Obama Ducks Press Corps, “Flirts” in Local Radio Interview

This excellent ad from the RNC highlights our President acting “presidential” in the midst of an intense race, and a harsh economy:


Anyone else feel like screaming that? I thought screaming that would make me feel better, but it didn’t. What will make me feel better is voting President Obama out in November. Share this on Twitter or Facebook, or email this to a friend if you want to help make that happen. Thanks in advance :)

Obama isn’t working.

~Nate G.

(Video HT: Max Twain at Race42012.com)

Perry Ads Against Romney Receive “Three Pinocchios” from The Washington Post

Three Pinocchios

Though I’m well aware of the facts behind these issues, I take no credit for this researching these specific ads. Glenn “The Fact Checker” Kessler of The Washington Post investigated claims made against Governor Romney, by Team Perry, in two web ads released just yesterday and this morning. His findings: Three Pinocchios (out of four) for the first and a There-are-only-so-many-Pinocchios-one-can-award-in-a-day! for the second.

Video One - Words Have Meanings:

Perry claims the first edition of Romney’s book states that the Mass Health Care was a model for a national plan.

The video ad:

The Fact Check:

A Great New Romney vs. Obama 2012 Video!

This video is fantastic. It was created by a guy named Troy and he has graciously given us permission to put the video on the Mitt Romney Central Youtube Channel so that it will gain more views.

This video joins a growing list of impressive grassroots-created videos promoting Mitt Romney. Our favorite are posted below. I can’t wait to see even more of these videos. Please “like” them because some of them have been vote-botted by other groups so they don’t show up as high when “Mitt Romney” is searched.

Here are the videos: