Mitt Romney: Financial & Economic Expert — Chief Executive with Decades of Experience

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In my opinion, Chris Wallace of FOX News is one of the best journalists alive. He is tough in his questions, but most fair, I believe. He is equally tough will all those he interviews. He is by far the most prepared of any journalist I have seen on television and is always ready with an intelligent comeback to any answer provided by the person being interviewed. If Wallace has any partisan biases, I have been unable to detect them.

Remember the question that Governor Romney was asked in the last debate about the biggest misconception voters have of him? Remember he chose to answer that question with a more substantive reply, providing information voters could use? In the following video, Wallace asks him that question again and this time he answers it directly.

Governor Romney provides important answers that the voters need to hear in Michigan and Arizona. His answers are unambiguous and I believe outstanding. Wallace asks questions on the following topics:

  • Afghanistan — Obama’s announced withdrawal and recent apology
  • Gov. Romney’s winning margin in Michigan in 2008 & expected margin Tuesday
  • Who’s going to win Michigan Tuesday?
  • Gov. Romney’s recommendation to allow the auto companies to go through bankruptcy
  • Gov. Romney’s more detailed economic plan detailed
  • Two Cadillacs

Governor Romney exudes a high level of confidence in this clip. I realize I am biased, but I think any objective viewer would agree that Governor Romney is the brightest of the four candidates left in the race. Clearly, he is not merely recalling facts as Gingrich does, but is speaking as an economic and financial expert with decades of experience as a chief executive. See next page for the video, photo, and tribute. (more…)

Veterans Day 2010: Gratefully, We Remember… From Mitt Romney Central

When our perils are past, shall our gratitude sleep? ~George Canning

We remember… November 11th, Veteran’s Day, commemorates the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, when the armistice signaling the end of World War I was signed. This wonderful federal holiday is a reminder to reflect upon all who have served honorably in our United States military - in wartime or peacetime.

No blog post could begin to convey the gratitude I personally feel for the blood, sweat, suffering, and sacrifice of lives changed, lives maimed, and lives lost… to gift me with the freedoms I enjoy as a United States citizen. I hope you’ll take some time to read a few comments from Vet that I’ve shared here. Included are a few photos I hope will stir your heart as they have mine:

Union Army 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry color guard - U.S. Civil War - June 11, 2022

VETERANS DAY is a very important day to me and my family. If it wasn’t for the VETERANS then we wouldn’t be enjoying the FREEDOMS that we have in the USA today and the world would be a chaotic mess. Our VETERANS and our ALLIES have made this a better world. We would be speaking Japanese or German today or be under Communistic domination if not for them. Our FREEDOMS would be a thing of the past. I’m honored to be able to go out to area schools and participate in VETERANS DAY programs. I encourage the students to find out who in their family is a veteran and to record their military career so that it can be passed on from one generation to the next. If we fail to ” Pass it on ” then it will be lost forever. Every basic right and freedom we have today has been paid for with the blood, sweat & tears of VETERANS. My great-grandpa Gentrup served in the Civil War, his son, my grandpa, served in the Spanish-American War and I have the Civil War discharge papers and the Spanish-American War Basic Training picture. My great uncle served in WWI and my father-in-law served in England, France, Belgium and Germany during WWII. I served with the 25th Infantry Division at Cu Chi, Vietnam for one year in 1967-68. My brother-in-law served during the Vietnam War in England and then in Thailand in the Air Force. I’m proud to be an AMERICAN VETERAN and so proud of the sacrifices the veterans have made. I lost 2 classmates in Vietnam and I’ll make sure that they are never forgotten. We need to teach the youth of America about our VETERANS and to show them respect. We also must teach them to respect the American Flag and teach them what it represents. I ask God to bless our VETERANS, those living and those who have passed on, bless our troops serving today and may God Bless the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. -PG Gentrup


Romney on ‘The Early Morning Show’ Today

Speaking from Newton, MA this morning, former Governor Mitt Romney connected by remote to the The Early Morning Show (CBS) for an interview with Harry Smith. Questioned on the president’s war strategy in Afghanistan, Romney reminded viewers that Afghanistan was the centerpiece of Obama’s presidential campaign. Mitt compared Obama to Shakespeare’s Hamlet and chastened him for not having made a decision on sending additional troops.

Romney also spoke on tomorrow’s important elections and his fundraising efforts to support conservative candidates. He’s been criss-crossing the country non-stop to attend fundraisers for Va. gubernatorial Bob McDonnell and the candidate for Lt. Governor, Bill Bolling; New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie; South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint; and candidates for races in Arizona, Georgia, New York, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Missouri, Texas, Utah, and elsewhere.

Just three days after the Obama White House bragged that their stimulus program has created or saved some 650,000 jobs, Romney stated that “the stimulus that the president and the Congress passed is not what’s helped the economy.”

Romney (after ad): “As you recall, the scenario they (Obama administration) forecast would occur without the stimulus, is now the very scenario which they’re forecasting is going to occur. So the jobless rate is going to hit 10%. We’re not going to have any net new jobs into the third quarter of next year. That’s what was supposed to happen without the stimulus. So their stimulus didn’t work. The right answer is to stop the stimulus that they put in place, reform it, or scrap it, because it is not what’s creating jobs in this country; instead, it’s the private sector.”

Afghanistan-Dithering Obama to Emanuel and Axelrod – “Sic ‘em!” Cheney Muzzles

dog-muzzle-art-muzzle-designed-american-pride-muzzleUnable to tolerate growing criticism of his Afghanistan war tail-chasing, Obama snapped the leash off attack dogs Emanuel and Axelrod this weekend to sic the Bush Administration. Appearing on weekend television news programs, Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod snarled that Obama has had to craft a war strategy from scratch, is just at the starting point, and that President Bush left office without a strategy for Afghanistan.

Weary of the growling, former Vice President Dick Cheney donned a proverbial dog-catcher suit as he addressed the Center for Security Policy audience in Washington D.C. last night. Here’s how he used TRUTH to muzzle Obama’s criticisms.

“…Among my other concerns about the drift of events under the present administration, I consider the abandonment of missile defense in Eastern Europe to be a strategic blunder and a breach of good faith… Only last year, the Russian Army moved into Georgia, under the orders of a man who regards the collapse of the Soviet Union as the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century. Anybody who has spent much time in that part of the world knows what Vladimir Putin is up to. And those who try placating him, by conceding ground and accommodating his wishes, will get nothing in return but more trouble.”

“Recently, President Obama’s advisors have decided that it’s easier to blame the Bush Administration than support our troops. This weekend they leveled a charge that cannot go unanswered. The President’s chief of staff claimed that the Bush Administration hadn’t asked any tough questions about Afghanistan, and he complained that the Obama Administration had to start from scratch to put together a strategy.

In the fall of 2008, fully aware of the need to meet new challenges being posed by the Taliban, we dug into every aspect of Afghanistan policy, assembling a team that traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan, reviewing options and recommendations, and briefing President-elect Obama’s team. They asked us not to announce our findings publicly, and we agreed, giving them the benefit of our work and the benefit of the doubt. The new strategy they embraced in March, with a focus on counterinsurgency and an increase in the numbers of troops, bears a striking resemblance to the strategy we passed to them. They made a decision - a good one, I think - and sent a commander into the field to implement it.

Now they seem to be pulling back and blaming others for their failure to implement the strategy they embraced.”

“Last January 20th, our successors in office were given the highest honors that the voters of this country can give any two citizens. Along with that, George W. Bush and I handed the new president and vice president both a record of success in the war on terror, and the policies to continue that record and ultimately prevail. We had been the decision makers, but those seven years, four months, and nine days without another 9/11 or worse, were a combined achievement: a credit to all who serve in the defense of America, including some of the finest people I’ve ever met.

What the present administration does with those policies is their call to make, and will become a measure of their own record. But I will tell you straight that I am not encouraged when intelligence officers who acted in the service of this country find themselves hounded with a zeal that should be reserved for America’s enemies. And it certainly is not a good sign when the Justice Department is set on a political mission to discredit, disbar, or otherwise persecute the very people who helped protect our nation in the years after 9/11.

We cannot hope to win a war by talking down our country and those who do its hardest work - the men and women of our military and intelligence services. They are, after all, the true keepers of the flame.”


While Obama engages in political yipping and nipping, let’s hope America’s quest for victory over Taliban terrorists and stability for Afghanistan doesn’t go to the dogs.


Note - In reference to a speech Dick Cheney gave to the American Enterprise Institute on May 21, 2022 Mitt Romney said:  “Vice President Cheney has been the target of every media, from mainstream to comic. But he spoke today as before without regard to the politics but with abiding respect for the truth. Barack Obama is still hanging on to the campaign trail. He said that the last thing he thinks about when he goes to sleep at night is keeping America safe. That’s a big difference with Vice President Cheney—when it came to protecting Americans, he never went to sleep.”

Full transcript of Dick Cheney’s Center for Security speech here.
Additional Resource: Keep America Safe – Founders: Elizabeth L. Cheney, Debra Burlingame, William Kristol