2012 Op-eds

Election Eve: My Vision for America - 11/5/12

We Need a New Beginning - 11/4/12

My Vision for America - 11/2/12

A New Course for the Middle East - 10/1/12

I’ll Deliver Recovery, Not Dependency - 09/19/12

What I Learned at Bain Capital - 08/24/12

Culture Does Matter - 07/31/12

Reinforcing Alliance’s Military Might is Vital - 05/19/12

Mitt Romney to President Obama: “Where are the Jobs?” - 05/04/12

Bowing to the Kremlin - 03/27/12

Why I’d Repeal Obamacare - 03/22/12

U.S. Can Be Energy Superpower - 03/05/12

Restoring the American Promise - 03/05/12

How I Would Check Iran’s Nuclear Ambition - 03/05/12

Obama Would Tax Economy to Death - 03/01/12

A Tax Reform to Restore America’s Prosperity - 02/23/12

How I’ll Respond to China’s Rising Power - 02/16/12

Taxpayers Should Get GM Shares’ Proceeds - 02/14/12

We Don’t Need Higher Taxes - 02/07/12

President Obama Versus Religious Liberty - 02/03/12

5 Responses to 2012 Op-eds

  1. Howard F. Fry,jr says:

    If you don’t get a lot tougher on Obama & his policies you will not get elected. We don’t need another “my friend” John McCain!! Your not getting good advice from your campaign managers. You need a guy like me, a 78 year old ex-marine who doesn’t take any guff from anybody & tells it like it is. Stop being wishy washy!

  2. Tracy Sneed says:

    I am a passionate Conservative. I want Mitt Romney (who I am voting for) to have a fire in his belly. I want him to hammer Obama and not let up for the next 42 days. The mainstream news media is in bed with Obama and Romney will have to get very loud to be heard.

  3. Brenda Dickinson says:

    Please win the debates, Mitt. We need you. Light up the stage with your enthusiasm and warmth. Blow the World and Obama away with your knowledge and command of the subject matters and the English language. Don’t let Obama’s “smooth operator” style intimidate you. Show us you can take him down to the mat with style and class. Give us a Reagan moment and turn it into a Romney moment. Give us something we can take and run with to the polls. Show us with “gusto” that you can be a masterful President, so much more so than Obama. Inspire us to run with you and beside you by putting Obama on the defense. We need a “David and Goliath” magical and exciting debate that will send the Dems spinning on their wheels with you coming out with the sling and the crowd cheering! Go for it!

  4. Reed Markham says:

    I shared with friends before the first presidential debate that the candidates needed to pay close attention to temperament. A “first class” temperament can’t be faked. Presidential candidates need to project the best possible image. I was very impressed by Mitt’s confident presentation style and genuine interest in the American people. America’s voters place a high priority on whether a candidate appears presidential. Mitt was presidential from the beginning to the end of the debates. As a former college and university debate coach, I was impressed by Mitt’s outstanding presentation in both content and delivery.
    In past presidential debates control of the atmosphere is critical. Controlling the atmosphere includes using vocal variety effectively- pausing to emphasize important ideas, adjusting the volume and rate of speaking, and not fearing silence. Eye contact must be focused and hand gestures must be natural. A “first class” temperament is confident with being overbearing and arrogant. Mitt’s style was assertive and confident. He took control of the debate with focused ideas and responses to challenges.
    Speaking live to a global audience is no easy task. But successful presidential debators have followed the path of most resistance. It was obvious to countless observers that Mitt’s debate preparation was self evident. Congratulations to Mitt and the debate preparation staff on an outstanding victory in the first presidential debate.

  5. Mark Espenschied says:

    I work for a manufacturer of high-end megapixel surveillance cameras that are engineered and manufactured in Glendale, California and sold all over the world. In regard to foreign trade, we would like to see some equality in import and export tariffs. Speaking for the U.S.A. security camera manufacturers, we are not worried about increases in competition if it is fair competition. We have been trying to get Sen. Diane Feinstein to address a specific trade inequality. In this case, when a U.S.A. firm ships goods from the U.S.A. to China, we must pay duties and tariffs that can range from 15-35%. When Chinese manufactured cameras are shipped to the U.S.A. there are virtually zero duties and tariffs. We think we should see similar duties/tariffs both ways and preferably at zero so customers can get great value and companies, organizations and governments will be protected to the highest degree. Also, other business such as systems integrators/dealers in both countries will be advantaged. Our company was founded by two Russian engineers who came to this country and have realized the American dream. In this push in the final days of the campaign, Gov. Romney should think about addressing this issue of fair tariffs while visiting American manufacturers such as our company, Arecont Vision (www.arecontvision.com). The fact that Sen. Feinstein seems more interested in protecting the Chinese than addressing this issue with local manufacturers is perhaps a real differentiator between the president and Gov. Romney.

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