Romney Sets Alabama Fundraising Record: $2 Million Evening- Inside Report from MRC Blogger Jeff Fuller

Mitt Romney came to Birmingham, Alabama last night and held a stellar fundraising event … leaving town with a cool $2,000,000 from me and my fellow Alabamians.

Reports are that this is the largest fundraising total for any Alabama political event. Held at The Club, which overlooks downtown, Romney held a VIP photo reception, followed by a general reception, and tied things up with a dinner.

Cool flash effect on my License plate while overlooking downtown Birmingham from The Club. Taken during the record-setting Mitt Romney fundraiser on August 15th, 2012

A write-up of the event highlighted some of our future President’s words:

“The median income for a family has dropped $4,000 in the past four years,” Romney said. “Gasoline prices have doubled. Food prices are up. Health care prices are up. Utility prices are up. People in middle income families are getting crushed and one out six Americans are now living in poverty.

“He is out of ideas. He is out of excuses. And we need to make sure in November we put him out of office,” Romney said to a surge of applause from supporters.

… the crowd included an all-star lineup of the state Republican party. Romney was introduced by U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, after the crowd was warmed up by U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus, Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard and Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey. Gov. Robert Bentley was there as was former Gov. Bob Riley. Lee Styslinger, CEO of Altec, Inc., hosted the event.

US Senator from Alabama, Jeff Sessions, introduced Mitt Romney at The Club in Birmingham, AL

My wife posted to her Facebook page that the atmosphere was “electric,” and she hit the nail on the head! Mitt had the crowd going, and there were 3-4 times as many people present as at a similar fundraiser held at the same place almost exactly one year ago, last August, which we also attended. The crowd was timid then, as the GOP nomination was being hotly debated and two southerners, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich were on the rise. In stark contrast, there was no timidity there tonight! These folks are excited to see Romney and Ryan take over the White House and were showing that with their enthusiasm and their pocketbooks.

More from the article above:

Romney cited numerous examples of how individuals, in business and politics and society can make a difference. He saluted Lech Walesa, the Polish labor leader who stood up to the Soviet Union and went on to become president of Poland. He gave a nod to Alabama, mentioning Rosa Parks and her refusal to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus leading to the arrest that helped spark the civil rights movement.
“It is remarkable the impact that one person can have,” Romney said.

And it is the collective activity of individuals free to pursue their ambitions that makes the U.S. economy the envy of the world, Romney said, not government planning.

Our economy runs on freedom,” Romney said. “That is how it works.”

So, Vice President Biden, do you think the man who singles out and praises Rosa Parks at a private GOP fundraiser in Alabama “wants to put y’all back in chains” !?!?! Time for Vice President Ryan, eh?

One other tidbit, not mentioned in the article, is that Mitt said he met recently with Condoleezza Rice (final VP vetting interviews possibly?!?!) and she shared a story with him of the important role one person can play. This individual courage was displayed by an old Romanian woman in a rally crowd who called her authoritarian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, a “liar” and started a revolution. As detailed in her book “No Higher Honor,” Dr. Rice (an Alabamian, by the way) recounts:

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Artur Davis: Fmr Dem Rep & Prominent Obama Backer Supporting Romney

Former Rep. Artur Davis (D-AL), and former Co-Chairman for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, is supporting Governor Mitt Romney.

Artur Davis, former Democrat Representative and high-profile Obama supporter, once dubbed the ‘Obama of Alabama’, is now a Republican. And, he’s voting for Governor Mitt Romney.

Here’s Davis last night with Greta Van Susteren:

I’m going to vote for Governor Romney. … I think he has the potential to be a very good president in this country.

You leave a party because on the whole range of issues you just don’t feel the comfort, you don’t feel the home anymore. That’s where I am but I’m not alone. Millions of Americans who supported the Democratic Party four years ago have left because they no longer see their views and their common sense represented in the Democratic Party.” - Artur Davis

On May 29, 2022 Davis wrote:

…[T]his is not Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party (and he knows that even if he can’t say it). If you have read this blog, and taken the time to look for a theme in the thousands of words (or free opposition research) contained in it, you see the imperfect musings of a voter who describes growth as a deeper problem than exaggerated inequality; who wants to radically reform the way we educate our children; who despises identity politics and the practice of speaking for groups and not one national interest; who knows that our current course on entitlements will eventually break our solvency and cause us to break promises to our most vulnerable—that is, if we don’t start the hard work of fixing it.

On the specifics, I have regularly criticized an agenda that would punish businesses and job creators with more taxes just as they are trying to thrive again. I have taken issue with an administration that has lapsed into a bloc by bloc appeal to group grievances when the country is already too fractured: frankly, the symbolism of Barack Obama winning has not given us the substance of a united country. You have also seen me write that faith institutions should not be compelled to violate their teachings because faith is a freedom, too. You’ve read that in my view, the law can’t continue to favor one race over another in offering hard-earned slots in colleges: America has changed, and we are now diverse enough that we don’t need to accommodate a racial spoils system. And you know from these pages that I still think the way we have gone about mending the flaws in our healthcare system is the wrong way—it goes further than we need and costs more than we can bear.

May 30, 2022 - Davis was interviewed by FOX News’ Neil Cavuto:

A Harvard educated lawyer, Davis represented Alabama’s 7th Congressional District 2003-2011. He was the first Congressional member outside of Illinois to throw his support behind Senator Barack Obama’s 2008 run for the presidency. Davis was a Co-Chairman for Obama’s campaign and, at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, was the guy who seconded the official nomination of Obama. These last two points are why his support for Governor Romney is especially noteworthy.

To Artur Davis, we say WELCOME!

UPDATE: Davis Hits the Road for Romney

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Romney: What’s Ahead in March, Delegate Deal Making, Megyn Kelly Interview (FOX News VIDEO)

Last night was quite a night… Diehard Romney supporters held vigil into the wee hours of the morning (happy to note many were here on our chat forum!).

While Nate is writing a recap on yesterday’s results, delegate count, and the math moving forward, let me just say Governor Romney hauled in the most delegates!

Here’s a look at the remaining March madness schedule:
March 17th – Missouri – 52 delegates – Caucus
March 18th – Puerto Rico – 23 delegates – Primary
March 20th – Illinois – 69 delegates – Primary
March 24th – Louisiana – 46 delegates - Primary

● Because it has the most delegates at stake, Illinois will be getting a lot of attention. We’re already hearing it’s another make-or-break state for Romney. Let’s take a look:

GOP contenders turn to Illinois
By Christian Heinze - March 14, 2022

The Mississippi and Alabama contests — like so many other Tuesday primaries before them — were supposed to decide the fate of the GOP presidential nomination.

Except Rick Santorum’s double wins only tabled the decision for a future date. In this case, that might be March 20, when voters in Illinois will cast ballots.

So what do we know about Illinois? There are 69 delegates at stake — 15 of whom are unbound and 54 of whom are bound.

Polling is scant. Last week, the Chicago Tribune released a survey showing Mitt Romney winning 35 percent of the vote; Santorum was second with 31 percent; and Newt Gingrich took 12. Unfortunately, that’s the only meaningful poll of the state in the past five months.

The Tribune’s survey suggests an enormously fluid race, with 46 percent of likely voters saying they could change their minds before next Tuesday’s contest.

That’s a boon for Romney, who’s already begun advertising in the state and can flood the airwaves in the days leading up to the primary.

Heinze outlines the demographic breakdown we’ve been seeing and mentions a couple of wildcards at play. Here’s one of them:

Illinois’ primary system is open. In other words, any registered voter can show up and vote. In Michigan, prominent Democrats, including the liberal site Daily Kos, encouraged Democrats to vote for Santorum to embarrass Romney and extend the primary season. Romney eventually won, but Democrats did, in fact, make the race more competitive. Santorum won Democrats by 33 percent, and that made up 9 percent of the entire voting electorate.

In Ohio, Santorum once again routed Romney with Democrats, but Democrats only made up 5 percent of the electorate — barely one-half of Michigan’s.
. . .
[A] dilemma for Santorum: In Michigan, he took major heat from Republicans for actively courting Democrats through robocalls. To an extent, you could say it might have worked by helping boost the Democratic share of the vote to nearly 10 percent. But it also provoked considerable backlash among the GOP grass roots. Should Santorum woo working-class Democrats and mischief-minded foes of Romney, and if he does, how should he do it?

Continue reading here.

The Illinois primary is less than a week away. Should Santorum court Dems to derail Romney? No. But, he will.

Read how Illinois Treasurer and Romney state chairman Dan Rutherford gave Santorum an opening in Illinois.

Deals for delegates? A rumored development…

Gingrich plan to block Romney could result in a deal for delegates
By Cameron Joseph - March 14, 2022

Newt Gingrich’s plan to keep Mitt Romney from winning the necessary delegates for the GOP nomination means the presidential contenders might have to form a deal in order to avoid a brokered convention, a leading Gingrich surrogate told The Hill.
. . .
Gingrich has publicly stated that his goal is to keep Romney from winning the 1,144 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination.

His spokesman, R.C. Hammond, told reporters Tuesday night that “our goal first is to keep Romney well below 1,000,” according to reports. He added that if that happens: “This will be the first time in our party in modern politics that we’re going to go to the convention floor.”
. . .
“Santorum and Gingrich now trail Governor Romney by margins they cannot mathematically make up,” Romney political director Rich Beeson wrote in a memo Wednesday morning.

“In order to win, both Santorum and Gingrich need to start netting an impossible number of delegates to overtake Governor Romney,” he added.

But while none of the remaining candidates can over take Romney, they could do enough damage to keep him from winning the necessary delegates.

After listening to Gingrich’s post-election interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier last night, it was as plain as the nose on his face that Newt will not be swayed in his quest to prevent Romney from getting the nomination.

Backroom deals make many Republicans nervous; the article continues:

However, a deal among the candidates would give Gingrich more power. He’s widely disliked by the GOP establishment, many of whom would do anything to keep him from being the nominee. But in a meeting between the four contenders he could be a major power-broker and possibly ally with Santorum to help make one of them the nominee.

Read more here.

This could be Gingrich’s last attempt to be relevant. There is no love lost between Santorum and Gingrich; time will tell if the two of them decide to tie the knot.

By the way, NBC has pulled Ron Paul’s last embedded reporter.

Click below the fold to see VIDEO of Romney’s excellent interview today with Megyn Kelly and my happy dance tribute to ALL who voted for The Gov yesterday.

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Drudge Exit Polling Tease: Romney Ahead in Alabama and Mississippi - UPDATED: False Alarm

BREAK OUT THE DRUDGE SIRENS! Put the sirens away…

Posted about one hour ago at Drudge:



ROMNEY 32.07%

ROMNEY 33.55%

Could it possibly be true? I don’t know. To be honest I think it is indeed possible, but I’m still a bit doubtful. It will be a coup if he takes either state. The news that will go completely unheralded today is that Romney will dominate in Hawaii.

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I can’t wait to update our Primary Results and Delegate Count tomorrow!

Santorum & Gingrich Want Obama as President for Five More Years — Truth Revealed by History & Logic — Powerful Video Indeed!

Santorum and Gingrich seem determined to repeat history and hand the election over to Obama for a second term. And nobody knows history better than Mr. Gingrich (Santorum does not seem to care about history and would that we all believe what he says and just vote for him).

Over the years, I have not been a big fan of Dick Morris as he always seemed to me to have similar DNA to that of Gingrich, Blagojevich, and Trump — that of possessing stratospheric levels of self-esteem, leading to frequent bouts of condescending rhetoric. But I must admit, his analysis these last several months has been quite reasonable, measured, intelligent, and spot-on (what has gotten into him?!!).

There have been four conventions with since 1960 with “floor fights” — two Democrat and two Republican (’64, ’68, ’72, and ’76). In all four cases, the resulting nominee lost the general election!

Both Santorum and Gingrich now know they cannot win the nomination by garnering enough delegates outright with the remaining schedule of states in the primary cycle. Their only hope?

To force a floor fight at the end of August, which leaves virtually no time to take the fight to Obama before the November election. History is totally on Obama’s side if Republicans opt for a floor fight at the convention — Obama knows it; Santorum knows it; and Gingrich knows it. And since this is true, both Gingrich and Santorum (and any person that votes for either of them) effectively acknowledge they want Obama to be President in a second term.

Listen carefully to the simple logic laid out here by Morris about voting in Alabama and Mississippi:

Four years ago, I was an ardent supporter of Governor Romney, fully expecting him to win against Huckabee and McCain. Even when the trend was for McCain to win, I wanted nothing more than for Governor Romney to take it all the way to the convention and force the showdown. Absolutely!

Instead, he did the right thing. He stood down and went all out in support of McCain — becoming his strongest surrogate — even raising $20 million for him! Why? Governor Romney decided to do everything within his influence to unify all Republicans early behind the obvious winner in order to build the strongest campaign possible against the Democrat nominee. Like millions of Romney supporters, I was very disappointed. I wanted to go all the way and fight it out, knowing that my candidate was the right candidate. What would Mitt do in this very situation? We know what Mitt did!

Quoting Dick Morris from this video clip:

“This fight is over!” “It’s over.”

“Anybody who votes for Gingrich or Santorum in Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, or Illinois is basically voting for a deadlocked convention.”

“Vote for Romney now…Why? Because I want to beat Obama, and you can’t do that if you go to into the convention without a candidate. Not if your convention is the last week of August.”

“It’s over. We’ve made our choice. Romney has 54% of the delegates at this point.

What drives Santorum and Gingrich at this point, when they know that their only chance is a knock-down, dragged-out fight at the convention? For they know that the result of that process is sure victory for Obama and the probable loss of more Senate and House seats. Obviously, Gingrich and Santorum are highly motivated to stay in the race through the convention, for they have said as much. What then is their motivation?

Ego? Revenge? Bigger book sales down the road? I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Four years ago at this time in the cycle, Governor Romney was in full campaign mode in support of our party’s candidate. Governor Romney fully subordinated his ego and personal ambition at that time and went to work! And you know what? He worked harder than any other surrogate on the campaign trail for John McCain! Look it up.

The title of this article states that Senator Santorum and Speaker Gingrich want Obama to be President for five more years. I do not believe they do. However, their desire to do whatever they can to take the Republican race to a floor fight at the convention in late Summer will certainly seal the deal for Obama and they know it. Those who vote for them at this point, know it as well.

If it is true that they do not want Obama to have a second term as President, then they are motivated by something other than solid Republican principles — indeed, they are driven by ulterior motives not associated with the best interests of this great nation.

Romney Readies ‘Prosecution of Obama’ and Mississippi Gov Phil Bryant Endorses Mitt

The project will illustrate with ads and speeches “how Barack Obama’s policies have hurt the middle class, given more and more people concerns about their jobs and prices, and put downward pressure on households.” Added the insider, “what Obama has done so far hasn’t worked and, when needed, he didn’t lead.”

The campaign will offer Romney’s alternative story-line: that he is a business and political leader who has a plan to fix the economy and bring back jobs.


Mitt Romney made the following statement on the Senate vote to block the Keystone XL pipeline:

President Obama has once again blocked the Keystone XL pipeline today. He personally lobbied Senate Democrats to vote against the project, asking them to eliminate jobs and reroute desperately needed Canadian oil away from the United States and toward China. This decision makes a mockery of his so-called ‘all-of-the-above’ energy strategy and is the latest reminder that he has taken unprecedented steps to stifle energy production and drive up energy prices in this country, all while wasting billions of dollars on failed green projects. His political strategists may think that he can continue saying one thing about energy while doing exactly the opposite, but I will spend this campaign reminding the American people of his actual record and proposing policies that will guarantee our economy the reliable, affordable supply of energy we need.

On the heels of the largest newspaper in Alabama endorsing Mitt, former Alabama Gov. Bob Riley: Romney Has the Experience and Plan to Get the Country Working Again.

Charles Djou: Hawaii Voters Have the Chance to Vote for a Proven Leader on Tuesday.

Mitt Romney today announced endorsements in Jackson County, Mississippi. Read them below the fold. Click here to continue reading

Alabama Leaders Support Mitt Romney

Mist rises from the Cahaba River on a chilly autumn morning in Alabama. Governor Mitt Romney has received seven more endorsements from Alabama leaders. Oct 21, 2021

Mitt Romney has announced more endorsements from the picturesque state of Alabama:

Boston, MA
I’m honored to receive the support of these distinguished leaders from Alabama,” said Mitt Romney. “We will work together to reduce government spending, ease the regulatory burdens that are stifling small businesses and create jobs. President Obama has failed and it’s time to turn around this economy.”

Announcing his support, State Senator Cam Ward said, “Mitt Romney is the candidate with the vision our country needs. As Governor, he balanced the budget without raising taxes and created jobs. I am confident that, as president, he will be able to get our country moving forward and put Americans back to work.”

(emphasis added )

Alabama Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney:

State Senator Cam Ward, Co-Chair Alabama Legislative Steering Committee
Ambassador Bill Cabaniss
Mary Scott Hunter, Alabama State Board of Education
Richard Bollinger, Councilman, Montgomery, AL
Jeff Peacock, Alabama Republican Party Vice Chair, Districts 1,2
Sue Neuwien, Alabama Republican Party District 2 Chair
Marty Connors, Former Alabama Republican Party Chairman

Alabama Leaders Already Endorsing Mitt Romney:

• Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey
• Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard
Lee Styslinger III
• Congressman Mike Rogers
• Former Congressman Jack Edwards
• State Representative Phil Williams
• State Representative Lesley Vance
• State Representative Steve Hurst
• State Representative Randy Wood

Way to go, Alabama!

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Alabama: Romney Personally Delivers Paperwork to be on Ballot

Gov Mitt Romney shakes hands with Alabama GOP state party chairman Bill Armistead as he turns in presidential paperwork. Birmingham, AL 8/31/11

Signaling that he doesn’t intend to concede southern votes, Mitt Romney showed up in person at GOP headquarters in Alabama to turn in his paperwork and fees in order to be listed on the Alabama GOP primary ballot:

Presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney stopped at the Birmingham offices of the Alabama Republican Party on Wednesday to file his papers and pay his qualifying fee to be on the ballot in Alabama in 2012. The one-time frontrunner is the first candidate to qualify in Alabama and told party officials this is the first state he has qualified to run in, according to the party.

The primary in Alabama is scheduled for March 13 and is one of three states with a primary that day, according to the Alabama Republican Party.

Governor Romney was the first presidential candidate to call and congratulate me after I was elected chairman of the party, so I’m pleased he’s also the first to qualify to run for president in Alabama,” said state party chairman Bill Armistead. “And of course we’re very appreciative that he decided to qualify in person. This testifies to the important role Alabama will play in next year’s primary season. Our decision to move the presidential primary to March has ensured that Alabama Republican voters have significant influence on who will top the Republican ticket come next November.”

Governor Romney has a well-organized and formidable campaign organization in place and many influential Alabama Republicans supporting him,” Armistead said. “I sincerely hope that this won’t be the last time he decides to visit Alabama before next spring’s primary election.”

Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey is the chairwoman of Romney’s Alabama Leadership Team.

Other members include U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers; former U.S. Rep. Jack Edwards; state Reps. Phil Williams, Lesley Vance, Steve Hurst, and Randy Wood; and Hoover Mayor Tony Petelos. The finance chairman for Romney in Alabama is Lee Styslinger III.

(emphasis added)

Brief look at Romney after turning in paperwork at GOP headquarters in Birmingham, AL (Disregard the little slow-mo replay at the end!):

Note: Alabama currently has a 10 % unemployment rate.

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Mitt Romney: Recent Endorsements, Campaigns for Georgia’s Olens, Deal, Isakson & Florida’s Scott, Rubio

Governor Mitt Romney’s non-stop September boost-a-thon for conservatives ended with a wallop while opening October with a wowser…

September 30th:

Endorsements ● Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC revealed a robust roll-out of southern endorsements in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Georgia ● Romney had a full day of rallying for Georgia’s statewide GOP candidates in Atlanta. After breakfasting at the OK Café with Attorney General candidate Sam Olens and a few Republican strategists, he mingled with patrons. Later in the day, he endorsed Republican gubernatorial hopeful Nathan Deal and when the sun began to set, Romney raised cash and roused the crowd for U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson.

From Sam Olens: Thank You Mitt Romney for Your Visit Today

Sam was honored today with a breakfast with Gov. Mitt Romney. In a press conference following, Romney told the crowd that he was in Georgia today to support Sam and he knows Sam will be a “pro-business Attorney General who will create a climate that will attract business to Georgia.” Thank you Gov. Romney for your support!

Nathan Deal spokesman Brian Robinson said Deal’s campaign was grateful for Romney’s support.

“He is a respected Republican leader and an expert on business issues. Those who know the most about getting Georgia’s economy going again are expressing their faith and support in Nathan Deal,” Robinson said.

September 30, 2021 - Mitt Romney talks with would-be voters at OK Cafe in Marietta, GA on a day of campaign stops for state-wide candidates in Georgia.

October 1st:

Endorsements ● A blaze of 38 enthusiastic endorsements for Iowa GOP candidates running in state and federal elections were released from Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC. Candidates’ campaigns also received a total of $41,500.

(CNN) - Mitt Romney’s making a major investment in Iowa

Romney’s endorsements include five-term Sen. Chuck Grassley and all of the Republicans running in the state’s five congressional districts. Romney endorsed former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, the GOP gubernatorial nominee, prior to the June primary, and has contributed $10,000 to Branstad’s campaign.

Florida, Rick Scott

October 1, 2021 - Mitt Romney addresses big crowd on behalf of GOP Governor candidate Rick Scott at The Villages in Florida.

Romney was heartily welcomed at Republican gubernatorial hopeful Rick Scott’s ‘Leadership for Florida’ rally at The Villages (a well-worn presidential campaign stop and huge retirement community) in Florida:

Orlando Sentinel:

Scott, who will face Democrat Alex Sink in the Nov. 2 election, told the crowd of several hundred people that he plans to create jobs in Florida and keep them here.

“This state will get back to work,” Scott said, echoing his campaign slogan.

The visit by Scott and Romney was a treat for friends Susan Prince and Margo Haught.

“I like his agenda and what he stands for,” Prince, 70, said of Scott.

Haught, 72, said she admires Romney’s experience in government — and “he’s a good businessman,” she said.

(emphasis mine)

Marco Rubio ● Romney attended a fundraiser for U.S. Senate GOP candidate Marco at the Palma Ceia Country Club in Tampa. Then, Romney rocked a ‘Reclaim America’ rally with Marco Rubio at Benedetto’s Italian restaurant in Land O’Lakes, Florida.

Oct 1, 2021 - Gov Romney speaks at 'Reclaim America' rally with Marco Rubio in Benedettos's Restaurant in Land O' Lakes, Fl.

See another video report on Romney and Rubio here.

UPDATE: Tampa Bay Online:

Officially, the event - a Reclaim America Rally tour stop - was about boosting Republican nominee Marco Rubio’s U.S. senatorial chances. And he brought along Weatherford, GOP congressional hopeful Rich Nugent and U.S. Rep. Adam Putnam, who, seeking the job of Florida’s top farmer, got off the line of the afternoon: “Many of you don’t realize it, but there are other races besides the commissioner of agriculture this year.”

Nonetheless, the guy in the Sinatra/Clooney role was, plainly, Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, savior of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, coast-to-coast booster of Republican candidates and early favorite for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.

Re-evaluating Mitt

And here at last, the Benedetto’s renowned intimacy worked to someone’s favor.[…] This is also one long Mitt Romney Second-Glance Tour.

In Benedetto’s cozy confines, Romney was warm, engaging, spontaneous and witty…[…]

[…] Jeb Bush says the key to Florida is Pasco County. If, come the next chilly inauguration day, a guy named Romney is taking the oath, we’ll know which intimate Italian eatery trips the pivotal Pasco lock.

(links added, my emphasis)

Keep your cursor here at MRC; there’s more to come from Romney!

(Hat tip /Bosman for Rubio videos.)

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UPDATE! Mitt Romney in Florida: Even more Videos, Photos, and related Stories

Mitt Romney Not Slowing Down: More Endorsements In Alabama

Mitt Romney is not slowing down in his fast-paced, cross country tour of helping conservatives win state and national elections. The potential 2012 candidate has announced that he is endorsing 24 Alabama candidates and has given a total of $54,000 in support to their campaigns in this election cycle.

Who is Mitt Romney endorsing in Alabama? Here’s the list:

State Treasurer Kay Ivey: Kay Ivey currently serves as the State Treasurer of Alabama and is now running to become Alabama’s next Lieutenant Governor. For more information about her and her campaign, visit

Senator Richard Shelby: Senator Richard Shelby currently serves the people of Alabama in the U.S. Senate, and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Congressman Robert Aderholt: Congressman Robert Aderholt represents the 4th Congressional District of Alabama, and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Congressman Spencer Bachus: Congressman Spencer Bachus represents the 6th Congressional District of Alabama, and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Congressman Jo Bonner: Congressman Jo Bonner represents the 1st Congressional District of Alabama, and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Congressman Mike Rogers: Congressman Mike Rogers represents the 3rd Congressional District of Alabama, and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Mo Brooks: Mo Brooks has a long history of public service in Alabama and currently serves on the Madison County Commission. He is now running to represent the 5th Congressional District of Alabama. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Don Chamberlain: Don Chamberlain, a businessman, is now running to represent the 7th Congressional District of Alabama. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Martha Roby: Martha Roby currently serves on the Montgomery City Council and is now running to represent the 2nd Congressional District of Alabama. For more information about her and her campaign, visit

Young Boozer: Young Boozer, a former financial executive and former state Deputy Finance Director, is now running to serve as Alabama’s next State Treasurer. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

John McMillan: John McMillan has a long history of public service in Alabama, having previously served in the state legislature and as the state conservation commissioner. He is now running to become Alabama’s next Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Luther Strange: Luther Strange, a successful attorney, is now running to become Alabama’s next Attorney General. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

In addition to endorsing these candidates, Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong American PAC is providing contributions to each of the individual campaigns. Mitt Romney has made a $5,000 contribution to Ivey’s Lieutenant Governor campaign. Mitt Romney previously contributed $10,000 contributed to Ivey’s campaign in 2009.

The PAC is also sending $5,000 to Shelby’s Senate campaign and $2,500 each to the Congressional campaigns of Aderholt, Bachus, Bonner, Rogers, Brooks, and Chamberlain. The PAC has already sent Roby’s Congressional campaign a $2,500 contribution. In addition, the PAC is contributing $2,000 each to Boozer’s Treasurer campaign and Strange’s Attorney General campaign, and is contributing $1,000 to McMillan’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries campaign.

Mitt Romney is also endorsing the following candidates for Alabama State Senate: State Senator Paul Sanford, State Representative Gerald Allen Paul Bussman and Bill Holtzclaw. The PAC is contributing $1,000 individually to each campaign.

He is  also endorsing the following candidates for Alabama State House: State Representative David Grimes, State Representative Micky Hammon, Richard Baughn, Terri Collins, Wayne Johnson, Barry Moore and Kurt Wallace. The PAC is contributing $1,000 individually to each campaign.

Finally, Romney is endorsing Lori White who is seeking represent District 7 on the Montgomery County Board of Education and has contributed 500 to her campaign.

Mitt Romney is enthusiastic about making these endorsements and realizes the importance of getting Alabama conservatives elected to statewide and national offices. “At a time when too many of our elected officials are more focused on special interests than the public interest, it is more important than ever that we elect candidates who are dedicated to enacting conservative policies that will get Alabama – and our nation – back on the right track. Alabama is fortunate to have so many strong candidates, and I am proud to stand with these candidates today.”

Don’t slow down Mitt! Keep on making those endorsements!

~ Jared A.