Mitt Romney on the Second Amendment

“I support the Second Amendment as one of the most basic and fundamental rights of every American.” - Mitt Romney 9/21/07 at NRA Conference in Washington, D.C.

Summary: Mitt Romney on the Second Amendment

  • Strong supporter of gun-owner’s rights.
  • There is no need for more gun restrictions.
  • Provided relaxed licensing requirements in Massachusetts.
  • Require all new hunters to take a hunter’s safety course.

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Quotes: Mitt Romney on the Second Amendment

Mitt Romney on the Second Amendment:

“I do support the Second Amendment. I would have signed the assault weapon ban that came to his desk. I said I would have supported that and signed a similar bill in our state. It was a bill worked out, by the way, between pro-gun lobby and anti-gun lobby individuals. Both sides of the issue came together and found a way to provide relaxation in licensing requirements and allow more people to-to have guns for their own legal purposes. So we signed that in Massachusetts, and I’d support that at the federal level. It did not pass at the federal level. I do not believe we need new legislation. I do not support any new legislation of an assault weapon ban nature, including that against semiautomatic weapons. We have laws in place that, if they’re implemented & enforced, will provide the protection and the safety of the American people. I do support the right of individuals to bear arms, whether for hunting purposes or for protection purposes or any other reasons. That’s the right that people have.” - 1/24/08 at Boca Raton, FL debate

Mitt Romney on Not Restricting Gun Ownership:

“No Constitutional protection is more often ignored, distorted, or disdained than the individual right to keep and bear arms. When demagogues promote policies that would disarm law-abiding citizens, it’s the NRA that says no way. The NRA has a better idea: enforce the laws that are on the books. And, let upright citizens defend themselves, their homes, and their freedoms.” - 5/15/09 at Phoenix, AZ debate

Mitt Romney on the Brady Bill:

“The Brady Bill has changed over time, and, of course, technology has changed over time. I would have supported the original assault weapon ban. I signed an assault weapon ban in Massachusetts governor because it provided for a relaxation of licensing requirements for gun owners in Massachusetts, which was a big plus. And so both the pro-gun and the anti-gun lobby came together with a bill, and I signed that. And if there is determined to be, from time to time, a weapon of such lethality that it poses a grave risk to our law enforcement personnel, that’s something I would consider signing. There’s nothing of that nature that’s being proposed today in Washington. But I would look at weapons that pose extraordinary lethality.” - 12/16/07 on Meet the Press

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