Mitt Romney on Education

“Even students from the most disadvantaged homes can achieve, something that’s been proven in highly innovative programs around the country. The key to successful schools is providing students with excellent teachers. We must recruit teachers from among our brightest students, pay them well, and provide them with excellent mentors. Accountability and school choice matter.” Mitt Romney - No Apology, p. 223

Summary: Mitt Romney on Education

  • Education is a civil right.
  • Teachers unions have far too much power and influence.
  • Parents and communities should have greater ability to influence change in local schools.
  • Good teachers should be rewarded with a higher salary.
  • School choice and the number of charter schools should be expanded.
  • The Department of Education can help take the focus off of teacher’s unions.
  • Instituted the John & Abigail Adams award in Massachusetts, which gives top 25% of high school students free tuition to any public in-state college.

Videos: Mitt Romney on Education

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Quotes: Mitt Romney on Education

Mitt Romney on Improving Public Education:

“We’ve got a pretty good model. If you look at my state, even before I got there, other governors and legislatures worked real hard to improve education. And they did a number of things that made a big difference. One is, they started testing our kids to see who was succeeding, making sure that failing schools were identified and then turning them around. They fought for school choice. When I became governor, I had to protect school choice because the legislature tried to stop it. And then we also fought for English immersion. We wanted our kids coming to school to learn English from the very beginning. We care about the quality of education. I want to pay better teachers more money. Teachers are underpaid, but I want to evaluate our teachers and see which ones are the best and which ones are not. “ - 12/9/07 at Miami, FL debate

Mitt Romney on English Immersion and Abstinence Education:

“In the toughest of blue states I’ve had to stand up for life, and I have. I’ve had to stand up for traditional marriage, and I have. I stood to make sure that we could have English immersion in our schools, because I think kids should be taught in English. I fought for the death penalty. I fought for abstinence education. I have the kind of leadership that will allow America to build upon the same kind of reputation and heritage that we got from our conservative founders in this party.” - 5/15/07 at Columbia, SC debate

Mitt Romney on Teaching American History and Principles:

“If our children do not learn about and come to cherish America’s heritage, history, culture, and founding principles, how can they be expected to defend the freedoms on which their country is based? How can young citizens become adult citizens equipped to critically examine contemporary political ideas in the light of history, or become informed about matters of public policy, or even simply understand the value of voting? Even in 2008, a year in which record numbers of young people were engaged in the presidential election, still only 52 percent of eligible voters under thirty bothered to vote. The abysmal voting patterns of young Americans are ample evidence that our education system has not equipped our children with the requisites of citizenship that sustain a democratic republic.” - No Apology, p. 200

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