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ONLINE DEBATE PARTY: Live Video, Chat, Bingo and Prizes!

It’s Romney vs. Obama, and if you are online the party is all here!

~~Live Stream~~


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~~BINGO (with prizes)~~

Click on this image to download a printable PDF with 5 different Bingo card options.
Obama Debate Bingo

How to win prizes with BINGO:
1-Download the PDF (click image) and print one of the five cards. I don’t suggest using card 5 :)
2-Mark off the words/phrases as Obama says them.
3-When you get Bingo leave a comment on this post. “Yell” BINGO, state which card you used, and which 5 phrases used gave you the Bingo. (Be sure to use the blog comment form, not the Facebook comments.)
4-The first 5 winners will get prizes. The comments are sorted by time-stamp, but since first-time commentors need to be moderated their posts may not show immediately, but when they’re approved they’ll show up in the right slot. Be sure to include your email address so we can contact you about shipping your hard-earned winnings!

The prizes all come from our Romney/Ryan 2012 Store.
1st: Choice of any 2 shirts, and 3 stickers
2nd through 5th: 1 free shirt and 1 sticker

ENJOY! And good luck to the Governor tonight!
~Nate G.

Romney Interviewed on ‘Morning Joe’ (VIDEO)

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski of Morning Joe (MSNBC) invited Mitt Romney to sit down for a chat this morning:

GOP ’12 candidate and former Gov. Mitt Romney, R-Mass., sits down with Morning Joe to discuss why he’s not bothered by “flavor-of-the-week” candidates, his campaign strategy, and why a vote for the Democrats means punishing “highly-successful people.”

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

“I know I can get a quick bump in the polls by saying some outrageous and incendiary things which would draw a lot of attention. But, in the final analysis, I think people will move to the person who they think will get the economy going again and who understands the challenges America faces and knows how to deal with them.” ~ Mitt Romney

(emphasis added)

H/t Frank, video

► Jayde Wyatt

State of the Union BINGO & Chat Party - Presented by Mitt Romney Central

Watching President Obama’s State of the Union speech tonight? Why not make it a little more fun by joining us on chat to discuss the speech, or even playing Bingo to win some BIG PRIZES?

The chatbox will be hosted at the bottom of this post until tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

Here is an image of card #1:

Download the cards at the link below. All five cards are included in the 5-page PDF file.

Click here to download Obama State of the Union Bingo Cards (PDF)

(I’ll give you a hint, don’t pick card number 5. Numbers 1-4 are the same but with the words in different orders.)

Bingo Rules: the first five to get BINGO will get prizes listed below. To verify your Bingo 1- leave a comment on this post, 2-state which card number you have, and 3-state which were the five phrases that you got for Bingo. Be sure to yell BINGO! on the chat first. We will verify the first five by your comment’s time-stamp (they may not post at the same time if they need to be moderated). Good luck and have fun! (Hint- pre-fill your comment fields with your name, email, and card number so you can submit it faster.)

The best part.. the PRIZES!

First Place Grand Prize - 1 signed copy of No Apology, 1 t-shirt of your choice from our store, 1 Mitt-12 bumper sticker, and 1 MITT-12 Keychain !!!

2nd Place - 1 t-shirt of your choice from our store, 1 Mitt-12 bumper sticker, and 1 MITT-12 Keychain

3nd Place - 1 “white jersey” t-shirt from our store (we have the most inventory of that one), 1 Mitt-12 bumper sticker, and 1 MITT-12 Keychain

4th and 5th place - 1 Mitt-12 bumper sticker, and 1 MITT-12 Keychain

FYI - the signed copy of Romney’s book is one we bought while he was on book tour last year and is in perfect condition.


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Join Us Here for Live 2010 Election Chat/Results

Welcome to MittRomneyCentral.com - a grassroots website to promote Romney for President in 2012!

Join us in the chat while we watch the GOP take back the majority!

Election Day Preview - Help Us Decide Which House Races to Cover

Tomorrow we will be hosting an all-day chat party while we watch the election returns. We will be doing massive election results updates right here on this site. The tables below are a preview of the data that we will be regularly posting through the evening. This is a coordinated effort of 7 individuals who will be scouring the returns to bring you the most up-to-date info on races that you can find on one screen AND chat about the results through the night.

We need your help! - We will post results of all gubernatorial and senate races, but we can’t do all 435 House races. We’ll do as many as we can - let us know in the comments below which races you would like to have listed. THANKS!

(If you are viewing this post on our home page click ‘read more’ to see the preview.)
Click here to continue reading

Romney to Speak at the Values Voter Summit Friday Morning - Watch Online and Chat with Us Live!

The Values Voter Summit is happening this weekend and Romney is on the schedule to speak Friday morning! He is the last speaker of the morning block that ends at noon. The entire summit will be broadcast live and you can watch it all right here at MittRomneyCentral.com. I have embedded the live video player on our chat page and it will stay up for the weekend so you can watch all of the great speakers and chat with us live.

Click here to watch the Values Voter Summit Live.

A mini schedule is also included at the link above. It’s going to be a great time so come join us! See you all in the chat room!

~Nate Gunderson

Here is part one of Mitt Romney’s speech from last year:

See the entire 2009 speech, and read the transcript, on our “Speeches” page: Values Voters Summit - 09/19/2009

Primary Election Results Chat: Karen Handel vs. Nathan Deal in Georgia; Plus Connecticut, Minnesota and Colorado

It’s primary election night, and that means the chat room is up! The big race many will be watching is the runoff between Karen Handel (Romney and Palin endorsed) versus Nathan Deal (Huckabee and Gingrich endorsed). We’ll post updates in the chat throughout the evening. ENJOY!

The chatbox has been moved back to the sidebar. Thanks to all who participated last night. We will most likely do it again on August 24th for the primary elections in FL, AZ, AK, and VT.

Selected results from last night:
Georgia Governor Runoff (GOP): Nathan Deal 50.2% - Karen Handel 49.8%
Colorado Senate (GOP): Ken Buck 51.6% - Jane Norton 48.4%
Colorado Governor (GOP): Dan Maes 50.7% - Scott McInnis 49.3%
Connecticut Governor (GOP): Tom Foley 42.3% - Michael Fedele 39.0% - Oz Griebel 18.6%

For full results click here.

Polls Are Closed in Michigan, Missouri, and Kansas. Join Our Chat While We Watch the Election Results.

Mitt-man Pete Hoekstra is running for Governor in Michigan against 4 other Republican candidate seeking the nomination. Primaries are also being held (polls now closed) in Missouri and Kansas. Join us as we follow the returns and discuss the election results!

Thanks to all who participated! It was a lively event.

For those who were watching the Michigan Gubernatorial primary race here are the results:
36.4% Snyder (winner)
26.8% Hoekstra
23.0% Cox
12.2% Bouchard
1.6% George

Other winners include Roy Blunt (MO Senate), and Sam Brownback (KS Gov), plus many more. For full results visit: http://www.politico.com/2010/

Also of note is Prop C passes in Missouri by a large margin signaling to the White House the major discontent with ObamaCare.

Hoekstra speaks last night after loss: