Rick Santorum’s Curious Announcement

Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (Photo by Charles Krupa / AP)

Rick Santorum

former U.S. Senator,
GOP primary candidate,
posted today
on his
facebook page:

Big announcement coming on Friday - be sure and check back!

Readers are invited to ruminate, hazard a guess, and generally chew it over in our comments section…

UPDATE – June 5, 2012: Not content to sit in Santorum’s bag until Friday, the cat is out:

On Tuesday, sources close to Santorum tell ABC News that the former presidential candidate will be announcing the formation of a 501 c(4) organization that he will use to pursue a set of issues he has fought for during much of his political career.

This first wave of issues is likely to focus on an agenda that includes anti-abortion and faith and family causes.

It’s not clear yet where the new 501 c(4) will be operating out of, but last month the pro-Santorum super PAC, the Red, White, and Blue Fund, became a hybrid political action committee that will also work as a traditional leadership PAC to push Santorum’s message, support his political travel, cover administrative costs and donate money to candidates he supports with similar views. This new issues-oriented push from Santorum could easily operate out of this leadership PAC

There you have it.

Hat tip to MRC moderator KarenK for hearing the ‘meow’.

- Jayde

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Update 14: Video of Mitt Romney on David Letterman

Update 13: NO APOLOGY makes it to the #1 Political book on Amazon.com today(11:00 PM) According to Mitt Romney’s official Facebook account.

Update 12: Romney’s Appearance on FOX News with Hannity (10:20 PM): HT to Kris Lorelli at RightOSphere.com for both of the these last two videos.

Update 11: Preview Video of Mitt on Letterman’s show (10:15 PM):
SNIP: see the full video above

Update 10: Preview/overview of Mitt on Letterman’s show (8:00 PM): The show is recorded in late afternoon. CBS gives the spoilers here. Quick highlight quote: Romney warns Letterman that “Palin has a rifle, you know.”

Update 9: Video: The Today Show with Matt Lauer (6:30 PM)

Update 8: We’ve finally got video! The View (5:40 PM)

Update 7: Allahpundit weighs in (5:10 PM) HotAir.com’s summation: “This ain’t your daddy’s Mitt Romney. (Or, rather, your slightly older brother’s.) Still not convinced? Well, when he was asked today on “The View” who he thought might be a formidable candidate in 2012, he singled out Bob McDonnell, who won the governor’s seat in Virginia last year by running a sort of proto-Romney campaign — socially conservative, yes, but verrry quiet about it compared to his meat-and-potatoes rhetoric about jobs. That’ll be the upshot of Mitt ‘12 too, the “non-ideological conservative” versus whoever emerges as the ideological darling. It’s Palin’s slot if she wants it…” HotAir.com is a great site, but I somewhat tire of how the whole world revolves around Palin when what I mostly want is conservative news. Still I check it daily.

Update 6: More ‘No Apology’ news and reviews (2:50 PM)

  • NYforMitt: tracking ‘No Apology’s ranking on Amazon - looking better than I thought
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  • Hannity: promo for Romney’s appearance later today states “Romney will be in studio tonight to discuss his explosive new book ‘No Apology: The Case for American Greatness.'”

Update 5: ‘No Apology’ in the news (2:00 PM) -

Update 4: Liberal Reaction to No Apology (11:44 AM) - Will be posting the video from the Today show soon. In the mean time check out the comments to see some of the liberal love from our mail bag. I clearly state on the contact page that this is not an official site and that emails are not forwarded to Romney, but some get through all the same.

Update 3: Video: Mitt Romney on the Today Show (by Ross 10:34 AM) - Video of Mitt’s appearance on the Today Show can be watched at http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/26184891/vp/35659123#35659123

Update 2: Mitt Romney on the Today Show (8:55 AM) - Stay tuned for videos of Mitt Romney’s video appearances. He has already done the Today show and the report is that he was excellent on the show. Here is a picture of Romney with the Partridge family after the doing the today show: http://twitpic.com/166zd1 Click here for list of his media appearances today.

Update 1: Launch of No Apology (by Nate 8:40 AM) - New website launched: NOAPOLOGY.COM. Follow Mitt over the next few months as he progresses through his book tour. Watch videos, see photos, etc. Is this going to be the new Mitt Romney logo if he runs in 2012?