Governor Mitt Romney, America’s Best Choice for President

Kyle from has written this fantastic op-ed for us just in time for Super Tuesday.

On March 6th, voters from 10 states will go to the polls and vote for their party’s Presidential nominee. Republicans have four very different candidates to choose from and they would do well to support the true conservative, Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, for the Republican Presidential Nomination.

Governor Romney, whose life, at age 21, was almost cut short after a terrible car accident, is the only candidate who has never served a single day in Washington, D.C. Governor Romney’s 25-year career is one of working in the private sector. He has helped start up and help turn around companies like Staples and Domino’s Pizza who today employ over 100,000 people. He has truly earned the reputation of being a turnaround artist. As a college of law student who is about to graduate, I would love to have an economic turnaround artist working on the United States economy. With Mitt Romney as President, I am more confident that when I go to look for a job after school, I will find one.

Governor Romney’s conservative leadership was on display in Massachusetts. While working with both Republicans and Democrats to secure a balanced budget every single year of his four year term without raising taxes, Mitt cut taxes 19 times, drastically increased jobs in a state that ranked 50th in job creation when he took office, and turned a 3 billion dollar state deficit into a 2 billion dollar surplus in only 4 years! That achievement is something to be commended and exemplified. The ability to work with those that may, or may not, agree with you, to accomplish the tasks that Governor Romney was able to accomplish is what true leadership is all about.

Governor Romney has fought hard, and continues to fight hard, for the free exercise of religion. When the Obama administration reported recently that they would force Catholic hospitals and doctors to prescribe contraceptives to patients, something that the Catholic faith, and all other faiths, saw as a violation of their First Amendment rights, Governor Romney was the first to speak out about it and call out the Obama Administration for their blatant disregard for our religious freedoms.

Today, conservatives who supported Governor Romney in 2008 seem to be flip-flopping. For example, in 2008, while on the Laura Ingraham Show, Former Senator Rick Santorum stated, “I believe that Governor Romney is a true conservative and a man we can trust to continue to fight for conservative principles.” He even thanked the Governor for helping him try and pass the Traditional Marriage Act in Congress. Yet today, Senator Santorum, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and others, seem to have flip-flopped. It’s now become politically convenient to attack the same man, who they called a “true conservative” four years earlier.

Republicans have an opportunity on March 6th to elect a true conservative, a man of high moral character, an economic turnaround artist, and an individual who will continue to defend religious freedoms for all Americans. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the best choice for republicans and the best choice for President of the United States.

Addendum: Watch highlights from Mitt’s energetic Washington rally and then the entire awesome Ohio rally below the fold. (more…)