2012 Speeches

Mitt Romney’s Concession Speech - 11/7/12

Real Change From Day One - 11/2/12

Remarks on the American Economy - 10/26/12

Foreign Policy Speech ‘The Mantel of Leadership’ - 10/08/12

The Clinton Global Initiative - 09/25/12

U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - 09/17/12

The National Guard Association Conference - 09/11/12

Romney Accepts the GOP Nomination in Tampa - 08/30/12

Mitt Romney’s Speech in Chillicothe, Ohio - 08/14/12

Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan in Wisconsin - 08/12/12

Mitt Romney Makes His VP Announcement - 08/11/12

Mitt Romney’s Policy Speech in Jerusalem - 07/29/12

Remarks At The VFW National Convention - 07/24/12

Remarks to the NAACP Convention - 07/11/12

Remarks to NALEO: “Growing Opportunity for All Americans” - 06/21/12

“A Champion for Free Enterprise” - 06/07/12

Remarks On Education: “A Chance For Every Child” - 05/23/12

Prairie Fire of Debt Speech - 05/15/12

Liberty University Commencement Address - 05/12/12

A Better America Begins Tonight - 04/24/12

NRA Convention 2012 - 04/13/12

Newspaper Association of America Remarks - 04/04/12

Wisconsin/Maryland/DC Victory Speech - 04/03/12

Freedom and Opportunity - 03/30/12

Illinois Victory Speech - 03/20/12

Remarks in Chicago: “The Freedom to Dream” - 03/19/12

Super Tuesday Victory Speech - 03/06/12

Michigan/Arizona Victory Speech - 02/28/12

Speech at the Detroit Economic Club - 02/24/12

CPAC 2012 - 02/10/12

Nevada Caucus Victory Speech - 02/04/12

Florida Primary Victory Speech - 01/31/12

New Hampshire Primary Victory Speech - 01/10/12

4 Responses to 2012 Speeches

  1. Reg Hensley says:

    Mitt needs to focus more on the national debt issue and the devastating effects Obama’s policies are having on all middle class and working and retired Americans. How the FED is debasing our currency and creating artificially low interest rates is taking money out of the hands of retirees and dramatically affecting retirement income and funds. (The Hidden Tax) It almost forces people to buy stock to get any return on their money and that is very risky at best in this economy.

    Mitt should call out the Democrats and President Obama to go forward with the part of the solution to our debt crisis problem that supposedly both parties agree on and that’s spending cuts. Spending and tax revenue are not tied at the hip. These should be two separate issues. This should be stressed and the message to do so brought to the people at every meeting and opportunity. The (quote-unquote) transparent Obama Presidency should be called out on exactly what cuts they are prepared to make. No one is holding them accountable. Mitt should call them out on it and now.

  2. Stan says:

    The speech to the VFW on July 24, 2021 was the most powerful address made by Gov. Romney. It was truly a remarkable proof of leadership, compassion, and strength. I can’t wait for November 6 when I place my vote for Mitt Romney.

  3. Dylan says:

    Go Mitt!

  4. anthony cantin says:

    Go Romney you are inspiration to me. i am from Massachusetts like you.

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