,000. Add this to your long list of reasons why Americans absolutely cannot afford or stand four more excruciating years of Obama’s fiascoes.

By Michael Ramirez

After nearly four deficient, failed years, Obama is blatantly showing a bit of the worst of himself in a repugnant attempt to convince Americans he now knows what’s best for our broke, broken nation.

By Rick McKee

Absolutely not.

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Childish Behavior of Obama & Minions: Where Are The Adults On The Left?

As a follow on to Luke’s post below, I have been pondering the current state of the Presidential Campaign and left wondering… Are there any adults on the Left? Rarely have we seen so much immaturity exhibited by those who claim to be adults! It is more frightening because they hold the power of the Presidency and the Senate! Barack Obama, David Axelrod, Robert Gibbs, Jim Messina, Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, and the list goes on…Each seems to have regressed in age and resorted to childish and juvenile behavior befitting a child. They are without logic, reason and intelligence. Think about times past when we were much younger, even in elementary school, junior high or high school - we experienced the juvenile and childish antics of those who were without; the class clown, the bully, and others. As I have observed the recent antics of the left, I feel as though I have gone back fifty years!

We observe in human behavior, that when individuals are lacking confidence and/or capacity they resort to bluster, diversionary tactics, clowning around, aggression, lies, distortions, deception and pride to cover their shortfalls or hide their inadequacies. It is more than revealing to observe what has been happening these past months (and years) with Obama, his minions, his campaign and his ‘Super PAC’, Priorities USA. They have shown so much immaturity in their behavior that it makes one wonder…

Just look at some of the recent events:
1) Priorities USA’s recent ad implying that Mitt Romney was responsible for the death of a former GST Steel employee’s wife from cancer: They profess that Mitt, who left Bain in 1999, was responsible for the closing of the GST plant in 2001 and killing Joe Soptic’s wife by leaving the Soptic’s without health insurance at the time when she contracted cancer and died (2006). Really? By any measure of sanity, it is not even close to a stretch - it is an absolute lie and fabrication, and they know it! The facts are, Mitt left Bain in 1999 and long after he left the plant was closed (2001). Further, the Soptic’s had continuous health insurance when Mrs. Soptic was diagnosed and died (2006). The immaturity of Priorities USA to take this approach illustrates their lack of respect for the American people, believing that their lies will get traction - how dumb do they think we are? Are they so out of touch to think that American’s who are worried that they don’t have enough money to buy groceries or put gas in their cars, or pay their mortgages, are going to be interested in their lies of distraction? Why are they so duplicitous in trying to deceive America and take us from the things that matter most to all of us, the economy and jobs? Are they so power hungry in wanting to retain the Presidency, that they would try and dupe America into a debate over lies and fabrications unrelated to what matters to each of us? Are they really that clueless? Mark Steyn provides a great parody here. And then when the chorus of voices in Gibbs, Obama, Pelosi, Axelrod, Wasserman-Schulz affirm Priorities lies, whether in silence or confirming voice, they double-down their delusions. ***UPDATED - commentary by Jim Geraghty, wherein he catches Stephanie Cutter in a bold faced lie with respect to this story.***

2) Harry Reid’s recent rants about Mitt Romney’s tax filings for the past 10 years: Clearly beyond the breach of reality! Clearly a flat out lie to try and distract the dialogue from what matters to Americans, or to try and goad Mitt into releasing returns, or to divert attention from his own failings. Think about it from the perspective of the school yard bully who taunts, cajoles and oppresses with lies - Harry Reid has ingratiated himself financially from his position in the Senate; he has failed to provide his own tax returns and filings; he is Obama’s lead minion in the Senate and wants to appease and accommodate his idol or power provider; he has failed to provide any fiscal leadership in the Senate for the past 3 1/2 years without a budget; the economy is in a disastrous state in good measure because of his and Obama’s failed leadership; he and Obama aren’t getting what they want out of Mitt (who is not accommodative to their dictates); he is a full of himself with an abundance of pride and ego, more so than anyone in Washington; besides Barack, Harry Reid is the epitome of the school yard bully who is lacking in anything of substance and is trying to hide or cover up his own inadequacies and lack of capacity. The lies are so extreme and unbelievable, and yet he thinks it keeps him relevant? Personally, it evidences his and Obama’s delusions. And then when the chorus of voices in Gibbs, Obama, Pelosi, Axelrod, Wasserman-Schulz affirm Harry’s rants, whether in silence or confirming voice, they double-down their delusions.

3) Obama’s campaign’s multiple accusations against Mitt Romney, including but not limited to: king of outsourcing, Bain’s vulture capitalism, greed and theft, without feeling, Mitt Romney’s simultaneous engagement from 1999-2002 at Bain Capital and the SLC Winter Olympics, commission of a felony with the SEC and so much more. There was never any foundation or substance to all of the accusations and lies from the Obama camp, and they knew it and still know it; and they persist in reckless abandon. Even the liberal media defended Mitt in many cases. The amazing thing is that Obama is so blatant in his lies of distraction; they are so extreme and unbelievable and speak volumes about the accuser. And then when the chorus of voices in Gibbs, Obama, Pelosi, Axelrod, Wasserman-Schulz affirm, whether in silence or confirming voice, they double-down their delusions.

The continued immaturity and childish behavior of Obama and his minions, and the extremes to which they will go is frightening. Even so, the more we give substance to their debate or distill into their abyss of delusion and deceit, the more we as Americans lose.

Thankfully, we have an adult in the race for the Presidency. Mitt Romney has not fallen prey to the deceptions, nor has he taken heed of some conservative pundits who have encouraged accommodation to the Obama lies by providing further documentation. To accommodate and appease Obama’s goading taunts, or to distill into a responsive dialog and debate of their deceit and lies will only distract the course and cause of freedom, jobs and the economy. Mitt Romney sees the greater picture and remains focused on what matters for America! Yes, there must be a response of substance and facts that dispel the lies, but to continue the dialog beyond such is merely playing into Obama’s wanting to distract the debate away from his failed accountability to each and every American. I am grateful for the wisdom and judgement of Mitt Romney. To quote Mark DeMoss, “I trust him; I trust him to do the right thing, to do the moral thing, to do what is best for our country; I trust his character, his integrity, his moral compass, his judgment and his perfect decency. And finally, I trust his values, for I am convinced they mirror my own.”

The opposite is true about Obama and those who stand with him - there is nothing to trust for he has failed to earn the respect and trust of America, by virtue of who he has proven himself to be. Obama’s America does not comport with my America!