Mitt Romney on Card Check

“By tilting the playing field in favor of unions, card check not only robs workers of a secret ballot, it deprives management of the right to express its point of view. It will dramatically change the workplace as we know it.” - Mitt Romney 3/25/2009 Washington Times

Summary: Mitt Romney on Card Check

  • The secret ballot has been a fundamental right of all Americans, and that should extend to the work place as well.
  • Card check would be economically damaging to our country by forcing employers to hire additional legal counsel.
  • Employees could be pressured or threatened one by one to vote a certain way.
  • Conservatives are not anti-union, but card check is overreaching legislation.

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Mitt Romney on Drawbacks of Card Check:

“The proposed statute, known as “card check” legislation, would represent a massive imposition on the freedom of workers to choose whether or not to become part of a union. Currently, the decision about unionization is made by a secret-ballot vote by the company’s employees, but because unions haven’t been winning a lot of elections lately, they want to change the rules. Under the AFL-CIO plan, there would no longer be any secret-ballot elections where employees can vote without the union knowing how they voted. Instead, the union would collect pro-unionization signature cards from a majority of employees, cards that could be collected over an extended period of time and without the knowledge of the employer that an organizing effort is under way; thus, employees could be targeted and pressured, one by one. This is a remarkable departure from one of the prerequisites of any democracy - that of a secret ballot.” - No Apology, p. 112

Mitt Romney Emphasizes Opposition to Card Check, Not Unions:

“Conservatives like me are opposed to card check, but not to unions. At their best, labor unions have always fought for the rights of workers, and generations of Americans have been better off for it. But the card-check proposal is not an example of unions at their best - it is a case of union organizers rewriting the rules at the expense of working people.” - 3/25/09 Washington Times editorial

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