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Indefatigable Mitt Romney: In Ohio with John Kasich & Rob Portman, New SC, UT, MA Endorsements, Brandstad’s Backing Doubled

Unflagging in his quest to change the direction America is going by helping to elect conservatives this fall, diligent Mitt Romney recently endorsed another spate of candidates. His enthusiasm and energy were felt in Mansfield, Ohio yesterday:  

WMFD - Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate Republican John Kasich and his running mate State Auditor Mary Taylor stopped by the WMFD TV studios Friday during their campaign stop in Mansfield. 

They arrived with the support of a very special guest former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney

Kasich says during his campaign they are focusing on the biggest issue the state is facing which is the loss of 400,000 jobs. 

(emphasis mine) 

To see video of Romney, Kasich, and Taylor click here.

Mitt Romney enjoying time with John Kasich and running mate Mary Taylor pre-TV interview Mansfield, Ohio June 25, 2022

UPDATE: A luncheon fundraiser with Romney and Kasich was also part of the day’s activities. Read more here.

Romney and Kasich in Mansfield

While writing this, I noticed Governor Romney had tweeted the following a few hours earlier: “Excited to be with Ohio’s next Senator @robportman tonight. His campaign needs your support.” Obviously, Mitt’s schedule in Ohio yesterday was full. No grass grows under his feet! (Check back for information.)

South Carolina
Besides endorsing Nikki Haley for governor in S. Carolina, Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC has announced three more SC endorsements: 

Senator Jim DeMint: Senator Jim DeMint currently serves the people of South Carolina in the U.S. Senate and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

State Senator Mick Mulvaney: A current member of the South Carolina State Senate, businessman, and attorney, Mick Mulvaney is running to represent South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

State Representative Tim Scott: A current member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, Tim Scott is running to represent South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

The PAC also announced that it is sending Scott’s Congressional campaign a $2,500 contribution, and that it has already contributed $5,000 to DeMint’s U.S. Senate campaign and $2,500 to Mulvaney’s Congressional campaign. 

“Instead of working to strengthen our economy, President Obama and the liberals in Congress are more interested in growing government. Whether it’s a costly stimulus bill, auto company bailouts, cap-and-trade, job-killing card check legislation, or a health care law that imposes higher taxes, cuts Medicare, and contains insurance price controls, they have come down on the side of big government over and over again. That is why it is critical that we elect leaders like DeMint, Mulvaney, and Scott who will focus on getting our economy back on track,” said Romney. 

After Mike Lee’s win as the Republican nominee for Utah’s U.S. Senate seat last Tuesday, Romney issued this endorsement: 

“Last night, the people of Utah voted and chose Mike Lee as the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate. He will be a strong voice for Utah – and the nation – in the fight against the Washington culture of higher taxes, higher spending, and higher debt, and I am proud to stand with him today. Mike Lee is part of a strong group of Utah candidates including Governor Gary Herbert, Congressman Rob Bishop, Congressman Jason Chaffetz, and Morgan Philpot who will fight every day to put people back to work and get our economy back on track.” 

Additional Utah candidates will receive a total of $12,500 from Romney’s PAC to help with their campaigns: 

Governor Gary Herbert: Gary Herbert currently serves as the Governor of Utah and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Mike Lee: Mike Lee, an attorney who previously served as General Counsel to Governor Huntsman, a clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Alito, and an Assistant U.S. Attorney, is now running for U.S. Senate in Utah. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Congressman Rob Bishop: Rob Bishop currently represents Utah’s 1st Congressional District and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit 

Congressman Jason Chaffetz: Jason Chaffetz currently represents Utah’s 3rd Congressional District and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Morgan Philpot: Morgan Philpot, previously served the people of Utah as a State Representative and is now running to represent Utah’s 2nd Congressional District. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

The PAC is sending the following contributions to each of the federal candidates: $5,000 to Lee’s U.S. Senate campaign, and $2,500 each to the Congressional campaigns of Bishop, Chaffetz, and Philpot. 

Romney doubles Branstad backing

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has given a fresh contribution of $10,000 to former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad’s campaign, doubling Romney’s previous donation to Branstad’s effort to reclaim his old office. 

Branstad won the GOP nomination for governor on June 8 and enters the general election against incumbent Democratic Gov. Chet Culver as a favorite in the polls. If Branstad is victorious in November, he would be the highest ranking official in the state when it holds its first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses in 2012.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin also endorsed Branstad and Haley, though in both cases her support came after Romney had announced his. Another former 2008 presidential candidate, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, backed losing candidates in both primaries, supporting conservative activist Bob Vander Plaats in Iowa and Lt. Gov. André Bauer in South Carolina. 


Romney is endorsing MA state Rep. Karyn Polito’s bid for state treasurer.

UPDATE: California
Romney has endorsed Carly Fiorina (former CEO of Hewlett-Packard Company) who is running for U.S. Senate in California. To support Fiorina, click here.
(h/t to Frank)

Let’s keep busy man Romney in funds! Donate to Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC!

Mitt Comments on Tuesday’s Results, Makes California & Virginia Endorsements, and Goes on Hannity

Mitt RomneyMitt had this to say about Meg Whitman’s victory yesterday:

Meg Whitman’s decisive primary victory is good news for California voters who are looking for a strong leader with turnaround skills who knows how to balance a budget and create jobs. Meg is an outsider, with no ties to the political status quo, and she is far and away the best candidate in this race to get California moving in the right direction again.

He had this to say about Carly Fiorina’s victory. Carly had not been previously endorsed by Mitt:

Carly Fiorina is a dynamic leader with proven skills who is committed to getting our economy back on track with pro-growth policies that will create jobs. She joins a number of Republican candidates from California that we can count on to say no to reckless spending in Washington and yes to restoring fiscal sanity.

Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC has announced a second wave of California endorsements:

Carly Fiorina CA-Sen $5,000
Kevin McCarthy CA-22 $2,500
Dana Rohrabacher CA-46 $2,500
Jeff Denham CA-19 $2,500
Van Tran CA-47 $2,500
Tony Strickland CA-Cntlr $0
Total: $15,000

Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong PAC has announced six endorsements in the state of Virginia:

Rep. Eric Cantor VA-7 $5,000
Keith Fimian VA-11 $2,500
Morgan Griffith VA-9 $2,500
Robert Hurt VA-5 $2,500
Scott Rigell VA-2 $2,500
Barbara Comstock VA-Leg $1,000
Total: $16,000
The $5,000 to Eric Cantor was sent earlier.

Mitt had this to say about the endorsements:

Rather than focusing on turning our economy around and creating new jobs, too many of our leaders are instead pursuing a dangerous big-government, anti-growth agenda that will burden our children and grandchildren for years to come. This is why it is so important that we support leaders in Virginia – and across the country – who will stand up to higher taxes, higher spending, and higher debt, and fight to get our economy back on track.

Mitt Romney is now headed back to S.C. for Nikki Haley to help her win her runoff.

Finally, check out this great ad campaign strategy that Pete Hoekstra (GOP candidate for governor in Michigan) has started.

Tuesday Elections: Super for Romney and Palin, Not So for Huckabee

A number of big elections took place yesterday, some of the candidates were endorsed by “The Big 3″ and may have some 2012 Presidential implications. I admit that the game of who-endorsed-who is not of vital importance, but neither can it be cast aside as worthless information. Either way it is unresistingly intriguing to those who are closely following the potential candidates of 2012.

Some highlights of yesterday’s GOP primaries…


Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley - South Carolina’s Governor race: Nikki Haley enjoyed the endorsement of both Mitt Romney (March 16) and Sarah Palin (May 14th). After both Romney and Palin (and RedState) endorsed her Nikki Haley jumped from a no-name in this race to a substantial lead going into yesterday’s primaries. What she did not enjoy were two separate accusations by men who said they had an affair with her. Haley vigorously denied the accusations and they seemed to fall flat on the voters as well as Haley continued to surge in the polls. There was also a very ugly incident of a State Rep. calling Nikki Haley a raghead, as well as accusation to the affect that she was not really Christian.

Haley lead yesterday’s primary with 49% of the vote in the four-way race. Unfortunately she did not capture a full 50% of the vote and will therefore have a run-off with second-place finisher US Rep. Gresham Barrett, who captured 22% of the votes. Barrett announced this morning that he will not concede the victory. The run-off primary election will be held June 22nd. Barring any revelations about the accusations against Haley, she should cruise to victory as she only needs to add 2% of the remaining 51% that voted for other candidates yesterday. Visit Nikki’s website here. Haley was a prominent endorser of Romney in 2008.

Terry Branstad

Terry Branstad

Terry Branstad - Iowa’s Governor race: Terry Branstad was Governor of Iowa from 1983 to 1999 He also enjoyed the support of both Mitt Romney (May 18th) and Sarah Palin (June 3rd). The Sarah Palin endorsement was quite odd I think as she never actually met with Branstad and her endorsement came from Facebook - watch the video of Branstad’s reaction here. Branstad remained neutral through the 2008 campaign but has shown in the past that he is willing to make endorsements. Chris Cillizza reports “As a state representative in 1976, he picked Ronald Reagan. He endorsed Bob Dole in 1996 and Lamar Alexander and then George W. Bush in 2000.” Terry Branstad seemed to be favored in the polls throughout the race and ended up winning by a margin of 50% to 41% over Bob Vander Plaats. Brandstad now faces the incumbent Democrat Chet Culvers for the Governors seat in November.

Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman - California’s Governor race: In the race to replace the Governator the ex-CEO of eBay cruised to a 64% to 27% victory over Steve Poizner. Meg Whitman was an intricate player in Romney’s 2008 campaign and has enjoyed his support as early as September of last year - possibly earlier, but I don’t know when her campaign officially began. Whitman and Romney’s acquaintance goes much further back than 2008 - she used to work with Mitt at Bain some time long ago. During his campaign stops with Meg in CA Mitt would recall the first time he interviewed her for Bain and how brilliant and authoritative she was. Meg Whitman credits Mitt Romney as being her inspiration for leaving the private sector and jumping into politics. On a side note, the two both testified for the Economic Recovery Working Group in January of 2009. California is economically ill and Meg Whitman is the right person to restore it to fiscal sanity. Meg faces the current Attorney General of CA, Jerry Brown, in the November general elections.

Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina - California’s Senate race: There were 3 players in the race to oust incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer (shudder). Spurred on by the strong endorsement of Sarah Palin (May 6th), Fiorina enjoyed a surge late in the polls that put her over the top against Former US Congressman Tom Campbell and California State Assembly member Chuck DeVore. It seemed that women that were former CEOs were the order of the day in California as Carly Fiorina won easily with 56% compared to 22% for Campbell and 19% for DeVore. Fiorina was CEO of HP 1999 to 2005. (Romney did not involve himself in this primary as he was not well acquainted with the candidates, but he did congratulate and endorse winner Fiorina earlier today.)



Andre Bauer - South Carolina’s Governor race: The current Lt. Governor failed in his bid for the nomination finishing in 4th place in the race at 12%. Bauer was a strong proponent of Huckabee’s 2008 campaign in South Carolina and received Huckabee’s endorsement very early in December of 2009. Bauer’s campaign was likely damaged by the fact that one the men who claimed to have an affair with Nikki Haley worked for his campaign. That man, Larry Marchant, was fired by Bauer and Bauer passed a lie-detector test saying that he knew nothing of the alleged involvement with Haley. Marchant also took a polygraph test but it was scored inconclusive.

Bob Vander Plaats - Iowa’s Governor race: Team Huck and Chuck went in big for Bob Vander Plaats campaign, to no avail. Vander Plaats chaired Huckabee’s Iowa campaign. Way back then Huckabee was already referring to Vander Plaats as “the next Governor of Iowa”. I would call that an extremely early endorsement. Bob ran a good race and lost by a not-large margin of 9 points.

Chuck DeVore - California’s Senate race: This race saddened me the most. I met DeVore at CPAC earlier this year and took a liking to him. I felt he was certainly the most conservative candidate in this race and he had the potential to beat Boxer, but I must readily admit that Fiorina is probably more electable, or rather, has a higher likelihood to defeat Boxer. DeVore was endorsed by Huckabee alone back on April 28th. Though DeVore gave it an excellent effort his campaign failed to gain traction statewide. Hopefully we’ll see more like him in the future.


For those keeping score for yesterday we have both Romney and Palin at 3-0, and poor Huck at 0-3. I know Huckabee supporters are disappointed on the returns of the day. Huckabee has actually issued a very respectable statement about yesterday’s elections.

Congrats to those who won. We look forward to more primaries coming up in the next few weeks and months.

~Nate Gunderson

Update 1 by Jayde: For further information on election results for Arkansas, California, Iowa, Nevada, New Jersey, N. Dakota, S. Carolina, S. Dakota, Virginia, and Georgia’s special election run-off click here.

For additional information on Montana’s primary election click here.

For additional information on Maine’s primary election click here.

UPDATE 2 by Jayde: The election headline that caught fire last night was: Ladies’ Night!

June 8, 2022 “Mini” Super Tuesday Election Results: Let’s Chat!

Update: Results and recap for June 8, 2022 elections can be found by clicking here.

Join us for

“Mini” Super Tuesday

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Americans will be casting votes for candidates today in state primary elections and one run-off election across 12 states: Arkansas, California, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, N. Dakota, S. Carolina, S. Dakota, and Virginia.

Will incumbents prevail? Or, will fresh faces triumph?

Join the camaraderie and conversation as election results come in!

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UPDATE #1 (from Ross): The Early Word on Turnout in Nevada, California, and South Carolina

All things considered, the turnout seems a bit low…Generally speaking, low turnout helps outsider and upstart candidates.

Mitt Romney and Meg Whitman Highlight CA’s Republican 2010 Spring Convention

Governor Mitt Romney and Republican gubernatorial candidate, Meg Whitman, highlighted yesterday’s first day of California’s Republican Party 2010 Spring Convention in Santa Clara, CA. Romney has endorsed Ms. Whitman and was honored to introduce her at last night’s dinner banquet. Also attending were: Andrew Breitbart (publisher and media star) Steve Poizner (CA Insurance Commissioner and gubernatorial candidate) Tom Campbell, Carly Fiorina, and Chuck DeVore (CA U.S. Senate candidates). The convention will be in session until Sunday afternoon.

At an impromptu ‘fireside chat’ after the banquet, Gov Romney was asked to join Meg Whitman on stage. They took questions and discussed how their business experience affects their outlook on political problem solving:

CAIVIN (California Independent Voter Network):

Traditional, non-former actor Republicans having a decent shot at the state’s highest office? Republicans tearing each other to shreds? Jerry Brown back as governor? Welcome to the 2010 California gubernatorial race! 2010 may well come to be known as the campaign year in which anything was possible.

Jerry “Governor MoonBeam” Brown, a former California governor, is jockeying for a return to the office which he left decades ago, but this time, he is joined by a number of strong Republican contenders. This is unusual for California. And yet, 2010 presents the perfect storm of opportunity for Republicans, and candidates on the red side have been quick to seize on the potential for real change on the West Coast.

Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner are the two top Republican contenders for the Governor’s Mansion. If a Daily Kos poll is to be believed, Whitman is well ahead of Poizner, though still slightly behind Brown. In a February Rassmussen Poll (typically better known and more widely trusted than Daily Kos), Whitman and Brown were running in a dead heat, both at 43%. This followed a January poll which found Brown ahead 43% to Whitman’s 39%. Within one month, Whitman caught up with Brown.

In a recent email to supporters, Whitman acknowledged her main Democratic rival, who had only recently “officially entered the race of Governor,” and noted that it will be her goal to “frequently point out our clear differences and though he was quick to criticize my candidacy, I look forward to an important conversation with Californians.”

And an important conversation that must be: with a state budget deficit of over $20 billion, someone needs to start taking action, but more importantly, someone needs to start taking responsibility.

Whitman, the billionaire and former eBay head honcho, has been gaining steam in recent months, racking up endorsement after endorsement. On March 5, Whitman wrote that she had recently been endorsed by former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice: “I was honored when Secretary Rice said I’m the only person running for Governor ‘who can lead the way toward rebuilding our state.’” Rice should be familiar with California and its politics: the former high-ranking cabinet member left a post at prestigious Stanford University when called on by George W. Bush to be a top ranking adviser to his 2000 cabinet.

After her speech, reporters swarmed Meg Whitman:

From the Sacrament Bee:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman came out swinging on the first night of the California Republican Party convention as she fought a two-front war against both her primary rival Steve Poizner and Democratic opponent Jerry Brown.

Whitman, the billionaire former CEO of online auction firm eBay, also went into greater detail than before on her policy proposals in an impromptu news conference Friday afternoon.
She laid out how she would change state employee pensions and said she would consider cutting personnel in the state corrections and higher education systems while seeking a 40,000-person reduction in the state work force.

Appearing with former presidential candidate Mitt Romney at a Friday night banquet, Whitman slammed Brown’s first two gubernatorial terms, which began in 1975. Brown is the only major candidate in the Democratic primary.

“You tell me: What has Jerry Brown accomplished in those four decades of political life that should give Californians a single reason to let him get a second shot?” Whitman asked.

“Nothing,” she answered.[...]

Whitman said she “would not be in favor of the children of illegal immigrants or illegal immigrants themselves getting admission to the University of California system or higher education that is publicly funded.” […]

She proposed raising from 55 to 65 the age at which state workers – except public safety employees – could retire with full pensions. She also would increase the length of pension vesting periods for most new employees and increase pension contributions from 5 percent to up to 10 percent of salaries.

During her banquet speech, Whitman drove home her targeting of state employees, sparking enthusiastic applause.

California’s Republican Party video on Jerry Brown:

Jerry Brown, presumptive Democratic nominee, known as ‘Governor MoonBeam Brown’ was the object of a smile-inducing one-liner during Whitman’s speech: “Moonbeams are, after all, fleeting things, and disappear before they can be pinned down.”

California desperately needs a turn-around. Let’s help elect Meg Whitman!

(HT to Bosman for ‘fireside chat’ video.)