Obama’s Pamphlet? Romney to Deliver Significant Economic Speech in Iowa

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BIG News…

Governor Mitt Romney will deliver a significant economic speech this Friday in Ames, Iowa.


His speech will be delivered in Ames, Iowa, and is aimed at “reinforcing the big choice in November,” a top campaign adviser told CNN.

At that rally in Reno, Nevada, Romney also underscored his argument that Obama is not advancing an economic plan.

“We’ve had four debates and he hasn’t been able to describe what his plan is to get this economy going,” the GOP candidate said. “You can boil what he’s saying down to four simple words, and that is: ‘more of the same.'”

Romney’s economic speech comes on the same day he and running mate Paul Ryan will rally supporters in Ohio.

Isn’t it telling that throughout all these months of Obama not drafting a budget, avoiding meetings with his security council, whacking the ball on the golf course, shooting hoops, throwing White House parties, appearing on late night talk shows, hanging out with Anna Wintour, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Eva Longoria, and more, and blah blahing about Big Bird, binders, and bayonets, he couldn’t put together a pencilled paragraph on what he plans to do, if elected, for the next four years.

Suddenly, after the lights on the last presidential debate were turned out, the very next morning in Delray, Florida, Obama was ballyhooing a booklet of 20 glossy pages he’d pasted together on how he plans to continue to destroy America undo the mistakes from his first four years. For all the fake noise he’s made these many months about Romney not having a plan (which Romney did and continues to have) Obama never mentioned a peep about NEW plans when they could have been discussed and examined and in a debate. But, hey. That’s his M.O.; think back on the way Obamacare slimed into being. Transparency and Obama are like a tomcat and a bubblebath. Ain’t gonna happen.

Shortly after word of Obama’s pamphlet sailed across the universe surrounded with the gilded halo of the mainstream media, I was pleasantly shocked when CNN’s Jessica Yellin declared Obama had nothing new; it was what he’s been saying for months, just old stuff in a glossy booklet.

It’s too little, too late, same ol’, same ol’, so sad, too bad.

From The Wall street Journal (Obama was speaking of his sudden, sparkly new plans):

I won’t be running the okey doke on you,” he [Obama] added.

Voters may okey doke themselves if they believe this document, which is heavy on backward-looking and discredited factoids and light on economic specifics.

Tune in, America.

On Friday, you’re going to hear a successful, proven leader, job-creating businessman expound even further on how we get out of this mess. You’ll see the difference between our okey doke, slowpoke President and masterstroke Mitt Romney.

By Lisa Benson - Oct 25, 2021

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Who Won the Fox News Ames, Iowa GOP Debate?

Fox News is already reporting that Romney may have increased his front-runner status after this debate. US News has proclaimed Mitt the winner and the sometimes hostile Hot Air is reporting that Mitt did the best as well.

The eight leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination met last night for a debate that largely produced two winners and reports usually list Mitt and a different candidate. I think Mitt’s impressive performance earlier in the day carried over into the debate a bit. No one wanted to go after Mitt too tough after seeing the way Mitt handled it earlier.

If this report wasn’t enough to show who Team Obama fears, just look at what David Axelrod was up to last night. Their attacks tell us all we need to know. Hey, it looks like we agree with Team Obama on something… Mitt won the debate ;)

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UPDATE - MittRomney.com has some commentary on the debate.

Time Magazine grades the debate

Finally, make sure to check out some more reaction to the debate here and here.

Some Predictions and an Opportunity to Make Your Voice Heard

Romney Wins Ames 2007

Romney Wins Ames 2007

Gov. Romney is taking part in at least three events in Iowa today leading up to the Fox News/Iowa GOP debate tomorrow. Mitt is attending a house party hosted by Nick Van Patten and Tommy and Jessica Ghrist in Des Moines. He is also hosting a business roundtable at Vermeer Corporation at 1210 East Vermeer Road, Pella, Iowa at noon, and Mitt is speaking at a Polk County Republicans Fundraiser at 6020 SW McKinley Ave., Des Moines, Iowa at 5:30 tonight. Tomorrow, Mitt will stop in at the Iowa State Fair before attending a nationally televised debate at the campus of Iowa State University.

However, Mitt will be in New Hampshire on Saturday during the Ames straw poll which is consistent with his pledge not to compete in any straw polls. He is focusing all of his resources on highlighting the failures of President Obama and not on fighting fellow republicans. Knowing that no resources have been devoted to the Ames straw poll and that the Ames straw poll is widely recognized as being a fundraiser for the Iowa GOP (Mitt’s F&SA PAC and campaigns have donated generously to the Iowa GOP the last several years) in which the most amount of money/organization almost always wins the day, here are my predictions for the Ames straw poll:

1. Bachmann (My guess is undecideds will break her way to try to make sure Ron Paul doesn’t win)
2. Paul (his supporters have literally been organizing for this for years and a lot of resources are being devoted)
3. Pawlenty (Easily spending the most amount of money, but the enthusiasm gap should put Paul and Bachmann over the top)
4. Santorum (nobody has done more events in Iowa this year)
5. Cain (Usually does spectacular in straw polls he speaks at, but lack of resources and manpower will hurt him)
6. Perry (will be penalized for upstaging the poll by his announcement of intentions in South Carolina during the Ames poll)
7. Romney (7th is perhaps a bit optimistic all things considered, but his debate performance and 2008 campaign should help a bit. Not paying for any supporters tickets will hurt a ton.)
8. Gingrich (will this be the final nail in his campaign coffin?)
9. Palin (write in ballots only)
10. Johnson (maybe the end of his campaign as well)
11. McCotter (not in the debate)
12. Roemer
13. Huntsman (has completely written off Iowa and has virtually no base in Iowa)
14. others

Who will win Thursday’s debate (based on media and social network buzz)?

1. Romney
2. Bachmann
3. Pawlenty
4. Paul

What will Rick Perry Announce on Saturday?
That he’s running for President

Who will drop out within a week or two of the Ames straw poll?

Herman Cain and Gary Johnson

Out of everyone who hasn’t announced yet, who actually will?

Rick Perry only

Make your predictions about this or anything else you can think of in the comment section. Hopefully we get enough comments to put together results before the end of the debate tomorrow. Stop by during the debate (8 PM EST- 10) for a live chat tomorrow.

UPDATE Sarah Palin is reportedly bringing her bus tour to Ames in time for the straw poll. How much will that affect her straw poll results?

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