Mitt Romney on Health Care Reform

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“America’s health care is expensive because the incentives are all wrong - for the patient, the doctor, the hospital, and the insurer. Health care can’t function like a market if it doesn’t have incentives like a market. Fixing health care begins with fixing incentives.” - Mitt Romney No Apology, p. 186

Summary: Mitt Romney on Health Care Reform

  • Health insurance needs to apply market-based dynamics to decrease costs.
  • States should be able to construct a plan that fits their specific situation.
  • Allow insurance plans to be purchased across state lines to increase competition.
  • Health insurance should be portable so that someone does not lose their insurance if they change jobs.
  • Tort reform is a vital part of health care reform.
  • Enhance health savings accounts, not eliminate them like ObamaCare will do.
  • Utilize innovations, such as electronic medical records, to increase efficiency and reduce costs

Videos: Mitt Romney on Health Care Reform

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Quotes: Mitt Romney on Health Care Reform

Mitt Romney on Incentives in Health Care:

“Better incentives and better information mean better medicine as well as lower cost. Reshaping incentives does not require a complete reconstruction of our health-care-provider system. We will never see genuine reform arrive if it can’t be implemented by the providers and networks that already exist. Fortunately, variations like those I described on the single-fee approach can readily be applied to much of our current health-care system. Realigned incentives will lead to changes in provider networks. Real, effective changes will have to be driven by a desire to provide better quality care at lower cost, bot by bureaucratic dictates from government authorities. That, after all, is how consumer-driven markets work: competitors who innovate in quality and cost attract customers and grow. And as the best and most efficient competitors grow, the industry and the economy become more productive.” No Apology, p. 190

Mitt Romney on State Involvement in Health Care Reform:

“Center reforms at the state level. Open the door to state plans designed to meet the various needs of their citizens. Before imposing a one-size-fits-all federal program, let the states serve as ‘the laboratories of democracy.'” 5/2/09 Newsweek editorial

Mitt Romney on Benefits of Insuring Everyone:

“It doesn’t make sense to have 45 million people without insurance. It’s not good for them because they don’t get good preventative care and disease management. But it’s not good for the rest of the citizens either, because if people aren’t insured, they go to the emergency room for their care when they get very sick. That’s expensive. They don’t have any insurance to cover it. So guess who pays? Everybody else. So it’s not good for the people that aren’t insured. We have to have our citizens insured, and we’re not going to do that by tax exemptions, because the people that don’t have insurance aren’t paying taxes. What you have to do is what we did in Massachusetts. Is it perfect? No. But we say, let’s rely on personal responsibility, help people buy their own private insurance, get our citizens insured, not with a government takeover, not with new taxes needed, but instead with a free-market based system that gets all of our citizens in the system. No more free rides. It works.” - 8/5/07 at Des Moines, IA debate

Mitt Romney on Tort Reform in Health Care:

“The American Medical Association puts the number for defensive medicine at $200 billion. This is staggering waste. Defensive medicine also leads to unnecessary treatments that carry risk to the patient. Reforms that limit non-economic damages, assign malpractice cases to special health courts, and provide awards or indemnity according to a predetermined schedule can reduce the burden and ought to be widely implemented; states like Mississippi, Texas, and California are models. What prevents the adoption of malpractice reform, of course, is the massive financial contribution of the trial lawyers to the Democratic Party. This truly is an example of putting profits ahead of people.” No Apology, p. 182

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