101 Days in the Life of Mitt Romney

Mitt keeps going... and going...

A pet peeve of mine is when people make erroneous comments regarding Romney when it is clear that they don’t have all the information. Recently someone has been tweeting and retweeting this comment: “BREAKING NEWS: MITT ROMNEY seen his SHADOW again and will HIDE for another 6 weeks.He will show up around JUNE 2011.” Another thing that irks me is when some feel that if Romney does things differently than a certain GOP star, then he is doing it all wrong. Mitt Romney is his own man and isn’t frantically wondering how he can somehow be more like “another person”. He has charted his own course and is following it in a very focused and disciplined manner, making minor adjustments when necessary.

Now this person (the tweeter) happens to be a Sarah Palin fan and I want to make clear up front that I have great respect for Sarah Palin, and that respect is not diminished by the ignorant comments of one of her fans. Every camp, including Romney’s, has a few outspoken and ignorant fans that I’m sure they’d like to put a muzzle on. I’m sure this person is good-hearted, and even quite passionate, but I will prove to you below that Mitt Romney has been anything but idle.

Motivated by the above twit tweet I decided to look into what Romney has been doing since the beginning of March (which happens to be 101 days ago). Even though I follow the daily minutia of what is going on with Romney and his PAC I was quite overwhelmed when I realized the vast amount of work he has been doing in this short time period. IT IS IMPRESSIVE. I’ve detailed it all below with as many links as I could provide.

101 Days in the life of Mitt Romney:



Mitt Romney and the Free and Strong America PAC have, according to my count, endorsed 120 candidates since the beginning of March. I haven’t tallied how much money he has contributed to their campaigns, but I do know that it is several times more than any other potential 2012 candidate has given in the same time period. Those 120 endorsees hail from the following 22 states: Ohio, Missouri, South Carolina, California, Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, Utah, Florida, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Texas, Georgia, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico, South Dakota, Indiana, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Virginia.


Mitt Romney has held numerous fundraisers in the last 101 days, both for his PAC and for the campaigns of other conservative candidates for office. I could not quantify the events though I know there have been dozens of them. What is easier to quantify (because it’s public record) is how much his PAC has raised in the last 3 months:

  • $950,000 for March
  • $460,000 for April
  • At least $1,500,000 for May

The numbers for May could be several hundred thousand dollars more than that but the official numbers for May won’t be out for about a week. The reason we know he raised at least $1.5 Million is because it was all from a single event held in New York on May 12th. (Obama did an fundraiser for the DCCC just two days later in New York and only garnered $1.2 Million. Romney wins the clash of the titans?)

For those of you that are counting that is nearly $3 Million of fundraising in just 3 months! That does not even include hundreds of thousands of dollars raised on behalf of other candidates. For an example of how this compares to other PAC’s of 2012 contenders you can see the comparisons that we did here.

Book Tour

Mitt Romney completed a grueling book tour schedule that included at least 48 stops in 22 states. We kept a list of all the known stops (as well as a lot of other info regarding the book) and chronicled it all at this link. The book, No Apology: The Case for American Greatness, debuted at #1 on New York Time’s Best Seller list on March 12.


Mitt Romney gave many well received speeches to a wide variety of conferences, conventions, businesses, and political institutions. Romney does not accept any speaking fees, and in cases where there was a fee included he gave the money to a related cause or institution. Some of the speeches below were official stops for the No Apology tour, but it’s hard to be sure how many. The most notable and prestigious of the events was the Annual Reagan Lecture in SImi Valley, California. The speeches:

Media Appearances (TV, Radio and Print)


These are not really items that make for a busy schedule, but are interesting minutia nonetheless.



Now someone please tell me if that sounds like the schedule of someone who is hiding under a rock. He’s like the thing that wouldn’t stop going, and going…. In review that is 120 endorsements, $3 Million raised for his PAC, 48 book tour stops in 22 states, 23 speeches, 20 media appearances and 2 basketball games. That doesn’t look to me like Romney is living the life of one who wants to retire.

~Nate Gunderson

What Makes America Great? Mitt Romney’s ‘No Apology’ Book Tour Nears End

We couldn’t wait for it to begin.

We’re loving it while it lasts.

The end is near…

Solution seekers for America’s sorry state of affairs are elatedly standing in long lines. Why? For the chance to be inspired by in-depth author, former Governor Mitt Romney. Busily touring our nation, Romney is sharing the contents of his cogent new book No Apology: The Case for American Greatness.

Romney rousingly delivers.

With just three book signing dates left – two in Nevada and one in Colorado, fans will be disappointed when his book tour officially ends May 27th. Not reflected on the tour map, Romney will also deliver the Annual Reagan Lecture at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA and will sign books (May 25th). See Nate’s article here or click here for additional details.


Enthusiastic No Apology tour attendees were asked to share their thoughts on what makes America great. What do you think makes America great?

Here is what a few fellow Americans had to say (accompanying quotes from No Apology):

Phoenix, AZ

(P. 34) It is time for America to pursue the difficult course ahead, to confront the looming problems, to strengthen the foundations of our prosperity, and to secure the sources of our liberty and safety. The sacrifice and hard work will not sap our national energy; they will restore it. I’m one of those who believe America is destined to remain as it has been since the birth of the Republic – the brightest hope of the world. And for that belief, I do not apologize.

Framingham, MA

(P. 126) Fortunately for all of us, innovation and entrepreneurism are deeply embedded in the American DNA. But more often than not, it also takes capital for an idea to be implemented. Where capital is scarce, hard to find, or not available to entrepreneurs and innovators, good ideas simply die in the mind.

[…]Most fundamental, government manages the currency and the financial system. If people don’t have confidence in the future value of the currency they may not be inclined to invest because they can’t be sure what value their money will have when they get it back – their return from their investment.

(P. 148,149) To strengthen America’s economy, we must minimize those things that retard economic growth and promote those things that accelerate it. A growth agenda favors low taxes, dynamic regulation, educational achievement, investment in research, robust competition, free trade, energy security, and purposeful immigration. And it seeks to eliminate government waste, excessive litigation, unsustainable entitlement liabilities, runaway health-care costs, and dependence on foreign oil. This, in a nutshell, ought to be the economic agenda for America.

LaJolla, CA

(P. 19, 20) There are four strategies for world leadership that are in competition today. Only one is founded on freedom. Only one. Think of what that means. Only if America and the West succeed – if our economic and military strength endure – can we be confident that our children and grandchildren will be free. A strong America is good for peace, and it is essential for the spread of freedom. Our superpower status and our leadership in the world, however, are not inevitable. Three other global strategies, each pursued by at least one state or major actor, are aggressively being pursued to surpass us and, in some cases, to suppress us. The proponents of each are convinced they will succeed. And world history offers us no encouragement: Every superpower in history has eventually weakened and fallen behind – many have ultimately collapsed. Given what is at risk, I have come to believe that our primary objective as a nation must be to keep America strong. I am convinced that every policy, every political initiative, every new law or regulation should be evaluated in large measure by whether it makes us stronger or weaker. Our freedom, security, and prosperity are at stake.

Framingham, MA

(P. 100) …We face enormous challenges at home, and I anticipate a growing outcry to reduce or cap our security spending. Some will support their argument by comparing defense budgets with those of other nations, but when they are properly calculated, the figures simply do not support cutting back. Others will insist that dialogue and diplomacy can free the world of grave threats, but history proves otherwise, and an honest threat assessment augurs for the opposite outcome: Iran and its jihadist colleagues present a real and serious danger; Russia is retooling and rearming its military and paying the bill with its massive energy resources; China’s military expansion is the largest peacetime ramp-up since prewar Germany’s; and the proliferation of nuclear weapons and disruptive technologies is expanding, not shrinking.

While our diplomacy and leadership can influence the world, we cannot control the world. What we can control is the size and sophistication of our military power and its deterrent effect, which in turn determines whether we remain free, safe, and prosperous.

Salt Lake City, UT

(P. 271) At the core of our system of government is an informed, involved, and responsible citizenry. The real peril to the nation if its citizenry fails to meet its duties was recognized by the Founders. John Adams was fearful of pure democracy, in which citizens could direct the affairs of the nation without the participation of office-holders who were elected to promote the public’s best interests. In his 1814 letter to John Taylor of Virginia, thirteen years after he left the presidency, Adams wrote:

“Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide….When clear prospects are opened before vanity, pride, avarice, or ambition, for their easy gratification, it is hard for the most considerate philosophers and the most conscientious moralists to resist the temptation. Individuals have conquered themselves. Nations and large bodies of men, never.”

Phoenix, AZ

P. 273: Soon after I became governor, I realized that a politician who seeks popularity and high approval ratings can achieve them by slavishly agreeing with public opinion and by actually doing very little. In my case, politics was a departure from my career, not a continuation of it. My reading of history had given me a profound appreciation for the sacrifices made by the Founders. I felt then as I do now that it is an enormous challenge to live up to their example. That challenge is also a useful guide for conduct in office, particularly as a defense against the temptation to take the easy, popular path when short-term political advantage may be gained by doing so. I have tried always to be more interested in making a difference than in making a hit in the polls.

P. 273: It’s important that Americans retain their interest and involvement with the electoral process. For the Republic to function as it must, I believe voters must continually renew their understandings of the critical role they play, take the time to learn about pressing issues, and judge candidates based on their character, intelligence, relevant experience, and positions on issues.

As hungry-for-truth Americans readily connect with Romney’s focus for revitalizing the foundation of American strength, we reluctantly acknowledge Romney’s book tour will soon be a memory. However, we also know it will free him to continue championing conservative candidates for the critical mid-term elections this fall.

Governor Romney, bravo! Thank you for writing a bold book; a book worth buying – a book worth reading. Thank you for your backbone, brains, and bravery.

America, we need this man in the White House.

Mitt Romney to Give the Annual Reagan Lecture

From ReaganFoundation.org:

May 25, 2022
Annual Reagan Lecture with Mitt Romney*
3:30 p.m. Book Signing
6:00 p.m. Lecture
7:00 p.m. Dinner

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will deliver the annual Reagan Lecture at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Tuesday, May 25, 2010. Tickets for the lecture are $125 and include dinner.* For more information, please call 805-522-2977. To purchase tickets, please see below.

Governor Romney will also be signing copies of his latest book, No Apology: The Case for American Greatness (Release date: March 2, 2022) from 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. In his latest book, Governor Romney proposes simple solutions to rebuild industry, create good jobs, reduce out of control spending on entitlements and healthcare, dramatically improve education, and restore a military battered by eight years of war. To accommodate as many people as possible, Governor Romney will only be signing copies of No Apology (no past books, letters, postcards, shirts, etc) and will not pose for photographs (candid photos only). Books must be purchased in the Reagan Library Museum Store to receive signature.

To guarantee a signed book, and so that you do not need to wait in line, books may be pre-purchased with his signature on a Reagan Library book plate and picked up the day of the event. Again, these books will be pre-signed.
Click here to purchase a pre-signed book.

If you do not want a pre-signed book, but would like to purchase a book in advance (again, an unsigned book), please click here.

To purchase tickets to the lecture and dinner, please click here.

If you cannot attend the event, but would like to purchase a book to be shipped, click here.

*Chairman receive a 50% discount for the Annual Reagan Lecture. Students and Patriots pay full price. All proceeds from the sale of the books purchased from the Reagan Museum Store benefit The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, the nonprofit organization that sustains The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, the Air Force One Pavilion, the Center for Public Affairs and the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Presidential Learning Center.

Click here to view the dinner menu

This would be an opportune time to put up one of my favorite pictures:

George Romney and Ronald Reagan

George Romney and Ronald Reagan

~Nate G.

Romney’s Truth Gives Real ‘Hope’ to Students at Vanderbilt

Below is an excellent review of Mitt’s speech and book signing event that took place at Vanderbilt University yesterday. Also, I’ve added some short video segments at the bottom of this post that give you Romney’s take on the opportunities and challenges that face students in today’s America.

By Conrad Goering - insidevandy.com

Romney at Vanderbilt University

“Peace has never had a better ally than a strong America,” said former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney as he addressed a packed Langford Auditorium. Romney gave a speech titled “American Capitalism in the World” to promote his new book, titled “No Apology: The Case for American Greatness.”

In his speech, Romney stressed the importance of American greatness and how it relates to the “preservation of liberty and prosperity for us and for the entire planet.”

“Only if America and the west remain strong,” Romney said, “only if we have the vitality to protect ourselves and to encourage democracy and liberty around the world can we be assured that you, your kids, and their kids will enjoy the freedom we’ve enjoyed as we’ve lived this life. That’s why it is essential America remains strong.”

Romney emphasized the importance of a country’s culture to its power, and explained four areas where the United States should focus: education, family, self-reliance, and opportunity.

For many in the audience, education seemed important, especially since Romney explained that American children in grades K-12 are in the bottom 25% when it comes to education.

“We are in the bottom quarter of the entire world, but we are supposed to lead the nation in exemplifying our ethics and liberty? We can’t accept that,” said sophomore Brad Nelson.

Peabody graduate student Bryan VanGronigen agreed, “l identify center-left on the political spectrum, but I appreciate that he stressed the importance of education…I thought his talk was statesman-like and well performed.”

Even with Romney’s constructive criticism of the United States, he remains optimistic. “Americans will respond well to [the question] “What’s in it for me?”…but they also respond to the question ‘What can I do to help my country?’” This attitude, Romney explained, is what will save America.

Sophomore Chris Collins seemed particularly approving of Romney’s speech, and agreed with Speakers Committee Chairperson Theo Samets, who, while introducing Romney, pointed out that “one line” is missing from his resume. “I whole heartedly agree with all the points Romney made” Collins explains, “ and I think he’s the best candidate, by far, to be the Republican nominee in 2012.”

What job sectors will grow for students in college now?

Can the GOP appeal to college students like Democrats did in 2008?

What is the job market outlook for current college students over the next five years?

How can the US relieve student debt?

Watch the entire speech and question & answer session by clicking here.

Mitt Romney Calls for Obama’s Impeachment (April Fools!) - Romney to Campaign for Haley in SC Today

Romney to Campaign for Nikki Haley in South Carolina

For all you Mitt Romney Fans in South Carolina, we bring you good news …and no, it isn’t an April Fool’s joke: Romney in SC, today only!

Having released his new book just over a month ago, Mitt Romney continues to wind his way around the country on his ‘No Apology Tour‘, making his case for American greatness. On his last two stops, Romney packed huge venues in Atlanta and Nashville - I wouldn’t put it beyond him to also draw big numbers today as he delivers a noontime speech before The Citadel Republican Society at the Military College in Charleston.

Later today, Governor Romney is set to make an appearance at a campaign event for Nikki Haley, South Carolina gubernatorial candidate. The event will kick off at 4:00 at the Historic Rice Mill in Charleston. There, Romney will give his remarks on why a Haley victory would be crucial for the people of South Carolina. Please go and support!

The Historic Rice Mill
17 Lockwood Drive
Charleston, SC 29401

Click Here to See a Map!

Recap of Mitt Romney’s Book Tour Stop in Utah (Pics and Videos)

On March 13th my brothers (Luke and Aaron) and I attended the Salt Lake City stop of Mitt Romney’s No Apology Tour. We bought tickets for the event, and we got one Gold ticket so I could cover the Gold reception before the main event - it turned out that we got press passes the day before the event, thanks to Aaron sending an email request to the Hinckley Institute. The press passes were very nice. They allowed us to roam the aisles and get close up to the front during the event to get some photos and even some video on my little hand-held video camera. (Karen said that we were never in our seats.)

Not sure exactly what to expect, my brothers and I did some preparations to promote this site while we were there knowing there would be thousands of Mitt Romney fans everywhere. The doors opened at 4PM for the 7PM event and there were plenty of people there already to talk to. We brought up several hundred of our Mitt ’12 bumper stickers as incentives for people to sign an email list. With the help of two willing volunteers James Taylor and Eric Hatch, we were able to gather a few hundred emails. We will be contacting them soon with info about our site and an invitation to subscribe to our blog feed via email.

The MRC crew in Utah: Aaron, Nate, Luke, Eric and James

I attended the Gold Reception before the main event. There were a number of familiar faces, but I mostly took pictures and video while snacking on the food. It was there that I ran into long-time friend and co-blogger (CommittedtoRomney.com) Ann Marie Curling and her husband Joel - it was great to see her and catch up with life since they moved to Utah from Kentucky. I did briefly chat with Josh Romney - I asked him if he had any connections and could get me a No Apology t-shirt that all the volunteers were wearing. Unfortunately he didn’t have any connections. Luke, Aaron, Ben, and James were troopers and gathered all the emails while I was up hobnobbing. Thanks guys.

Mitt’s comments were as astute as usual. And Ann Romney was gracious as always. Beyond that there is not much more I can say about it that isn’t revealed better in the videos below.

Click here to see our gallery of 14 pictures of this event on our Facebook page.

Video #1: Prep. Short video shows you a little about how we make our Mitt ’12 bumper stickers. It’s a nice little ad for us too. :)

Video #2: From the reception: Ann and Mitt both speak, crowd shots, and singing happy birthday to Mitt

Video #3: Main Event: Selected clips, Q&A, crowd shots. Includes questions about Health Care.

Video #4: 12 year old asks Romney if he’s going to run for president.

(I already embedded this video in another post. Romney gives a great response the question. Click here to see it.)

Sorry for multiple videos. I honestly couldn’t think of what to cut so I ended up putting in all four. It was a great event to attend. If you live near a city which Romney will be visiting on his book tour, make the effort to get there. You won’t regret it!

~Nate Gunderson

New Video of Romney Reading a Segment from His New Book No Apology

This clip comes via Audible.com, a site that sells downloadable audio content. The segment below touches on education, innovation and entrepreneurialism. It was very interesting to me to see this because I just read this segment this morning. Yes, it was like Déjà vu all over again. This audio segment come from somewhere near the middle of the book, as I am exactly half way through it.

Click here for info on buying the audio book. Total length: 12 hours 15 minutes.

There was also a short and sweet review of the book at Audible.com written by David:

I couldn’t put the book (or ipod, in this case) down. Gov. Romney gives solutions to many of the tricky problems that are facing this great nation of ours. I downloaded with trepidation, not really sure what to expect or how much I would like it, but after reading it I am SOLD on Gov. Romney’s case for a strong America.

God Bless the USA!

Count me as “SOLD” too David. If only I could get everyone to pick it and read it and find out exactly why Romney would be the best CEO of America.

~Nate Gunderson

Mitt Romney Offers Excellent Interview on NPR

Romney Interview on NPR

Governor Romney is at the top of his game in this interview that is well worth the time to listen. Romney interviews with the hosts of the show and takes several questions from callers. The interview is part of his No Apology Tour, more info at NoApology.com, and http://bit.ly/RomneyBook. A full transcript of his portion of the interview is available below the fold.



Full Transcript: From NPR.org
Click here to continue reading

No Apology Media Blitz - Day 2

Romney continues the rounds with a number of media appearances today to promote his new book. Stops will include the Laura Ingraham radio show, Morning Joe on MSNBC, The Joe Scarborough Radio Show, and Your World with Neil Cavuto on FOX News. I was not aware of any of these yesterday so there may be more. If you know of any please let us know and we’ll post what we can.

Later today Governor Romney is doing a speech and book signing in Huntington, NY. Information here. Full schedule listed here.

Below is video from the segment on Morning Joe. (H/T Jacob at NYforMitt)

IN CASE you missed it: yesterday’s post has YouTube videos of Romney’s appearances at The Today Show, The View, Hannity, and the Late Show with David Letterman. Watch them all by clicking here.

~Nate Gunderson

Addendum: K-Lo of NRO’s The Corner opines on Romney, his book, and his appearance on Letterman:

If you had any doubts about who he is, you’re seeing the real thing now. Watching Mitt Romney on the No Apology tour thus far, he’s talking about what he wants to talk about, what moves him: being a Mr. Fix-It businessman — on the economy, on diplomacy, on health care. He wants to do this because he believes America is great and should and can continue to be. He appreciates — in a firsthand and in a practical, sociological way — that families are the building block of a great country, and he sees how good policies help them. And that’s what he wants to talk about.

And so, on Letterman last night, you didn’t see pizazz or stand-up. You heard dorky jokes — the rapper on the plane broke my hair — and a serious guy. That’s who he is. His CPAC speech this year and his book reflect that. He’s uncomfortable changing his emphases to fit Iowa or anywhere else, and he doesn’t pull it off convincingly when he tries it. If he runs again, don’t expect him to.

That, I believe, is the No Apology big picture: This is Mitt Romney.

Read the whole thing here. (H/T Evangelicals for Mitt)

Addendum 2: WSJ book report An interesting read. It’s mostly a review rather than analysis, but has some good summations.

Addendum 3 - by Ross: Mitt on NPR’s Face the Nation Mitt was on 2:20 today, but if you missed it, listen to the podcast

Listen to Mitt Romney on Laura Ingraham’s radio show by clicking here.

Watch part 1 and 2 of Mitt on Your World with Neil Cavuto here and Ann Romney on ‘Your World’ in the video below:

Fresh Video from Mitt’s Stop in Huntington, NY:

No Apology Live Blog / Open Chat

Chat has been moved back to the side bar, or the full which can be found in the chat room.

Update 14: Video of Mitt Romney on David Letterman

Update 13: NO APOLOGY makes it to the #1 Political book on Amazon.com today(11:00 PM) According to Mitt Romney’s official Facebook account.

Update 12: Romney’s Appearance on FOX News with Hannity (10:20 PM): HT to Kris Lorelli at RightOSphere.com for both of the these last two videos.

Update 11: Preview Video of Mitt on Letterman’s show (10:15 PM):
SNIP: see the full video above

Update 10: Preview/overview of Mitt on Letterman’s show (8:00 PM): The show is recorded in late afternoon. CBS gives the spoilers here. Quick highlight quote: Romney warns Letterman that “Palin has a rifle, you know.”

Update 9: Video: The Today Show with Matt Lauer (6:30 PM)

Update 8: We’ve finally got video! The View (5:40 PM)

Update 7: Allahpundit weighs in (5:10 PM) HotAir.com’s summation: “This ain’t your daddy’s Mitt Romney. (Or, rather, your slightly older brother’s.) Still not convinced? Well, when he was asked today on “The View” who he thought might be a formidable candidate in 2012, he singled out Bob McDonnell, who won the governor’s seat in Virginia last year by running a sort of proto-Romney campaign — socially conservative, yes, but verrry quiet about it compared to his meat-and-potatoes rhetoric about jobs. That’ll be the upshot of Mitt ‘12 too, the “non-ideological conservative” versus whoever emerges as the ideological darling. It’s Palin’s slot if she wants it…” HotAir.com is a great site, but I somewhat tire of how the whole world revolves around Palin when what I mostly want is conservative news. Still I check it daily.

Update 6: More ‘No Apology’ news and reviews (2:50 PM)

  • NYforMitt: tracking ‘No Apology’s ranking on Amazon - looking better than I thought
  • Human Events: a thorough and thoughtful review of No Apology by Ms. Jedediah Bila - “Romney’s No Apology: The Case for American Greatness is a sound expression of his approach to some of our nation’s greatest present challenges.”
  • Newsmax.com: text of the entire first chapter of the book. READ IT if you are considering buying the book!
  • ABC News: Lengthy analysis and review of ‘No Apology’
  • Hannity: promo for Romney’s appearance later today states “Romney will be in studio tonight to discuss his explosive new book ‘No Apology: The Case for American Greatness.'”

Update 5: ‘No Apology’ in the news (2:00 PM) -

Update 4: Liberal Reaction to No Apology (11:44 AM) - Will be posting the video from the Today show soon. In the mean time check out the comments to see some of the liberal love from our mail bag. I clearly state on the contact page that this is not an official site and that emails are not forwarded to Romney, but some get through all the same.

Update 3: Video: Mitt Romney on the Today Show (by Ross 10:34 AM) - Video of Mitt’s appearance on the Today Show can be watched at http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/26184891/vp/35659123#35659123

Update 2: Mitt Romney on the Today Show (8:55 AM) - Stay tuned for videos of Mitt Romney’s video appearances. He has already done the Today show and the report is that he was excellent on the show. Here is a picture of Romney with the Partridge family after the doing the today show: http://twitpic.com/166zd1 Click here for list of his media appearances today.

Update 1: Launch of No Apology (by Nate 8:40 AM) - New website launched: NOAPOLOGY.COM. Follow Mitt over the next few months as he progresses through his book tour. Watch videos, see photos, etc. Is this going to be the new Mitt Romney logo if he runs in 2012?