Romney & Gingrich: Leadership Strength — Contrasts in Character

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Many contrasts exist between Governor Romney and Speaker Gingrich. For example: Romney came to office in a statewide election; Gingrich never has. Romney has been an executive leader his entire career; Gingrich has not been an executive leader in the classic sense of “executive.” Romney’s core values are well known and he has lived them his entire life; Gingrich’s values appear to have shifted and “matured” over time.

Strong leadership traits in our next President are needed in ways this nation has not seen in decades. The longing for a proven, strong leader seems ever-present when we are reminded daily of the leadership void in the Oval Office today — a shame (why does it appear that Mr. Obama is on nothing more than a joy ride to me?).

Many lists exist of character traits most often possessed by a good leader. Following is a very good list, I believe. Rather than draw distinctions myself between Governor Romney and Speaker Gingrich as leaders, please take a moment and read each of the following carefully and think of those distinctions yourself. I have studied both men over many years; I think each man is much different in each of these important traits. As you read these, try to really think of what you know of each man’s past, character, behavior, temperament, actions, support of wife, family, colleagues, etc.

I believe you will conclude as I have, that Governor Mitt Romney is a far superior leader — In fact, I don’t think Gingrich even holds a candle to Romney as a wise, trusted, strong “leader.” I believe Gingrich is weak and not nearly as intelligent as some Americans believe. As I see it, there is no contest here.

Compiled by the Santa Clara University and the Tom Peters Group:

Honest — Display sincerity, integrity, and candor in all your actions. Deceptive behavior will not inspire trust.
Competent — Base your actions on reason and moral principles. Do not make decisions based on childlike emotional desires or feelings.
Forward-looking — Set goals and have a vision of the future. The vision must be owned throughout the organization. Effective leaders envision what they want and how to get it. They habitually pick priorities stemming from their basic values.
Inspiring — Display confidence in all that you do. By showing endurance in mental, physical, and spiritual stamina, you will inspire others to reach for new heights. Take charge when necessary.
Intelligent — Read, study, and seek challenging assignments.
Fair-minded — Show fair treatment to all people. Prejudice is the enemy of justice. Display empathy by being sensitive to the feelings, values, interests, and well-being of others.
Broad-minded — Seek out diversity.
Courageous — Have the perseverance to accomplish a goal, regardless of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Display a confident calmness when under stress.
Straightforward — Use sound judgment to make a good decisions at the right time.
Imaginative — Make timely and appropriate changes in your thinking, plans, and methods. Show creativity by thinking of new and better goals, ideas, and solutions to problems. Be innovative!

What are your conclusions as you thought through the differences of these two men? I could write for hours of the differences I see in each man from just the above 10 leadership traits. How do you see them?

“The greater a man is in power above others, the more he ought to excel them in virtue. None ought to govern who is not better than the governed.” — Publius Syrus

Seven Weeks Before Iowa Caucuses, Romney Inevitable?

Mitt and Ann Romney after a campaign stop in Columbus Junction, Iowa. Dec 30, 2021 (AP photo)

This weekend marks the beginning of the holiday season. As many Americans turn their focus on travel, traditions, family, and friends during the seven quick weeks leading up to the Iowa caucuses, Andrew Malcom at thinks this…

Forget polls, Mitt Romney is about to wrap it up

There is no one discernible moment this far out when a candidate’s selection in an open race becomes inevitable. And surprises still can happen.

But the collective expectation among Republicans […] is at least nearing that point for Romney with just seven weeks left before the Iowa caucuses.

In fact, many Democrats including the Obama White House have clearly passed that point and are already orchestrating his approved surrogates to focus their attacks on the former Massachusetts governor, in case any Americans are listening 357 days ahead.

… Second time around, Romney’s looked poised, confident, presidential in the debates. No OMG moments requiring damage control. Steady as she goes is the campaign motto and it’s worked.

(emphasis added ) Read more here.

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FOR Romney: Bachmann’s Tea Party Caucus Founder, WY Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis

Wyoming Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis (pictured on horse at the 2010 Cheyenne Frontier Day celebration) has endorsed Mitt Romney. Nov 14, 2021

Wyoming Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis, one of the founding members of Michele Bachmann‘s Tea Party Caucus when the GOP reclaimed the House in 2010, has endorsed Mitt Romney. Lummis, also an attorney and rancher, will take the reins of the Romney campaign in Wyoming:

Congresswoman Lummis has served Wyoming well for the past 30 years and I am honored to have such a public servant leading my campaign in Wyoming,” said Mitt Romney.

“Governor Romney’s experience as both a chief executive and conservative businessman makes him highly qualified to lead our nation at this time – a time when the size and scope of the federal government threatens to overwhelm us,” said Lummis.

“Recently, he highlighted the spending mess that we are in and how we can avert an economic crisis. The burdens now placed on small businesses and working Americans, and those who want to work, seem unbearable. I believe Mitt has emerged as the right person at the right time to lead America. I am honored to serve as his Wyoming Chairman and look forward to bringing his conservative message of fiscal responsibility to voters in my state.”

(emphasis added )

Background on Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis:

Congresswoman Lummis was first elected to Congress in 2008 and serves on the Appropriations Committee. Prior to her election, she served in both the Wyoming Senate and House and served two terms as Wyoming’s State Treasurer. Congressman Lummis is a rancher and an attorney.

Send an email welcoming Congresswoman Lummis’ to Team Romney; visit her website (click on ‘contact’ tab). ‘Like’ her facebook page here.

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Romney Tops Reuters/Ipsos Poll, Likely GOP Nominee

We’ll kick off the week with good news highlighted by Jennifer Rubin (The Washington Post). The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Mitt Romney is tops:

Mitt Romney is back in the number-one spot in another poll. “Mitt Romney has a growing lead in the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, and almost half of the party’s voters expect him to be the nominee, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. Twenty-eight percent of Republicans backed the former Massachusetts governor, giving him a lead of 8 percentage points over his nearest challenger Herman Cain in the poll, taken November 10-11. Romney was 5 percentage points ahead in a survey November 7-8. Newt Gingrich, the U.S. House of Representatives speaker in the mid-1990s, solidified a recent rise among conservatives seeking an alternative to the more moderate Romney, coming in third place in the current poll with 16 percent.”

More from The Washington Post:

Mitt the inevitable?

By Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake 11/14/2011

In the past few weeks, a realization appears to have dawned on the political world: Mitt Romney is very likely to be the Republican nominee for president in 2012.

To wit:

* President Obama’s campaign surrogates have focused their critique exclusively on Romney of late; former White House communicator Bill Burton released a memo Saturday attacking the Republican as a flip-flopper on the issue of abortion.
* Forty-five percent of Republicans in an early November Gallup survey said they believe Romney will be the nominee, triple the percentage (13 percent) that see businessman Herman Cain as the likely GOP nominee. Just 9 percent named Texas Gov. Rick Perryand 4 percent said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich would be the nominee.

“They continue to methodically build a foundation that, with each passing day, is capable of weathering an increasingly strong storm,” said Jim Dyke, a senior party strategist not affiliated with any of the candidates, of the Romney campaign.

What’s interesting about the Romney rise is that it isn’t a rise at all. Romney has remained steady, while his potential rivals have fallen.

Cain has struggled to get beyond the allegations of sexual harassment that have dogged his campaign for the last several weeks. While his core support remains surprisingly strong in the face of the accusations, the momentum he was building prior to the revelations has been almost entirely stopped.

Perry’s implosion has been more slow-moving — his best days in the race were his first ones — but he put an exclamation point on his struggles with his now-infamous “oops” moment.

And, while there’s no question that Gingrich appears to be the conservative alternative of the moment, his long record in public life — not to mention the lack of any real organization in early states — makes him look like a long shot to unseat Romney.

“No campaign has shown they have the resources, the organization, the candidate and the strategy to capture voters in a sustained way,” noted Dyke.

Romney’s campaign, not surprisingly, is not “taking anything for granted,” according to spokeswoman Andrea Saul. (They are also taking it day by day, working hard to earn every vote …)

(emphasis, italics added)

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AFP Summit: Romney Keynote Speaker at Tribute to Ronald Reagan Dinner

Mitt Romney is delivering a one-two punch on fiscal policy…

After Gov Romney delivers a fiscal policy speech in Exeter, NH on Thursday, he will then head to Washington D.C. the next day to deliver another fiscal policy speech at the 5th annual Americans for Prosperity “Defending the American Dream Summit.” The summit is being held Nov 4-5; Romney be the keynote speaker at the Ronald Reagan dinner.

CNN: Mitt Romney will deliver a policy address Friday at an Americans for Prosperity summit in Washington, according to the group and the Republican presidential candidate’s campaign.

The conservative group is partially funded by billionaires Charles and David Koch and has served an influential role in the tea party movement.

Romneywill be the keynote speaker at the event’s Tribute to Ronald Reagan dinner Friday night. GOP rival and former pizza executive Herman Cain will speak to the gathering Saturday morning.

(emphasis added ) Check back for a livefeed of the event.

Thursday, November 3, 2021

Event: Mitt Romney Discusses Fiscal Policy In Exeter

When: 5:30 PM EDT

Location: Exeter Town Hall
10 Front Street
Exeter, New Hampshire

Friday, November 4, 2021

Event: Mitt Romney Delivers Speech On Fiscal Policy To The Americans For Prosperity “Defending The American Dream Summit”

When: 100 PM EDT

Location: D.C. Convention Center
801 Mount Vernon Avenue NW
Washington, D.C.

Confirmed speakers at AFP summit:

Mark Levin, Radio Host
Herman Cain, businessman and GOP presidential hopeful
Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst
Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City
Jonah Goldberg, New York Times best selling author
Dinesh D’Souza, best selling author
Andrew Breitbart, conservative commentator, author
Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia Attorney General
Congressman Marsha Blackburn, U.S. House of Representatives
Rep. Andy Harris, U.S. House of Representatives
Rep. Mike Pompeo, U.S. House of Representatives
Ann McElhinney, conservative film maker
James O’Keefe, conservative film maker
Bob Bowdon, conservative film maker
John Fund, American Spectator
Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform
Tim Phillips, AFP Foundation President
Phil Kerpen, AFP Foundation, VP for Policy
Carly Fiorina, U.S. Senate candidate, former CEO Hewlett-Packard

If you haven’t done so, click here to go to the AFP facebook page to ‘like’ their announcement of Romney’s speech (leave a comment and ‘like’ other pro-Romney comments!).

Additional reading:

Time for Boldness by Jennifer Rubin, WaPo

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Fmr NH Gov John Sununu to Give “Holy Grail” Endorsement to Romney

Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu will formally endorse Mitt Romney on Monday, Oct 24, 2011. Sununu will also serve as Chairman of Romney's National Steering Committee.

He said he had narrowed his nominee choice down to two candidates – Rick Perry or Mitt Romney.

He said he would make up his mind, regarding which man to endorse, after a series of presidential debates.

He said it would be some time in mid-to-late October.

He’s made up his mind.

On Monday, Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu will formally endorse…

Mitt Romney.

Sununu to endorse Romney for President
Union Leader
By John DiStaso, Senior Political Reporter
Oct 23, 2021

MANCHESTER — Former Gov. John H. Sununu on Monday will throw his considerable political influence behind Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“I’m viewed as a good, solid conservative Republican and I’m supporting a good, solid conservative Republican,” Sununu said in disclosing his long-awaited endorsement.

In exclusive interview, Sununu said he narrowed his choice to Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, but was won over by what he views as Romney’s conservative approach to pressing domestic and national security issues.

He said the final component that persuaded him to back Romney was the former Massachusetts governor’s early October foreign policy speech at The Citadel in South Carolina.

“That showed me that he understands that the principal role of the President of the United States is the security of the country and participating in trying to stabilize the world,” Sununu said.

Sununu, 72, will be named chairman of the Romney campaign’s national steering committee and will on hand Monday morning when Romney files his candidacy in the first-in-the-nation presidential primary at the New Hampshire State House and then attends a campaign rally there.

While the importance of big political endorsements are subject to speculation in independent-minded New Hampshire, Sununu’s backing is viewed as a plus not only locally, but also nationally. A Boston newspaper recently went so far as to term Sununu “the Holy Grail” of New Hampshire endorsements.

Sununu elaborates:

While critics try to portray Romney as a moderate Republican, Sununu called him “truly a conservative. He’s committed to cutting spending and taxes, and he’s committed to some issues that I really care about.”

Sununu noted that Romney kept Massachusetts out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), “believes in local control of education and understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of our national borders.”

He also said Romney has sufficiently answered criticisms of the Massachusetts health care plan he signed into law, which imposed an individual mandate and has been portrayed by Romney opponents as a forerunner to President Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Sununu said Romney did well with the plan considering the “constraints” of having a Democratic-controlled Legislature. He said the Romney plan was “built on” an idea put forward by the Heritage Foundation, which Sununu said was the “gold standard” for conservative thinking.

“His firm commitment to repealing ‘Obamacare’ is a very important part of his agenda,” Sununu said.

(emphasis, link added) Continue reading here.

This is BIG news; we’ve been hoping for Sununu’s endorsement! By the way, Sununu’s son, NH Executive Councilor Chris Sununu, recently endorsed Romney.

Stay tuned…

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Romney Announces TRADE Policy Advisory Group Chair & Co-Chairs

Coinciding with his new video on trade, China, and Obama, Governor Mitt Romney has announced the names of the Chairman and Co-Chairs of his Trade Policy Advisory Group:

Boston, MA – … Mitt Romney announced that Secretary Carlos Gutierrez will serve as chair, and Rod Hunter and John Herrmann as co-chairs, of his Trade Policy Advisory Group. The group will help Romney formulate pro-growth trade policies that open markets around the world for American goods and services while ensuring that trading partners play by the rules and welcome robust competition. Romney will discuss his vision for American trade policy, and its role in economic growth and job creation, today at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, WA.

“Free trade is essential to restoring robust economic growth and creating jobs,” said Mitt Romney. “American businesses and workers are unparalleled in their productivity and ingenuity, and when we are given the opportunity to compete we have shown we can win. My Trade Policy Advisory Group has been instrumental in shaping the policies that I presented last month in my economic plan, Believe in America, which will reverse the stagnation brought about by the Obama administration’s neglect of our trading interests. I look forward to working with this team on a strategy for international trade that will produce the right environment for economic growth and job creation.”

“Mitt Romney has the right combination of private sector experience, conservative principles, and leadership to address the enormous challenges that the United States faces in the international economy,” said former Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez. “His trade agenda is unique in its steadfast commitment to free trade coupled with a willingness to confront nations that betray principles of free enterprise to exploit our own open market. This approach is necessary to restore a pro-growth business environment that will create jobs.”

Background On The Chair And Co-Chairs Of The Trade Policy Advisory Group:

Carlos Gutierrez served as Secretary of Commerce from 2005 to 2009. Gutierrez also served as Co-Chair of the U.S. Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba. Prior to entering government service, Gutierrez was the President and CEO of the Kellogg Company.

Rod Hunter served on the National Security Council staff from 2003 to 2007. Hunter was a Special Assistant to the President and NSC Senior Director for International Trade, Energy, and Environment. Prior to the NSC, Hunter served as Special Counsel in the Office of the United States Trade Representative.

John Herrmann served on the National Security Council staff from 2005 to 2009. Herrmann was NSC Director for International Trade and Investment, and then served as a Special Assistant to the President and NSC Senior Director for International Trade, Energy, and Environment.

*NOTE - Secretary Gutierrez wrote an excellent piece on Romney and free trade for yesterday. It’s worth reading in its entirety:

Romney Will Create Jobs By Opening New Markets for America

Former Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, Chairman of Mitt Romney's Trade Policy Advisory Group

President Obama claimed to understand the importance of free trade, declaring in his State of the Union address: “We have to seek new markets aggressively, just as our competitors are. If America sits on the sidelines while other nations sign trade deals, we will lose the chance to create jobs on our shores.” Sadly, his habit of talking about jobs while doing nothing to further their creation has been on full display in this arena.

Upon taking office he derailed the robust and active trade agenda pursued by the outgoing Bush administration. He inherited ongoing negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership with countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, and New Zealand, and immediately put them on hold. He also inherited free trade agreements (FTAs) with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea that were signed, sealed, and ready for delivery to Congress. But it has taken him nearly three years to move them forward, and their passage this week has been a bitter reminder of opportunities lost during which time we have watched competitors pass us by.

While President Obama kept America on the sidelines, other countries have been in the game. An agreement between South Korea and the EU went into effect earlier this year giving European companies a significant advantage over American ones in the Korean market. EU-Korean trade increased 17 percent in just the first two weeks.

China has been busily working to supplant our influence in our own hemisphere, making massive investments in places like Colombia that prompted the Colombian president to declare Asia “the new motor of the world economy.”
Mitt Romney offers the most comprehensive agenda for opening new markets to American goods and services. Just as importantly, Mitt is the only candidate with the skills and experience to put his plan into effect. As president, he will ensure that any pending FTAs are promptly submitted for approval by Congress. He will vigorously pursue successful completion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. And he will pursue new agreements, be they with economic powerhouses in our own backyard like Brazil, close allies like the European Union, or smaller economies across the globe that share a strong commitment to the principles of open markets and fair competition.

(emphasis added )

Continue reading here.

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Rick Perry’s Problem With The Truth

“It is becoming increasingly clear that Rick Perry has problems with the truth. - Andrea Saul, spokesperson for 'Romney for President'

It is becoming increasingly clear that Rick Perry has problems with the truth. Each of Rick Perry’s attacks has been proven false. Instead of dreaming up phony attacks on Mitt Romney, Governor Perry should explain why he encourages illegal immigration, why he wants to dismantle Social Security, and why he accepted billions of dollars of stimulus to cover up his massive budget deficit.” - Andrea Saul, Romney for President spokesperson

For the third time in three days, Governor Perry’s campaign today released an intentionally false and misleading claim about Mitt Romney:

Perry version of Romney Quote: “The ‘all-Democrat’ stimulus that was passed in early 2009 will accelerate the timing of the start of the recovery.”(, Press Release, 9/28/11)

Actual version of Romney Quote: “The ‘all-Democrat’ stimulus that was passed in early 2009 will accelerate the timing of the start of the recovery, but not as much as it could have had it included genuine tax- and job- generating incentives. President Obama and his economic team said their stimulus would hold unemployment below 8 percent. But unemployment soared well above that level. Not only has the 2009 package already been far less than successful, it will impose a heavy burden on the economy in the intermediate and long term.” (Mitt Romney, No Apology, 2010, pp. 144-145)

Governor Perry conveniently fails to mention that he used billions in federal stimulus money to cover up his budget deficits in Texas:

“Texas was the state that depended the most on those very stimulus funds to plug nearly 97% of its shortfall for fiscal 2010…” “[Perry] likes to trumpet that his state balanced its budget in 2009, while keeping billions in its rainy day fund. But he couldn’t have done that without a lot of help from … guess where? Washington. Turns out Texas was the state that depended the most on those very stimulus funds to plug nearly 97% of its shortfall for fiscal 2010, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.” (Tami Luhby, “Texas’s Love/Hate Relationship With Washington’s Money,” CNN Money, 1/23/11)

Under Perry, Texas used more than $6 Billion in stimulus money to balance its 2010-11 budget. “Texas, which crafts a budget every two years, was facing a $6.6 billion shortfall for its 2010-2011 fiscal years. It plugged nearly all of that deficit with $6.4 billion in Recovery Act money, allowing it to leave its $9.1 billion rainy day fund untouched.” (Tami Luhby, “Texas’s Love/Hate Relationship With Washington’s Money,” CNN Money, 1/23/11)

Washington Post: Texas “Has Raked In Nearly $25 Billion In Federal Stimulus Money.” “In the wake of the Great Recession, the state has raked in nearly $25 billion in federal stimulus money … Befitting its population, Texas has received the third-highest amount of stimulus money in the nation, behind California and New York.” (Michael Fletcher, “Perry Criticizes Government While Texas Job Growth Benefits From It,” The Washington Post, 8/20/11)

Even as Perry requested the Recovery Act Money, He Railed Against It. On the very same day he asked for the funds, he set up a petition titles ‘No Government Bailouts.’” (Tami Luhby, “Texas’s Love/Hate Relationship With Washington’s Money,” CNN Money, 1/23/11)

Governor Perry’s previous two attempts to attack Mitt Romney this week ran into a problem – the TRUTH:

On Education Policy: Perry’s campaign “Seems intent on playing games with ‘snippets’ of quotes… This is yet another example of misleading campaign advertising.” “[T]he Rick Perry campaign seems intent on playing games with snippets of quotes by his main rival, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. … Here comes another one, this time on Romney’s supposed support for President Obama’s ‘Race to the Top’ education initiative. … Note that the Perry campaign left off the key last sentence: ‘But for me, get that back to the state level.’In other words, Romney supports some of the overall goals of ‘Race to the Top,’ but not the fact that Obama wants to make it a federal program. That’s a critical difference, or else the Perry campaign would not have left those words on the cutting room floor. This is yet another example of misleading campaign advertising.” (Glenn Kessler, “Rick Perry’s Phony Ad On Mitt Romney (Part 2),” The Washington Post, 9/27/11)

• “Romney’s full statement … makes clear he was praising the goals but criticizing the way the administration is pursuing them at the federal level. … The last sentence makes clear that while Romney supports some of the ideas behind Race to the Top, he thinks those educational policies ought to be handled at the state, rather than federal, level – which mirrors the traditional conservative view.” (, 9/23/11)

• The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “[Perry] doubled down with an ad so obviously dishonest on Romney’s position on Race to the Top that there weren’t enough Pinnochios to go around.” (The Washington Post’s “Right Turn,” 9/27/11)

On Governor Romney’s book:

Perry is simply making up the claim that Romney advocated his health-care plan as a model for the rest of the country.” “The Rick Perry campaign on Monday released an advertisement … Specifically, Perry claims that Romney deleted a sentence suggesting that the health-care plan he passed in Massachusetts was a model for the rest of the nation. … Perry is simply making up the claim that Romney advocated his health-care plan as a model for the rest of the country – and that he deleted words praising it. Perry’s claim is directly contradicted on the very page from which he draws his gotcha quote. … This ad is the kind of gamesmanship that gives politics a bad name.” (Glenn Kessler, “Perry’s Phony Attack Ad On Changes To Romney’s Book,” The Washington Post, 9/27/11)

• “Perry falsely claimed Romney had once written that ‘Romneycare’ is ‘exactly what the American people needed.’ Romney never wrote that. On the contrary, he said after he signed the bill that ‘certain aspects’ of the state’s law might work ‘better in some states than others.’”(, 9/23/11)

• PolitiFact: “Perry’s right that Romney’s comments about health care were edited between editions. … But Perry exaggerates by making it sound as though Romney had advocated his state’s plan as national health care policy – a potentially damaging position in a Republican primary. That’s not what Romney wrote.” (, 9/23/11)

(emphasis added )

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Obama on the Economy: ‘Profoundly’ Not Working

David Plouffe - Senior Adviser to President Obama, former Obama campaign manager

President Obama’s senior adviser, David Plouffe, said yesterday that the White House Jobs Plan will have a “profound impact”:

White House Adviser David Plouffe: “The president has been very clear as he’s traveled across the country and in the speech to Congress that he thinks the American Jobs Act would have a profound impact on our economy right now.” (CNN’s “State Of The Union,” 9/25/11)

• “We’re going to continue to demand this type of action that is going to have a profound impact on the economy right now.” (CNN’s “State Of The Union,” 9/25/11)

• “We think these things can have a profound impact not just in the next year or year-and-a-half but provide a foundation for longer term growth as we go through the decade.” ” (CNN’s “State Of The Union,” 9/25/11)

The plan will NOT have a profound impact on America’s unemployment crisis:

Associated Press: The President’s “jobs plan” will not make a substantial dent in the unemployment rate for years. “Even if Congress heeds President Barack Obama’s demands to ‘pass this bill right away’ and enacts his jobs and tax plan in its entirety, the unemployment rate probably still would hover in nosebleed territory for at least three more years.” (“Obama Plan Would Make Small Dent In Jobless Rate,” The Associated Press, 9/24/11)

“The persistent weakness of the U.S. economy has left 14 million people unemployed people and more than 25 million unable to find full-time work.”(“Obama Plan Would Make Small Dent In Jobless Rate,” The Associated Press, 9/24/11)

The plan WILL have a profound impact on taxpayers:

To pay for his jobs plan – which even Democrats are hesitant to support - President Obama is proposing hundreds of billions of dollars in permanent tax increases. “While it is likely that the tax incentive portion of President Obama’s plan would deliver few jobs and little economic growth, the permanent tax increases that ‘pay for’ the tax cuts can do permanent harm to the economy. Reportedly, the tax increase measures total roughly $460 billion over ten years.” (Fiscal Fact No. 283, Tax Foundation, 9/19/11)

The Washington Post: President Obama’s deficit reduction plan is padded with more than $2 trillion in tax increases. “The administration’s claim to have come up with $4 trillion in deficit reduction is misleading. The more accurate amount is barely half that, including … $1.5 trillion in tax increases on the wealthy. … The administration further pads its results by giving itself credit for $866 billion in ‘savings’ from letting the George W. Bush tax cuts expire for those making more than $250,000 a year.” (Editorial, “In Debt Plan, Mr. Obama Goes ‘Medium,’” The Washington Post, 9/19/11)

So far, the plan has not had a profound impact on the president’s Democratic allies:

“President Obama anticipated Republican resistance to his jobs program, but he is now meeting increasing pushback from his own party. Many Congressional Democrats, smarting from the fallout over the 2009 stimulus bill, say there is little chance they will be able to support the bill as a single entity, citing an array of elements they cannot abide.” (Jennifer Steinhauer, “Some Democrats Are Balking At Obama’s Jobs Bill,” The New York Times, 9/14/11)

(my emphasis)

CBS Headline: “Even Democrats Skeptical of Obama’s Jobs Act.” (, 9/17/11)

Flashback – The Last Time President Obama’s Advisers Made Predictions About Economic Stimulus, They Were Flat-Out Wrong:

(Romer and Bernstein, “The Job Impact Of The American Recovery And Reinvestment Plan,” 1/9/09)

At 9.1%, the unemployment rate remains well above what Obama officials predicted would occur either with or without the first stimulus. The Romer-Bernstein analysis projected that, by this point in time, unemployment would be less 7% with the stimulus in effect and less than 8% without the stimulus. (Christina Romer and Jared Bernstein, White Paper, “The Job Impact Of The American Recovery And Reinvestment Plan,” 1/9/09)

Unemployment among African Americans is at 15.9% and Obama is facing increasing criticism from black members of Congress. His approval numbers among African Americans have taken a nose dive; 58% say they have “strongly favorable” views of the president, down from 83% just five months ago.

Last Saturday, Obama spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus at their annual awards dinner in Washington, D.C. It was a fiery-worded campaign speech for his base. He clearly isn’t moving to the center; he’s chosen confrontation over compromise.

Obama scolds Black Caucus 9/24/11 (audio ends @:45):

I expect all of you to march with me and press on,” Obama told the audience. “Take off your bedroom slippers, put on your marching shoes. Shake it off. Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying. We are going to press on. We’ve got work to do, CBC.”

To read a transcript of Obama’s speech, click here.

Meanwhile, tough times brings out the creative capitalism at Hallmark (9/23/11)

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Perry Doubles Down on Illegal Immigration Stance, Romney Responds

August 6, 2021 - Texas Governor Rick Perry gives a thumbs up as he takes the stage at 'The Response', a televised Texas prayer meeting held in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

At Thursday’s presidential debate in Tampa, FL, Governor Perry doubled down on his support for discounted tuition rates for illegal immigrants:

Perry, on an in-state tuition break for illegal immigrants: “I still support it greatly.”

PERRY: “If you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they’ve been brought there by no fault of their own, I don’t think you have a heart. … This was a state issue. Texans voted on it. And I still support it greatly.” (Governor Rick Perry, GOP Presidential Candidates Debate, Orlando, FL, 9/22/11)

At the University of Texas, illegal immigrants are given a tuition discount approaching $100,000 over a normal four-year period:

Tuition costs at the University of Texas at Austin are more than three times higher for out-of-state students than for in-state students.. For the 2011-12 academic year, in-state tuition and fees for undergraduates at the University of Texas at Austin are reported to be $9,794. For out-of-state students, tuition and fees are reported to be $32,506. The annual difference is an estimated $22,712 and the difference over four years is an estimated $90,848. (U.S. News & World Report, National Universities, 9/22/11)

The Washington Post: More Than 32,000 People Have Taken Advantage Of The “Texas DREAM Act “The Texas DREAM Act has given tuition breaks to more than 32,000 students attending state colleges. The law also sparked a national movement to pass a federal version, which has been championed by President Obama and became a bitterly contested issue that failed in Congress last year.” (“Perry’s Immigrant-Education Stand Draws Fire,” The Washington Post, 9/23/11)

What would Governor Perry’s tuition discount look like in Michigan?

University Of Michigan – Ann Arbor: Nearly $100,000 Per Student Over Four Years. For the 2011-2012 academic year, undergraduate tuition and fees at the University of Michigan are reported to be $12,590 for in-state students and $37,265 for out-of-state students. The annual difference is an estimated $24,675 and the difference over four years is an estimated $98,700. (U.S. News & World Report, National Universities, 9/24/11)

Michigan State University: More Than $75,000 Per Student Over Four Years. For the 2011-2012 academic year, undergraduate tuition and fees are reported to be $12,203 for in-state students and $31,148 for out-of-state students. The annual difference is an estimated $18,945 and the difference over four years is an estimated $75,780. (U.S. News & World Report, National Universities, 9/24/11)

■ The day after the presidential debates, Romney spoke at CPAC and had this to say about Perry’s comment that those who disagree with providing in-state tuition to illegals have “no heart”:

Governor Perry said that if you don’t agree with his position on giving in-state tuition to illegal immigrants, then you don’t have a heart. I think if you’re opposed to illegal immigration, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a heart. It means you have a heart and a brain. Legal immigration is good for America. Illegal immigration is something I will stop if I’m president.” –Governor Mitt Romney

During the debate Romney told the audience that the discount “makes no sense,” and on Friday said it was a plan that “cannot be sustained.”

From Politico - another review on Perry’s debate display this week:

Web verdict on Perry: Brutal

The conservative commentariat spoke with near-unanimity Friday on Rick Perry’s debate performance: The Texas governor didn’t just lose, he bombed.

There was no election-ending gaffe or singularly disqualifying remark. But his second consecutive weak outing set off alarms on the right, where too many cringeworthy moments raised questions about Perry’s durability, his seriousness and ability to compete on a stage with President Barack Obama. Worse, after a near-flawless August rollout fueled his rise in the polls and quieted critics who fretted about the quality of the GOP field, Perry’s nationally televised face-plant revived dormant talk — and hopes — about the possibility of new candidates entering the race.

With almost no one willing to defend a performance marked by meandering or inaccurate answers, botched canned lines and the damaging adoption of the left’s critique of conservatives on immigration, it’s hard to imagine how things could have gone much worse for Perry Thursday night.

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