08/12/12 – Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan in Wisconsin

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  1. Jennifer says:

    September 21, 2012, Written words nor my own spoken words will never and can never honestly express nor explain exactly how I feel about Barack H. Obama. Obama is so EVIL, wrotten and wicked. The most horrid Liar that I have ever seen in my whole life. And how he ever got into congress and to the Presidency in the first place is so unbelievable to me. It is a horrible shock to my whle body actually. Obama is not in any way a President. George Washington and John Adams and Abraham Lincoln would not believe it either if they could see what has become of America, now. I saw a lady who told me that she is going to vote for Obama. I told her that Obama is a Marxist-Communist and that he Murders Babies in the Womb and that he wants to ruin America and that he hates America, GOD and Israel. I told her that Obama is a Dictator and that he wants to bring in Sharia Law and that he will bring us all into Misery. But she did not believe me, she thought that I was crazy to be wearing a ROMNEY T-shirt. Some people will just not ever understand, nor change their minds, from the idiotic television, media brainwashing back into the GOD-given Common-Sense that they were suppose to be born with. What do we do with people who refuse to listen??? I do not want to be under The New World Order or sent into deep Darkness just because so many people want to ruin Life for the rest of US. GOD Bless Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan…….

  2. wait says:

    What are you talking about Jennifer….?

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