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Why do Obama’s promises seem so familiar? Because they’re the same “tired old rhetoric” he used back in 2008. Will we learn he doesn’t have the ability to keep his promises? Or are you ready for Obama Part II: weakening image abroad, Obamacare unrepealed, a 5-4 liberal advantage on the Supreme Court and a president unprepared to lead and unaccountable to the people?

Tweet if you’ve heard this before…

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Romney’s New Ad ‘Melanie’: She Believed Obama’s Promises. Got PRANKED.

Back in 2008, when then-Senator Barack Obama and all his charismatic aura swept onto the national stage as a candidate for President of the United States, he promised a lot of things. Among them, he loudly, proudly, proclaimed he’d bring the USA back to prosperity. Melanie McNamara believed in him. He convinced her. Like many, she voted for him. Three and a half years later, Obama has UNconvinced her.

Obama’s proclamations were prattle.

Melanie McNamara got PRANKED.

Now, Melanie wants to MAKE SURE America’s economy is growing again.

Melanie is voting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Today, Romney for President released a new television advertisement titled “Melanie.”

“In 2008, I voted for Barack Obama. He doesn’t have my vote this time.

Why Mitt Romney? Being a woman, you think about your children and you think about their future. And what I want to think about is a future that has jobs. That our economy’s growing again. That’s important to women and it’s important to me.” - Melanie McNamara

The nearly incomprehensible national debt, over SIXTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS and racing, is a HUGE issue for women. Women are appalled that the back-breaking, crippling, immoral national debt will fall upon the young shoulders of the ones they sacrifice so much for - their children. The next generation will absolutely be clobbered with the crushing responsibility to repay the massive dollars borrowed and squandered by crony-concerned, devil-may-care, back-slapping, unaccountable politicians on Capitol Hill. Obama is chief among them. He’s recklessly added more debt than the first 41 presidents combined.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane…

Back in 2008, when Obama was finagling for the presidency, he ecstatically pinned the ‘unpatriotic, irresponsible’ label on President George W. Bush for his enlargement of the national debt:

“The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents – #43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back — $30,000 for every man, woman and child. That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic. - Barack Obama, July 3, 2022

Once ensconced in the Oval Office, Obama put on his heretofore unknown amnesia hat; you know, the one that conveniently makes him forget his promises and do the complete opposite of what he pledged. He couldn’t wait to get his redistributive hands on Uncle Sam’s credit card. Obama couldn’t spend (and waste) fast enough – roughly $6 trillion in 3.5 years.

Townhall’s Guy Benson adds: Romney Ad - Newborn Infants Now Owe $50,000 Toward National Debt:

[E]very “man, woman and child” now owes over $51,000. Obama’s unanimously-rejected budget would explodes that debt by $11 trillion …(more!) over the next decade. So much for his promises to thoroughly examine federal spending “line by line” to achieve a “net spending cut” while slicing the deficit in half by now. It’s almost as if he just says whatever he thinks will help get him elected, then does whatever he pleases once in office. This must stop. Mitt Romney’s new television ad, entitled “Dear Daughter,” makes the issue of inter-generational theft and reckless government spending very personal:

And, what have Obama’s policies done for women? Another ad from Team Romney/Ryan:

Obama’s policies are making it harder on women.

The poverty rate for women is the highest it has been in 17 years.

Over 5.5 million women are unemployed and their individual share of debt is over $50,000.

Fellow Americans, if you truly care about your children’s future, you must reject Barack Obama and Joe Biden. It’s okay to let them go. Don’t let them continue to steal the future from America’s children. You must vote for the two men who know how to get our economy going again, with rising salaries, and who will work with all their might to lower, not increase, our national debt.

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Did Mitt Romney Just Announce He’s Running for President Again… oh Wait, that was Rick Perry

No ApologyFirst of all, welcome to the race Gov. Perry. As Mitt has said, “the more the merrier”. As Mitt has said, Rick Perry has done a fine job as Governor of Texas. In fact, Mitt supported Gov. Perry in several ways including fundraising in the past. Therefore, none of us Mitt supporters are mad or even irritated about Gov. Perry’s announcement today. In fact, we’re delighted. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I don’t know if Mitt has even been this flattered. It’s been well documented that other candidates have piggybacked off of Mitt in their rhetoric, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a candidate channel Romney as much as Rick Perry just did.

Rick Perry had three major applause lines during his announcement that will likely sound familiar to most of us. Rick Perry said President Obama has apologized for America, he said Washington is Broken, and he said he Believes in America.

No Apology is the name of Mitt’s book, Believe in America is the subtitle of the paperback version of No Apology, and Washington is Broken was Mitt’s campaign slogan in 2008.

Maybe Rick Perry is running to be Mitt’s VP? What do ya’ll think?

Romney's 2008 Theme: Washington is Broken

Romney's 2008 Theme: Washington is Broken

Cindy Crawford, Former Obama Supporter, Now On Team Romney?

Crawford on Team Romney?

The Herald Sun reports:

Crawford, 45, made an appearance in a fundraising video for the former Massachusetts governor at his national “call day” in Las Vegas Monday that netted him $10.25 million.

At the one-day event, approximately 800 Romney supporters worked the phones inside the Las Vegas Convention Center, to raise the staggering sum.

“Cindy Crawford appears in a demonstration video at Romney call day to show people how to use ComMitt fundraising software,” Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom tweeted during Monday’s event.

By showing support for Romney, Crawford appears to have switched her allegiance from the 2008 election when the supermodel supported the campaign of then-Senator Barack Obama.

Federal Election Commission records show that Crawford, married to businessman and former model Rande Gerber, donated US$4,600 ($4, 329) - the maximum amount permissible for a couple at that time - to Obama in August 2008.

A spokeswoman for Crawford did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Who’s next? ….Oprah?

UPDATE: Apparently, she’s still undecided — here’s what she said on her facebook page:

Mike Huckabee Decides Not to Run in 2012 and His Supporters Should Read This

Running for President of the United States is a very unique undertaking that virtually all of us will never even come close to attempting. Gov. Huckabee has spent a lot of time and energy determining if it was God’s will for him to run for President again in 2012, and that is very admirable. Anyone who puts God’s will ahead of their own ambitions or desires is a wise man indeed.

Much, and likely too much, has been made of a supposed everlasting feud between Gov. Mike Huckabee and Gov. Mitt Romney. The perhaps most publicized story involving animosity between the two men occurred back in 2007. The fact that Mike Huckabee apologized to Mitt in person and Mitt quickly accepted the apology was hardly covered at all. I guess the main stream media likes to create/feed into controversy between republicans. The lazy media must’ve been shocked to find out Mitt Romney was one of the first people to call Gov. Huckabee after the announcement:

When Wallace noted he didn’t mention Romney, Huckabee said, ‘No but let me tell you something — I got a wonderful voicemail from Mitt Romney last night, which I thought was very gracious on his part.’… Huckabee insisted if Romney is the nominee he’ll support him, because he’d be better than President Barack Obama. ‘…I will support him if he is our nominee and he very well may be,’ Huckabee said.

The truth of the matter is both men have served their country as governors and have spent a lot of time out of office working to improve our great country.

Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney were close when they both served concurrently as governors of their respective states. Mike Huckabee respected and admired Mitt Romney enough that he asked Mitt to write one of the recommendations for his book “Quit Digging Your Grave With A Knife And Fork

Here’s what Mitt said:

“Governor Huckabee’s inspiring story is a call to action for anyone who has ever struggled with managing their weight. His good-natured humor and understanding shine through, and his advice is sound, straight-forward, and easy to follow.” — Mitt Romney, Governor of Massachusetts

Mike Huckabee is an inspiration to so many Americans who want to lose weight but sometimes feel helpless to do so for a variety of reasons. One idea that doesn’t get nearly enough talk when it comes to health care is improving preventative care. Health care in this country would cost much much less if the overall health of our citizens improved. It’s an obvious and simple concept, but so much of the health care debate focuses on what to do with the catastrophically ill. As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Mike Huckabee rightly brought these ideas to the health care debate, and we are profoundly grateful as Americans that he did. No health care plan should be considered complete without also improving preventative medicine.

Even more important is Mike’s tireless effort promoting the pro-life cause. Speaking for myself, the prospect of getting Roe vs. Wade overturned is why I became active in politics in the first place. I would never even consider supporting a candidate for President who would nominate a Supreme Court Justice who would uphold Roe vs. Wade. Thanks to the announcement of a couple pro-choice Supreme Court Justices that they won’t retire until after the 2012 election, we have a great chance to finally get Roe vs. Wade repealed. We believe Mitt Romney to be our best chance to elect a pro-life President.

In the 2008 and 2010 elections, both Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee worked tirelessly to elect conservatives and fortunately their work paid larger dividends in 2010. Hopefully 2012 will be an even greater election for conservatives. Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee have taken turns leading the national polls for over a year and both match up well against President Obama. We’ve all said that Mike Huckabee would’ve been a far superior president than President Obama and we would’ve supported him with great ease should he have been the GOP nominee in 2008 or 2012. Goal #1 has always been and must remain that President Obama is a 1-term President! Any supporters of Mike Huckabee are welcomed with open arms to join us here at Mitt Romney Central or even to just stop by and chat/see what’s going on from time to time. Together we can Bring America Back and help people who’ve lost faith to Believe in America again!

6/17/2011 UPDATE

Gov. Huckabee might be Gov. Romney’s VP? Watch what Gov. Huckabee said here.

Mitt Romney (Patriots Fan) Traveled to Israel with NY Jets Owner?!

You heard it here, folks. Just before the Jets beat the Patriots out of the NFL playoffs, their owner was Mitt Romney’s travel buddy. POLITICO reports:

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, the Johnson & Johnson heir and a prominent support of Mitt Romney, traveled to Israel with Romney last week after his team beat the Colts in Indianapolis, a person familiar with the trip said.

Johnson joined Romney in meetings Wednesday and Thursday with Israeli officials, then flew back to the States in time to see the Jets beat the Patriots Sunday.

Patriots Fan, Mitt Romney. Cred:

NY Jets Owner, Woody Johnson.

It’s worth noting that Johnson is a former McCain guy who put together a fundraiser that brought in $7 million on a single night for a McCain’s camp, which at that time was in dire need of a financial boost.

Another interesting side-note: Woody Johnson was on a conference call with other deep-pocketed Romney supporters back in November. On the call, Johnson made a point that many, many former McCain and Giuliani supporters in the Tri-state area were ready and willing to jump behind a Romney bid — they just needed the go-ahead from Mitt and they’d be ready to open the Rolodex and make some calls. To which Mitt graciously replied something along these lines: “Wow. That’s great… I appreciate that.”

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