Tribute to Mitt Romney From 12 Yr Old New Hampshire Resident, Hudson Ingoldsby

Fmr MA Gov Mitt Romney, wife Ann, and supporters recite the Pledge of Allegiance prior to Romney's presidential candidacy announcement. Scamman Farms, Stratham, NH 6/2/11

Amid golden straw bales and greening farm fields, with a massive United States flag rippling in the wind on the side of a white-washed barn, it was a thrilling moment when a large crowd gathered in Stratham, New Hampshire on June 2, 2011. They had assembled to hear Mitt Romney announce his candidacy for President of the United States. It began with the Pledge of Allegiance to America.

Today, via a tweet from Gov Romney, we learn the rest of the story about who lead the Pledge…

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Hudson Ingoldsby is a 12-year-old supporter from Alton Bay, New Hampshire; after leading the Pledge of Allegiance at Mitt Romney’s announcement, he submitted these remarks:

As I sit here thinking of ways to describe June 2nd, I don’t think it would be possible unless I include a bit of history. About three years ago I became interested in politics, concerned with the economy, concerned with how our schools are ranking, watching our military and our country as a whole. I watched this for a while as most Americans do then I decided I wanted to be more involved.

Living in NH is a fantastic place to grow up, and politicians are everywhere, but I wanted to meet Governor Romney. I had watched him in the last primary and read his book. Over the last year I have enjoyed my involvement with politics and have been able to attend a few functions with Gov. Romney, and I have met a few other presidential hopefuls. Governor Romney’s speeches can make anyone proud to be an American. I want everyone to be as proud as I am to be an American.

However over the past three years things seem to be worse, I have had friends’ parents that have lost their jobs, my school is now failing and I watch my Dad be sad whenever another soldier is killed. I think Governor Romney can fix the economy with a lot of work. I hope he can help schools thrive because we are the next leaders and we need a good education. He will bring back the great America, so other countries will think we are the great people that we actually are. I don’t want the current leaders to leave my generation trillions of dollars in debt. Governor Romney can fix these problems, it will be really hard work but I believe he CAN.

I believe Mitt will make a great president. I sent him a letter stating “I am just a kid but if I could be there the day you announce….” About a week later I received a note from the Governor stating if it was going to happen in NH he would call me. True to his word, his staff called and not only invited me but asked me to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.[…]

(emphasis added)

To read the rest of young Hudson Ingoldsby’s remarks and see a photo of this fine young man, click here.

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