E.W. Jackson Calls for “Mass Exodus” from Democrat Party

MittRomneyCentral has published a number of extraordinarily powerful videos over the last three years. I believe this one belongs in that category. Yes, I know it is longer than one minute…sorry, but some messages need more time than a sound bite. This one does. You will be glad you heard this message I believe.

By the way, what prior presidential election do you remember in which so many African American leaders came out against the leader of the Democrat Party?

E. W. Jackson gave a speech at the National Press Club on September 10th that was never heard in the media because of the horrible news out of Libya and the Middle East that day and the following day. At time 0:40 he calls all those of Judeo-Christian values to lead a “mass exodus from the Democrat Party;” at 3:50 he states that the Democrat Party expects all its members to bow to it; At 4:40, he said the Democrat Party has declared war on Christianity; at 6:45 he speaks of lies, lies, lies to blacks of the ties between Planned Parenthood and the Democrat Party; at 10:35 he says this is “the beginning of a movement to call our country back to the faith of our founding fathers. Back to the values upon which they built this nation. Back to the truths upon which it was established. And back to the idea we can be one nation under God…”

Do you remember this piece from August 2nd written by Ben Collins?

At the press conference, Rev. William Owens, who is president and founder of the Coalition of African-Americans Pastors and the leader of the campaign, was joined by five other black regional pastors and said there were 3,742 African-American pastors on board for the anti-Obama campaign.

Rev. Owens states, “I am ashamed that the first black president chose this road, a disgraceful road.”

Is anybody listening? Or will 95% of all African Americans line up as lemmings behind Mr. Obama again as Jackson states? It is time to wake up America!

Hat Tip to Kevin Anderson for fleshing this speech out for MRC

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Romney Beefs Up Florida & Natl Leadership Teams: Brian Ballard on Board

Mitt Romney made a noteworthy announcement yesterday.

He’s added a Finance Co-Chair to his Florida team and added a member to his National Leadership Team. One person fills both roles; his name is Brian Ballard.


I am proud to announce the addition of Brian Ballard as a Florida Finance Co-Chair and a member of the National Leadership Team for Romney for President,” said Mitt Romney. “Brian’s level of talent, expertise, and enthusiasm characterizes what is needed to beat President Obama in Florida.”

It is an honor to join Mitt Romney’s team in Florida,” said Brian Ballard. “This is the team that will beat President Obama. I look forward to working with Mitt as he campaigns across Florida uniting Americans with the common goal of winning the White House.”

Brian Ballard Is The President Of Ballard Partners, Inc. Ballard has nearly twenty-five years of experience in Florida politics and government affairs. Ballard earned his stripes serving as chief of staff to Gov. Bob Martinez from 1988-1990. In 2008, Brian Ballard served as the McCain for President Co-Chair for Florida/National Finance Co-Chair, as well as the RNC’s McCain Victory Florida Finance Committee Chair and National Finance Co-Chair. He also served as the Inaugural Committee Chairman for Governor Charlie Crist and Inaugural Committee Finance Chairman for Governor Rick Scott. In addition to his work in Florida politics, Ballard taught Florida Government as an adjunct professor at Florida State University. He and his wife, Kathryn, reside in Tallahassee with their three daughters.

Governor Romney was in the Sunshine State for three days in June speaking with worried Floridians and small business owners who are wrestling with the Obama economy. At the time Romney was there, the state unemployment rate was at 10.8%.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has worked hard to lessen the effects of the Obama misery index, but the jobless rate is still too high. Nationally, unemployment numbers for Hispanics have been at 11.6%; African Americans 16.2%. (And, the Congressional Black Caucus isn’t happy about those numbers.) South Florida usually has worse unemployment than other parts of the nation; in May, Miami-Dade’s jobless rate was at 13.4%.

Romney in Tampa, Florida June 16, 2022

Obama has failed Florida.” ~ Mitt Romney June 16, 2022

Ortence Kemp, a nurse’s assistant, lives in Overtown, Florida. She’s one of the more than 14 MILLION Americans who are out of work:

Kemp lost her job in the laundry room at Jackson Memorial Hospital in February — and hasn’t been able to find work since.

Instead, she found three eviction notices on the door of her Overtown home.

Kemp, 48, has an 11-year-old son and runs a youth ministry called Kids on a Quest. She relies on the income her husband earns doing custodial work in Boca Raton, two hours away from where they live.

I do a lot of calling. I go on interviews. But there are no jobs,” she said. “I try to stay encouraged, but it’s very depressing.”

The addition of Brian Ballard to Romney’s teams is welcome news. It also helps to know that former Romney aide Rob Jentgens has formed three ‘jobs’ Super PACS: Jobs for Iowa, Jobs for South Carolina, and Jobs for Florida.

Florida needs a President Romney.

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