Mitt Romney on Limited Government

“We know the source of America’s strength. It is the citizens of this country, and all that a free people can achieve. Free, hard working, family oriented, risk taking, opportunity-seeking, patriotic American people have always been the source of our strength, and they always will be. And here in Washington, the best policies are those that expand their freedoms, broaden their opportunities, allow them to keep more of what they earn, afford them better education, let them choose their own healthcare, and turn loose the free enterprise system to create more jobs.” - Mitt Romney 9/19/09 at Values Voter Summit

Summary: Mitt Romney on Limited Government

  • Less government is better government.
  • Dependency is death to initiative.
  • The Federal government needs to rein in excessive spending.
  • McCain-Feingold hurts the First Amendment.
  • The president should have line-item veto powers.
  • A balanced budget amendment should be passed.

Videos: Mitt Romney on Limited Government

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January 28, 2022

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Quotes: Mitt Romney on Limited Government

Mitt Romney on Earmarks:

“Every bill that comes forward that’s got pork in it and earmarks that are unnecessary, we’ve got to veto them and send them back. But it’s got to be broader than that. We’re going to have to see fundamental changes in the way Washington works. We’re just not going to get out-of-the-box thinking with inside-the-Beltway politics.” - 11/28/07 at St. Petersburg, FL debate

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