Mitt Romney on Cap and Trade / Global Warming

“I am uncertain how much of the warming, however, is attributable to man and how much is attributable to factors out of our control. I do not support radical feel-good policies like a unilateral U.S. cap-and-trade mandate. Such policies would have little effect on climate but could cripple economic growth with devastating results for people across the planet.” - Mitt Romney No Apology, p. 227

Summary: Mitt Romney on Cap and Trade/Global Warming

  • Cap and Trade legislation would be disastrous for our economy.
  • The earth’s climate has been constantly changing throughout its history.
  • We should not take extreme measures when we are unsure of human role in global warming.
  • Treaties, like Kyoto, would affect the U.S., but not major greenhouse gas emitters like China and India.

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November 10, 2021

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Quotes: Mitt Romney on Cap and Trade/Global Warming

Mitt Romney on How Spending Cannot Solve Global Warming:

“In 2004, Danish economist Bjorn Lomborg gathered ten of the world’s leading economists, including three Nobel laureates, in what he called the Copenhagen Consensus. He asked them prioritize the greatest problems faced by humankind. They were not asked to determine which problems were the most severe, but rather to rank the most severe global challenges according to the coast and benefit of overcoming them… Astonishingly, spending money to prevent global warming came in last. Why? To reduce global temperature even by a very small amount requires enormous investment. Achieving the Kyoto objectives, they reasoned, would cost $150 billion a year and only delay the global temperature that would otherwise have been reached in the year 2100 by six years.” - No Apology, p. 228-229

Mitt Romney on Climate Change:

“Scientists are nearly unanimous in laying the blame for rising temperatures on greenhouse gas emissions. Of course there are also reasons for skepticism. The earth may be getting warmer, but there have been numerous times in the earth’s history when temperatures have been warmer than they are now. Climate cycles with great variations in temperature predate the greenhouse gas emissions of the past three centuries, and they even predate the rise of human populations. In fact, climate change has been going on from the beginning of the world; it is certainly not a new phenomenon. Even the apparent unity among scientists is not a sure indicator of scientific fact.” - No Apology, p. 227

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Our friends over at Evangelicals for Mitt wrote a piece titled Mitt and “Global Warming” that helps answer any lingering questions.

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