Benghazi TRUTH: Obama’s Naked Hubris Drives Continuing Cover-up (Powerful Video)

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Count on it: Before Monday night’s last presidential debate, the Obama administration and/or the State Department will release new information surrounding the attack in Benghazi, Libya in a desperate attempt to alter the truth: That their combined efforts for a month to cover-up the fact they could have prevented the assassination of an American ambassador and three other great Americans. And the fact they all knew on September 11th the attack was a pre-planned, sophisticated, terrorist attack. The desecration of Camp David has only just begun this weekend.

The history we are witnessing right now will go down in American legacy as far more serious than anything related to the Watergate scandals. Nixon’s web of deceit was bad. Obama’s is obscene! The stain he is leaving on the Office of President is deplorable. The intelligence community is only now beginning to expose Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton after they falsely and repeatedly blamed the intelligence community for promoting the “movie-trailer video” narrative.

We at MittRomneyCentral know that most of our viewers prefer brief videos. However, I believe the following video contains crucial information every American should see and understand. For if they were to take it all in, not one American voter would ever vote for Mr. Obama. Not one.

THANK YOU to Bret Baier for this comprehensive investigative reporting! If you wish to only watch the portion of video where the Obama administration’s deceit and cover-up began, see the minute descriptions outlined below the video.

I believe Bret Baier’s powerful investigative reporting is important to view from beginning to end. However, if your time is limited, you may want to start at one of these points below and watch the entire piece later:

  • Beginning to minute 21:55: Actual videos, photographs, interviews, and illustrations of what actually occurred at the consulate September 11th (Warning: some of the footage is graphic)
  • Minute 22:00: The Cover-Up Begins
  • Minute 29:15: October 8th, almost one month after the attack, we see Obama actually reveal his main message and reason for the cover-up. He is desperate to prove that he has vanquished terrorism altogether; that al Qaeda’s threat is waning. In fact, the threat of terrorism is advancing! Mr. Obama’s naked hubris in the face of obvious brazen deceit is nothing short of spectacular!
  • Minute 33:58: The election…The campaigns…Governor Romney calling President Obama out in front of 60+ million Americans in his courageous duty to expose the cover-up!

We must all do out best to expose President Obama’s deceit. Time is so limited now.

For those that are just getting to know Governor Romney or who have not had time to read his books or study his past deeply, you need to understand a very important fact about this man: Mitt Romney knows more about radical Islamic terrorism than any person to ever seek the presidency of the United States. I believe that when he is elected and in office, he will be the most prepared president to face the intense, growing threat of terrorism than any previous person to occupy the Oval Office. Look it up for yourself.


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Bret Baier Goes One-on-One with Gov. Mitt Romney in Miami

How did Mitt do? He seemed flustered at one point and legitimately surprised that he had to answer some of the same questions Bret has asked him in every interview since 2008. On the other hand, Mitt had a great push-back for the flip-flop accusations. I’d love to hear what you think.

It’s gotta be frustrating when Bret Baier picks up DNC talking points instead of actually doing his job and trying to tell the truth. If Bret was just trying to give Mitt a chance to refute the lies, that’s one thing, but it felt like Bret was attacking at some points instead of just asking questions. On Bret’s “Special Report”, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard commentators make the suggestion that Mitt explain the health care issue or complain that Mitt doesn’t explain his flip-flops. Mitt has addressed both of these issues to Bret Baier himself several times in the past, and that is probably a big reason why Mitt was almost dumbfounded as to why he was getting these questions again. If Baier was doing his job, he would save the tape from past interviews and play it to correct people when they falsely assert that Mitt never talks about these issues. To sit idly by while people on his show spew ill-informed information or, even worse, to agree with them, is inexcusable.

Update: It seems Kathryn Lopez from townhall has some sympathy for Mitt.