Public Education: Mitt Romney Speaks at Alliance for Choice in Education (ACE) Fundraiser

Public education: Is it meeting America’s needs for a stronger tomorrow?

Close to a 1,000 people paid big bucks to hear Mitt Romney address that question when he spoke at the Alliance for Choice in Education (ACE) 10th Anniversary Luncheon on May 27, 2022 in Denver, CO. Comparing the differences between working in the private sector and public sector, Romney shared his views on school choice, charter schools, teachers’ unions, scholarship programs, hiring highest qualified teachers, technology and education, the power and impact of competition and innovation, and more.

ACE event sponsorship costs give an idea of attendees’ commitment to reform public education:
Table = $2500
Bronze = $5000
Silver = $10,000
Gold = $15,000
Lunch = $25,000
Title = $50,000

The fundraiser SOLD OUT. Profits benefitted the Alliance for Choice in Education.

The following videos are excerpts from Romney’s speech:

ACE speech #1

ACE speech #2

ACE speech #3

ACE speech #4

Thank you, Governor Romney!

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(Hat tip to Bosman, Romney supporter)