Obama Strategy: Dilute, Pollute, Refute the Rising Wave of Reform

It’s absolutely stunning to see the turn-around in poll numbers as they drop for Barack Obama in just 11 months into his presidency. The number of self-identified Democrats sunk in December to the lowest level recorded in more than seven years of tracking. Senators Chris Dodd (D-Connecticut) and Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota) will not seek re-election. Michigan Democrat Lt. Gov John Cherry has pulled the plug on his campaign for governor and Colorado’s Democrat Governor *Bill Ritter announced that he will not seek re-election. In late December, former Democrat freshman Rep Parker Griffith switched to the Republican party.

The recent victories of Governors-Elect Chris Christie (R-New Jersey) and Bob McDonnell (R-Virginia) indicates good things ahead. The possibility of Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts) being elected to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat is thrilling. Conservative and Independent ranks are growing.

The waves of REAL change are washing across America. But will the rising waters of reform be enough to cleanse America’s soul? 

Read the chilling and diabolical workings on how Obama’s radical power brokers plan to muddy the waters by gaming the system when you next step up to the ballot box:

January 8, 2022
Obama and the White House Chicago Boys
Ed Linsky – American Thinker

Signs are emerging that the Chicago Boys — the triumvirate of Obama, Emanuel, and Axlerod — are up to their old tricks, as I touched upon in a previous American Thinker column. My recent interest was piqued by two news items that floated across my screen in the last week.

One was the release of the White House visitor logs that showed visits by Anna Burger, Secretary-Treasurer of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and named by Fortune Magazine as “the most powerful woman in the labor movement. ” We know Andy Stern, head of the SEIU, routinely visits the White House and has boasted of the tens of millions of dollars and man-hours the union spent in electing Barack Obama to the presidency. We can expect a repeat performance come 2012.

But Anna Burger is far more than an SEIU honcho; she also is the vice-chairman of a shadowy group called the ” Democracy Alliance,” composed of billionaire funders and savvy political operatives who set out a few years ago to change politics as we know it in America. Among their projects was something called the Secretary of States Project that set about electing secretaries of state in key battleground states.

These are the very officials who are charged with maintaining the integrity of the voting process. Recall the controversies in Ohio and Minnesota — including ACORN problems — regarding the accuracy of the votes in those states last year? The secretaries of state who gave a stamp of approval to these elections (where Democrats won) were Democrats supported by the Democracy Alliance. Various state chapters of the Democracy Alliance have formed to use a range of controversial methods to ensure Democratic victories. (See “The Colorado Model” by Fred Barnes for a display of the type of tactics that can be used to manipulate elections. These include creating faux controversies, spreading them through supposedly non-partisan groups created by Democrat activists, and relying on an echo chamber effect until the mainstream media picks up the “story” and broadcasts it far and wide. Other groups are formed to harass journalists and editorial writers who don’t push the liberal line.)

The Democracy Alliance has helped form front groups to get Democrats elected. David Axelrod is a master at this type of tactic.

The Alliance’s handiwork played a role in the victory of Al Franken over Norm Coleman, which helped secure a sixty-seat majority in the Senate. There was a group — Alliance for a Better Minnesota — that posed as a group of concerned citizens. The Alliance was funded by outsiders, namely the wealthy, hyper-partisan Democrats behind the Democracy Alliance. This was a so-called astrotruf group: it falsely appeared to be a true grassroots effort.

Tellingly, the Obama team has killed off disclosure rules mandating that unions reveal how they spend the billions of their members’ union dues. These, in turn, are often poured into “front groups” and other “funds” each year. Anyone care to wager whether these funds will flow to help Democrats? Thanks to Obama, we will never know. So much for transparency. But we do have change.

The second item that sparked my interest was Obama’s move to ditch the superdelegates’ role in nominating Democratic candidates for the presidency.

These superdelegates include Democratic members of Congress, national party figures, and established leaders of the Democratic Party. They vote at the nominating convention. The system was established in the wake of the 1972 Democratic Party nominating process, when anti-war radicals seized control of the party and ended up nominating George McGovern. The superdelegates were supposed to ensure that radicals did not take over the party’s nominating process. Well, apparently that sort of restraint does not appeal to Obama, who now has taken steps to shape the nominating process to play to his preferred territory: the caucuses, where his brand of populism holds sway. The Wall Street Journal noted the trick:

One reason for the superdelegates in the first place is the disproportionate role of activists in states like Iowa, which rely on caucuses rather than primaries. Mrs. Clinton held in her own in the primary states but Mr. Obama crushed her in the caucus states where his supporters found it easy to dominate proceedings where older and frequently busier people weren’t able to invest the time to counter them. Take the case of Texas, which has both a caucus and a primary: Mrs. Clinton won the state’s primary in which 2.8 million people voted, but Mr. Obama so controlled the caucuses where far fewer people (some 800,000) participated that he ended up with more delegates overall. The new rules, if approved, would likely mean even more of the same.

Since Obama’s policies are sacrificing the careers of Democratic congressmen to fulfill his agenda, these politicians may withhold their support at a future nominating convention. What is the solution? Remove them from the equation by stripping their vote. Out they go, joining the ever-increasing number of bodies under the bus.

Of course, the boys who earned their stripes in the rough-and-tumble world of Chicago politics (where the phrase “vote early and vote often” should be the city’s motto) will not stop there in their drive to win.

Why should they? Customs, rules, ethics, and traditions were thrown under the bus to get ObamaCare bills passed by the House and the Senate. Why stop there when there are so many ways to skin Americans? Skullduggery comes naturally.

There are other cards to play (and Obama is an avid poker player).

How else will the Chicago Boys game the system and gin up victories?

While that [ACORN census] seems to be off the plate for now, there is still the prospect that sampling may be used to collect census figures. That is a statistical method that has been denounced by, among others, John Fund of the Wall Street Journal as a formula that could be abused to exaggerate the number of residents of certain states and municipalities. This would affect the number of House seats awarded to each state. Those figures also play a role in the amount of federal funding flowing to those areas. Those are also the very figures used to determine electoral votes.

Will census figures compiled by community groups chosen by this administration be reliable? Remember that this team earned their stripes in Chicago and has ties to ACORN, which is embroiled in voter registration and other scandals across our nation.

There will be a strong desire to boost numbers in blue states, especially since red states seem poised to pick up seats and electoral votes, as people vote with their feet and move to red states. This won’t do for the Obama team — not at all.

So what to do? Fool ‘em with some other numbers, this time the ones with dollar signs in front of them. But the Chicago Boys may have tipped their hands by revealing one of their cards:

The government, reports The Hill newspaper, will target $80 million of those dollars to racial and ethnic minorities and non-English speakers — groups that vote disproportionately Democratic. Nor will Democrats permit efforts to limit the count to those here legally. An effort by Sen. David Vitter (R., La.) to exclude illegal aliens from the count went nowhere.

Illegal aliens don’t (usually) vote of course. But when they are counted in the Census they do affect representation in Congress. So some of the money you pay in taxes will go toward increasing the legislative clout of one party.

And those illegal aliens will also boost electoral votes of those blue states. We can also expect a campaign to allow felons to regain their right to vote. Anything to boost those numbers and rack up some wins.

But wait, there’s more.

The push to “Rahm” through universal voter registration is a ploy ripe for voter fraud, as noted so well by my American Thinker colleague James Simpson in his recent column. This is a proposal to impose a federal mandate regarding voter registration. State laws will be overridden by federal law drafted and passed by Democrats. As John Fund notes:

The feds will tell the states: ‘take everyone on every list of welfare that you have, take everyone on every list of unemployed you have, take everyone on every list of property owners, take everyone on every list of driver’s license holders and register them to vote regardless of whether they want to be …’

What is the problem? Many of these lists include vast numbers of illegal immigrants, there will be felons, there will be duplicates, and there will be a lot of people who never cared enough about the country or democracy to take the simple steps to register under state laws. What will be the end result? A huge pool of likely Democratic voters will be created out of thin air — and then Obama’s army of volunteers and Democratic Party activists and paid contractors (think ACORN) will shepherd them to the voting booths. Between the pickup at home and the pulling of the lever, a lot of steps can be taken to ensure they vote the left way.

Are there any more ways for Obama and the boys to stack the deck?

Yes! Read more here on how Obama and his boys plan to overcome the rising waves of constitutional conservatism with a tsunami of their own.

Our Crook-in-Chief means to keep his power. Unless we man the fair election life-guard towers and clean up his dirty work, Obama’s sludge of cheating, lying, and diabolical tricks will continue to pollute the waves of REAL change.

You won’t want to miss reading this.

*Update: Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter’s bizarre withdrawal

Health Care Stench

The stench from Health Care bribes and favors offered to move Obamacare nearer to becoming the law of our land is wafting across America. Three particularly putrid elements involve Senator Chris Dodd, Senator Roland Burris, and Senator Harry Reid. Hold your noses – these stink!

The Dodd rot:

Health Bill Money For Hospital Sought By Dodd

The Associated Press - Sunday, December 20, 2021

 A $100 million item for construction of a university hospital was inserted in the Senate health care bill at the request of Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., who faces a difficult re-election campaign, his office said Sunday night.

The provision is included in a 383-page series of changes to the health care bill that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., outlined Saturday. Scattered throughout are numerous items sought by individual lawmakers, many of them directing money explicitly to programs or projects in their home states.

The one sought by Dodd provides $100 million for “a health care facility that provides research, inpatient tertiary care, or outpatient clinical services.” It must be affiliated with an academic health center at a public research university in the United States “that contains a State’s sole public academic medical and dental school.”

 Read more here.

Fumes from Burris:

ACORN Qualifies for Funding in Senate Health Care Bill

By John McCormack
Monday, December 21, 2021

Senator Roland Burris is claiming credit for a provision in Harry Reid’s “manager’s amendment,” unveiled Saturday morning, that could funnel money to ACORN through the health care bill.

The provision he cites, found on pages 240 through 248 of the manager’s amendment, requires that six different agencies each establish an “Office of Minority Health.” The agencies are the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Health Resources and Services Administration, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.”

According to a Senate legislative aide, the scandal-plagued Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now could qualify for grants under this provision. ACORN would also qualify for funding on page 150 of the underlying Reid bill, which says that “community and consumer-focused nonprofit groups” may receive grants to “conduct public education activities to raise awareness of the availability of qualified health plans.”

Earlier this year, Congress passed and the president signed into law a ban on federal funding for ACORN, but a judge ruled that that law was unconstitutional. If a higher court reverses that ruling, ACORN may be prohibited from receiving funds through the Office of Minority Health earmark. But according to the Senate legislative aide, ACORN would still “absolutely” qualify for federal funding through the provision in the underlying Reid bill because the anti-ACORN appropriations amendment would not apply to funds provided through the health care exchanges.

Read more here.

Reek from Reid:

Reid Bill Says Future Congresses Cannot Repeal Parts of Reid Bill

TheWeeklyStandard.com weblog     
By John McCormack
Monday, December 21, 2021

Senator Jim DeMint pointed out some rather astounding language in the Senate health care bill during floor remarks tonight. First, he noted that there are a number of changes to Senate rules in the bill-and it’s supposed to take a 2/3 vote to change the rules. And then he pointed out that the Reid bill declares on page 1020 that the Independent Medicare Advisory Board cannot be repealed by future Congresses:

“There’s one provision that I found particularly troubling and it’s under Section C, titled ‘Limitations on Changes to this Subsection.’

And I quote — “It shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection.” This is not legislation. It’s not law. This is a rule change. It’s a pretty big deal. We will be passing a new law and at the same time creating a senate rule that makes it out of order to amend or even repeal the law.

I’m not even sure that it’s constitutional, but if it is, it most certainly is a senate rule. I don’t see why the majority party wouldn’t put this in every bill. If you like your law, you most certainly would want it to have force for future senates.

I mean, we want to bind future congresses. This goes to the fundamental purpose of senate rules - to prevent a tyrannical majority from trampling the rights of the minority or of future congresses.

Emphasis added by editor.

Read more here.

Video: DeMint Challenges Democrat Harry Reid

The confiscation of taxpayer money to revarnish tainted politicians, the obfuscation to guarantee ACORN not only survives - but thrives, and the utter gall to sneak laws into legislation that intend to make those very laws irreversible is evidence of how deep the decay in our democracy is. Who knows what else will seep out this malodorous bill?

Capitol Hill has become a dung heap of corruption. All the air freshener in the world can’t clear the air in Washington. It’s time to disinfect.

Kill the bill! Go here to sign the petition TODAY.

ACORN Undercover Video Saga Continues in Los Angeles

No one could answer.

No one could answer.

The handy undercover video work of James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles continues to amaze me. My wife is quite impressed and intrigued as well. In fact, she says that if we were to have another baby we’ll name it James or Hannah.

The undercover escapade continues, this time in Los Angeles. This episode is revealed in four parts:

Part 1: Andrew Breitbart attends an anti-FOX protest by ACORN employees in LA. Their behavior after their dispirited dispersal leads him to determine that they are “common street thugs, the dregs of society”.

Part 2: Before the rally, camera man Gary Hewson audio records a shocking statement by an an ACORN ” community organizer”, who refers to ACORN’s “undeclared” efforts to “put in Obama”.

Part 3: An L.A. ACORN employee who’s willing to overlook the prostitution business for a home loan application actually draws the line when James and Hannah mention under-age girls. He is the ONLY one in the nation-wide operation to do so, and for that James awards him the ACORN Employee of the Year award.

Part 4: Another ACORN employee is not only is OK with the importation under-age sex slaves, but recommends they get involved with someone who does that sort of thing on an international level, and suggests that she could do some independent research for them.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Breitbart explains his frustration that even though some steps have been taken in congress to defund ACORN, there has been no call to have a congressional investigation into ACORN. Breitbart sends a warning to Attorney General Eric Holder that if there is not an investigation into ACORN they will reveal more tapes just before the 2010 elections. Hannity asks if there are indeed more tapes to which Breitbart exclaims “Oh my goodness there are! Not only are there more tapes, it’s not just ACORN.” Breitbart also mentions yet to be disclosed documentation of countless ACORN whistle blowers who want to come forward but are fearful of retribution from the organization.

Yes dear, I kind of like the names James and Hannah too.

~Nate G.

Necessary update: No, I’m am not having another kid. Just making that clear.

Boil, Bubble, Toil and Trouble… Oct. 31st Bewitching Hour for ACORN

Thought all the rot oozing from ACORN would be enough to permanently spook Congress from ever giving them another tax-payer dime? Uh… trick or treat! On October 31, ACORN ghouls get treated to government REfunding while we, the taxpayers, get tricked.

Representative Michele Bachmann (R – Minnesota) speaks with radio KTLK’s Chris Baker on ACORN refunding October 31, 2009:

Homeland Security conjured up $1 million for ACORN during the month of October - for fire prevention. I didn’t know ACORN offices were overgrown with dry brush and filled with gasoline-soaked rags.

For years, ACORN has been funding home loans for illegal aliens and our government has been complicit in ensuring those loans are approved. John Fund (Wall Street Journal) speaks with Fox and Friends’ Steve Doocy, Sept 21, 2009, on the additional rat tails boiling in ACORN’s cauldron: 

John Fund:

“Illegal aliens don’t have social security numbers so Acorn provides taxpayer identification numbers to illegal aliens to obtain no-interest loans, no-down payment loans, and all kinds of subsidies.”

“We’ve not learned the mistakes that caused Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to collapse… We are perpetuating these same problems. We are still propping up home mortgages for people who have defaulted. ..The founder of ACORN has a theory; it’s maximum eligible participation in all the government programs. What social radicals want is to change our system by first overloading it with too many clients, too many people getting government benefits. When the system collapses under the dead weight of all those subsidies and these recipients, then they think they can have dramatic social change – bring in a more egalitarian society.”

3f2b4d100538ba10So far, getting caught enabling pimps and prostitutes, instructing clients how to prevent paying taxes, providing sweet-treat home loan deals to illegal aliens, embezzling funds, and rigging elections isn’t enough to break ACORN’s spell over Congress. This reveals how entrenched the mad Democrat scientists on Capitol Hill are. They know toil and trouble lie ahead in 2010, so preserving the Acorn Frankensteins are the reason they continue to huddle in the lab.

Unless we stay awake and keep wailing, the ghosts and goblins of ACORN will haunt us long into the future. For the sake of fair elections, honest mortgage lending purposes, preventing abuse of tax-payer monies, and before our Republic lands six feet under in the graveyard of ‘Death by Corruption,’ please contact your Reps, Senators, and the White House. Urge them to drive a stake through the heart of STOP FUNDING ACORN.

Contact government officials here.

Friday Fun - Word of the Year Poll (Obama Edition)

Since Fridays are relatively slow and the is not much newsworthy content on the interweb, I’ve decided to make a poll to lighten the day with a little levity.

First, a picture I found at a local scooter business that is both funny and sad at the same time:

Sign of the Times?

Sign of the Times?

And now for the poll. I know that there are some answers that aren’t included that you’d like to see, but I had to cap it somewhere. But please, if you have some good answers leave them in the comments.


Now I realize that this post is called “Friday Fun”, but after making that list I’ve concluded that this just isn’t fun anymore. I should have added “Nobama 2012″ to the list.

~Nate G.

House Votes 346-75 to Completely Defund ACORN

My apologies for yet another ACORN post, but this is just HUGE news. You may recall that the Senate voted to take away the federal housing funding that ACORN was receiving. I think some believed that to be the complete de-funding of ACORN. It wasn’t. This is. That was just a drop in the bucket compared to this.

So today the dominoes continue to fall for ACORN as the House voted 346-75 to remove ALL federal funding from the organization. All 75 dissenting votes came from Democrats.

I would highly recommend reading the blog posts by the two brave individuals who brought this all about. Their story is truly fascinating. They’ve saved the U.S. taxpayers millions of dollars, and have effectively brought down a hugely corrupt organization. They are true heroes in my book.

Click on their pictures to read their stories at biggovernment.com.

James O'Keefe

Hannah Giles

Hannah Giles

Click here to see list of the 75 Democrats who voted against defunding.

Is Acorn a Canary in a Coal Mine?

‘This is a witch hunt. There are a few bad apples in every organization. These videos have been doctored and edited.’ So squawked ACORN reps regarding recent scandalous videos involving ACORN personnel.

With voter registration fraud, embezzlement, enabling child prostitution, and tax cheating hatching on a daily basis, the tax-paid feathered nest of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – better known as ACORN - is beginning to crumble. Thankfully, the Census Bureau severed its ties to employ the organization for the 2010 census. On Monday (Sept. 14th) a bill introduced by Mike Johanns (R-NE) denying housing and urban funds to ACORN was overwhelmingly passed by the Senate. The bill would prevent ACORN from taking taxpayer money for mortgage counseling, Community Development Block grants, the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, and other programs.

Speaking on FOX news today, *John Boehner (R – Ohio) revealed that he and 129 of his colleagues sent a letter yesterday to President Obama to urge him to stop all funding for ACORN. Today, Congressman Boehner introduced Defund ACORN Act - legislation to cut all ties between our federal government and ACORN.

Now, Bertha Lewis, ACORN CEO is warbling a different tune:
“As a result of the indefensible action of a handful of our employees, I am, in consultation with ACORN’s Executive Committee, immediately ordering a halt to any new intakes into ACORN’s service programs until completion of an independent review. I have also communicated with ACORN’s independent Advisory Council, and they will assist ACORN in naming an independent auditor and investigator to conduct a thorough review of all of the organizations relevant systems and processes. That reviewer, to be named within 48 hours, will make recommendations directly to me and to the full ACORN Board. We enter this process with a commitment that all recommendations will be implemented.”

ACORN’s independent Advisory Council:

• John Podesta, President and CEO, Center for American Progress
• Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Board Member, RFK Foundation, former MD Lt. Governor
• Andrew Stern, International President, Service Employees International Union
• Harvey Hirschfeld, President, Lawcash
• John Banks, Vice President of Government Relations Con Ed
• Eric Eve, Senior VP of Global Consumer Group, Community Relations, Citigroup
• Dave Beckwith, Executive Director, Needmor Fund
• Henry Cisneros, Executive Chairman, Cityview

Boehner describes today’s action by ACORN as too little – too late.

Who believes that anyone on this Advisory Council will name an unbiased auditor to investigate the operations of ACORN? Just how far does the corruption reach? Is ACORN a canary in a coal mine?

* Boehner also sent a similar letter last year to President Bush and Steven Preston (then-Sec of Housing and Urban Development).

ACORN Gets the Old 1-2 - Loses Census, Then Funding

When a major organization that is partially subsidized by the government gets rocked by scandal two things usually happen. First, ties are broken with the organization, and then funding is lost. This is precisely what is happening with the infamous ACORN.

Image from facefwd.com

Image from facefwd.com

All of this started to come about as a young duo went undercover to daringly expose ACORN employees. The duo posed as a prostitute and pimp seeking to get a loan for a house to use as a brothel for teenagers smuggled from El Salvador. (I don’t even like typing those words, it sickens me so.) The employees of ACORN proceeded to instruct the couple how to falsify their income, and gave them other means to circumvent the law and fraudulently apply for a federal grant for a home loan.

This bit of news, and others that have surfaced, has been a HUGE victory for many who have adamantly fought against the federal funding of ACORN, and have bemoaned their participation in the 2010 U.S. Census. If you can successfully control the census you can control the who gets into government.

The backlash for ACORN: First Robert Groves, director of the Census Bureau, sent a letter to ACORN informing them that the bureau was breaking all ties with the controversial organization, citing that ACORN’s involvement was more of a distraction than a help. Then just today, the Senate voted 83-7 to cut funding to ACORN for its housing and community grants. And now lawmakers are calling for a congressional hearing and an IRS audit. And there will be more to come.

I feel immense satisfaction in seeing such an evil organization get publicly flogged for their atrocious crimes. In my mind there is no greater crime than human trafficking. In fact, the employees that were exposed in the video should be facing a lot more punishment than loss of job.

ACORN claims this was an isolated event, but don’t forget the video mentioned above is just one of several videos that has popped up recently, and that ACORN was already under investigation in more than a dozen states. I agree with this opinion that a full RICO investigation is now warranted.

I am yet to hear President Obama repudiate this organization. He can’t. They are among his most loyal supporters. You may remember that Obama as a candidate promised ACORN that they would help shape the agenda. Also, Bill Duprey of the DC Republican Examiner advises us not to forget that Obama IS Acorn.

Barack Obama is not just a bystander in ACORN’s history. He is their greatest achievement.

Just FYI, here are the Senators who voted to continue funding ACORN: Dick Durbin (D-IL), Roland Burris (D-IL), Robert Casey (D-PA), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI).

The NYT Isn’t Even Pretending Anymore

A few weeks ago the New York Times managed to completely miss the Van Jones story until he resigned in disgrace.  This week, tapes were released of ACORN employees conspiring to aid a faux-pimp in his desire to import underage girls as sex slaves.  Within 2 days the Census Bureau announced that it was ending its association with such scum.  What is the New York Times’ reaction?  Well it’s to ignore the story completely of course.

Here’s the AP story in The New York Times (via the web briefing) on the Census Bureau’s decision to drop its association with ACORN. The story doesn’t mention the prostitution videos from last week (and more are coming). How does a reporter and/or editor do that? Read the whole thing, the silences are staggering. It’s Pravdaesque.

Even by New York Times/AP standards, this is just jaw-droppingly bad journalism.